It’s the girl in purple who is obsessed with the real dragon after her death!

The woman wearing a black gauze stood in the middle of the sky with majestic eyes and looked at many strong people in the Star Alliance with cruelty. "Is it true that there are many of you in this place and you will be my opponent?"
The vast spread of power will push back the 20 strong stars and alliances, and they will be surprised by their faces.
Over the years, although they don’t know the true identity of the dark light group, they still tested their strength. Earlier judgment was only the top power owner’s general level, and the strong star level.
Even if the strength is beyond, but they can take twenty strong people again.
But I didn’t expect that although the explosion energy was not much higher than theirs, the feeling of depression made them fall into the dark wind and the light group’s understanding of the Tao far exceeded their level
"The real dragon breath. You really have a close relationship with the real dragon clan."
Daoyan Guxing, a strong man, said with a dignified expression.
"The real dragon? The seat is the dragon Lord! "
The woman in black sneered at her and stopped hiding her voice. Liu Chen sounded just like the woman in purple.
Her words made the strong in the League of Stars a thrill, and the female dignity filled Xinghai. Even those vitality tides avoided this direction, like the highest ones ups and downs.
"It turned out to be true …"
The Lord of Zhexian Peak looks dignified. "You are the second obsession born after the death of the real dragon."
"The immortal dragon will reappear."
The woman in black looks in the direction of the real dragon relatives. "It is necessary to have a young dragon body."
Wrapping up Lu Chen’s body is a real dragon cub, and Lu Chen feels that he is being tightened.
There are such things outside. Why don’t the bodhi old zu and the purple clothes predecessors tell themselves! ?
Lu Chen, who has been to the world, can probably understand what the woman in black is like.
Associating with the birth process of the girl in purple, he can guess that the girl in purple was born because she was not born, and the obsession represented her mother’s stubbornness.
The woman in black is the once-king-in-the-sky dragon who is unwilling to accept her fall. She thinks that she should come back to the world and want to "resurrect".
And in order to "resurrect" her again, she needs a suitable body with young blood.
What body can be more suitable than your own child?
Perhaps the woman in black failed in some struggles and was driven out by the woman in purple. She lost the remains of the real dragon and became weaker in accordance with this obsession for a long time. Now she has fallen to the level of the strong in Xing Zhou.
But in spite of this, I have visited the whole star, and the lesbian in black will never be afraid of these strong stars.
"such as? When the king gives you three-breath thinking. "
Sorrow sea king pressed again, and at the same time she had blocked heaven and earth with several strong men.
Lu Chen and others, the younger generation, can be said to be vertical and horizontal enemies, but such a first-class strong man has no resistance like an ant.
Just then Lin Shanhe suddenly looked up "what is this! ?”
The first reaction to come over than he is that the strong stars, including those who are far away from the dark light group, have looked up at Fang Xing.
An ancient heavenly palace, which is vast and smells of the wild, emerges from its emptiness, suffocating and depressing, and almost no signs come to everyone.
Xinghai’s vitality and tide escape outward as if to escape from this piece of conscious things, as if to avoid here because of that heavenly palace.
On the strength of the realm of field people, no matter what they are doing, they feel a burst of instability in the foundation of the body, and a frightening joint force is coming to them
"Get back! It’s a thunder robbery! "
Someone was the first to react after drinking heavily. What the hell was this? Immediately, a Hongqiao was brought out of the star and wanted to evacuate this area.
What’s wrong with Wang Bai? She’s not shocked. How can LeiJie have such a thing? She has to grab the real dragon pro directly before she reaches out. She has to control the real dragon pro first.
But when her dangerous hand was about to fall on Lu Chen’s head, a thunder fell faster than her.
The purple-black thunder seemed to blow itself up, and now the sea king had to retreat.
The thunder exploded and lit up. In a flash, she saw a smile on the young boy’s face from the star of the gods.
Like the horn of war, when the thunder roared, all the people around Lu Chen dispersed outwards.
Thousands of snow pull Leng Yue and Lin Shanhe ink rain is a mess back.
The five strong stars in the Star Alliance have all retreated to the distance, regardless of whether they are implicated by this Leijie force or they will cross the Star Alliance to rob the strong stars, which will make the whole star field silent.
After pulling the distance, everyone looked at Fang again, and the statue was more and more solid from the ancient Heaven.
Ups and downs, nine halls and ten pavilions of Xinghai, many fairies and beasts are singing in unison, echoing the universe, and the stars are staring down at people.
The League members felt a tingle in their scalp. They had never seen such a strange thing.

"Didn’t you ask Jack to send two agents to keep an eye on him for 24 hours? Even if you ran a red light, you had to detain him for 24 hours?"

"Yes!" Mark touched the blink of an eye and said, "Really? Didn’t Jack catch that guy once and kill him …"
This sentence not only made Mark’s side look bad, but even the agents behind Mark looked at each other!
Although they know that Mark Lewis is not a bird, his name has become famous.
But …
In the final analysis, it’s all the same law enforcement agency, and the staff are all colleagues
After this sentence, I just don’t regard their agents as colleagues.
At this moment, even people can’t tell the state clearly …
"Director Louis, we now suspect that Jack Hutchinson and Ryosuke Tanaka are dead. We have come here this time to ask him to assist in the investigation."
Behind Franklin, looking at a kind of employees who are watching themselves, he said, "Can you step forward?"!
"Play with the mud!" Mark turned around and said, "When can I investigate the case? Are you a fucking cuckold and can’t take it off?"
After that, Franklin asked Debbie, "Where to die?"
"In his apartment!"
"Does it belong to the federal scope?"
"… NYPD has taken over!"
Mark shrugged his shoulders and said directly to Franklin, "Did you hear that? The new york police didn’t come. You just jumped out like an idiot. What do you want?"
"You …"
Franklin watched in horror as he suddenly pushed his forehead against Locke’s face!
Mark held Locke in one hand and said lightly, "If you don’t get out of the old office for ten seconds, believe it or not, I’ll shoot you!"
"How dare you …"
"Mark …"
"Director Louis …"
In an instant, the atmosphere in the whole office was once again dangerous to the extreme. The deputy director of the mascot could not help but wipe his forehead sweat and mediate, "Daniel …"
Watching people walk into the stairway one after another, Mark smiled coldly and looked back at the mascot of the stairway and said, "Does the deputy director have something to explain?"
"… no!" The mascot looked at Mark’s expressionless eyes slightly, and after saying this, he also got into the ladder!
Since 1994, the mascot has been the deputy director, and now the director has turned three times. The mascot is still the deputy director!
If nothing happens, the mascot can retire from the position of deputy director after the new year …
After a while!
Mark looked around the office and said faintly, "What are you doing?"
They immediately nodded and returned to their seats one by one.
It’s hard to breathe. Jack …
"Where are Maggie and Qi Dan?"
"They went to the New York Police Department to understand the situation!"
Mark nodded and walked to the second floor. He thought for a moment and said to Jack, "Jack Debbie, come to my office!" "
Debbie nodded and went to Jack’s side, looking in a trance. Jack also had an impulse to laugh!
Jack looked up and gave me a wry smile. "Now I finally know what claustrophobia is …"
Everyone in the office was one leng and then burst out laughing!
On the atmosphere, Mark’s office is definitely the best place to handle cases when there is no case. When there is no case, male agents brush Hollywood lace news, while female agents use the chat software of Lib to discuss female topics …
After throwing Locke X and his papers into the drawer, Mark just hit the brain and saw Debbie and Jack come in!
"Sit down for a while …"
Mark pointed to the sofa and tidied up a few papers on his desk a little.
After about ten minutes!

The latter smiled and made a gesture of tightening his mouth.

Mark averted his eyes from the big screen photo.
Pinch your girlfriend?
That hooded man is obviously a man.
Can’t an extraordinary ex-girlfriend of his want to have a so-called sex-change operation?
Mark sighed.
There is still no memory. I can find it in the ocean. The hooded man can match the memory.
If it’s okay for a woman.
Mark will remember a man in the ocean when he is full.
But the current form is already very obvious.
The hooded man came for him in vain.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t be aimed at his [ex-girlfriend]
It is …
Is this guy crazy?
If all the beautiful women say in public that one of their ex-boyfriends is Mark, is this guy going to kill him?
There’s a pit in the brain
Mark is a big shot in the Federation after all.
as everyone knows
Mark has an easy-going personality in the Hollywood women’s circle.
It is also understandable that some three meteors or public actresses rub a federal brain fever.
quite a while
The large-screen video department was replaced by six video surveillance.
Surveillance is to shoot a strange blue arc flashing by, and then the screen can at best prove that a crime is a Smurfs escape.
But the hooded man hiding behind the scenes was a gain.
Mark pressed his fingers against his temples as if he had fallen asleep on the sofa.
Debbie is silently staring at Mark.
After a while
Mark opened his eyes and said, "Check with major law enforcement agencies to see if you can find the address where this hooded man first appeared."
Debbie nodded and took the six documents handed over by Mark and walked outside the war command center.
Mark got up from the sofa and said to the agent on the left side of the big screen, "Pull up the picture of the hooded man."
The agent nodded his head.
The only photo of the hooded man on the big screen appeared.
What attracted Mark’s attention most was to hide the two scarlet red light sources in the hat pocket …
Mark’s mouth is slightly curved
A guy who can’t control his own strength.
Mark doesn’t believe this guy came out for no reason.
Estimate is what place variation.

Chapter 91 Judge God Caratu

Debbie, who was at the gate of the Chinese restaurant, couldn’t help raising her eyebrows when she heard that her boss and the man called each other.
Debbie knows her boss’s previous life name.
When Mark introduced Foley to her, it always made Debbie glad that she had paid more attention to Mark at the Federal College.
Is it the boss’s former friend?
Dai seems to be thinking
Mark, however, looked at himself with a faint expression and disguised himself as a Keanu star in Hollywood. He said, "When did the protoss judge dare not treat people as they really are?"
This guy was rescued from Mark’s hand in Thanos, and a pioneer, a member of the protoss, judged whether the planet needed to be destroyed. Judge, the god’s real name is Klatu.
Kara chart said without change, "I’m afraid you will send me to purgatory."
Mark sneered.
These days, protoss guys are very rigid and have no sense of humor.
Caratu immediately said, "What’s worse, I’m still in the 423 universe observation, otherwise I wouldn’t need to use this outdated means of transportation to meet you here."
Mark sat down and laughed. "Out of date? Can outdated vehicles avoid the border inspection of the nine realms and the multidimensional universe be regarded as the first person to respect the mage’s sight? "
Caratu also sits.
quite a while
Mark suddenly thought of something and looked at Caratu and laughed. "Are you protoss going to give up Thanos?"
Caratu still has a dead face.
Mark is the high god who dominates the universe. Everything he does by himself will change the number of all multiverses. The eternal race in the universe is also extinct, but the difference here is that there are two remnants of the eternal race in the universe.
In addition to Thanos, there is one person who can hang Thanos and beat him violently, and Thanos has a backhand.
What’s that guy’s name again?
Mark frowned slightly.
But the name is too long. Anyway, when transliterated, Mark remembers that the short name has the word dragon in it.
quite a while
Mark looked at Caratu without saying a word and shook his head with a sarcastic expression. "Do you have to be dying?"? My guarantee is still valid. All the protoss are ministers. I won’t divest you of your existing position. "
Caratu finally spoke.
However, Caratu looked at Mark’s still dead face and said quietly, "You are a foreign god."
Mark laughed. "When I devour the cosmic source, this is my home. I will cherish it more than anyone else."
"You are a outland god."
"… I am in charge of the law of life and death"
"You are a outland god."
"… you have a good chance."
"You are a outland god."
"… Peng" Mark’s eyebrows beat directly and smashed the table with a palm. He got up and looked at this rigid limit coldly. Caratu said, "Then you protoss will wait for me to completely exterminate the nation after my return."
Just now, Caratu’s mechanical reply suddenly reminded Mark of the origin. The earth has seen a section.
Is it so important that foreign gods are there?
Look what the universe has become. The smoky order is that Mark came across the underworld with a powerful and powerful force, bringing order and rules here.
Mark controls the law of life and death, which means that Mark will not be biased towards one race and will be treated equally.
Equality before life and death is not a general statement.
Mark said and turned to go.
Caratu inadvertently jumped between the eyebrows and said, "High spirits are not allowed to play."

Night maple looked at Lunt, and they said to themselves from the hall that they owed Lunt a favor and a dozen lives, but night maple couldn’t wait to return to the big snow mountain at once at the thought that nine kinds of drugs had been sealed.

The next day, the tiger mercenary group didn’t have the laughter and excitement of the past, and it became silent. When the children saw the adults’ faces, they were sensible and stopped playing. The members of the mercenary group were silent after listening to Dr. Sheng’s statement, and then mourned with him.
However, while the members are sad, they also feel very comforted. The quality of our tiger mercenary group members is the highest, and they have to finish even if they work hard.
Sheng Li’s powerful momentum is driven by magic around him to form a vortex that is faster than a huge vortex. The yellow sand is flying and the wind is blowing. From a distance, it looks like a storm.
Five mercenaries will smile when they see that Lunt has launched such a powerful magic in the battle. It seems that the success of World War I is in sight.
The seven-legged centipede felt this powerful momentum in its rotation and couldn’t help but feel a quiver in its heart. This is a kind of conan the destroyer energy, and it can become a pile of bones in the desert. Don’t choose.
The faster the centipede rotates, the more venom it sends out from him. In the rapid rotation, the centipede slowly shows a layer of light red, and the more red it turns, the more blue it is.
Call centipede suddenly shout a suit of red, blue and bright red light. Five mercenaries feel this strange and can’t help but jump outside the fighting circle and wait for the centipede to change.
After a while, the centipede body slowly stopped in the dazzling red light. The two lanterns showed the smell of death, which made people feel chilling. Five mercenaries took a slight step back and turned to see the magic of Lunsheng, which soon formed a mercenary. With a wave of his sword, he said that he would die and get to the head of the regiment to complete the magic. After that, he was still alive. A star slammed into the centipede and took a big ditch almost three feet deep in the yellow sand.
The other four mercenaries also did not hesitate to raise the energy blade to attack the centipede from the ground and leave a ghosting image on the ground.
Five mercenaries attack each other, but their energy is stronger than usual. Three points are higher than usual. Several swords with different colors are flying all over the sky to form a sword cover, which completely seals off the centipede road.
The centipede rotates faster than the dangerous situation, and it is huge and ghostly. Generally, it wanders around the five-handed sword cover with thousands of ghostly images. At that time, neither side shows signs of failure.
The vortex around Dr. Sheng stopped flying all over the sky, and the yellow sand was still moving with the disappearance of the vortex. Dr. Sheng looked up and looked at the centipede proudly like a statue of a god.
Your retreat from Li Shengyin is not loud, but it sounds like a feeling that is about to collapse.
Five mercenaries smell speech a listen to know lunt magic has been completed in the heart arise than violent retreat after the last resort.
At this moment, the picture is fixed to see five mercenaries playing more than two zhangs. Suddenly, a layer of red light hits the red light and moves. Five mercenaries can’t control their bodies and retreat back.
Ah, ah, with the sad cry, thousands of pieces of broken meat and blood rain slowly fell to the yellow sand, and suddenly the golden sand turned scarlet.
Ah, Dr. Li can’t hold his anger any longer. He has already prepared magic to attack the centipede.
Overwhelmingly more powerful, the wild air is mixed with more strange red and green light, which rises in the desert, and the sky instantly turns pale, and thirteen legs and arms are thundered against the centipede.
The centipede is not willing to be destroyed in this way, and the red light is released layer by layer to fight against the thunderbolt, but its insignificant energy is simply a drop in the bucket compared with the thunderbolt, and it is drowned in the red and green light.
A huge beam of light rose from the desert in the powerful explosion of bombing ratio. Residents living near the desert can see this beautiful scene full of death.
The dark clouds dissipated, and the sinister sunshine reappeared in the desert. The yellow sand slowly landed from it. Dr. Li knelt in the yellow sand and his eyes were broken. He looked at the bottomless sand hole in front of him.
Life and death in an instant.
Once an hour ago, several brave soldiers
Now several brave soldiers have buried their bones in yellow sand.
Maybe this is the mercenary fate.
The powerful momentum spread outward layer by layer, and the energy was too much to escape. Animals became the first ghosts.
Hydra twisted and broke a tail, slowly moving towards the yellow and white snake body, and it seemed to be accumulating energy for the last blow.
One minute goes by in the rupture full of death, as if it passed quickly, but it seems to pass slowly.
A 50-foot tall tree was uprooted and stirred into conan the destroyer’s energy. Yuri cut tofu and layers of yellow powder did not fill the forest in an instant
Several mountains near the boom finally couldn’t bear such a strong energy oppression, and they collapsed one after another. There is no difference between the mountains flushing the soil and the flood without the sluice. After the boom, they went crazy and covered the fields. After looking around, loess was everywhere, and new loess heights were formed.
At this moment, the lake in the forest was also angry. The lake suddenly jumped up from the lake with no warning and roared and scattered to the trees by the lake. All kinds of plants were hit by the lake, and all kinds of holes appeared in the trees and plants.
Small trees break directly.
It can destroy everything in this forest, and the energy starts the color energy, and the energy pours into the ground from the mercenaries, and quickly forms a tornado in the ground. The tornado is getting bigger and bigger, and it vibrates at this moment, compared with the 12-magnitude typhoon.
Hydra’s red light is gone. It looks at nine heads and ten heads and falls to the ground. Several mercenaries turn back and drill to the ground.
In the rumble, the tornado crossed the ground and the wind center. At that moment, Hydra tried to escape. Hydra struggled in the tornado, hoping to escape the powerful rotating force and suction of the tornado. But after more than ten minutes, it was unwilling to cry and was immediately smashed by the tornado.
Soon the energy was lost, and the tornado gradually weakened and finally disappeared.
Covered by a mercenary enchantment, Liang Zhen tried his last energy to break the enchantment and rushed to be weak. He jumped all the way and shouted, and I don’t know how many times he fell. He finally found a mercenary at the edge of a bottomless hole.
Liang Zhen knelt on the ground with his feet and his hands deeply inserted into his hair, and shouted a sad sound at Tianda, revealing the tough guy’s feelings.
Yesterday is gone, but today is gone.
Tiger mercenary group hall was strangely silent. Manager Li Shengyong Liang Zhen was still sitting at the round table at night. No one said a word. Li Sheng’s eyes were deeply sunken and he was thin. He looked listless and brave, lowered his eyelids and showed a crack of gray eyes. He closed his eyes and regretted it. Manager Li Zhen also showed limited grief and pity.
Night maple glanced at the crowd and sighed deeply. Slowly, it was gone. Shake it up.
Yesterday, Li Shengyong and Liang Zhen came back with what Ye Feng wanted. After three injuries, Ye Feng sighed and took three things and went straight away. Ye Feng did not know how to comfort them but left them alone.

The maids who looked thinner and weaker on the quilt said that his head wound had scabbed and healed, but the accumulated blood clots in his brain delayed the operation because of its dangerous position, and he became a coma vegetable.

She checked his body and other injuries with tears. When she checked her chest, she was stopped by something hard like cardboard. She took something from his chest, but it turned out to be a picture soaked with crimson blood.
In the photo, a handsome officer and a silly female soldier stand on the Xi ‘an rostrum and smile at the camera.
Gu Mengmeng felt a terrible pain in his chest. This is Conway’s photo in the wallet like a baby.
He brought it to Iraq, and he let her accompany him through the test of life and death.
Is it this tacit understanding that makes Guo Ji alive and obsessed?
Gu Mengmeng’s sadness and self-denial are filled with what kind of feelings.
Karim rushed in from the outside, shouting something bad while running, sister. Let’s go.
Gu Mengmeng heart in a surprised put photos into her arms and said what’s the matter with Karim?
People attacked the base, and all the areas were under martial law. He looked worried.
I’m not leaving him, Karim.
But we can’t carry him.
I’ll back Gu Mengmeng said firmly
She turned and sat down on the bed and asked Karim to help Conway lift him up on her back.
Karim hesitated a worry and looked at her and said, Sister, your health.
I’m fine. Come on, Karim can’t come later.
Karim couldn’t get the bed to help Conway up. He climbed his hands on Gu Mengmeng’s neck and turned his body as hard as he could.
Gu Mengmeng gritted his teeth and clenched his arm to let Karim hold Conway’s body. She walked with all her strength and forced Ma Da Conway to deviate from the room from the bed.
A few people in the front office are still asleep, and Karim struggles to bypass them and walk to the base where the gun has been fired.
Sister go to my room first, Karim shouted
Gu Mengmeng, uh, walked to the cabin with Conway on his back. They bypassed the shelter bush so that the rescuers would not find them when they ran outside to the base gate.
Her feet were filled with lead, and it was difficult to move every step, but none of these were comparable to the cramps in her abdomen and the sharp pain of digging her lungs, which made her almost unable to hear Karim’s voice and blood again. This time, it was more serious than the second time. A lot of blood dripped down her wet clothes and soaked her everywhere.
Even so Gu Mengmeng just stood still.
Conway, I won’t give up on you. I must save you.
This belief, like a magic spell to save the world and heal the wounded, has poured her into poor power and kept moving forward.
Karim blushed behind her, looking at his feet and winding blood. He hated himself for the first time. What is a young child?
Sister, sister, stop it
elder sister
He cried and his voice echoed in the rumble of guns, and the base was instantly annihilated.
Karim’s cabin is just around the corner, and when they are about to successfully bring Conway into the house.
Suddenly, a woman wearing a revealing dress and heavy makeup came from behind and saw her skirt corner rolled up high with a well-shaped thigh and a dagger ghostly stuck to Gu Mengmeng’s throat.
Let him immediately Chapter two hundred and forty-five thrilling
The cold blade stuck to the throat and the smell of death instantly spread all around.
Karim stretched out his hand and wanted to hold the gun, but before he could raise his hand, the gun was hit by a bright mountain with great strength, and the pike was knocked to the ground and kicked away by the man.
Karim stared at the mysterious woman across the street. He couldn’t figure out how a woman could be so ghostly. It’s like a ghost can’t read people’s minds. It’s impossible to catch them off guard.
See Gu Mengmeng is still in extreme danger, Karim, the feeling be nasty straight to think about brute strength hit the woman.
Don’t hurt my sister, he shouted.
Die as the enchanting woman gently denounced her hand metamorphoses, flash dagger cold light incredible speed to Karim chest.
Qin Jun Gu Mengmeng successfully stopped the woman from moving despite the cold hissing voice in her throat.
The woman looked at Gu Mengmeng strangely for two seconds.
Gu Mengmeng her Karim body with one hand gradually loosened Gu Mengmeng throat dagger murmured.
It’s me. I’m Gu Mengmeng. She put her face on Conway’s conscious cheek and fell to the ground as soon as she rubbed her dark veil. Two women’s eyes were tangled in one place, and their eyes were gradually filled with glittering and translucent tears.
You are crazy. Qin Jun doesn’t know what else to say except this sentence.
Although Gu Mengmeng was laughing at each other, his face became more and more pale. After finishing this sentence, her body was greatly waved and Qin Jun quickly reached out to hold it.
Karim’s situation deteriorated and he just wanted to shout but was stopped by Gu Mengmeng.
Karim, don’t call her my friend. Come and save us.
Karim is skeptical. Look at Qin Jun’s Kurdish. Wake up Gu Mengmeng’s sister. She’s a prostitute coming to the bar tonight.
Qin Jun didn’t quite understand and looked at Gu Mengmeng. When she was waiting for her translation, she suddenly found that her body was sliding uncontrollably, and her back Conway fell down her back.
Gu Mengmeng Gu Mengmeng has a bad intuition according to her years of experience in medicine.
Karim pulled them into the cabin as quickly as she could. Karim took her hand to lift Gu Mengmeng robe. At Qin Jun, she gasped and fell into icehouse.

Brother listened to granduncle’s talk about this pure Yang plough step with Shaoyang flying sword tactic, and the power was even worse. Guo Xiaosi thought Shaoyang flying sword tactic, but he couldn’t help asking questions when he never saw Li Yuanye.

Hehe, it’s good. Li Yuanye said that it’s a powerful edge to cooperate with the pure Yang plough step to fly the sword, but you must achieve the fifth level of pure Yang skill before you can practice it. At present, the pure Yang skill has reached the fourth level, and you need to practice it for a while before you can practice it. You can take this time to practice the pure Yang plough step and the pure Yang skill to practice the sword tactic as soon as possible.
Yes, brother.
Li Yuanye went on to say, when there is one more thing for you to do, will you?
The master told his younger brother to do it. Guo Xiaosi lacked a chance to prove himself, but he was eager to see the master.
I have a letter here for you to deliver to Zhongze County for me. Bai Qinlian, the leader of the Taiyin Sect Guanghan Palace, Li Yuanye picked up a sealed letter from the table and said.
Chapter 33 The monster is now
Sun, Moon, Stars, Tri-Light Alliance, Chunyangmen Taiyin Sect, it is said that hundreds of years ago, there was a religious dispute at that time, and the three kings fought against each other one by one, so they split into three sects. They entrusted their nemesis, Tianmei Sect, with a good opportunity, and the three sects suffered heavy losses and almost died.
After suffering, the three factions knew that it would be bad for them to continue fighting, so they formed an alliance. Usually, they developed their own forces. However, if one family was harassed by Tianmen Sect, the other two families had to help each other and could not shirk it under an excuse. In addition, the three branches scattered around the country often joined forces to wipe out the nearby Tianmen Sect. In that year, the three southern branches joined forces to almost eradicate the southern forces of Tianmen Sect, so the southern branch of Chunyangmen Sect was very close to the Guanghan Palace.
The Guanghan Palace of the Taiyin Sect is their southern branch. Most of the Taiyin Sect are female brothers. Their kung fu is suitable for those with feminine physique. Unfortunately, Guo Xiaosi is a man, so he can’t join the Taiyin Sect, even if no one can introduce him.
There was a time when Guo Xiaosi wanted to go to Guanghan Palace to steal the Taiyin Sect’s achievement method, but Pingfeng City was too far away from Zhongze County to come and go, which was extremely inconvenient. Liu Xiangzhu never sent him to Zhongze County for activities, so he could steal the Taiyin Sect’s achievement method.
Fortunately, with the help of inkstone, he got the pure yang, and the pure yang qi became thicker and thicker, so he didn’t have to steal any feminine tricks.
Li Yuanye sent a message to Bai Qinlian, the leader of the Taiyin Sect of Guanghan Palace. He didn’t know anything important, but he was willing to send Guo Xiaosi to say that it was still right for Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi, however, won’t refuse. He immediately took the letter back and prepared to send it to Zhongze County.
Zhongze County is much bigger than Pingfeng City, where it is also a county chief, but it is not Pingfeng City. This remote town has to go through Qianxia Mountain and then walk 200 miles across Huaishui to get to Zhongze County.
Guo Xiaosi wanted to ride a horse, but Li Yuanye asked him to walk there, saying that Chunyang plough was fast and could kill two birds with one stone. Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect Chunyang plough to be so effective, but he was worried that it would delay the achievement method cultivation because of its long journey. Now it’s really redundant to think about it.
On that day, when practicing the pure sunshine plough step in the laundry room, it was almost a circle. Now you need to travel in the opposite direction at the corner. Guo Xiaosi, the Pingfeng City, is very familiar with this road and he is familiar with it.
When I passed this road, I met Jiu Jian Xian, a painter, and I revisited this old place. It’s really a taste in my heart.
However, I won’t go to Zixia Peak this time, because Pingfeng City can cross Qingxia Peak and Jinxia Peak directly to the north. Crossing these two peaks is equivalent to crossing Qianxia Mountain and then the flat road. After 200 miles, you can reach Shanyin City on the south bank of Huaishui River, cross Shanyin and cross Huaishui River to reach Zhongze County.
Just Pingfengcheng looked in the direction of Zixia Peak and saw more than 20 monks dressed up stumbling towards this side.
Guo Xiaosi took a closer look at one of them, an acquaintance Wu Daoshi. On that day, he went to the wharf warehouse to catch the water demon. This guy was stunned by the water demon. If he hadn’t recorded the words with the inkstone grinding cinnabar, I’m afraid this guy’s life would have disappeared at that time.
However, Taoist Wu is not in Ziyun Temple, so it’s rare for Taoist Wu to stay in the high-altitude spell repair and come here in a panic to see what he is doing, as if he had hit a monster again.
Guo Xiaosi greeted Wu Daoshi with a joke and laughed. Don’t go in such a hurry. Did you get the monster and catch the monster again? The bounty was generous and you ran to get spanked.
Taoist Wu also met Guo Xiaosi in a fiasco, but he didn’t remember it, but he didn’t care that he was laughing at his own opinions and asking questions. His left hand pointed to the back of his head and stammered that there was a monster in Ziyun Ziyun View.
Guo Xiaosi looked down his finger. Isn’t it Zixia Peak over there? Ziyun View is in Zi Xia Peak. Taoist Wu pointed out that the place must be Ziyun View, but it’s very strange that there is a monster in that place.
Ziyun Temple is a Taoist temple. It’s their specialty to catch monsters and exorcise evil spirits in town houses. So it will kill a monster in their lair and drive them out. Is it that a monster with profound morality is so high that all Ziyun Taoist priests fight against each other?
It’s a terrible thing for others to get excited about the monster now in Guo Xiaosi, but the function of Guo Xiaosi’s inkstone is to subdue the monster, and it’s impossible to meet the monster. Now it’s okay, the monster has occupied Ziyun’s view, so go kill it, suck a little monster, clear the air and improve his pure yang.
However, if a Taoist priest is high enough to occupy Ziyun Temple and drive away a group of Taoist priests who know divination, can he handle it? With four records in his arms, he will be able to hold the monster, and it will be dangerous if he can’t hold his own life.
Whether to go or not is a difficult problem. Guo Xiaosi’s brow tightens. Don’t go. This monster is easy to touch. Go without winning. If it is difficult to ride a tiger, it will be terrible
The power of four operator records should not be too small. Once in Baihua Pavilion, four operator records will slay Hongyun Chilian Snake Demon. Today, I met this monster, and four operator records in the company will not die.
Guo Xiaosi’s heart did not continue to turn north along the pipeline but went in the direction of Zixia Peak.
While Taoist Wu and a group of people continue to run hurriedly in the direction of Pingfeng City, just like a group of Sangguquan.
Chapter 34 War old demon
Ziyun view or that Ziyun view has not changed much. The only change is that I didn’t see a Taoist in the front hall. Probably all of them were scared away by monsters or eaten by monsters. According to Jiu Jianxian, many monsters eat people. Guo Xiaosi carefully stepped forward one step at a time to guard against monsters hidden in a corner.
After the front hall came to the back hall, there was silence. Guo Xiaosi could hear his heartbeat. He knew that the more silent it was, the more dangerous it was. He couldn’t tell where the monster was hiding. He held a record in his hand and took the other three from the package into his arms when he didn’t need it.
Suddenly, a figure appeared in the back temple to Guo Xiaosi, and his heart was tight, and he almost threw away the operator record in his hand.
But it was a middle-aged Taoist priest with a blue cassock and a long sword in his back, and his beard hung softly with eyes but a pair of bags under his eyes.
Donors being original this box ceremony the middle-aged monk saw Guo Xiaosi but don’t panic slowly said.

Other two elders also said LanJie what do you mean?

Ouyang Lanlan said with a smile, you all said that there are so many people here. Who is the closest to the little princess Phyl?
Four people all replied that it was the man named Ye Feng.
Ouyang Lanlan continued, Think again about the name night maple. Have you heard of it?
Four people all shook their heads and Liu Fei said, Lanjie, don’t play dumb with us. Come on if you are a guy.
Ouyang Lanlan continued with a smile. Think again about the name night maple. I have never heard or seen it.
Four people still shook his head.
Ouyang Lanlan said, "Now, you should look for the book of famous people in the history of the western Chu continent, and then I’ll tell you."
Xiaoqi didn’t expect your mother to be the four Elves-no wonder your martial arts and magic are so high. It seems that it’s all your mother’s credit.
What? When my mom was a child, my mom and dad didn’t teach me anything at all. They just threw me two magical martial arts skills so that I could ask them how you practiced magic when you were a child. Were you lazy and always spanked by my little girl?
I’m lazy. When I was five years old, I could send out a one-meter fireball, but it was the most rubbish level.
Why don’t you send a fireball when you are five years old? Don’t say we are together. When I was two years old, I practiced fighting until I put a girl’s avenue.
Twelve sisters brag and don’t draft, but don’t be too unconventional. At the age of two, you will practice quarrelling until you are two years old. You don’t know what it is to walk naked.
Twelve music was blushed by later words, and it looked very cute. Twelve music jiao Dao, big brother, little brother bullied his sister.
Night maple was thinking about taking away these two magical plants, but he didn’t hear them talking at all. When he saw Twelve Le blushing, Park Park knew that it was because they had quarreled, and many times it was later that they got into trouble. Night maple stared at it and was scared by night maple’s eyes. He almost knelt down.
Here we are, said melfi.
All the people followed melfi to the magic plant and saw the green grass planted in the flower tray. The green grass was surrounded by a light blue halo, and the blue halo dispersed outward and dissolved into a layer of transparent things. It seems that transparency is the barrier.
Night maple looked at Lingyoucao and was excited. He asked melfi, Is this Lingyoucao? melfi said, Yes, it was the mother’s four elders who made great efforts to get it back from Qiling Mountain.
Night maple has seen Lingyoucao and urged melfi to take me to see the sudden change. I really want to know what it is like.
In a short time, melfi came to the scene with a recognized maple, and the mysterious grass was almost different, but the halo of the scene was red, that is, the color of the fire element
After seeing the two things, Ye Feng is wondering how to take them for himself. This point is not to ask the Elves directly for it, but it is the Elves’ life and death that depend on them. Will you give it or steal it? This is not in line with my personality and can be changed.
Oh, no, it’s really him. That’s great.
But why is he here? Shouldn’t he be in the protoss? Is this world a true god?
You can’t be wrong. Canon history describes his personality very similar to others. I’m sure it’s her.
Lan Mei, when did you find out it was him?
Didn’t Fei Mei get poisoned by Blair a year ago? Yaqi brought him home to detoxify Fei Er. At that time, I thought the name was familiar, but I couldn’t remember it for a while. I didn’t remember who he was until I saw him again yesterday.
Evil character. Will he help us?
Well, I don’t know. Evil spirits always do their own thing. We dare not ask him for help, or he will get angry and destroy the Elves.
Alas, it seems that evil spirits are a problem. Let’s try our best to solve our family problems.
The seven sons will know Liu Fei if they follow him and listen to this tense tone.
Ouyang Lanlan said that Xiaoqi has been with him for almost a year. Isn’t Xiaoqi alive and kicking in front of our eyes this year? Besides, Xiaoqi has changed a lot in a year. Will it be beneficial to follow him?

Mei mei ni mei

Xiaoxiao gouged out his one eye and blew there carefully.
He suddenly bullied Xiaoxiao and approached the warm breath of the bed. When he looked up, he saw him enlarge and perfect. Yan Junmei made people dare not look directly at Xiaoxiao’s dazzling consciousness and avoided his burning sight.
Yingying, when the king sent you to wait for the king to come back, it disappeared. Wang Huilin’s family lost 17 lives to make up for your mistake.
Xiaoxiaoli rolled her eyes. What is this? I burned a scar and insisted that it was a gift. She just thought that the most thunderous enemy in history stared at him and her lips were kissed hard.
Xiaoxiao gawked there, and his brain turned white.
He he he kissed her.
Ah, wood recommended wood message, wood power.
Everyone to give force to add more Chapter 34 The living and the dead
Xiaoxiao sat on the bed and touched his lips, and the picture in his mind couldn’t go away.
Was last night a dream?
Or did that bastard really kiss her?
Shit, her first kiss is gone
Xiaoxiao skid up, put on his shoes, pushed the door and ran out, saying that he would look for that damn Duan Yishen to get justice for him. Who is he? If he wants to be framed, he will kiss his grandmother and not wait on him.
Just walking, I happened to see Yan Si hurrying into the garden.
His/Your Highness
Duan Xiaoqi is watering the flowers in the garden. What is it?
Last night, Lord Liu led troops to the border.
Duan Xiaoqi manually straightened up slowly, and his face didn’t fluctuate much, taking away many military forces.
30,000 families just got a report from the border. He raided the national garrison overnight and smashed the enemy.
Duan Xiaoqi took a sip of his lip and cast a glance behind Yan San, then unhurried the water and scooped up the cold road to get married three days later.
Yan San Zheng should be the report immediately.
After hiding in the flowers, Xiaoxiao was surprised to cover her mouth and felt the arrival of Xiao Qi’s sight. She quickly lowered herself and squatted on the ground, quietly hands and feet and stepped back.
Suddenly, her ass seemed to hit something. When I turned around, I looked at a pair of lifeless eyes with light water, as if there was a pool of stagnant water and a dead spring. No matter what it was, it could not arouse the slightest ripple.
He is very tall. According to Xiao Xiao’s visual observation, he will be at least 15 years old. He looks a little weak in a worn-out navy blue robe with no belt around his waist, and his feet are dusty black boots. It seems that he has just come back from far away.
When I saw his face clearly again, Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but take a breath. Was there a lot of handsome guys in ancient times or was she lucky enough to bump into it?
He is very handsome, which is different from Duan Yishen’s enchanting and Duan Xiaoqi’s cold. It is a kind of dust and beauty that is not as close as ordinary people but far away.
Pale cheeks are like having had a serious illness, but his lips are red with blood, so that he lives in front of Xiaoxiao, but strangely, she doesn’t feel a breath of living.
He hung his head slightly and stared at Xiaoxiao. Even at the bottom of the eyes, there was no trace of interest or curiosity, as if she were insignificant and meaningless.
Uh, Xiaoxiao is a little embarrassed. Get up and pat the skirt mud. Two tentative questions: Hehe, are you a bodyguard here?
Without saying a word, the man strode straight over her.
Xiaoxiao grimaced at his back, made a skirt and ran to the room. It’s miserable. Duan Xiaoqi, this is a real joke. What should she do? She doesn’t want to get married like this. Why did Duan Yishen suddenly run to the side after saying something inexplicable last night?
No, she has to plan ahead
I heard the footsteps behind me. Xiao Qi turned around. You’re back, Seventh Brother.
The male voice is very light, and the long hair is blown up by the wind, blocking his dusty face. Chapter 35 Because we are friends.
Xiaoxiao twisted her eyebrows and turned round and round in the house.
Duan Xiaoqi loves Lin Moying and marries Lin Moying, not her Lou Xiaoxiao. Even if this man is a gold Lord who can make her have food and clothing for a generation, she will never marry him.
Suddenly she stopped, and now there are two roads in front of her: showdown and escape.
Knock, knock, knock.
Miss Lin, your highness, you go to the front desk
Xiao Xiao ba ba hair oh, here we go.
It seems that she has no choice but to showdown with him. It’s better for him to marry the wrong person than for her to marry the wrong person. What’s more important? She knows her own secrets and won’t let others make things worse.
When I stepped into the hall, Xiaoxiao saw at a glance that the person sitting next to Duan Xiaoqi was unhappy and picked and asked, and his eyes swept to Duan Xiaoqi.
Before he could speak, the man got up. Miss Lin, I’m here to make amends to you.
Make amends Xiaoxiao sat opposite her, looked up and smiled brightly. Mrs. Huali, are you kidding? How could you offend me?
Duan Xiaoqi remained silent, but his cold eyes looked straight at Xiaoxiao. It is not difficult to find a touch of tenderness there.

Three people obviously didn’t hold the idea of dragging the battle away, so all hands are not weak. Suddenly, three unusually fierce military offensives roared directly from three hands and then slammed into the small inflammation before leaving Lin.

The heavenly fiend turns into a tiger howling.
In the face of Lin Langtian three people at the same time, they made a sharp attack on Xiaoyan’s eyes, and the dignified and strong body seemed to quiver for a while, and then the majestic black energy flooded with chalk and then formed a huge black light tiger outside its body
The light tiger roared in the face of the sky, and soon Xiaoyan took a step across the fine flowers and punched it with a flat blow. At this moment, the evil spirit of the condensed chalk turned into the essence, and the light tiger outside the body rushed at the same time.
The huge black light tiger roaring upwards is directly a very brazen gesture, and the three majestic offensives collided with each other in that many eyes.
Violent energy ripples crazy contacts swept through the body, and the body trembled sharply. The strong wind spread to his body and exploded continuously, but fortunately, he was extremely strong and his defense was even more amazing. Therefore, in the face of the violent strong wind, he was overwhelmed by it.
However, although he barely resisted, he was also shocked by several steps, and the soles of his feet shook on the ground, leaving deep traces of body chalk and qi and blood, and the blood surged violently.
Although Xiaoyan holds the blood of Monty Tiger, after all, the gap between strength Tian Zhen and others is even worse. Today, it is still a reluctance to be one enemy and three.
Well, I’ll see how many times you can block it
Tian Zhen’s new smile didn’t give Xiaoyan a pause. When she stepped across her body, she was suddenly and violently plundered, and behind her, Lin Langtian, three people, followed closely, and the fierce offensive was overwhelming, and she was shrouded in Xiaoyan.
Xiaoyan’s throat is low and the roars are black, as if iron bars are dancing like windmills in the hands of his body. Several stick shadows emerge in the face of Tian Zhen’s four-person joint offensive. He didn’t flinch at all. He knew that Lin wanted to summon the crocodile spirit of ancient days when needed.
Bang bang bang bang.
Violent offensive in a wide chalk field in an instant, and small inflammation of the body is also constantly being bombarded by strong offensive. Even his strength is now scarred and bloody.
However, even if it is extremely reluctant, Xiaoyan’s eyes are signs that latosolic red is becoming more and more crazy like a beast.
Violent force blows at Xiaoyan’s chest. Even Xiaoyan’s massive body is a wisp of blood at the corner of her mouth.
Xiaoyan’s huge palm wiped the blood at random and backhand rubbed it on his face. It turned out to be a smile at Lin Langtian’s four-person mouth. The smile was full of childish chills and rage.
However, just as Xiaoyan’s face was full of rage and he was about to step on it again, the palm of his hand fell from behind and patted him on the shoulder. At the same time, Lin Dongyin also came from me.
Little inflammation slightly one leng soon eyes with a color tilted to see Lin move that smiling face at this time in front of the day crocodile bone gun has been completely transformed from Sen Bai to latosolic red plumes of Wan blood-like light constantly diffuse from the gun body.
Did it work?
Listen, the ancient roaring inflammation from the alligator bone gun is also a relief.
At this time of forest movement, do you still want to fight back, darling, the ancient secret key may spare your life? Tian Zhen’s eyes took a miniature look at the crocodile bone gun over there in front of forest movement and immediately sneer at a drink a way.
Have a good time?
Lin glanced at a little inflammation, but some injuries were a smile. That smile was nothing but a cold murder.
If you’re cool, it’s my turn. Lin moves his palm and slowly holds the alligator bone gun in front of him, then stomps the ground hard.
A circle of violent fluctuations visible to the naked eye, where the handle fell, swept in, vaguely roaring and swaying, which made people tremble.
This fluctuation is aware of this fluctuation, and the willow white Yan Sen’s complexion is also slightly changed. Immediately, his eyes are dignified and he stares at Lin’s fist, Zhongtian crocodile bone gun.
Kill him.
That Tian Zhen four people face is also changed a change in the heart that uneasy suddenly expanded soon turned out to be a complete drink four people flash from violent offensive directly enveloped to Lin.
Ancient alligators come on.
Lin eyes indifferent looked at the four figure suddenly and violently from the line of sight slowly setting to the hand latosolic red crocodile bone gun murmured.
Latosolic red light still erupts from a volcano, and suddenly the crocodile bone gun bursts, which is a short instant that permeates this wide chalk field.
This movement immediately attracted the eyes, and the indecision and indefinite eyes shot at the sky that became red.
Lotus flower diffuses and then quickly condenses. A moment later, an unusually large figure looms in the lotus flower, and a terrible fluctuation comes from the sky from that ancient time.
And when this fluctuation comes, it suddenly rushes and Lin Langtian’s four-person figure is suddenly solidified by lightning, and the eyes are incredible and staring at the sky. The fluctuation is simply comparable to the three-yuan nirvana in the heel
This guy
Liu Bai Yan Sen also breathed a sigh of relief at this moment that huge body even if they all felt deadly dangerous.
No one thought that in the hands of Lin Dong, he still held this powerful card.
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Deep and ancient roar from the sky filled with lotus flower, and then the huge figure seemed to move, and the lotus flower faded slightly, and finally the monster was finally watched by people now.