He was barefoot, wearing a big pair of underpants with animal skins, black hair and a wild breath.

His eyes are like dark stars, and the body is as high as tens of feet before it can make the avatar, overlooking the south of the Yangtze River. "Master Su, I didn’t kill you to kill that dead woman, but to take your body. Don’t get me wrong!"
Su Ying looked up at the giant with a smile and said, "What magic weapon did you get right, big guy?"
Yu Wenfeng looked ferocious and grimaced. "I used to put a magic weapon on my face and never move it. I will nullify my opponent with my body alone, but you are afraid that your body is not weaker than me, so I will move the magic weapon this time! Hammer! "
He reached into the void and saw the virtual turmoil. A huge bone mallet emerged from the void and a corner of it was filled with great power. This is not an ordinary great power, but a kind of majesty that transcends the gods and even surpasses the gods!
On the surface of the snow-white bone mallet, roads are bigger than thick roads, and these roads are connected to form a shocking picture of ancient wars and wars of the gods!
Yu Wenfeng sneered as he pulled out the bone mallet. "This bone mallet was made by killing a deity in his early years, the ancestor of my southern desert city." I can move the energy in this bone mallet, but I can wave it and fight death without talking … "
"So you didn’t sacrifice this mallet?" Sue should eyes a bright smile asked.
"Not bad!"
Yu Wenfeng proudly said, "Can the sacred treasure be sacrificed by you and me? But when I break through to the realm of the true god, I can sacrifice the bone hammer to exert my power … "
His voice has not yet finished pulling out the bone mallet. Suddenly, he saw that Su Ying suddenly appeared on three sides, and the reincarnation was printed to him. Before he could pull out the magic weapon first, he took the lead.
Yu Wenfeng laughed "Sue hierarch even if you attack first? My body is made of animal skin and underpants by my father. Although it looks shabby, it is a real treasure. You can’t break my defense! When my mallet comes out, it will be when you are desperate! "
Bang, bang, bang!
Su Ying-dao’s reincarnation left a number of true Shinto in the animal skin underpants, but he danced and blocked all his attacks.
Suddenly Su Ying’s eyebrows flashed, and Jin Gangzhuo flew out of several divine lights. He always brushed and banged to break this big underpants defense and knocked on Yu Wenfeng’s forehead to smash the southern deserted city.
"Hit him!"
Su Ying’s eyebrows were filled with alchemists, Mo Tianya, Niu Shan and Oriental Moon. Around Yu Wenfeng, all kinds of magical powers were punched and kicked, and he was beaten black and blue in an instant.
"When my mallet comes out, you will all die!" Yuwenfeng thundered.
The alchemist threw up the sacred light of the Lotus Pagoda, and the Buddha flew out of the lights and took a seat on the Lotus Pagoda, holding six treasures and sitting on a butt, so that Yu Wenfeng crushed his nose and mouth and pulled out a big bone mallet by fire-breathing method.
Niu Shan jumped out of the encirclement and spit out a sledgehammer. He threw himself at Yu Wenfeng and grabbed the mallet and hit it with his hand.
Yu Wenfeng eats pain and hurriedly lets go. Niu Shan hurriedly throws his sledgehammer aside and grabs the mallet and draws it out.
"So heavy?" Niu Shan made the effort that the mallet was still in vain and did not waver at all. He was taken aback and lost his way.
"Let me try!"
Su Ying grabbed the big mallet and pulled it out, only to find that the mallet was surprisingly heavy. Even his divine power failed to pull it out for five or six inches in one breath, and he was surprised.
"It’s amazing that the deity’s bone is refined into a magic weapon. If Yu Wenfeng wields this bone mallet, I can resist it."
Niu Shan once again rushed forward to drink a way "you get out of the way and I’ll take off his big shorts! This big underpants is also a treasure! "
Oriental Moon spat with shame, and the eyes of the alchemist and Mo Tianya suddenly lit up and hurriedly went to take off Yu Wenfeng’s large underpants.
Chapter 113 Chaos War
See a few people so rogue Oriental Moon quickly turned to dare not go to see.
"I’ll take it off. I’ll take it off!"
Niu Shan excitedly rushed to the cat and squinted and shouted, "I’m the best at taking off my underpants!"
The cat was so blue that a big foot flew out and kicked the stupid cow out
Niu Shan was furious, squinting his eyes and looking around angrily. "Which one of you stabbed me just now?"
Cat was too livid cold hum a light way "this friend is I kick you again? How dare you want to take off me … don’t look at me! "
Niu Shan great anger mouth spit out a bow bow arrow sneer at a way "the calf way I see you! Don’t move. I said I’d shoot you in the head and never shoot you in the ass! "
The whole God’s roof was in chaos. Su Ying was like a fuse, which made the original undercurrent of God’s roof chaotic. There were magic weapons and magical powers everywhere, and the four bombardments were not specifically aimed at Su Ying, Niu Shan and others. Some people got rid of their old enemies and wiped out their opponents, but the killers were painful to each other. At that time, everyone showed no mercy to the people around them. Many Zhongtian strong people were killed upside down!
"It’s so interesting. I’m in a mess. How can a gentleman not add fuel to the fire?"
Yuan Miaoyi suddenly giggled at this chaotic scene, jumped up and shook his sleeve and flew out of the chaotic ghost piano. This female sleeve slipped out of Sandy’s jade hand and began to play the chaotic ghost piano, which made the scene even more chaotic!
Yuan Miao was born charming and exquisite, but he learned from Betty Wong, the god of heaven and the moon. Heaven was also called chaotic, and Tianjun was a risk-averse person.
Yuan Miao, who claims to be a little less respected, is also afraid that the sky will not be chaotic. At this moment, playing the chaotic ghosts and monsters will make everyone fall into chaos and kill themselves, but they will jump out of the battlefield and show excitement and excitement in their beautiful eyes. "I am looking forward to this scene! It’s best to kill you all and then I’ll go to the holy mountain alone! "
Of course, there are still many people in the audience who can still stay awake without being disturbed by her drum. Suddenly, I saw a woman get out of the battlefield and show her wrist gently shaking and printing to Yuan Miao!
"It turned out to be Yaochi World!"
Yuan Miao smiled and said, "Sister Yaochi, you must have endured a lot of hardships, right? To tell the truth, little sister has endured you for a long time! "
That woman is the virgin of Yaochi. When she saw the printing method flying half way, her slender fingers gently picked and slowly wiped half way, and suddenly nine more jade beads shone brightly!

"Haha, this newcomer actually has a domineering personality. Do you want to fight with him?"

"Yes! I remember that when I came to Jos, Lieutenant General was also domineering. "
Yeah, I remember, too
"Oh, shit …" Jose, who had already shrunk himself to one side to watch the play, attracted several people’s attention. He didn’t want to take care of such troubles. He might as well cultivate feelings with Domino!
"Justice will never allow such evil people to enter the sea."
A deep voice suddenly sounded and then they smelled the footsteps of "stepping", and everyone’s eyes could not help but look into the entrance passage.
That’s a tall figure wearing a big red suit and trousers. A pink corsage tie is worn on the chest of the suit, and rosa multiflora cherry blossom tattoo can be seen faintly on the neck.
As the figure approached the crowd, I felt the powerful momentum that broke out from the figure, which was definitely not owned by a lieutenant general.
"Is it tight that the momentum has reached the general level?" Feeling the momentum of the red dog, Jose thought to himself
That’s right. The bearer is the alternate general of the navy, Lieutenant General Sakaski.
At this time, after completing his study in school, he has reached the level of a general. The appearance of the red dog made the conference hall quiet again, which had already begun to get noisy.
I’m sorry I’m late. Red Dog looks at the ancient road. "Can I have this? Marshal "
"Good", I’ll leave it to you. Feeling the momentum of the red dog, Marshal Gu brightened up at the moment and then said, "So do you need an assistant?"
"Well," Red Dog looked around the crowd and finally fixed his eyes on Joss. "Lieutenant General Onigumo, Lieutenant General Fighting Dog and Lieutenant General Domil Jos will trouble you to lie down with me at sea."
"Poof …" Jose consciousness will drink into the Ministry of water to spray out the coal! You choose, you choose! Why did you choose me?
"Lieutenant General Domil Jos, do you have a problem?" Marshal stared at Jos with a straight face and asked the truth. Even if Red Dog didn’t let Jos help him in the past, Gu would export and let Jos go with him. The reason is that the strength of the Dazzling Pirates is too strong. We must never let them develop again. This time, Xu Chenggong must not fail.
"Report Marshal" Jose saluted. "Although I don’t have any opinions, I’m afraid I don’t have the strength to help Lieutenant General Red Dog."
"I believe that Lieutenant General Jos can bear the strength of the whole army by himself," Red Dog said to Jos.
"Nima" Jose almost swore.
Before Jose could speak, he announced, "In that case, the meeting ends here, and I will go there as soon as possible with the latest information from the dazzling pirates."
Wow, with the meeting over, everyone went back to their posts talking and laughing, as if the pressure from the dazzling pirates had disappeared.
The soldier swinging in the conference hall looked at the black face and sat in the chair. Jose shouted, "Lieutenant General …"
"Damn guy, in that case, let me go alone this time!" The more Jose talks, the more angry he gets. Listen to "Pa" and "Let’s go".
Domijo "honey, I want to go with you!"
"I also try my new ability. Let me go to sea together! Jos will "single-handedly with the hilt soldier itch to try.
You ….. want to refuse jose when looking at domino that look forward to all the way "ok! But if you are in danger, you must run away. "
I’m a marine. How can I escape? Domino pouted and said, "And I’m strong."
"Promise me"
Jose looked at Domino deeply. "Otherwise, I can let you stay in the department." After seeing all kinds of battlefields, Jose deeply realized the dangers in the battlefield. He didn’t want Domino to be in unnecessary danger, especially this time, the Pirates had defeated the green pheasant. He knew that they wouldn’t have time to protect her in a battle like his. If Domino didn’t agree, he would really let her stay in the department.
"Got it" Domino looked at Jose and couldn’t help but compromise.
"Call it!" Jose was finally relieved when he heard Domino. He turned to Xiu Bing. "Did you just say you would try your new ability?"
That’s right. Xiu Bing said with a look of excitement, "I got a devil’s fruit in an isolated island of a supplier when I went to sea this time."
Jos, the fruit of the island demon, stared. "Is this the rhythm of being the protagonist?"
"Superman repulsion fruit" I am now the person who can control repulsion.
"Is it a counterattack if I go here?" As soon as I heard the repulsion Jose, I thought of Payne’s super god Luo Tianzheng in Naruto. It is estimated that the absolute sss level will destroy the whole city as soon as it is available.
After recovering, Jose looked at the soldier and said, "I remember you were a person who was not interested in the devil’s fruit. How did you suddenly become an ability?"
"I’m too weak." Listening to Jose’s words, Xiu Bing looked ashamed. A short sentence really exposed his desire to be strong
Well, there’s nothing I can do to help Lieutenant General. I decided to take a gamble. The soldier’s eyes were full of perseverance. "As a result, I got the repulsion by gambling. I suddenly found my own kendo. I will chase it soon. I will …"
Jos quietly listened to the soldier’s words. Compared with following Jos Luodong with the soldier, his strength really can’t keep up with Luodong’s strength, which is almost touching the threshold of the peak of the lieutenant general. He just needs an opportunity to reach the peak level of the lieutenant general, and the soldier is just an ordinary lieutenant general. He is eager for strength. He doesn’t want to be left farther and farther with Jos Luodong at the same time, and besides Luodong, there is rain and cold behind him! If the group attacks, he will throw himself out of dozens of streets, which he doesn’t want to see …
Luo Dong’s strength rose so fast not because he was a genius, but because he worked hard. Even Jose felt terrible. If he hadn’t eaten the fruit of life, he wouldn’t have died many times. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have mastered the skills of armed color domineering hardening in such a short time.
Chapter seventy-one Hunting begins (second consecutive subscription)
Blue, blue …
Blue, blue …
"hey! Is this Lieutenant General Jos? I am Luo Dong. "
I’m Domino Domino, I said, and then I said, "Okay, I know we’re going now."
Jose looked at Domino and asked, "What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with Luo Dong?"
No, it didn’t go well. He has finished it and is going back to the department. It is estimated that he will arrive before evening.

Even in the late stage of the transformation, Mu Yuan quickly stayed away from the peak master of Gang Jing. Once the gang Jin broke out, Fiona Fang was a dangerous area for the ancient fighters of Gang Jing.

The surging gas made the air in the room swing, and the tables, bowls and chopsticks flew.
Even the big round table of solid wood weighing hundreds of pounds seemed to be overturned with a jerk.
Yun Fan’s body qi also intensified and rushed out of the body. The qi around him stirred up with terrible momentum.
The big round table of solid wood was hit by two people’s true qi and vigorous qi, clicked and split into several pieces, flew directly and fell into the distance.
Yun Fan did not even move the eleventh qi, so he resisted the impact of Futang Gang Qi.
Yun Fan said faintly, "It’s not enough for me to stop Yun Fan from entering this hotel if I want to!"
Chapter 6 Famous Yuecheng!
Mufutang was furious and drank violently.
The general manager of his rich and magnificent hotel in Yuecheng is a famous man!
Even the top family in Yuecheng, Mufu Hall, is in a high position, and he is born strong. He can rank in the top three, and his status is no small matter.
Even if it’s Yuan Mu’s innate strength, Sun Lun’s position is inferior to that of Fu Tang!
And Yun Fan is just a right-hand man. Although he is talented, Mufutang values Yun Fan’s experience and adventure more!
Don’t look at Mufutang’s diffuseness to Yun Fan. It seems that he has a special bearing and appreciates Yun Fan very practically. Mufutang didn’t look at Yun Fan from the bottom of his heart.
People like Mufu Hall have to respect him except the innate strong, but the result is that they are despised by Yun Fan. Naturally, they are angry and can’t suppress any self-restraint
Drunk shepherd rich hall has moved.
The body strength of Mufu Hall has been running to the limit, and the posture is as heavy and majestic as a mountain with both hands clenched.
Pastoral Juexue-Wuyue Mountain Collapse Boxing!
The shepherd family is a third-class aristocratic family. It’s never more than martial arts!
Although the ancient martial arts of the earth is very rough compared with the martial arts of the dry yuan continent, the martial arts of the dry yuan continent are also comparable
This boxing comes out of Mufu Hall with a sharp momentum, like a sharp mountain cut like a knife, and it goes straight into the sky. The boxing power is amazing with a sharp spirit.
The ordinary Mufu Hall in Gejing has a sharp fist every other time, and it is strong enough to break the flesh like a knife, a sword and a blow.
This fist’ Xiyue Huashan Boxing’!
Mufu Hall broke like a hammer into the water every other time, forcibly rushing into the range of Yun Fan’s true qi and blasting into Yunfan’s body.
"Carving insects!"
With a wave of his right hand, Yun Fan hummed and the true qi of cutting exploded.
The true qi was like a whip bombarding Mufu Hall, and the momentum of the fist was instantly defeated by Yun Fan
Although Wuyue mountain collapse boxing is not inferior to Ganyuan mainland martial arts, Mufu Hall did not practice at home and did not give full play to the real power of Wuyue mountain collapse boxing.
Yun Fan’s true spirit is far better than that of Mufu Hall. Naturally, it is easy to blow away the latter’s boxing strength.
A few people in the room are not horrified. Mu Yuan and the three maids know very well how terrible that punch of Mu Fu Tang just now was. Even in the middle of the territory, it will be hit hard. In the later period, it will be forced back with one punch!
But it turned out that Yun Fan waved his hand and broke the boxing strength of Mufu Hall, which was incredible. Muyuan and a maid were surprised.
Mufu Hall also frowned slightly. He is a top player in the country, and he is famous as a big shot in Yuecheng. If he personally makes moves, Yun Fan, who is only ten years old, will become a joke!
Mufu Hall stepped forward like a sharp arrow and punched Yunfan again!
This boxing is powerful and powerful, and it is the most powerful boxing in Wuyue Mountain Collapse Boxing-Dongyue Taishan Boxing!
Mufutang boxing is as heavy as Mount Tai!
This boxing Mufu Hall was not vigorous in vitro, but contained in the fist before Yun Fan.
Although the environment can hurt people by vigorous qi in vitro, the farther away vigorous qi is from the body, the weaker it is. Only when vigorous qi is contained in hands, feet or a weapon, can it burst into the strongest force.
This punch is so powerful that the punch force is nearly ten thousand Jin!
Yun Fan made a lateral movement, and Zhang Xu evaded the boxing of Mufu Hall at a very fast speed.
"Where to escape?"
Pastoral rich hall big drink a way to Yun Fan evasion is to escape.
Another punch’ Dongyue Taishan Boxing’ blew up at Yunfan.
Yun Fan’s eyes sank slightly, and he saw at a glance that Mufutang’s boxing potential was fierce, but it was full of flaws.
This punch Yun Fan didn’t avoid it again, but the same punch blew out a frontal attack.
Tiger roar boxing!
Yun Fan’s black hair just stands up like a fried tiger. If the fist is like a tiger mountain, the wind will fluctuate and there will be a faint roar and terror.
Yun Fan blasted out a punch that hit Mufutang’s boxing flaw. Mufutang’s boxing potential collapsed like ice and snow in the sun.
Without the boxing potential, Mufutang’s boxing strength has been greatly reduced, while Yun Fan’s boxing potential is unstoppable.
The fist of Mufu Hall has not yet been attacked by Yunfan, and it has already printed on his chest.
A bang!
Yun Fan’s fist power is extremely terrible, and Mufu Hall’s protector is vigorous and instant!
Mufu Hall’s body was blasted to the rear by Yun Fan’s boxing force, and it just hit the door.
As soon as the door exploded, Mufu Hall’s body continued to fly back for more than ten meters and fell into the third floor hall.
The hall on the third floor is full of students from the former Grade Three (Class Seven) party of Mecha High School who were startled by this sudden noise.
Looking around, the students are not shocked as if they were ghosts.
Because Mufu Hall appeared, the student who just met Mufu Hall naturally introduced Mufu Hall’s body to his students.
Now all the students know that the 50-year-old man who took Yun Fan into Bao just now is the general manager of this magnificent hotel, Mufutang, and he is a famous figure in Yuecheng.
How long has it been?
This famous Yuecheng big shot actually flew out directly from the bag!
Mufutang is a master at the peak of his life!
Who on earth can beat Mufutang so badly?
Yun Fan just went in and the students involuntarily thought of Yun Fan, but they couldn’t believe it!
Although Yun Fan defeated Tian Bowen, Tian Bowen was in the early stage of his career and he was young and just graduated from Mecha University!
But Mufutang is at the peak of its territory. People who are nearly 50 years old have rich combat experience!
Yun Fan can be worse than Mufu Hall? This makes the students unbelievable!
The students were still shocked, and a figure burst out of the bag as fast as a flash and a punch broke.
"I said it’s not enough for you to stop me!"
Yun Fan Sound, Mufu Hall, was hit by a broken fist just after he decided that his body would not defend.

Night maple looked at Lunt, and they said to themselves from the hall that they owed Lunt a favor and a dozen lives, but night maple couldn’t wait to return to the big snow mountain at once at the thought that nine kinds of drugs had been sealed.

The next day, the tiger mercenary group didn’t have the laughter and excitement of the past, and it became silent. When the children saw the adults’ faces, they were sensible and stopped playing. The members of the mercenary group were silent after listening to Dr. Sheng’s statement, and then mourned with him.
However, while the members are sad, they also feel very comforted. The quality of our tiger mercenary group members is the highest, and they have to finish even if they work hard.
Sheng Li’s powerful momentum is driven by magic around him to form a vortex that is faster than a huge vortex. The yellow sand is flying and the wind is blowing. From a distance, it looks like a storm.
Five mercenaries will smile when they see that Lunt has launched such a powerful magic in the battle. It seems that the success of World War I is in sight.
The seven-legged centipede felt this powerful momentum in its rotation and couldn’t help but feel a quiver in its heart. This is a kind of conan the destroyer energy, and it can become a pile of bones in the desert. Don’t choose.
The faster the centipede rotates, the more venom it sends out from him. In the rapid rotation, the centipede slowly shows a layer of light red, and the more red it turns, the more blue it is.
Call centipede suddenly shout a suit of red, blue and bright red light. Five mercenaries feel this strange and can’t help but jump outside the fighting circle and wait for the centipede to change.
After a while, the centipede body slowly stopped in the dazzling red light. The two lanterns showed the smell of death, which made people feel chilling. Five mercenaries took a slight step back and turned to see the magic of Lunsheng, which soon formed a mercenary. With a wave of his sword, he said that he would die and get to the head of the regiment to complete the magic. After that, he was still alive. A star slammed into the centipede and took a big ditch almost three feet deep in the yellow sand.
The other four mercenaries also did not hesitate to raise the energy blade to attack the centipede from the ground and leave a ghosting image on the ground.
Five mercenaries attack each other, but their energy is stronger than usual. Three points are higher than usual. Several swords with different colors are flying all over the sky to form a sword cover, which completely seals off the centipede road.
The centipede rotates faster than the dangerous situation, and it is huge and ghostly. Generally, it wanders around the five-handed sword cover with thousands of ghostly images. At that time, neither side shows signs of failure.
The vortex around Dr. Sheng stopped flying all over the sky, and the yellow sand was still moving with the disappearance of the vortex. Dr. Sheng looked up and looked at the centipede proudly like a statue of a god.
Your retreat from Li Shengyin is not loud, but it sounds like a feeling that is about to collapse.
Five mercenaries smell speech a listen to know lunt magic has been completed in the heart arise than violent retreat after the last resort.
At this moment, the picture is fixed to see five mercenaries playing more than two zhangs. Suddenly, a layer of red light hits the red light and moves. Five mercenaries can’t control their bodies and retreat back.
Ah, ah, with the sad cry, thousands of pieces of broken meat and blood rain slowly fell to the yellow sand, and suddenly the golden sand turned scarlet.
Ah, Dr. Li can’t hold his anger any longer. He has already prepared magic to attack the centipede.
Overwhelmingly more powerful, the wild air is mixed with more strange red and green light, which rises in the desert, and the sky instantly turns pale, and thirteen legs and arms are thundered against the centipede.
The centipede is not willing to be destroyed in this way, and the red light is released layer by layer to fight against the thunderbolt, but its insignificant energy is simply a drop in the bucket compared with the thunderbolt, and it is drowned in the red and green light.
A huge beam of light rose from the desert in the powerful explosion of bombing ratio. Residents living near the desert can see this beautiful scene full of death.
The dark clouds dissipated, and the sinister sunshine reappeared in the desert. The yellow sand slowly landed from it. Dr. Li knelt in the yellow sand and his eyes were broken. He looked at the bottomless sand hole in front of him.
Life and death in an instant.
Once an hour ago, several brave soldiers
Now several brave soldiers have buried their bones in yellow sand.
Maybe this is the mercenary fate.
The powerful momentum spread outward layer by layer, and the energy was too much to escape. Animals became the first ghosts.
Hydra twisted and broke a tail, slowly moving towards the yellow and white snake body, and it seemed to be accumulating energy for the last blow.
One minute goes by in the rupture full of death, as if it passed quickly, but it seems to pass slowly.
A 50-foot tall tree was uprooted and stirred into conan the destroyer’s energy. Yuri cut tofu and layers of yellow powder did not fill the forest in an instant
Several mountains near the boom finally couldn’t bear such a strong energy oppression, and they collapsed one after another. There is no difference between the mountains flushing the soil and the flood without the sluice. After the boom, they went crazy and covered the fields. After looking around, loess was everywhere, and new loess heights were formed.
At this moment, the lake in the forest was also angry. The lake suddenly jumped up from the lake with no warning and roared and scattered to the trees by the lake. All kinds of plants were hit by the lake, and all kinds of holes appeared in the trees and plants.
Small trees break directly.
It can destroy everything in this forest, and the energy starts the color energy, and the energy pours into the ground from the mercenaries, and quickly forms a tornado in the ground. The tornado is getting bigger and bigger, and it vibrates at this moment, compared with the 12-magnitude typhoon.
Hydra’s red light is gone. It looks at nine heads and ten heads and falls to the ground. Several mercenaries turn back and drill to the ground.
In the rumble, the tornado crossed the ground and the wind center. At that moment, Hydra tried to escape. Hydra struggled in the tornado, hoping to escape the powerful rotating force and suction of the tornado. But after more than ten minutes, it was unwilling to cry and was immediately smashed by the tornado.
Soon the energy was lost, and the tornado gradually weakened and finally disappeared.
Covered by a mercenary enchantment, Liang Zhen tried his last energy to break the enchantment and rushed to be weak. He jumped all the way and shouted, and I don’t know how many times he fell. He finally found a mercenary at the edge of a bottomless hole.
Liang Zhen knelt on the ground with his feet and his hands deeply inserted into his hair, and shouted a sad sound at Tianda, revealing the tough guy’s feelings.
Yesterday is gone, but today is gone.
Tiger mercenary group hall was strangely silent. Manager Li Shengyong Liang Zhen was still sitting at the round table at night. No one said a word. Li Sheng’s eyes were deeply sunken and he was thin. He looked listless and brave, lowered his eyelids and showed a crack of gray eyes. He closed his eyes and regretted it. Manager Li Zhen also showed limited grief and pity.
Night maple glanced at the crowd and sighed deeply. Slowly, it was gone. Shake it up.
Yesterday, Li Shengyong and Liang Zhen came back with what Ye Feng wanted. After three injuries, Ye Feng sighed and took three things and went straight away. Ye Feng did not know how to comfort them but left them alone.

Lin smiled and stretched out his hand to put the animal skeleton into the dry bag and then bowed his hand at the auction table Song Tai, just sitting safely.

Song Tai looked at Xiaoyan and caught the animal skeleton with one hand. In this scene, the eyes were also surprised. Soon, the eyes slowly swept through the three people in Lin. These three people did not come to the super dynasty, but the momentum was not much weaker than the previous super dynasties. It seems that this ancient battlefield is now a lot of outstanding people.
After the auction, it was a strange S animation. The sky was so hot that it was almost hot. All eyes were greedy and expected to shoot at the auction table and finally condensed into the only purple S light group.
This is the bottom of this Vientiane City auction.
Day order Lingbao
Song Tai’s face has always been indifferent at the auction table where breathing is aggravated all over the sky, and a smile has also emerged. That smile is also a little hot. day order Lingbao is a very good thing even in his view.
You are coming to this auction, the final auction, and you all know that this auction is indeed a day order Lingbao.
Song Taiyin completely confirmed that the last closet object immediately moved at the auction site, and the eyes of the four super dynasties that had been kept quiet in front were also hot in a flash.
The purple S light group slowly fell into the hands of Song Tai, and then the purple light quietly weakened. Finally, in those several eyes, the gaze was completely reflected.
It’s a black S iron seal. Yan S is deep and simple. There are mysterious lines all around the iron seal. The top of the iron seal is winding and entrenched, and the black dragon faucet roars upwards to shock the world.
This is our final auction of day order Lingbao Black Dragon Whistling Sky Seal.
Song Tai that with heat sound completely detonated the auction atmosphere suddenly climb Chapter five hundred and seventy-three Financial Competition.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-three
Black iron seal palm-sized quietly suspended in the palm of Song Tai’s hand, and the black dragon entrenched in its face gleamed strangely. Zhang Long’s mouth seemed to be solidified around with a dragon whistling.
The eyes of an auction house are all gathered in the black iron seal at this moment, and their eyes are hot and greedy, as if to melt the black iron seal.
Is this day order Lingbao?
Lin’s line of sight is also staying in the black iron seal, and his eyes are dignified. From the black iron seal, he can detect an extremely subtle and powerful fluctuation.
That kind of fluctuation is far from what order Lingbao can compare.
At the forefront, the heads of the four super dynasties couldn’t help leaning forward, and some faces were coveted by Lingbao.
Black Dragon Xiao Tianyin day order Lingbao Auction Price Million
Song Qin’s eyes shifted from the black iron seal in his hand and then looked at the huge auction site, with a slight sound and a light way
A million is a very expensive price, but no one in the field exclaimed that it is not surprising that day order Lingbao holds such a value.
The price is not too high, but if you wait for a round of competition, it will be violently raised. This huge number will also put some pressure on these super dynasties. Now think about the Lin clan of the Great Inflammation Dynasty. Perhaps Lin is a little pitiful. I am afraid that he can surpass a Lin clan alone.
Of course, I’m afraid it will be difficult for him to find a stronger man than him if he returns to the Great Inflammation Dynasty with such strength today. It is beyond the boundaries of the Great Inflammation Dynasty to cultivate his level in just one year.
The million-dollar price also directly beat back more than 90% of day order Lingbao’s yearning for a strong dynasty, no matter how coveted they are in their hearts, but the cruel reality makes them understand that they are not qualified to compete with these super dynasties.
1.5 million
I think the four super dynasties in front have been waiting for Lingbao for a long time, so soon after Song Taiyin fell behind, Fengcang was the first one, and when he shouted for the price, his eyes were sharp and swept wide, and whoever dared to compete for it would become the overbearing gesture of the enemies of Fengyun Dynasty.
Nine million, of course, his gesture may be a big deterrent to ordinary people, but it is obviously nothing to other super dynasties, so it is a sneer at the lonely moon dynasty just after its sound fell.
The wind pale eyes a cold Yin folded at mu scale, but after that, he smiled at him, and there was no chill in his eyes.
Hehe, since the two are fighting so fiercely, I’ll join the Fire Dynasty.
The man with the flame tattooed on his back is also a bold smile and 9.5 million with a wave of his hand.
In the auction, everyone looked at the horse in order to reach a price of tens of millions, and their eyelids were beating rapidly. This huge amount was also available to these super dynasties.
Lin moved quietly and looked at this competition, but he didn’t immediately hand it, but it was difficult to sigh 9.5 million Nirvana Dan in his heart. I’m afraid it’s hard to get this huge Nirvana Dan when the four major clans are added up in the Great Inflammation Dynasty.
ten million
In the end, the price was raised to 10 million in an uproar, which was also the four super dynasties, the Yisen Dynasty.
Look at this, it seems that these four super dynasties are going to play a naked hand-to-hand financial competition here.
When the price was stable at 10 million Nirvana Dan, the windy eyes were slightly squinted with a touch of coldness. Soon, he stood up and sneered at Mu Li and others. I don’t have the luxury to accompany you to play around here. I know your financial bottom line well.
Can you bring Nirvana Dan from the lonely moon dynasty? It should be 16 million Nirvana Dan.
Suddenly, the bottom line of the financial resources in the hands of the wind is revealed, and the complexion is finally getting gloomy. I didn’t expect this kind of information to be known by the wind.
And you from the fire dynasty is fifteen million, isn’t it? Feng Cang turned to look at the fire dynasty again and sneered.
The ink burns, the face twitches slightly, and the sharp cold mountain surges in the eyes. It seems that you have bribed people around us.
Sen dynasty is also with fifteen million.
That’s dynasty leader Rio Tinto touched the face and took a look at the wind pale eyes with a strange meaning.

The gate of Shidian has been beaten. It should be that there are some hurried footprints around the two senior dynasties in front.

The corridors of Shidian are staggered and then spread to unknown places in the depths. After entering, Lexus and others are scattered and looking for all kinds of treasures, but they are very busy at the moment.
Let’s go this way.
Lin Dong didn’t stop here. His eyes looked at the wrong corridor, and there was a surge of light in his eyes. Then he waved his hand and took the lead.
Behind it, MoLing three people must not hesitate to talk to the mill iron Tang Xuan Liu Xuan, and they also hesitate to go. In their opinion, it would be safer to come with Lin Dong.
Lin and his party swept across the corridor, but his eyes were brighter and brighter, and he felt a kind of excitement. When he entered the stone hall, he felt a sign of boiling in his spirit.
This kind of situation is rare for Lin to meet, but he knows that when the spirit senses its close relationship with the spirit of heaven and earth, there will be such a movement. Obviously, in this Leiyan Valley, there is something tempting for Lin’s spirit, that is, the spirit tree he dreams of.
After a few minutes, the rushing figure finally stopped at a spacious stone room. Now, Lin Dong and others are in sight. This stone room is full of amazing energy fluctuations and rich medicinal incense is constantly emitting. Obviously, here is a warehouse for all kinds of elixirs.
And Lin’s eyes swept this spacious warehouse, and finally it solidified in the most central position, where there stood a withered and yellow young tree. From a distance, all kinds of branches seemed to be natural and mysterious runes faintly communicated with heaven and earth.
Tian fu ling Shu
Looking at this ancient tree like a rune of Judah, my eyes are also shining on top of the world at this moment.
Write a card chapter and stayed out of it for three hours. I don’t want to stay out of it for a while. I feel that writing like that is not good. Today, I hope you will forgive me. Chapter 445 Tree runes
The strong medicinal incense came to my face, and the amazing energy transition also made the iron mill and others stunned, and immediately they breathed more and looked at the stone-filled elixir.
Lin Dong breathed a sigh of relief and then slowly walked into the stone chamber. As he walked in, he was able to find that the stone chamber was huge and there were many elixirs in it. However, Lin Dong did not look at them, but stared at the distant day. The footsteps of Fuling Tree suddenly accelerated.
Mo Ling and others followed Lin Dong. At this time, they also found Lin Dong’s target. Although they had long known that there was a ghost tree in this Leiyan Valley, even if they were prepared, they still felt uneasy.
Hehe, Brother Lin’s luck is really good. No one knew whether it was true or not at the beginning. I didn’t expect that we just entered here, and it was not long before we met Mo Tie. He said with a smile that some envious days in his eyes were rare and precious, but they knew it, but they were not ignorant people. If Lin had come all the way, he would have behaved in an ordinary way. Maybe he would have had a little dispute on this day, but fortunately, Lin moved his hands twice to completely shock them.
When they saw Lin Dong, they didn’t hide their enthusiasm for the Fuling tree. They also felt that they didn’t say much, and then turned around and carefully put some good elixirs nearby into the bag. If they sold these things, they could also get a lot of Nirvana Dan.
Lin’s footsteps finally stopped in front of the Fuling tree. Because of the close distance, he can clearly see that the branches of Fuling tree are densely covered with fine lines on this day. These lines are as good as the world, but they are magical and make people feel intoxicated.
And when Lin looked at the tree carefully, his eyes became hotter and hotter.
Brother Lin, if you want to talk, hurry up. If you are late, you will change.
Grind the iron for more than a dozen rare muti, then come and look at the forest, carefully look at the day and wake up with a smile.
Lin smiled and his eyes flashed, but he didn’t start work immediately.
Hey, hey, these spirits of heaven and earth are also eligible for you kittens and puppies. Just as Lin’s eyes flashed, a slightly cold smile suddenly sounded in this spacious stone room.
The sudden sound immediately made the grinding iron and others nervous and the whole body force burst is surging and folded to drink a way
make a din
Just as the mill iron and others were drinking, a black shadow was still ghostly and violently plundered, and then suspended and half-eyed. Looking at the slightly cold face of the mill iron and others, I drew a disdainful sneer at you. I won’t kill you. Get out!
And when talking, the shadow man’s footsteps are full of majestic breath, which makes the face of Mo Tie and others suddenly change dramatically and lose the nirvana.
Damn it, where did this guy come from? It’s another nirvana. MoLing is behind Lin Dong and scolds him in a low voice.
Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he wasn’t surprised. He knew that he was attracted by the ancient secret key, but it wasn’t the Dawu Dynasty of Xuan Bing Dynasty. In that darkness, he was bound to be eyeing others, and this person should be one of them.
The faces of people such as Mo Tie and others are also clenched with fists when the majestic breath of the shadow people dissipates, but there is no way to face the nirvana, and they simply resist.
Looking at the silent grinding iron and others, the shadow man just smiled slightly, and his body movement was swept to the heavenly Fuling tree in the gloomy eyes of all.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “