"Demon" level card-26, "Demon" level card-1, "Demon" level card-1.

This is what he has accumulated after receiving the protection of the whole city for months.
This plane is probably in the degree of self-protection, but it is a bit difficult to do things.
After going one step further, Olga turned his head and came to the original forest to brush some materials to make cards.
Compared with finding a group of weak wage earners to pay tribute to themselves, it is many times faster to do it yourself after his strength develops and takes shape.
Since [Crimson] and [Crimson Card] belong to local goods, he doesn’t need to be afraid of anything, just find a place to fix it.
Anyway, the world consciousness plane consciousness can’t catch him and will judge him to be indigenous!
Three months later.
After clearing the whole original forest almost,
Through the integration of various materials, the number of cards held by Olga has become the level of "demon"-1426, the level of "medium demon"-351, and the level of "demon"-22.
After two rounds of upgrading, the Arm Arm Arm Duel has become a multi-layer structure, and a total of six cards can be activated at the same time.
In crimson, the energy absorption efficiency and conversion efficiency are no longer comparable to those in the past, which can be called upgrading the lake from the bathtub.
The overall strength of Olga is directly enhanced by more than one thousand times.
Even the so-called [Master Traveler] can compete!
Looking at Fang, who has entered the tail cleaner Olga, glanced at the various rich materials in the props. Although they are an idea for others, they don’t sigh.
"It’s a place rich in resources …"
Just a virgin forest covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, he received so many resources
You know, even in the abyss, there are few areas with such rich resources.
If there had been such a good place for him to cut leeks, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have to go into a different place to upgrade to [a demon] all the way!
Is it rare to think of such a place at the moment?
At that time, Olga’s heart welled up in the depths of his heart, and he felt a little sad when he found the treasure land.
Because of this plane, the efficiency of indigenous people in resource transformation is too low!
Most of the value of their resources will be lost!
And the future owner of this plane’s behavior is simply different from the property of Longoria!
Thinking of this situation, he can’t help but have mixed feelings …
It’s already half as bald as it was three months ago, outside the original forest.
A small team of adventurers is leisurely preparing for work on the periphery.
"Pay attention to it!
A lot of strange things have happened in this forest recently, not only animals and plants are missing, but also adventurers, miners and herb gatherers are often missing!
We will encounter opponents who may be Baal priests, monsters from other worlds, and awakening Yalong … "
"Don’t worry, we are ready …"
"The reward how a little less and risk is not proportional to ….."
"Who stole the old hidden hip flask …"
After some training, I looked at those noisy birds around me, and the captain of my teammates could scratch his ass a little naively.
Every time he goes out with these guys, he feels that he will probably die this time.
They’re just as indecent and shameful as himself!
The supervisor sent by the client beside the captain looked at these adventurers and wondered whether this group of goods was the strongest adventurer team nearby …
I couldn’t help secretly shaking my hand. I was already ready to send props. I ran away alone if I was slightly wrong …
Since three months ago
This place, which is regarded as a forbidden area by local people, is not convenient except the guy who is not afraid of death. It has always been strange and frequent. All kinds of fleeing out of Warcraft, flashing flames at night, inexplicable explosions, and family relocation have brought a lot of trouble to nearby cities.
After a few months, the situation didn’t stop. After that, they directly pooled their money to find this well-known adventure team nearby.
It is said that their captain once worked as a bodyguard for a [Master of Travel], and he had rich experience, not to mention his strength.
But watching the captain picking his ass through leather pants, the supervisor thinks that those rumors are probably false …
He doesn’t think that those arrogant people who don’t even think highly of the king will let such a dishonest guy be their guards.
Chapter 61 [Reaper]
After all the adventurers force each other to depend on each other for a while to vent their emotions.
General order was barely established.
Look at them look a little more serious.
The supervisor felt a little relieved and forced him to trust professionals.
With a uneasy mood, the team guards marched deep into the forest …
Along the way, as he went deeper into the forest department, his heart became more and more initiated.
What he didn’t notice was that the look of the members of the squad, who were similar to the traces of violent mining resources, was gradually subtly changed.
Adventurers who have been tested in various ways can be alive and kicking. Naturally, there are several brushes today.
Through the traces around them, they can directly tell that the situation in this forest is definitely not a disaster of Warcraft.
After all, what kind of Warcraft can log and mine?
Ghost group? Fairy tribe?’
But they don’t seem to have made such a big noise about it …’
These negative guesses made the captain frowned and made a gesture.
That means that if there is an accident, everyone will immediately give up and get out of the fight.
Although it is important in his eyes, it is obviously more important to wait for his own life!
In this respect, he still knows the difference.
But he didn’t notice that there was a semi-transparent mechanical creation, which was the size of a pigeon egg and shaped a bit like an eyeball, watching his team.
[Unreal eye group-extraordinary creature-a demon (automatically splitting eyeball-shaped objects can split up to 99,999 possessed features-visual sharing, shielding perception, mimicry hiding, moving, super vision, energy detection …)]
distant place
Look at the message handed over.
Olga, who is wearing a badge, can tell that the strength of the other side should not be weak.
His face so-called muttered.