"You wait"

"Oh, you all wait for me."
Speaking, Ji Rong Xinyue suddenly screamed "56%"
"Don’t worry, that’s where to go. I’ll leave the old horse’s synchronization rate at 1%. Do you want to bet? After three minutes, we will seal the plate and make a partnership. We will buy you chocolate when we make money. "
Su Chuanyun said that he really hit the bracelet screen and made a record.
"I bet 100"
"I’ll bet a hundred, too."
The Xinghe team actually bet, but from the amount they bet, they knew they wanted to buy chocolate for Ji Rongxinyue without asking Su Chuanyun the odds.
Three minutes later, Su Chuanyun actually gained 53,200 contribution points.
"Xinxin, I will buy you chocolate now."
"But the test is not over yet?"
"It’s already 9%, and there are five minutes to buy and eat early. Let’s eat together with your grandfather and not give them food."
"Uncle Su, it’s not right for you to do this."
"What’s wrong?"
"You cheat money"
"Ha ha ha ha ….."
More and more people are smiling because the synchronization rate of Ji Xinghe has reached 97%
This is already one in ten thousand.
Even if there are nine ace mecha Xinghe team before no one can achieve this result.
The best scores are Qin Tong and Harris, the highest synchronization rate is 96%, and the best scores are 95% in the test results before blindness and lameness.
It doesn’t matter whether you can be tall or not.
Ji Xinghe is still the strongest team in Xinghe, which is enough for Xinghe team.
They still need to ride in front of them, but they firmly believe that one day they can ride in front of them.
However, the test results of Ji Xinghe still rose.
"1% always knew"
At the end of the synchronization rate test, Su Chuanyun shouted that he wanted to stop the technicians from stopping the test.
"Don’t stop, let Lao Ji show you what is beyond the limit synchronization rate."
"Su Chuanyun School, you are not scientific at all."
"Do you want science to explain the unscientific Ji Xinghe?"
"Well … but the highest reading of our test instrument is 1%."
"Then you should change it quickly."
The test did not end, but the synchronization rate test did end. Su Chuanyun’s suggestion was not adopted because it was a test rather than a real neural link driving technique.
The next test is the compressive strength.