He was barefoot, wearing a big pair of underpants with animal skins, black hair and a wild breath.

His eyes are like dark stars, and the body is as high as tens of feet before it can make the avatar, overlooking the south of the Yangtze River. "Master Su, I didn’t kill you to kill that dead woman, but to take your body. Don’t get me wrong!"
Su Ying looked up at the giant with a smile and said, "What magic weapon did you get right, big guy?"
Yu Wenfeng looked ferocious and grimaced. "I used to put a magic weapon on my face and never move it. I will nullify my opponent with my body alone, but you are afraid that your body is not weaker than me, so I will move the magic weapon this time! Hammer! "
He reached into the void and saw the virtual turmoil. A huge bone mallet emerged from the void and a corner of it was filled with great power. This is not an ordinary great power, but a kind of majesty that transcends the gods and even surpasses the gods!
On the surface of the snow-white bone mallet, roads are bigger than thick roads, and these roads are connected to form a shocking picture of ancient wars and wars of the gods!
Yu Wenfeng sneered as he pulled out the bone mallet. "This bone mallet was made by killing a deity in his early years, the ancestor of my southern desert city." I can move the energy in this bone mallet, but I can wave it and fight death without talking … "
"So you didn’t sacrifice this mallet?" Sue should eyes a bright smile asked.
"Not bad!"
Yu Wenfeng proudly said, "Can the sacred treasure be sacrificed by you and me? But when I break through to the realm of the true god, I can sacrifice the bone hammer to exert my power … "
His voice has not yet finished pulling out the bone mallet. Suddenly, he saw that Su Ying suddenly appeared on three sides, and the reincarnation was printed to him. Before he could pull out the magic weapon first, he took the lead.
Yu Wenfeng laughed "Sue hierarch even if you attack first? My body is made of animal skin and underpants by my father. Although it looks shabby, it is a real treasure. You can’t break my defense! When my mallet comes out, it will be when you are desperate! "
Bang, bang, bang!
Su Ying-dao’s reincarnation left a number of true Shinto in the animal skin underpants, but he danced and blocked all his attacks.
Suddenly Su Ying’s eyebrows flashed, and Jin Gangzhuo flew out of several divine lights. He always brushed and banged to break this big underpants defense and knocked on Yu Wenfeng’s forehead to smash the southern deserted city.
"Hit him!"
Su Ying’s eyebrows were filled with alchemists, Mo Tianya, Niu Shan and Oriental Moon. Around Yu Wenfeng, all kinds of magical powers were punched and kicked, and he was beaten black and blue in an instant.
"When my mallet comes out, you will all die!" Yuwenfeng thundered.
The alchemist threw up the sacred light of the Lotus Pagoda, and the Buddha flew out of the lights and took a seat on the Lotus Pagoda, holding six treasures and sitting on a butt, so that Yu Wenfeng crushed his nose and mouth and pulled out a big bone mallet by fire-breathing method.
Niu Shan jumped out of the encirclement and spit out a sledgehammer. He threw himself at Yu Wenfeng and grabbed the mallet and hit it with his hand.
Yu Wenfeng eats pain and hurriedly lets go. Niu Shan hurriedly throws his sledgehammer aside and grabs the mallet and draws it out.
"So heavy?" Niu Shan made the effort that the mallet was still in vain and did not waver at all. He was taken aback and lost his way.
"Let me try!"
Su Ying grabbed the big mallet and pulled it out, only to find that the mallet was surprisingly heavy. Even his divine power failed to pull it out for five or six inches in one breath, and he was surprised.
"It’s amazing that the deity’s bone is refined into a magic weapon. If Yu Wenfeng wields this bone mallet, I can resist it."
Niu Shan once again rushed forward to drink a way "you get out of the way and I’ll take off his big shorts! This big underpants is also a treasure! "
Oriental Moon spat with shame, and the eyes of the alchemist and Mo Tianya suddenly lit up and hurriedly went to take off Yu Wenfeng’s large underpants.
Chapter 113 Chaos War
See a few people so rogue Oriental Moon quickly turned to dare not go to see.
"I’ll take it off. I’ll take it off!"
Niu Shan excitedly rushed to the cat and squinted and shouted, "I’m the best at taking off my underpants!"
The cat was so blue that a big foot flew out and kicked the stupid cow out
Niu Shan was furious, squinting his eyes and looking around angrily. "Which one of you stabbed me just now?"
Cat was too livid cold hum a light way "this friend is I kick you again? How dare you want to take off me … don’t look at me! "
Niu Shan great anger mouth spit out a bow bow arrow sneer at a way "the calf way I see you! Don’t move. I said I’d shoot you in the head and never shoot you in the ass! "
The whole God’s roof was in chaos. Su Ying was like a fuse, which made the original undercurrent of God’s roof chaotic. There were magic weapons and magical powers everywhere, and the four bombardments were not specifically aimed at Su Ying, Niu Shan and others. Some people got rid of their old enemies and wiped out their opponents, but the killers were painful to each other. At that time, everyone showed no mercy to the people around them. Many Zhongtian strong people were killed upside down!
"It’s so interesting. I’m in a mess. How can a gentleman not add fuel to the fire?"
Yuan Miaoyi suddenly giggled at this chaotic scene, jumped up and shook his sleeve and flew out of the chaotic ghost piano. This female sleeve slipped out of Sandy’s jade hand and began to play the chaotic ghost piano, which made the scene even more chaotic!
Yuan Miao was born charming and exquisite, but he learned from Betty Wong, the god of heaven and the moon. Heaven was also called chaotic, and Tianjun was a risk-averse person.
Yuan Miao, who claims to be a little less respected, is also afraid that the sky will not be chaotic. At this moment, playing the chaotic ghosts and monsters will make everyone fall into chaos and kill themselves, but they will jump out of the battlefield and show excitement and excitement in their beautiful eyes. "I am looking forward to this scene! It’s best to kill you all and then I’ll go to the holy mountain alone! "
Of course, there are still many people in the audience who can still stay awake without being disturbed by her drum. Suddenly, I saw a woman get out of the battlefield and show her wrist gently shaking and printing to Yuan Miao!
"It turned out to be Yaochi World!"
Yuan Miao smiled and said, "Sister Yaochi, you must have endured a lot of hardships, right? To tell the truth, little sister has endured you for a long time! "
That woman is the virgin of Yaochi. When she saw the printing method flying half way, her slender fingers gently picked and slowly wiped half way, and suddenly nine more jade beads shone brightly!

"Demon" level card-26, "Demon" level card-1, "Demon" level card-1.

This is what he has accumulated after receiving the protection of the whole city for months.
This plane is probably in the degree of self-protection, but it is a bit difficult to do things.
After going one step further, Olga turned his head and came to the original forest to brush some materials to make cards.
Compared with finding a group of weak wage earners to pay tribute to themselves, it is many times faster to do it yourself after his strength develops and takes shape.
Since [Crimson] and [Crimson Card] belong to local goods, he doesn’t need to be afraid of anything, just find a place to fix it.
Anyway, the world consciousness plane consciousness can’t catch him and will judge him to be indigenous!
Three months later.
After clearing the whole original forest almost,
Through the integration of various materials, the number of cards held by Olga has become the level of "demon"-1426, the level of "medium demon"-351, and the level of "demon"-22.
After two rounds of upgrading, the Arm Arm Arm Duel has become a multi-layer structure, and a total of six cards can be activated at the same time.
In crimson, the energy absorption efficiency and conversion efficiency are no longer comparable to those in the past, which can be called upgrading the lake from the bathtub.
The overall strength of Olga is directly enhanced by more than one thousand times.
Even the so-called [Master Traveler] can compete!
Looking at Fang, who has entered the tail cleaner Olga, glanced at the various rich materials in the props. Although they are an idea for others, they don’t sigh.
"It’s a place rich in resources …"
Just a virgin forest covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, he received so many resources
You know, even in the abyss, there are few areas with such rich resources.
If there had been such a good place for him to cut leeks, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have to go into a different place to upgrade to [a demon] all the way!
Is it rare to think of such a place at the moment?
At that time, Olga’s heart welled up in the depths of his heart, and he felt a little sad when he found the treasure land.
Because of this plane, the efficiency of indigenous people in resource transformation is too low!
Most of the value of their resources will be lost!
And the future owner of this plane’s behavior is simply different from the property of Longoria!
Thinking of this situation, he can’t help but have mixed feelings …
It’s already half as bald as it was three months ago, outside the original forest.
A small team of adventurers is leisurely preparing for work on the periphery.
"Pay attention to it!
A lot of strange things have happened in this forest recently, not only animals and plants are missing, but also adventurers, miners and herb gatherers are often missing!
We will encounter opponents who may be Baal priests, monsters from other worlds, and awakening Yalong … "
"Don’t worry, we are ready …"
"The reward how a little less and risk is not proportional to ….."
"Who stole the old hidden hip flask …"
After some training, I looked at those noisy birds around me, and the captain of my teammates could scratch his ass a little naively.
Every time he goes out with these guys, he feels that he will probably die this time.
They’re just as indecent and shameful as himself!
The supervisor sent by the client beside the captain looked at these adventurers and wondered whether this group of goods was the strongest adventurer team nearby …
I couldn’t help secretly shaking my hand. I was already ready to send props. I ran away alone if I was slightly wrong …
Since three months ago
This place, which is regarded as a forbidden area by local people, is not convenient except the guy who is not afraid of death. It has always been strange and frequent. All kinds of fleeing out of Warcraft, flashing flames at night, inexplicable explosions, and family relocation have brought a lot of trouble to nearby cities.
After a few months, the situation didn’t stop. After that, they directly pooled their money to find this well-known adventure team nearby.
It is said that their captain once worked as a bodyguard for a [Master of Travel], and he had rich experience, not to mention his strength.
But watching the captain picking his ass through leather pants, the supervisor thinks that those rumors are probably false …
He doesn’t think that those arrogant people who don’t even think highly of the king will let such a dishonest guy be their guards.
Chapter 61 [Reaper]
After all the adventurers force each other to depend on each other for a while to vent their emotions.
General order was barely established.
Look at them look a little more serious.
The supervisor felt a little relieved and forced him to trust professionals.
With a uneasy mood, the team guards marched deep into the forest …
Along the way, as he went deeper into the forest department, his heart became more and more initiated.
What he didn’t notice was that the look of the members of the squad, who were similar to the traces of violent mining resources, was gradually subtly changed.
Adventurers who have been tested in various ways can be alive and kicking. Naturally, there are several brushes today.
Through the traces around them, they can directly tell that the situation in this forest is definitely not a disaster of Warcraft.
After all, what kind of Warcraft can log and mine?
Ghost group? Fairy tribe?’
But they don’t seem to have made such a big noise about it …’
These negative guesses made the captain frowned and made a gesture.
That means that if there is an accident, everyone will immediately give up and get out of the fight.
Although it is important in his eyes, it is obviously more important to wait for his own life!
In this respect, he still knows the difference.
But he didn’t notice that there was a semi-transparent mechanical creation, which was the size of a pigeon egg and shaped a bit like an eyeball, watching his team.
[Unreal eye group-extraordinary creature-a demon (automatically splitting eyeball-shaped objects can split up to 99,999 possessed features-visual sharing, shielding perception, mimicry hiding, moving, super vision, energy detection …)]
distant place
Look at the message handed over.
Olga, who is wearing a badge, can tell that the strength of the other side should not be weak.
His face so-called muttered.

The higher the Huang Ji Geng Jin firm but gentle repair, the stronger the power.

Yun Fan reached the realm of life and death. The fifth layer of the triple emperor’s pole Geng Jin’s firm but gentle power is far superior to that of the same order Zhen Yuan’s magical power, surpassing the’ three heads and six arms’ of the flesh in one fell swoop.
"December last year was the fourth day of the mysterious realm of medicine, and it was closed in March this year, and it was already the 13th of the month. Tuo Tianzong had obtained the Dan medicine from the mysterious realm of medicine to get it."
"And I’m actually strong enough for the middle-ranking emperor to strive for the top. The ghost emperor can’t resist the lotus and the moon, and I should be able to deal with the dry dome star and just destroy these two cases."
Yun Fan has lived on the earth for nearly two years, and it’s time to go to Ganqixing.
The earth people accompanied their families through the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Yun Fan left the earth and once again reached the dry dome.
"Xiao Zongzhu, I want to cultivate Dan medicine in Linghai realm and break through Xuandan, the god of Tongxuan realm. Are you ready?"
Yun Fan found Xiao Yanmen and said.
"Yungong told Xiao to keep in mind that it is enough for five people to cultivate Dan medicine and Shen Xuandan?"
Xiao Yan took out five copies of Dan medicine with a smile on his face. It seems that it doesn’t hurt at all. It seems that this time the mysterious situation of medicine has gained a lot.
Yun Fan heart exultation took out a pile of treasures of the king, "Xiao Zongzhu these treasures of the king just pick how many you want to exchange five copies of Dan medicine until you are satisfied."
Xiao Yan chose two treasures of the king and said, "Two pieces are enough. You’ve been practicing the Gregorian calendar for nearly two years and your strength has improved greatly, haven’t you?"
Yun Fan smiled and gave me a confident smile, emitting a hint of repair.
Xiao Yan felt Yun Fan suddenly look a change exclaimed, "life and death in triple heaven? It’s only been less than two years since Yungong broke through the triple heaven of life and death? "
Chapter 325 Destroy cases
Xiao Yan is so shocked that he has lived for more than 3,000 years, and the cultivation is the double heaven and earth. He can hardly feel the cultivation. Even if I practice for 3,000 years, I am not sure that I will cultivate the triple heaven of life and death.
Yun Fan broke through the truth in less than two years, which shocked Xiao Yan.
Xiao Yan knows that when fighters with high talents reach the realm of life and death, the cultivation speed will far exceed that with low talents, but this speed is too fast, right?
Life-and-death cultivation is like this. If you have a chance, you will soon be able to ascend step by step and absorb the aura of heaven and earth. It will be difficult to ascend for a long time.
Yun Fan said, "With the triple heaven of my life and death, I can repair the fifth magical power of Huang Ji Geng Jin Firm but gentle. Is this strength enough to break the Lotus Sect and the Moon Sect?"
Xiao Yan’s heart is another smoke. He didn’t practice the fifth floor. Even if he searched the whole dry dome, he couldn’t find enough tiger balm to practice.
How long did Yun Fan break through the boundary of life and death? I can’t believe I practiced the fifth floor?
However, Xiao Yan guessed that Yun Fan should have obtained enough tiger balm from the treasure left by Emperor Tuotian, which is able to be fully understood.
It’s nothing for Emperor Tuotian, who has been to the stars of the universe and cultivated the realm of life and death at that time, to take out the fifth layer of the emperor’s Geng Jin firm but gentle.
"The fifth floor emperor pole Geng Jin firm but gentle foot high-order emperor leapfrog fighting"
Xiao Yan looked a little excited and said, "Yungong, your strength is not inferior to that of the Lotus Sect and the Moon Sect in the four days of life and death. You can’t stop the middle-ranking emperor from breaking these two cases."
Yun Fan’s eyes jumped up with flames and gave off momentum slightly. He said, "Ghost Emperor Zong and other three cases not only rebelled against Rio Tinto Alliance, but also wanted to destroy the master, leave Rio Tinto Alliance, and my brother Rio Tinto Emperor will destroy the ghost emperor Zong. Now, if you can’t stand the ghost emperor Zong, you should destroy the lotus Sect and the moon Sect first, so that these two cases can be removed from the dry dome star."
Xiao Yan excitedly rubbed his hands and said, "Well, I’ll take some people with Yungong."
Lotus Sect
It is said that Zongmenshi is a big temple.
It is said to be a Buddhist, but the orthodox Buddhism is different from the Lotus Sect. Both men and women accept it, and the female brother can also take hair to practice if he is not beautiful.
However, the top management of the Lotus Sect is all male monks and female brothers, and the generation is all female brothers.
It is said that entering the Lotus Sect’s younger brother will eventually become a high-level toy of the Lotus Sect. This clan name is very bad.
However, the Lotus Sect lives in the sky, and the four major clans in the mainland have no idea how many families and fighters are in control. Every year, the Lotus Sect has a beautiful female brother to join.
On the number of female brothers is much more than that of the whole Lotus Sect male monk.
Yun Fan and Tuotian Sect came to Lotus Sect. Lotus Sect immediately moved the ancestors to count the Buddha’s light from the temple, and a giant Buddha with a golden body and a height of 100 feet was condensed in the sky.
The abbot of Lotus Sect fought with Yun Fan, but he didn’t dare to do it again. The second time Yun Fan brought Tuotian Sect to kill him, he could only resist by moving his ancestors to stay.
Tuotian Zongren stopped a hundred miles away from Lotus Zongren.
The attack distance of Lotus Zongjinshen Buddha is 100 miles from the center of Lotus Zongshen Buddha.
Yun Fan, on the other hand, continued to kill the Lotus Sect in vain and fought for the Golden Buddha that day.
Yun Fan moved superhuman powers with six broken arrows in his hand. The limit of physical strength broke out like a streamer to kill the golden Buddha in the sky.
The Baizhang Golden Buddha hit a huge palm with one palm, hitting the virtual palm like a golden light coming to Yun Fan to collide.
When it exploded, the huge Buddha’s palm was blasted out of a big hole by six broken arrows.
At the same time, if Yun Fan is hit hard, his body will instantly explode and exit thousands of meters.
The attack power of the Golden Buddha is terrible, far from being able to compete with the triple strength of life and death.
Lotus Zongzhonglian monk and all the high-level officials are watching the battle in the sky. They all look happy when they see Yun Fan being blown away by the golden Buddha.
Lotus monk ha ha a smile "Yun Fan, Yun Fan, you’d better save your strength. I’m a lotus family with a strong incense. I wish I could condense the golden Buddha. Even if it’s a four-day life and death, it may not be able to cope with it … haha, it’s still a long way off."
The Golden Buddha knocked Yun Fan back with one palm and took it out with the other palm, extending thousands of meters from the sky.
If the palm of the Buddha falls from the sky, Yun Fan will have to be photographed underground.
In the distance, Rio Tinto Tianzong’s strong look is a little nervous. The strength of the Golden Buddha is too strong. This palm is absolutely terrible.
Rio Tinto patriarch Xiao Yan is look as usual, but he is clear that Yun Fan has developed the fifth floor of the emperor’s extremely Geng Jin gas, and the real strength has not yet been displayed.
Seeing that the huge Buddha’s palm was about to hit Yun Fan, suddenly Yun Fan burst into a sharp breath, and a golden sword light split out of his body.
The golden sword light is sharp and sharp, and the object is unbreakable, and the huge Buddha palm is severely cut.
The huge Buddha’s palm was split in two by the golden sword light counterclockwise, and a bright golden light broke away.
Rio Tinto day in the distance of the strong suddenly look big a cheer.
Lotus Sect of the strong is a look of surprise, and his face is all changed. The Golden Buddha attacked, but it is equivalent to a four-fold life and death situation. Oh, my God, it was broken by Yun Fan.
Yun Fan used his extreme Geng Jin shock wave to kill the Golden Buddha.
The golden Buddha lost a palm and soon grew another one. It was cut by the golden sword again.
However, the golden sword light blocked the golden Buddha, and another Buddha’s palm grew, which was taken again to block the golden sword light abruptly.
"Hum …!"
Yun Fan cold hum a hand appeared a handle Wang Baojian figure shot forward a sword to cut.
Avatar melee method!
Bright golden sword light attached to Wang Baojian broke out into a powerful and horrible sword.
The sword broke out and cooperated with Yun Fan, which was stronger than the physical strength.
This sword is far more powerful than life and death.


"Xiao Ran, wait a minute. I’m going to find a doctor to help you look at it." Tang Sike heard my words and ran out of the ward.
I can’t help but roll my eyes when I see Tomsk running out of the ward to find a doctor after listening to my words. There is a bell ringing at the bedside of this ward, okay?
But my heart is full of warmth. I am lucky to encounter Tang Sike’s loss of friends like this.
Tang Sike soon came with the doctor, followed by them, sweating and panting. Han Tianqin was full of joy when he saw me wake up.
The doctor examined me and said that I had a slight concussion due to a head impact. I was hospitalized for observation and can be discharged after 24 hours.
The prognosis of concussion is good. Most patients return to normal in two weeks, but a few patients may also have secondary cranial lesions or other complications. Therefore, the mental state, consciousness, clinical symptoms and vital signs of patients must be closely observed during symptomatic treatment, and necessary examinations should be carried out according to the situation.
"No, doctor, Xiao Ran has been in a coma for a day and two nights. Please help me check if Xiao Ran still has his condition." After seeing the doctor, I will leave Tang Sike and pull the arm of the doctor who just gave me a physical examination.
"Classmate, your friend’s situation is so assured that our hospital is extremely responsible for patients and there will be no misdiagnosis." The doctor was held by Tang Sike’s arm and it was very professional to explain to Tang Sike.
"But you can be in a coma for a day and two nights after being hit, doctor. Look again." Tang Sike is very stubborn
There is no way for the doctor to check me again and still get the same result.
So Thomas can be regarded as letting the doctor leave.
"Xiao Ran, you are so scary. Look at me. My dark circles have been boiled out." The doctor pointed to his eyes from Han Tianqin and let me see. Pour me another glass of water to serve me.
"As handsome as Qin" looked around me. Tang Sike and Han Tianqin evoked a great radian in my lip angle.
"Little Ran’s eyes are good. Everyone knows this." If you get my words, Han Tianqin raises his face.
"Come on, come on, get out of here. Go to your place. It affects Xiao Ran’s mood. Xiao Ran came to see me. I’m Chang Jun." Tang Sike pulled Han Tianqin aside and let me see her face with her hands on my bedside.
I can’t help laughing at the performance of two wonderful friends who are "well, Coco is very handsome"
"Must drop" Townships ridiculous eyes narrowed.
After a while, I asked Tang Sike and Han Tianqin how I got into the hospital and which one sent me to this hospital.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin talked to me in a hurry, and I always understood which hospital I was lying in at the moment and who sent me.
It turned out that Xie Yiming was a classmate.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin told me that they were all asleep that night. Xie Yiming woke them up and told them that I was the first people’s hospital of fz at the moment.
When Tang Sike and Han Tianqin came to the First People’s Hospital of fz City, Han Tianqin had already helped me to pay before leaving the hospital. After Tang Sike and Han Tianqin were busy taking care of me, they took a leave and didn’t go to class, so they never saw Han Tianqin again.
"Xiao Ran, what happened after all? Where did you go that night and how did you get into the hospital?" Tang Sike and Han Tianqin looked at me with a face of truth after answering my questions.
"Er, it’s okay. I went out for a walk later, and I fainted without knowing what happened." I rubbed my forehead and prevaricated to answer the common questions of Tang Sike and Han Tianqin.
"Dr. Xiao Ran said that you were in a coma because your brain was hit. Did someone want to rob you of money and color? It happened that Xie Yiming’s hero saved the United States and saved you." After listening to my answer, Tang Sike automatically made up his mind.
"Er, it’s possible" doesn’t refute Tom’s words. At this moment, Tom’s brain tonic just belongs to self-questioning and self-answering, and he gives the answer to his own question.
After waking up, I stayed in the hospital for observation for 24 hours, and several times I joined Goo Tsai, but Goo Tsai didn’t respond once.
After 24 hours of hospital observation, I followed Tang Sike and Han Tianqin back to school.
I refused Tang Sike and Han Tianqin to help me continue to ask for leave and let me continue to recuperate. When I didn’t delay any longer, I went to class that day.
I have questions and want to ask Xie Yiming. I also want to thank him in person.
Hao-wen wang didn’t come to class, even his minion Lai Yuejing was absent from class. Xie Yiming was still indifferent. When he saw me coming to class, he glanced at me and withdrew his sight.
Xie Yiming’s reaction made my heart astringent and convergent, and I concentrated on listening to the class.
After school, I stopped Xie Yiming from leaving.
"Xie Yiming, thank you for taking me to the hospital. I’ll pay you back later." I was a little embarrassed before Xie Yiming.
This is not the first time I have spoken to Xie Yiming in my class for more than two years, but it is the time I have spoken to Xie Yiming the most.
"You’re welcome, just lift a finger. This is my card number, and then you can transfer the money to my account." After listening to my words, Xie Yiming pulled out a UnionPay card from his pocket and copied the card number to me.
A simple dialogue Xie Yiming took his backpack away from me without waiting for me to ask questions. Xie Yiming copied my card number and set it in place.
Chapter 40 Finally wait for you
"Let’s go, Xiao Ran is starving. I can eat a cow this noon." Tang Sike came up to me with the class.
"Good" I folded the paper with Xie Yiming’s card number written on it and put it in my pocket, and left the classroom with Tang Sike.
"Hey, Xiao Ran, you said that Xie Yiming was also cool enough to have no friends." Tang Sike complained while building.
"Everyone has a different personality, right?" I responded to Tang Sike’s words by rubbing my forehead. Although the doctor said that I had a slight concussion, this simple building made me a little dizzy.
Near the handrail, I held the handrail and walked upstairs. It was not fun if I accidentally bumped into it.
"That’s what he said just now." Tang Sike saw me holding the stair handrail in my hand and taking the class in my other hand to help me walk side by side with me.
"Thank you for raising your hand, and then just send the money to his card." It’s funny enough to think that I talked to Xie Yiming just now, and my lips reminded me that I was cramped with a wool just now.
"Well, that little Ran, if you have enough money, I have a good object that my emperor Amar found missing some time ago. I am happy to give me a card and spend a lot of money so that I can share happiness with him." Tang Sike asked me in a low voice when he heard me.
"I can’t pay back the cocoa and Qin’s money later." When it comes to paying back the money, I feel that the sun is not charming.
Although it is enough for me to spend money on my card every month, I really spend a lot of money lying in the hospital these days, and I really can’t get enough medical care for myself these days
I called grandma for the second time and learned that grandma is now in Xiangxi. I am worried that I won’t bother her at this time and ask her to remit money to me. I don’t want her to know about my affairs and worry about me in turn.
So I can pay back Xie Yiming’s money first, and Tang Sike and Han Tianqin advance the medical department for me. After I pay it back, I can stop eating directly.
"What are you talking about? I’m playing with Qin if I don’t pay back the money. That’s the deal." As soon as I spoke, Tang Sike immediately expressed his attitude.
I didn’t pick up another conversation with Tom Sike, and my idea of taking a part-time job came up again.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin advance medicine for me. Do I have to or just slow down? A penny stumps the hero. Everything needs money all the time. Without money, social life can’t be decisive.
Soon, another week passed. This week, my body has almost recovered. When I fainted that night in Shuguang Park, fz, the strange placenta never appeared.
Everything was calm except that I couldn’t summon the cuckoo in the pearl.
I don’t know if this calm means that a more violent storm will sweep over soon or that my life will return to the past again, but this week’s calm is what I like most.
Because this week’s calm has given me a chance to recuperate and breathe.
If the placenta reappears before my body recovers, I will definitely be able to cope with it.
This week, Wang Haowen also came to school again, but his face has always been pale and he has become more silent than usual. Many people are hesitant to see me, but his eyes are less and he continues to cling to me.
With the appearance of Wang Haowen in school, Lai Yuejing, his little sidekick, also came to the school class to listen to Lai Yuejing tell another story. It is not known what he did with Wang Haowen during his disappearance.
The day is dull, and Bai Linger comes to our class every day. Xie Yiming is indifferent and persistent, and chats with him.
Xie Yiming paid for my hospitalization. I have called him and sent him a message. He also replied with a good word.
It’s been a month since grandma sent money to my card, but grandma didn’t, but she didn’t send money, and she didn’t say a word to worry about grandma’s safety. When I called grandma, she always showed me the way to get through.
I can’t connect with grandma, but I can’t do anything. Every day my heart is tied together.

"so fast!"

Xiao clan’s wild magic body’s eyes flashed and immediately felt the pressure from Xiao Yushen. This Xiao clan’s younger brother is physically competitive and can not only shock God with one punch, but also be so terrible in terms of speed, which is not weaker than him.
"It’s a wild burst fist. There is a shocking word in his fist!"
The demon body suddenly felt the mouth and said, "But I’m not weak. The Xiao clan in the ancient star domain of the Holy Heaven has mastered the word-breaking tactic and the word-killing tactic. As the name suggests, it can break the god’s killing tactic and kill the Yuan god. I’m sure to kill him if he fights!"
His eyes tightly staring at Xiao Yu cold light flashing like a poisonous snake quietly dormant.
Chapter six hundred and four Refining mysterious fruit
Xiao Yu grabbed the stone magic Luo’s speed and force exhibition, which was very terrible. I don’t know how many miles it took to traverse with a flash.
He jumped directly at the giant tree, and his physical strength broke out like a big jump, jumping directly at the huge old tree.
"Looking for death!"
Seeing him jump, the Titan smiled cruelly and said, "This giant tree is forbidden. We encountered a terrible attack when we came in. Is it as easy to take away as the giant tree will devour your treasure as soon as you jump?" Jump to the dead road! "
But what he expected didn’t happen.
Xiao Yu and Shi Moluo jumped continuously and exerted their physical strength to the extreme. The branches and leaves shuttled back and forth. This giant tree didn’t attack them at all.
In the blink of an eye, they quickly approached a fruit.
"What? The giant tree didn’t attack them! "
"Remember their route!"
Those strong people were shocked, and then they reacted and jumped up and jumped along the route that Xiao Yugang had just walked.
"F * * king he should perfectly avoid the giant tree all banned him like that? Die, this Xiao traitor must die. There is such a way that you can’t share it with us and kill him immediately after you go out! " That Xiao middle-aged man is full of mouth and mouth.
A line of five of them jumped quickly, and their physical strength was also stronger than that of the powerful eyebrows. Mysterious characters enveloped them, which belonged to the exclusive clan pattern of Xiao nationality.
Whoosh whoosh!
These people are quick to move.
"They’re coming!" Stone magic frown.
"Why don’t we pick all these fruits and leave them none? We have ancient maps to guide us to avoid all prohibitions, but they can’t get anything behind us without a safe route, and I have to add some more materials to them!"
Xiao Yu backhand grabbed the killing bow and pulled the bowstring. Suddenly, the bowstring formed a painted black arrow feather, and the magic light spewed out his fingers. When he loosened that magic light, he tore it out in an instant.
The arrow disappeared like a ghost, and with this monstrous murderous look, a silver spirit family god appeared in the chest.
The god gave a miserable cry directly, and his body was blown to pieces with a bang, and the silver juice was rolling and falling apart. Yuan Shen was also directly destroyed and killed completely.
"Little beast, how dare you?"
"Kill him!"
Silver spirit family strong all roared up dense ShaQi monstrous eyes.
Xiao Yu shot an arrow and saw that the strong men were rushing to dare not continue to fight. He leaned out a big hand and grabbed the huge fruit directly and took it away.
At this moment, an ancient will suddenly appeared in the huge temple next to the fruit, which made him creepy. "This belongs to the master. If the tiny worm dares to offend the master, everyone will die!"
Hundreds of black chains appeared in the giant temple. Once Xiao Yu’s big hand was firmly tied, the black light flashed and refined immediately.
Xiao Yu was taken aback and then exclaim "burn!"
As soon as the hundreds of black chains appeared, they burst into juice when they were all burned.
"Bring it, I’ll take care of it for you!"
Xiao Yu grabbed the fruit and picked it directly, and Shi Moluo quickly rushed away from here towards more square.
"lowly ant, if you dare to offend the great master, you must die!"
The giant temple roared angrily, and several black chains rushed out from the inside. It was so dark that everyone killed those who were rushing to the strong, and all of a sudden they were angry.
These strong and complete a shot out of all kinds of killing directly to smash all these black chains.
At this time, Xiao Yu has jumped to a higher area, and they split up and collect as many fruits as possible here.

One second Liu Yuan’s long purple knife suddenly swung out.

A knife flow purgatory … Great Chen shake!
A knife across the rhinoceros skin that can resist the bullet was actually made a clean break by Liu Yuan.
The silver rhinoceros fierce beast was divided into two parts, and the body fell to the ground after a period of charge.
The appalled eyes obviously didn’t think that they had been killed by a human.
Liu Yuan smiled and said to the soldier behind him, "… the guest will remember to go back for dinner later."
Words fall Liu Yuan side again skip three figures.
In addition to the little golden Tam, several people also joined the battlefield instantly …
Chapter 224 Fierce battlefield
No.1 loophole in the Great Wall of the Great Wilderness
The soldier wait for a while looked at Liu Yuan not far away.
Thinking is still a state of chaos.
The main thing is that there are too many things happening at this moment.
First, the Great Wall has not been breached for a long time.
By two platinum fierce beasts who quietly touched the wall.
The sneak attack method directly blew out two big holes.
Then there was Lu Yuan, the little god of food who he didn’t think had much power.
Suddenly appeared here.
It’s just that Lu Yuan suddenly appeared, and then he also cast out a horrible knife method that he couldn’t understand.
One knife killed one, and it seems to him
Very powerful silver fierce beast
It’s like a roller coaster. The plot changes.
It’s normal for soldiers to be a little dumbfounded.
But the most important thing is to push the fierce beast out of the loophole as soon as possible.
It was unexpected that the Great Wall was broken and two holes were opened.
You know, around the Great Wall
But they are all equipped with very advanced psychic response detectors.
Platinum level fierce beast energy response
Don’t even say that you are close to the Great Wall.
Even within 20 kilometers of Fiona Fang near the Great Wilderness Wall.
Spiritual force detectors can detect them accurately
This is not only due to the amazing energy response of platinum-level fierce beasts.
It’s also because platinum fierce beasts don’t hide their breath.
Every platinum fierce beast in the wild is a shameful overlord.
Their momentum is a signal to defend their territorial owners and threaten their enemies.
There are no platinum-level fierce beasts.
Will think, such as suppressing their momentum.
They are all thinking about making their momentum more amazing.
Play a greater shock
But today, two platinum-level fierce beasts
Not only suppressed his breath, but also very clever. After the wild city sent two platinum-level strong men,

"Haha, this newcomer actually has a domineering personality. Do you want to fight with him?"

"Yes! I remember that when I came to Jos, Lieutenant General was also domineering. "
Yeah, I remember, too
"Oh, shit …" Jose, who had already shrunk himself to one side to watch the play, attracted several people’s attention. He didn’t want to take care of such troubles. He might as well cultivate feelings with Domino!
"Justice will never allow such evil people to enter the sea."
A deep voice suddenly sounded and then they smelled the footsteps of "stepping", and everyone’s eyes could not help but look into the entrance passage.
That’s a tall figure wearing a big red suit and trousers. A pink corsage tie is worn on the chest of the suit, and rosa multiflora cherry blossom tattoo can be seen faintly on the neck.
As the figure approached the crowd, I felt the powerful momentum that broke out from the figure, which was definitely not owned by a lieutenant general.
"Is it tight that the momentum has reached the general level?" Feeling the momentum of the red dog, Jose thought to himself
That’s right. The bearer is the alternate general of the navy, Lieutenant General Sakaski.
At this time, after completing his study in school, he has reached the level of a general. The appearance of the red dog made the conference hall quiet again, which had already begun to get noisy.
I’m sorry I’m late. Red Dog looks at the ancient road. "Can I have this? Marshal "
"Good", I’ll leave it to you. Feeling the momentum of the red dog, Marshal Gu brightened up at the moment and then said, "So do you need an assistant?"
"Well," Red Dog looked around the crowd and finally fixed his eyes on Joss. "Lieutenant General Onigumo, Lieutenant General Fighting Dog and Lieutenant General Domil Jos will trouble you to lie down with me at sea."
"Poof …" Jose consciousness will drink into the Ministry of water to spray out the coal! You choose, you choose! Why did you choose me?
"Lieutenant General Domil Jos, do you have a problem?" Marshal stared at Jos with a straight face and asked the truth. Even if Red Dog didn’t let Jos help him in the past, Gu would export and let Jos go with him. The reason is that the strength of the Dazzling Pirates is too strong. We must never let them develop again. This time, Xu Chenggong must not fail.
"Report Marshal" Jose saluted. "Although I don’t have any opinions, I’m afraid I don’t have the strength to help Lieutenant General Red Dog."
"I believe that Lieutenant General Jos can bear the strength of the whole army by himself," Red Dog said to Jos.
"Nima" Jose almost swore.
Before Jose could speak, he announced, "In that case, the meeting ends here, and I will go there as soon as possible with the latest information from the dazzling pirates."
Wow, with the meeting over, everyone went back to their posts talking and laughing, as if the pressure from the dazzling pirates had disappeared.
The soldier swinging in the conference hall looked at the black face and sat in the chair. Jose shouted, "Lieutenant General …"
"Damn guy, in that case, let me go alone this time!" The more Jose talks, the more angry he gets. Listen to "Pa" and "Let’s go".
Domijo "honey, I want to go with you!"
"I also try my new ability. Let me go to sea together! Jos will "single-handedly with the hilt soldier itch to try.
You ….. want to refuse jose when looking at domino that look forward to all the way "ok! But if you are in danger, you must run away. "
I’m a marine. How can I escape? Domino pouted and said, "And I’m strong."
"Promise me"
Jose looked at Domino deeply. "Otherwise, I can let you stay in the department." After seeing all kinds of battlefields, Jose deeply realized the dangers in the battlefield. He didn’t want Domino to be in unnecessary danger, especially this time, the Pirates had defeated the green pheasant. He knew that they wouldn’t have time to protect her in a battle like his. If Domino didn’t agree, he would really let her stay in the department.
"Got it" Domino looked at Jose and couldn’t help but compromise.
"Call it!" Jose was finally relieved when he heard Domino. He turned to Xiu Bing. "Did you just say you would try your new ability?"
That’s right. Xiu Bing said with a look of excitement, "I got a devil’s fruit in an isolated island of a supplier when I went to sea this time."
Jos, the fruit of the island demon, stared. "Is this the rhythm of being the protagonist?"
"Superman repulsion fruit" I am now the person who can control repulsion.
"Is it a counterattack if I go here?" As soon as I heard the repulsion Jose, I thought of Payne’s super god Luo Tianzheng in Naruto. It is estimated that the absolute sss level will destroy the whole city as soon as it is available.
After recovering, Jose looked at the soldier and said, "I remember you were a person who was not interested in the devil’s fruit. How did you suddenly become an ability?"
"I’m too weak." Listening to Jose’s words, Xiu Bing looked ashamed. A short sentence really exposed his desire to be strong
Well, there’s nothing I can do to help Lieutenant General. I decided to take a gamble. The soldier’s eyes were full of perseverance. "As a result, I got the repulsion by gambling. I suddenly found my own kendo. I will chase it soon. I will …"
Jos quietly listened to the soldier’s words. Compared with following Jos Luodong with the soldier, his strength really can’t keep up with Luodong’s strength, which is almost touching the threshold of the peak of the lieutenant general. He just needs an opportunity to reach the peak level of the lieutenant general, and the soldier is just an ordinary lieutenant general. He is eager for strength. He doesn’t want to be left farther and farther with Jos Luodong at the same time, and besides Luodong, there is rain and cold behind him! If the group attacks, he will throw himself out of dozens of streets, which he doesn’t want to see …
Luo Dong’s strength rose so fast not because he was a genius, but because he worked hard. Even Jose felt terrible. If he hadn’t eaten the fruit of life, he wouldn’t have died many times. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have mastered the skills of armed color domineering hardening in such a short time.
Chapter seventy-one Hunting begins (second consecutive subscription)
Blue, blue …
Blue, blue …
"hey! Is this Lieutenant General Jos? I am Luo Dong. "
I’m Domino Domino, I said, and then I said, "Okay, I know we’re going now."
Jose looked at Domino and asked, "What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with Luo Dong?"
No, it didn’t go well. He has finished it and is going back to the department. It is estimated that he will arrive before evening.

"Then remember to come to me quickly."

"I promise!"
"Goodbye, dear."
"… goodbye!"
with this
When Kate was shining, the light of the long river gradually synchronized
Kate disappeared.
The long river disappears.
Guyi and mephistopheles appeared and looked at Mark with his back to them.
quite a while
A tear drops.
Mark turned his face and could not see whether it was sad or happy.
Guyi and mephistopheles looked at each other.
On the left, a circle with a flash of fire was drawn.
On the right side, the body decays and turns to ashes …
One second
Return to normal when
"… Kate!"
Kate’s smile froze and instantly lost her support and fell towards the ground.
Gibbs and Tony were frightened to disgrace.
But I watched Kate’s body being hugged by Mark who suddenly appeared in situ.
Mark looked at Kate’s frozen smile.
Knowing that Kate is not dead is another earth waiting for him to pick him up.
Heart good pain
"… Mark?" Squat down to prevent bullets from appearing at any time. Gibbs was surprised to debut.
Mark glanced at Gibbs and forced a smile on his face.

The horses turned their attention to Zhou Taoshen.

"Lao Zhou is back. What’s going on outside?" Someone asked
"What’s the situation?"
Zhou Taogang came back and didn’t know what they wanted to ask at all. He wondered why there were so many people at the door. He didn’t know that it was closed today until he heard the explanation from the building manager.
"Tell me about what’s going on outside? Is there anything strange? "
"It’s a bit too busy outside today to talk like this."
Zhou Tao recalled that "we saw a lot of transport vehicles coming out of the warehouse area from noon"
"Yes, yes," Xue Liangping also recalled. "During this period, no matter day or night, there were often convoys running into the warehouse area. We didn’t pay attention to the back at first, only to find that they were not carrying things inside, but pulling goods outside from car to car …"
"What is La?"
"Where to?"
On hearing this, everyone was excited.
Look around a circle of uncle aunt Xue Liangping suo suo neck "how do I know …"
Words are not finished.
The doorbell rang suddenly.
There are strangers outside trying to enter the building.
Building long-distance running in the past quickly identified the identity of the bearer.
"It’s a freight brigade and a politician!"
His tone was surprised.
Because these two departments never come together at ordinary times
He opened the door and the afterheat flooded into the room at dusk.
Outside, there are several trucks, one door of which has been opened, facing the door of the building and slowly reversing. Inside, there are boxes after boxes.
Workers belonging to the freight brigade unload the goods and push them into the building.
Even the politicians came in carrying a big box.
The building manager immediately mobilized all the people to move everything in the carriage together.
"Comrade, what are these things?" Busy for almost an hour, after moving the last box, the old building manager looked around and couldn’t help but wonder.
Zhou Tao didn’t leave after moving, so he stretched his neck and looked around.
The politician smiled at everyone and said, "There are two main things I came here today. One is to distribute materials to everyone, and the other is to issue the latest mobilization order."
"These things are the first thing we have to deal with. They are all newly distributed materials. Everyone is ready to collect them."
"I’ll tell you about the latest mobilization order after it’s all distributed."
No one is interested in the mobilization order before the supplies, and everyone is staring at the supply box in disbelief.
"So many things?"
"All for our building?"
In front of these materials, dozens of square meters have been filled, and it is extremely rare to distribute so many materials at one time in recent years.
The official nodded and handed the list of materials in his hand to the building director. "Yes, it is distributed to your building, which is mainly food-resistant. Please check carefully to make sure that the packaging is in good condition."
When I heard that it was food, everyone stared at the box as if their eyes were glowing. Some people rushed home and shouted excitedly, "Come on!"
A lot of light came from the original quiet building, and the lights were lit. The sleeping person suddenly woke up and looked through the atrium of the front shopping mall.
"True or false?"
"What day is it today? How can food be distributed?"
The tone of voice is still confused when I wake up, but the sound is getting closer and closer to the first floor.
Gate on the first floor
The building manager took the list in the hand of the political officer.
"Have you received the notice that this grain distribution is a grain preparation shutdown?"

"You wait"

"Oh, you all wait for me."
Speaking, Ji Rong Xinyue suddenly screamed "56%"
"Don’t worry, that’s where to go. I’ll leave the old horse’s synchronization rate at 1%. Do you want to bet? After three minutes, we will seal the plate and make a partnership. We will buy you chocolate when we make money. "
Su Chuanyun said that he really hit the bracelet screen and made a record.
"I bet 100"
"I’ll bet a hundred, too."
The Xinghe team actually bet, but from the amount they bet, they knew they wanted to buy chocolate for Ji Rongxinyue without asking Su Chuanyun the odds.
Three minutes later, Su Chuanyun actually gained 53,200 contribution points.
"Xinxin, I will buy you chocolate now."
"But the test is not over yet?"
"It’s already 9%, and there are five minutes to buy and eat early. Let’s eat together with your grandfather and not give them food."
"Uncle Su, it’s not right for you to do this."
"What’s wrong?"
"You cheat money"
"Ha ha ha ha ….."
More and more people are smiling because the synchronization rate of Ji Xinghe has reached 97%
This is already one in ten thousand.
Even if there are nine ace mecha Xinghe team before no one can achieve this result.
The best scores are Qin Tong and Harris, the highest synchronization rate is 96%, and the best scores are 95% in the test results before blindness and lameness.
It doesn’t matter whether you can be tall or not.
Ji Xinghe is still the strongest team in Xinghe, which is enough for Xinghe team.
They still need to ride in front of them, but they firmly believe that one day they can ride in front of them.
However, the test results of Ji Xinghe still rose.
"1% always knew"
At the end of the synchronization rate test, Su Chuanyun shouted that he wanted to stop the technicians from stopping the test.
"Don’t stop, let Lao Ji show you what is beyond the limit synchronization rate."
"Su Chuanyun School, you are not scientific at all."
"Do you want science to explain the unscientific Ji Xinghe?"
"Well … but the highest reading of our test instrument is 1%."
"Then you should change it quickly."
The test did not end, but the synchronization rate test did end. Su Chuanyun’s suggestion was not adopted because it was a test rather than a real neural link driving technique.
The next test is the compressive strength.