The horses turned their attention to Zhou Taoshen.

"Lao Zhou is back. What’s going on outside?" Someone asked
"What’s the situation?"
Zhou Taogang came back and didn’t know what they wanted to ask at all. He wondered why there were so many people at the door. He didn’t know that it was closed today until he heard the explanation from the building manager.
"Tell me about what’s going on outside? Is there anything strange? "
"It’s a bit too busy outside today to talk like this."
Zhou Tao recalled that "we saw a lot of transport vehicles coming out of the warehouse area from noon"
"Yes, yes," Xue Liangping also recalled. "During this period, no matter day or night, there were often convoys running into the warehouse area. We didn’t pay attention to the back at first, only to find that they were not carrying things inside, but pulling goods outside from car to car …"
"What is La?"
"Where to?"
On hearing this, everyone was excited.
Look around a circle of uncle aunt Xue Liangping suo suo neck "how do I know …"
Words are not finished.
The doorbell rang suddenly.
There are strangers outside trying to enter the building.
Building long-distance running in the past quickly identified the identity of the bearer.
"It’s a freight brigade and a politician!"
His tone was surprised.
Because these two departments never come together at ordinary times
He opened the door and the afterheat flooded into the room at dusk.
Outside, there are several trucks, one door of which has been opened, facing the door of the building and slowly reversing. Inside, there are boxes after boxes.
Workers belonging to the freight brigade unload the goods and push them into the building.
Even the politicians came in carrying a big box.
The building manager immediately mobilized all the people to move everything in the carriage together.
"Comrade, what are these things?" Busy for almost an hour, after moving the last box, the old building manager looked around and couldn’t help but wonder.
Zhou Tao didn’t leave after moving, so he stretched his neck and looked around.
The politician smiled at everyone and said, "There are two main things I came here today. One is to distribute materials to everyone, and the other is to issue the latest mobilization order."
"These things are the first thing we have to deal with. They are all newly distributed materials. Everyone is ready to collect them."
"I’ll tell you about the latest mobilization order after it’s all distributed."
No one is interested in the mobilization order before the supplies, and everyone is staring at the supply box in disbelief.
"So many things?"
"All for our building?"
In front of these materials, dozens of square meters have been filled, and it is extremely rare to distribute so many materials at one time in recent years.
The official nodded and handed the list of materials in his hand to the building director. "Yes, it is distributed to your building, which is mainly food-resistant. Please check carefully to make sure that the packaging is in good condition."
When I heard that it was food, everyone stared at the box as if their eyes were glowing. Some people rushed home and shouted excitedly, "Come on!"
A lot of light came from the original quiet building, and the lights were lit. The sleeping person suddenly woke up and looked through the atrium of the front shopping mall.
"True or false?"
"What day is it today? How can food be distributed?"
The tone of voice is still confused when I wake up, but the sound is getting closer and closer to the first floor.
Gate on the first floor
The building manager took the list in the hand of the political officer.
"Have you received the notice that this grain distribution is a grain preparation shutdown?"