With the three of them fighting, all kinds of trees are constantly being poured into the water, giving off a burst of rumble.

Chapter one hundred and ninety-six There are many things in it
Soon five minutes arrived, and Lin Ying motioned for Qing Muyang to leave.
But Qing Muyang didn’t see enough when he looked at the three animals fighting.
Lin Ying pulled the green Muyang and touch of green Muyang to swim back together.
Out of the water, such as Lin Ying immediately said, "Crazy, didn’t we agree to stay for five minutes? Why are you still reluctant to leave? "
Green MuYang dug his head a little embarrassed. "The boss is not that I can’t bear to leave, but that it’s so wonderful. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a magical thing in my life. You said that such a big wall of water is so free for people to walk through even flying fish, but it just doesn’t explode."
Do you think if it suddenly bursts one day and the water inside comes out first-class, will G City be flooded?
What the hell is this place? I cann’t believe there are fish, shrimp and crabs
Why do I feel like I’m in the aquarium? "
Hearing Lin Ying’s words, Lin Ying stretched out his hand and touched the water wall, giving people a soft feeling like a balloon filled with water, but his arm reached into the water with a little effort, but the balloon did not break.
Lin Ying pulls out her palm and arm, makes a hole and automatically closes, which makes people feel very magical.
"I don’t know what the hell is here. It’s beyond my cognition." Lin Ying has some resistance
This is indeed beyond Lin Ying’s cognition that it is impossible that things should appear in front of him so magically, which makes him feel that his life has been refreshed.
Qing Muyang will think of a market of strange things from time to time, but he searched his memory and found no water wall information, even if it was similar.
Green assessment while holding a sword constantly poking the water wall scold a way "this last time what happened? It’s hard for the old man to guess without giving a word about the strange things in the market. "
At this time, when Lin Ying raised her hand and looked at the waterproof watch, she suddenly asked, "Are you crazy or not?" How about we limit ourselves to ten minutes this time? "
Green MuYang a listen to immediately some happy way "good good walk"
Say that finish green MuYang will run inside.
Lin Ying grabbed him and said, "Wait, let’s go in another direction this time and see if there is anything in his place?"
Qing Muyang immediately agreed.
So Lin Ying walked along the water wall for some distance and then entered it.
They swam towards it and saw a lot of aquatic life all the way.
There are swarms of flying fish, crabs, shrimps and long strange fish.
These creatures saw Lin Ying swimming quickly towards them and wanted to attack them.
Two people good constantly slay these creatures flee for life.
At that time, the whole water wall was a large area with undercurrent and red blood.
In ten minutes, we will soon arrive at Lin Ying, so that they can retreat, but those creatures are in hot pursuit.
They didn’t kill the creatures that followed until they got out of the water wall and the forest shadow.
At this time, the two men were in a state of severe hypoxia and almost collapsed because of holding their breath for a long time.
Green MuYang lying face flushed panting way "boss can’t, it’s too dangerous in here, we hold our breath to swim in it, but holding our breath to fight is a bit unbearable, so we don’t go inside, just follow this big wall and see if we can get to their edge"
Hear green MuYang complain Lin Ying took a deep breath and said, "Well, why don’t we go in? If there are a few waves of fierce creatures in it, maybe we should explain it. Let’s have a rest here first."
With that, I carved a strange pattern on the tree in front of me with a horse-cutting knife and injected some vitality into it.
Qing Muyang was attracted by Lin Ying’s move and asked, "Boss, what are you doing?"
Lin Ying kept saying, "Law hides our body shape."
"Eldest brother, this is to do things, but I like it very much." Green Muyang suddenly became a little excited when he heard Lin Ying’s words. "Come and tell me what you think, and I’ll be prepared."
Lin Ying immediately explained, "It’s too tiring to go in these two trips. I found that if we don’t have diving equipment or oxygen, we can go deep into it, let alone find out what’s going on inside."

Christie Chernoff is a typical American beauty.

Beautiful brown hair is a very playful way to shoulder the skin, which is both white and delicate in Chinese and white as snow in westerners. The outline conforms to both oriental and western aesthetics, and a pair of smart eyes seem to condense all the aura of heaven and earth, which makes people feel happy at a glance.
Mandchenkov deserves to be the head of the Chernoff family. Whether he is a wife or an only daughter or two is enviable.
No man with such a wife and daughter will be too excited to sleep.
Mandchenkov was proud when he introduced the two men.
Jasmine Bean Christie said hello to the nine Chinese people, and Mandchenkov introduced the people on the right.
Mandchenkov first introduced three elders on the right.
These three people are not young, because their hair is already white, but it is shocking that these three old people are also old people with strong dreams, three people are senile and bloated, and these three people have no gray appearance everywhere except their hair is white.
They are comfortable in hand-cut clothes, and Xixi is held high by a beautiful figure, with one hand bigger than that of ordinary people.
Their eyes are full of sharp colors.
Mandchernoff laughed. "This is our Chernoff family, three elders, two elders, three elders, two elders are pseudo-six strong, that is, you Chinese half-step congenital fighters, three elders are five strong and have the strength to be close to pseudo-six strong."
Xu Weiyang heard from her brow that this big elder, the second elder, is comparable to the half-step innate fighter, the pseudo-six-segment strong, and the third elder is the top strong in dzogchen, which can almost become the pseudo-six-segment strong.
Mandchenkov then introduced seven people one by one.
The fourth man in a suit and tie is a 50-year-old brother of Mandchenkov, Michenov, and a business wizard who is in charge of the entire Chenov business empire.
The fifth man, wearing a dovetail, is Mandchenkov’s younger brother, Barechenkov, who is very talented. He has been a strong man for five periods just in middle age, which can be said to be a very powerful genius.
The sixth person, the seventh person, the first person and the ninth person are all Chernoff family elders and dzogchen fighters.
The tenth person is a young man, and it’s Mandchenkov, Max Chenov.
Mandchenkov has nine children, and his brother and brother also have children, but apart from Christie, who took the table for gender reasons, among the many young people, Max Chernov has the table.
There is of course a reason for this.
Because Max Chernoff is the first day of the entire Chernoff family, and he is only 19 years old this year, he is already comparable to the Chinese peak fighters. It is a problem that the four strong men become five strong men. It is inevitable that the Chernoff family will add a pseudo-six-strong man in the future. It is not impossible to turn words into real six-strong men.
Max Chernoff has developed all kinds of problems because he was the most eye-catching descendant of the Nodachenov family since he was a child and his strength was really strong.
After being introduced by Mandchenkov, Max Chernov did not show too much enthusiasm. Instead, he took a look at Xu and other six people and focused on expressing his courtesy to the three old people of Mengqiang Group.
If that’s all, I’m too lazy to pay attention to it, but Max Chernoff said hello to the three old people of Dream Strong Group and then looked at the six people of Dragon Group Guard with a smile. "Six people can compete with each other during this period, so that we can know more about Gu Wu in the East and Gu Wu in the West, but you must let me know before you choose your opponent, so that I can help you choose a suitable opponent. When the opponent is too strong, it will be difficult for our Chernoff family to be a man."
Although this sentence is said by Max Chernoff with a smile, it has a feeling of batting practice after it is said.
Six people cried uncomfortable.
The cold man in the Huaxia Guard sneered, "Does the pavilion mean that the Chernoff family is full of masters?"
Max Chernoff laughed. "After all, the Chernoff family has been bearing for hundreds of years."
The cold man went back directly. "If your family is full of masters, why do you ask for help when you come all the way to China? Can’t you beat Madken yourself? "
As soon as this statement came out, everyone was entranced with a change, and Xu was almost amazed.
This guy’s words really hit my heart.
Oh, my God, this is just what I was going to say
Coco, this wave is really beautiful!
This small-minded person should be so jealous of him!
I can’t believe that this cold man doesn’t talk normally, but he can make people so happy after the situation, which makes people want to laugh.
Although the cold man excited Xu, it made the table atmosphere instantly deadlocked.
It’s not a shame for the Chernoff family to find someone to help, just as a friend has turned over some money from another friend in advance-it will be the same soon. They asked the Chinese master to come and help, and they promised China to invest.
However, it was a shame when it was said by the cold man.
The Chernoff family didn’t say anything, but their faces were a little ugly.
Zhao Guangyin frowned and shouted, "We came to help one or two at the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Chernoff family and the Dragon Palace. What do you say?"
The cold man said angrily, "We’re here to help the Chernoff family, not to make them laugh!"
Zhao Guangyin flew into a rage and was about to say something. Max Chernoff had already said first, "If you are strong enough, you won’t recognize me for mocking yourself. Can blx blame others?"
The cold man said coldly, "What is your definition of being strong?"
Max Chernoff said, "If you can beat me, I will recognize you as strong."
The cold man is the peak fighter, which is equivalent to the four masters in the West. Naturally, he will not be afraid of Max Chernoff.
Cold man immediately said, "Do you want to have a fight as entertainment before the banquet?"
Max Chernoff confidently tunnel "I don’t mind"
Cold man then get up.
Max Chernoff also got up.
Zhao Guangyin wanted to say something, but he patted him because Mandchenkov didn’t speak.
Mandchenkov didn’t speak, which showed that he recognized this battle, and westerners respected the strong. This battle was also a test of the strength of the medium-sized fighters in the Dragon Palace, such as
Mandchenkov doesn’t talk. If Zhao Guangyin talks, he falls by.
Although Zhao Guangyin has words, if Ya expresses his opinions, he can’t disobey them.
So the cold man Max Chernoff is doomed to fight this war.
This battle is actually not just a battle, but also a symbol of which side has more face and which side has more words in the next few days.
The battle between the two men has almost symbolized the honor of both sides
Chapter five hundred and ninety-five Xu banter
Cold man Max Chernov’s battle is on the verge.
Everyone is betting on this battle.
The music has stopped, and no one wants to disturb the war.
Cold man is not the kui is a peak fighters and combat experience is very rich, peak fighters just fight to occupy the wind.
The battalion chief of Huaxia Guard specially recommended that cold men and cold women follow Xu for a reason, of course.
Cold men fight fiercely, but they will never show their doors. They belong to the offensive and defensive type, and Mushatokoro studies are also more complicated
However, not everyone thinks that cold men really occupy the wind, because Max Chernoff seems to be in the wind, but he is actually wandering or observing what cold men have.
This is what he wants to know about the ability characteristics of an ancient Eastern fighter.
Xu raise your eyebrows from this point you can see that Max Chernoff will win.

Besides, everyone else in the Xinghe team is normal.

Is that knot still not over?
Wang Wei knew what was the knot between Li Han and the Xinghe team. At that time, Li Han thought he might sacrifice what he had hidden in the battlefield and told him the secret.
Although it was the communication channel of the Xinghe team that told everyone in the Xinghe team that it was highly confidential by the commander Tu Yuan at that time, this kind of secret is not a secret for people of Wang Wei’s level.
Knowing that Wang Wei is not very good at intervening to solve this matter.
The only person who can solve this problem is Ji Xinghe.
"It was my decision to let Li Han take over."
When Ji Xinghe Wang Wei didn’t know how to answer the phone, he whispered, "Su Chuanyun, if you can win Li Han one day, I can give you a chance, but before that, you need to follow orders."
From the sentence that orders are the bounden duty of soldiers, the Federation has been flowing for many years.
Many people can say that, but Ji Xinghe is a little hard to accept. He has always been famous for not obeying orders.
A few days ago, during the war, I also publicly defeated the commander Tu Yuan.
However, for the Xinghe team, when Ji Xinghe is in the mouth, they will never care whether Ji Xinghe can be physically or not.
In other words, it can be said that none of them except Ji Xinghe.
"Good old horse, you wait for me to beat Han Li one day sooner or later."
Su Chuanyun was confident and assured that his tone softened just after he finished speaking. "Old Ji, you have to teach me a few tricks, such as that acupuncture kung fu."
Yu Dianxue said that these two days have come.
When it was time to have a rest last night, Su Chuanyun kindly invited Ji Xinghe to his dormitory.
Ji Xinghe sternly refused. He ran outside Ji Xinghe’s room with a sleeping bag.
As a result, Andre naturally took him back with the lame and deaf.
From this point of view, Su Chuanyun really challenged Han Lizi.
"I will teach you when you can learn."
Ji Xinghe promised to come.
He doesn’t mind teaching people now, but it’s a pity that acupuncture without qi power is just ordinary massage acupuncture points.
It doesn’t have an instant lethargy effect.
"Good deal"
Su Chuanyun didn’t pester too much. He knew it was time for the meeting. He was too presumptuous.
But when the time comes, his strange eyes look at Andre, lame and deaf.
What seems to be eyes say.
Andre three people sneered back that they didn’t believe that Ji Xinghe would teach Su Chuanyun alone.
It’s hard to say that it will be the Jimen Bible by then. There are too many people who can learn. Like Su Chuanyun, they can get the moon by being close to the water.
Can three people click on one to win?
Wang Wei said that the first thing was over. He cleared his throat and talked about the second thing.
"Well, the second thing is that you four ace mecha, Qin Tong, Harris, Li Lin and Wang Gui, want the old horse?"
Four people leng one.
Ace mecha is special, in addition to the exclusive custom ace mecha and some other special.

Even in the late stage of the transformation, Mu Yuan quickly stayed away from the peak master of Gang Jing. Once the gang Jin broke out, Fiona Fang was a dangerous area for the ancient fighters of Gang Jing.

The surging gas made the air in the room swing, and the tables, bowls and chopsticks flew.
Even the big round table of solid wood weighing hundreds of pounds seemed to be overturned with a jerk.
Yun Fan’s body qi also intensified and rushed out of the body. The qi around him stirred up with terrible momentum.
The big round table of solid wood was hit by two people’s true qi and vigorous qi, clicked and split into several pieces, flew directly and fell into the distance.
Yun Fan did not even move the eleventh qi, so he resisted the impact of Futang Gang Qi.
Yun Fan said faintly, "It’s not enough for me to stop Yun Fan from entering this hotel if I want to!"
Chapter 6 Famous Yuecheng!
Mufutang was furious and drank violently.
The general manager of his rich and magnificent hotel in Yuecheng is a famous man!
Even the top family in Yuecheng, Mufu Hall, is in a high position, and he is born strong. He can rank in the top three, and his status is no small matter.
Even if it’s Yuan Mu’s innate strength, Sun Lun’s position is inferior to that of Fu Tang!
And Yun Fan is just a right-hand man. Although he is talented, Mufutang values Yun Fan’s experience and adventure more!
Don’t look at Mufutang’s diffuseness to Yun Fan. It seems that he has a special bearing and appreciates Yun Fan very practically. Mufutang didn’t look at Yun Fan from the bottom of his heart.
People like Mufu Hall have to respect him except the innate strong, but the result is that they are despised by Yun Fan. Naturally, they are angry and can’t suppress any self-restraint
Drunk shepherd rich hall has moved.
The body strength of Mufu Hall has been running to the limit, and the posture is as heavy and majestic as a mountain with both hands clenched.
Pastoral Juexue-Wuyue Mountain Collapse Boxing!
The shepherd family is a third-class aristocratic family. It’s never more than martial arts!
Although the ancient martial arts of the earth is very rough compared with the martial arts of the dry yuan continent, the martial arts of the dry yuan continent are also comparable
This boxing comes out of Mufu Hall with a sharp momentum, like a sharp mountain cut like a knife, and it goes straight into the sky. The boxing power is amazing with a sharp spirit.
The ordinary Mufu Hall in Gejing has a sharp fist every other time, and it is strong enough to break the flesh like a knife, a sword and a blow.
This fist’ Xiyue Huashan Boxing’!
Mufu Hall broke like a hammer into the water every other time, forcibly rushing into the range of Yun Fan’s true qi and blasting into Yunfan’s body.
"Carving insects!"
With a wave of his right hand, Yun Fan hummed and the true qi of cutting exploded.
The true qi was like a whip bombarding Mufu Hall, and the momentum of the fist was instantly defeated by Yun Fan
Although Wuyue mountain collapse boxing is not inferior to Ganyuan mainland martial arts, Mufu Hall did not practice at home and did not give full play to the real power of Wuyue mountain collapse boxing.
Yun Fan’s true spirit is far better than that of Mufu Hall. Naturally, it is easy to blow away the latter’s boxing strength.
A few people in the room are not horrified. Mu Yuan and the three maids know very well how terrible that punch of Mu Fu Tang just now was. Even in the middle of the territory, it will be hit hard. In the later period, it will be forced back with one punch!
But it turned out that Yun Fan waved his hand and broke the boxing strength of Mufu Hall, which was incredible. Muyuan and a maid were surprised.
Mufu Hall also frowned slightly. He is a top player in the country, and he is famous as a big shot in Yuecheng. If he personally makes moves, Yun Fan, who is only ten years old, will become a joke!
Mufu Hall stepped forward like a sharp arrow and punched Yunfan again!
This boxing is powerful and powerful, and it is the most powerful boxing in Wuyue Mountain Collapse Boxing-Dongyue Taishan Boxing!
Mufutang boxing is as heavy as Mount Tai!
This boxing Mufu Hall was not vigorous in vitro, but contained in the fist before Yun Fan.
Although the environment can hurt people by vigorous qi in vitro, the farther away vigorous qi is from the body, the weaker it is. Only when vigorous qi is contained in hands, feet or a weapon, can it burst into the strongest force.
This punch is so powerful that the punch force is nearly ten thousand Jin!
Yun Fan made a lateral movement, and Zhang Xu evaded the boxing of Mufu Hall at a very fast speed.
"Where to escape?"
Pastoral rich hall big drink a way to Yun Fan evasion is to escape.
Another punch’ Dongyue Taishan Boxing’ blew up at Yunfan.
Yun Fan’s eyes sank slightly, and he saw at a glance that Mufutang’s boxing potential was fierce, but it was full of flaws.
This punch Yun Fan didn’t avoid it again, but the same punch blew out a frontal attack.
Tiger roar boxing!
Yun Fan’s black hair just stands up like a fried tiger. If the fist is like a tiger mountain, the wind will fluctuate and there will be a faint roar and terror.
Yun Fan blasted out a punch that hit Mufutang’s boxing flaw. Mufutang’s boxing potential collapsed like ice and snow in the sun.
Without the boxing potential, Mufutang’s boxing strength has been greatly reduced, while Yun Fan’s boxing potential is unstoppable.
The fist of Mufu Hall has not yet been attacked by Yunfan, and it has already printed on his chest.
A bang!
Yun Fan’s fist power is extremely terrible, and Mufu Hall’s protector is vigorous and instant!
Mufu Hall’s body was blasted to the rear by Yun Fan’s boxing force, and it just hit the door.
As soon as the door exploded, Mufu Hall’s body continued to fly back for more than ten meters and fell into the third floor hall.
The hall on the third floor is full of students from the former Grade Three (Class Seven) party of Mecha High School who were startled by this sudden noise.
Looking around, the students are not shocked as if they were ghosts.
Because Mufu Hall appeared, the student who just met Mufu Hall naturally introduced Mufu Hall’s body to his students.
Now all the students know that the 50-year-old man who took Yun Fan into Bao just now is the general manager of this magnificent hotel, Mufutang, and he is a famous figure in Yuecheng.
How long has it been?
This famous Yuecheng big shot actually flew out directly from the bag!
Mufutang is a master at the peak of his life!
Who on earth can beat Mufutang so badly?
Yun Fan just went in and the students involuntarily thought of Yun Fan, but they couldn’t believe it!
Although Yun Fan defeated Tian Bowen, Tian Bowen was in the early stage of his career and he was young and just graduated from Mecha University!
But Mufutang is at the peak of its territory. People who are nearly 50 years old have rich combat experience!
Yun Fan can be worse than Mufu Hall? This makes the students unbelievable!
The students were still shocked, and a figure burst out of the bag as fast as a flash and a punch broke.
"I said it’s not enough for you to stop me!"
Yun Fan Sound, Mufu Hall, was hit by a broken fist just after he decided that his body would not defend.

Norman thinks it’s meaningless. If this place is boundless, what’s the point of throwing this helmet? The past is the past, and no one knows where the road ahead is. Maybe they will just go for a generation.

But this place is not marginal. Norman soon learned this because their feet stepped on the water again.
This is the water left over from the previous experiment, and they have returned to their original place.
They went straight ahead and came back.
Once again, the team stopped. It should be that the commander gave up this attempt again, and this time Norman waited for a long time and didn’t see a similar attempt. It seems that the team commander also gave up the struggle.
Even if we couldn’t find a way before, the leaders tried hard, but everyone still saw what they saw. Although they were scared, they were generally stable. Now even the leaders were silent in front of them, and despair spread. More and more logistics personnel were crying when they walked through the carriage, and even the brave knights were affected.
Norman glanced at Mario and saw that his valet looked calm, as if nothing had happened. It was the blinking frequency that accelerated, and a pair of eyes told Norman that his heart was not completely calm.
Then Norman looked back at Isabella.
The car door was open all the time, and he could see Isabella in the carriage, clutching her maid’s dress with both hands, and looking at the front with pale face and eyes.
On the whole, his two servants are still calm in themselves …
What can he do? He is also desperate, but showing it doesn’t help solve the problem. If crying can solve the problem, he would have cried more than anyone else.
Norman thought about it at sixes and sevens. Before he finished, a man came up to him with a gap in the carriage.
"Mr. Norman, Hardy priest wants to see you."
Norman knew Mario, and so did several people who fell from the sky that day.
Norman followed him all the way through the carriages and came to the front. After seeing Hardy next to a carriage, he looked at the front and there was a woman next to Saint Agnes.
There was no one around them, and some wizards were scattered around them in twos and threes. Some of them were seen on the day of Norman entrance examination, and they took students to take the entrance examination. I didn’t expect to travel with the envoys.
"Hardy priest"
Norman went straight to Hardy and said hello. "You wanted to see me?"
Close to him, he found that Hardy’s face was not good-looking, and the saint Agnes looked ahead with a cold face.
Hardy turned and saw Norman coming. The tunnel was straightforward. "Do you have any idea about this maze?" Did God the Father give you any inspiration? "
Norman knew Hardy must have found this for himself.
As Lancelot expected, Hardy, they had to take him to Santa Vita as a secret weapon. As a result, they didn’t expect to move this secret weapon just after they left, even without a day.
Norman also wanted to play a secret weapon, but it was a pity that he was a fake. Now even the Knights Templar, his biggest backstage, had no choice, and he was even more helpless. He said, "Without me, there was no way, and the Father didn’t give me any inspiration."
But he did know that this place is called "Tai Maze" or it may be the name of this magical spell.
Hardy frowned more tightly after hearing Norman.
Is the arrival of the second father really a coincidence? ……
Chapter one hundred and twenty Let the virgin go first
"We’ve had too many waves, and the maze will collapse in more than half an hour. We don’t have much time."
After a long silence, Hardy spoke again, but instead of facing Norman, he said to Agnes, "Let’s send it to the higher plane."
Agnes didn’t promise or refuse for a long time before saying, "We don’t have all the combined spells of the four-star white robe mage to cast the higher plane, but even if we cast it, our power will be discounted."
"You should know that our current mage is likely to be able to pass through the higher plane by combining spells."
Hardy nodded. "I know, but we can’t fall here. You have to go out."
Agnes was silent for a long time before saying, "How can I leave you these goddesses? My identity forbid me to do so. "
Hardy said, "But the future of the church is more important. Only when you go out can the church continue to stand and fight against the dragon to educate the people. Otherwise, once the king falls, the present situation of the church is likely to suffer a great disaster that has never happened in thousands of years, which is even more disastrous for several people in the kingdom."
"Because of your identity, you have to do this. You have a great mission and you must not die here. I believe everyone here is willing to sacrifice you …"
I didn’t want to be the first one. This woman died!
Norman heart Shouting.
It may be that Hardy didn’t shy away from Norman because he knew that everyone here could live one, so he let him listen-probably Norman in Hardy’s heart was already a dead man like him.
But although he didn’t want Agnes to sacrifice Norman, he didn’t dare to shout, otherwise he would be imprisoned by a horse even if he didn’t die.
Alas, it’s not as good as a saint to have been visited by the Father God. Norman is also interested in another Father God arrival at the scene, but the logic doesn’t make sense. The Father God finally arrived, but instead of saving them with great power, he grabbed the chance to escape with the Saint. Does it make sense?
Otherwise, wait for their higher plane-sending spells to be put to good use, and then seize the opportunity to get in front of the saint …
On this side, Norman is extremely depressed and thinks hard about the method of saving his life. On the other side, Agnes doesn’t move slowly.
Father teaches Saint Agnes that she is not an ordinary woman and will not be like an ordinary woman. Once she has analyzed the situation and identified which side is more important, she immediately made a decision.
"You can arrange it."
Then Hardy summoned the wizards and selected eleven wizards whose comprehensive strength was in front of the church. After that, he quickly prepared to send spells from a higher plane.

From this point of view, it is understandable for Emperor Wu III to treat their hands. They are all so alive and so alive. Sooner or later, the imperial fief will not be enough, even with spacecraft technology and transition door technology.

But the baron and the baron are also different.
Among so many lords, there are five who can get Prince A, and one martial arts dealer is dead, and now there are four left.
Otherwise, King Ken of the North Town will bring his capital here.
What you can get is definitely not the so-called two sai-jo and three sai-jo.
When four Wang Zijia gave up the attack and chose to break the bulkhead to get a bigger battle, Ji Xinghe also turned around and collided for the first time and broke another bulkhead.
The appearance of a relatively wide area is not conducive to Ji Xinghe’s escape, but he is very happy. Because of his perceptual ability, he’ sees’ a dim light with some alien dust.
It was space battleship who hit the earth and produced a dust storm. When it rose like a mushroom cloud, dust floated into the space battleship along the bullet hole.
How many are left?
The instantaneous condensation of gas in the escaping state stabbed Ji Xinghe like a probe, and found that the third bullet hole penetrated and then spread to search.
The fourth bullet hole appeared, and outside the fourth bullet hole was a glimpse of the vast world.
What are the remaining two bulkheads?
Ji Xinghe didn’t feel happy when he was rescued. He gave up attacking the bulkhead of the third bullet hole, hesitated for an instant, then turned and rushed to Wang Zijia, who pursued him again.
If we can’t solve the problem of missing a prince armor, even if there are two bulkheads left, he can’t walk away today, and he may even get involved in the stars and the moon.
The most important thing is that more than 10,000 conventional mecha, 1,000 earl armour, and if these prince armour are put in the war …
In the face of the empire, he can choose to fight by himself, but he must not let the Federation lose.
Seeing that God punished armour and suddenly charged, four prince armour abandoned the action of breaking the wall at the same time, which has widened to a certain extent. They chose to besiege Ji Xinghe.
Two of them were able to attack Ji Xinghe at the same time, but now they have become three. They think they have a good chance of winning.
However, Ji Xinghe’s charge speed is extremely fast, and he certainly takes the absolute initiative than the active attack.
The nearest prince armor barely parried him, and he was punished by God with a double knife.
There are two princes behind, who have joined forces to attack and leave it to Ji Xinghe. It’s really rare that he chose to go.
After exhaustion, regardless of the loss, God’s punishment armor gushed out like the same turbulent river. When the God’s punishment armor and the No.4 prince’s armor joined together, they burst their banks and generally crashed into the No.4 prince’s armor.
Driving the No.4 Prince A, Wang Jue kept breathing to increase his ability to manipulate the mecha. He felt the gas from Ji Xinghe and made efforts to stop it.
However, in an instant, the heart pulse of the imperial baron has been broken by several earthquakes and poured into its body. The long river of gas is like a meat grinder, which generally destroys more body tissues directly than even its brain is twisted into a paste.
Ji Xinghe was ecstatic after being surprised
This can drive the prince, the son of Emperor Wudi I, the son of the North King of the Royal Clan Town, and the grandson of Emperor Wudi I have the fifth stage of environmental anger? The distance from the sixth section of the boundary gas is even more dissatisfied with the distance of one hundred Shen Mudu piles.
Suddenly Yang Qi roars out of Ji Xinghe, which may be scolding himself.
He didn’t expect that there was such a big gap between these royal gorillas and Adakang and Wulin merchants.
The original Adakang was able to become the second martial arts dealer in the empire and ranked in the top ten of the empire because of their higher fighting consciousness and more skillful fighting skills, and they were able to defeat orangutans of the same age and almost at the same time with almost equal strength.
But now it seems that …
The three Wang Zijia also didn’t expect their brothers to die so soon. Their brothers have limited the mobility of God’s punishment armor and are scrambling to complete the break.
Killing Ji Xinghe represents honor and meritorious service. Even their father, the North King of Zhenbei, will be jealous.
It’s not much more crowded in the rear because of the three of them fighting for each other. I heard Ji Xinghe denounced the North King of Zhenbei as well.
It scolded all three Prince Jia, and the last Prince Jia Nai chose to stop rushing forward and looked at his two brothers enviously.
But this envious look soon turned into horror.
It seems to limit the punishment of God. Prince A of No.4 was hit by Ji Xinghe in situ as before and flew to Prince A of No.5.
Prince No.3, a royal gorilla, just felt happy and sensed something was wrong.
Because the No.4 Prince A life support device finally confirmed that the driver was dead and woke it up.
Speaking of it, it is also because the orangutans are too tenacious after having the fifth stage of the atmosphere, and the grandchildren of Emperor Wu I are derived from the genes of Emperor Wu I, which makes them stronger than ordinary orangutans with stronger vitality than humans.
However, it is impossible to react at this time.
Prince No.3, a royal gorilla, doesn’t have the secret skills of martial arts merchants and Adakang that can sense dangerous blood vessels.

Is it that Adakang was shocked by the flight angle of Xinghe when landing, but not to meet Ji Rongxinyue and them?

Ji Rong Xin Yue’s fighting area has always been under imperial detection. Although the current empire has covered the whole city of King’s Landing with a large number of communication shielding and jamming devices, many units in the city of King’s Landing have lost their connection with the imperial counter-insurgency command, but communication can be wired in addition to wire.
It is based on the wired communication station that Adakang, like Taowucha, can determine that Ji Rong Xinyue is in their area at this time. When Ji Xinghe finally moves, all orangutans and monkeys think that he will choose to meet Ji Rong Xinyue and others first and then go to meet 400 federal’ Duke A’
After all, the empire can determine that the moon is the star of the empire, and there is a high probability that it arrived in King’s Landing with the horse Rong Xinyue to fight in the war. Without a driver, 400 federal’ Duke armour’ can rely on the Chinese God of War system, which is far weaker than the artificial intelligence program of the moon and the moon. How much can it play?
But Ji Xinghe did not act as they expected.
"His goal is me. His goal is me?"
Tao Wu looked at the strange-looking federal aircraft that cut across the sky and panicked completely because it has now been able to determine the landing site of Ji Xinghe, which is the rebel headquarters it leveled.
"How did he know that I am here? How could he possibly know me here? "
What really scares Taowucha is not the arrival of Ji Xinghe. It has the means of self-protection. When Ji Rongxinyue led the team to King’s Landing, it was ready. How did Ji Xinghe know its location? You know, even when the rebels had attacked for three days, the command center was all Taowucha’s disguise.
I don’t think much about it. Although the Xinghe didn’t start the imperial engine, the Imperial Star environment still has a flying speed far exceeding that of conventional aircraft. At the end of Taowucha’s sentence, there has been a real commander-in-chief center of the Imperial Rebels.
Flying at an altitude of 270 meters
Like an abandoned factory building, when a large area of King’s Landing City in the construction area is in ruins, it will still look beautiful, and there is not much difference between it and before. However, when Ji Xinghe arrived with the Xinghe, those camouflage near-anti-guns all showed ferocious muzzle.
Boom boom …
Dozens of fire plumes crashed into the Milky Way like Youlong, and a miniature shell was bigger than the largest caliber bullet. They could easily penetrate a main battle tank armor, and it took two or three seconds to do so.
Even if the protective armor is thicker, space battleship will not last for ten seconds in the face of dozens of near-defense artillery.
It doesn’t matter how long Ji Xinghe, his champion Hou and Xinghe can hold on, because such an attack can’t complete the hit.
The sudden explosion of powerful energy in the nuclear fusion reactor of Xinghe made the conventional propulsion engine of Xinghe explode at theoretical speed.
The Milky Way, which could have been captured by the naked eye, was almost an imperial flat rebel defense system, and the automatic fire disappeared in all visual images at the same time.
Radar and other detection system icons can see that the light spot representing Xinghe is far away, just like just approaching or simply passing by.
Automatic tracking dozens of near-defense guns spit out dozens of flames, which spread all over the day.
Tao Wu was stunned for a while, but instead of feeling relieved, he was more nervous than before.
Ji Xinghe just didn’t know that I judged the suspected real command center position here based on unknown channel information to test it. Now he knows!
Being able to detect the whole defense system of King’s Landing City and update the position of Ji Xinghe in real time suddenly moved. He toured King’s Landing City from King’s Landing City in a short time like a king patrolling his own land.
It is not that there are dozens of near-anti-gun-type anti-weapons in other places, but the command center of Taowucha has the fastest response.
So Ji Xinghe is coming back?
Yes, he will definitely come to me because he is Ji Xinghe.
Thinking of Tao Wu was finally made to make the decision of self-protection means turned away from the command center and headed for the tunnel.
As it suddenly left the command center, orangutans and monkeys naturally caused some confusion, that is, when the chaos gradually fermented, Ji Xinghe flew to the command center again, and the imperial fleet did not participate in the war
Xingyue has unconsciously come to this command center, and her talent and ability have mastered a certain limit, and it is getting higher and higher.
She saw Ji Xinghe, who was being pursued by the imperial army, passing through the imperial command system.
So she released the flare again-the master can play.
After receiving the signal, Ji Xinghe turned to meet the pursuit, and the imperial military aircraft armor knife was vertical and horizontal in the imperial days.
Chapter 99 Seven-meter-long ship cutter
With the interstellar transition door closed, the communication environment in King’s Landing quickly recovered, and the moon and the moon really entered the sea like a dragon.
With the help of the’ bait’ of Ji Xinghe, the former foundation, she was attracted to successfully invade the empire and gain detailed information from the rebel command system, which was unprecedented in human empire star and highly timely.
Because of her caution about the unknown, Xingyue didn’t choose the way that she was best at controlling the empire. Those intelligent machines could control all kinds of weapons and equipment through limited instructions. It was like a ghost lurking in the empire. Looking at all the rebel command systems, she could see the information.
She saw Taowucha choose to enter a certain tunnel in King’s Landing because she was afraid of riding the Milky Way, and fled the battlefield in King’s Landing at a very fast speed. She saw that Adakang was in charge of supporting the battlefield in King’s Landing, and made a detailed analysis report on most imperial military forces. She saw almost all units belonging to the rebel command sequence or not in King’s Landing.
She saw everything, so Ji Xinghe saw everything, and Ji Rong Xinyue saw everything, and so did Chen Xun.
Compared with the previous situation that tens of thousands of micro-robots set up a matrix-like detection and communication system, all kinds of information brought by the information of the stars and the moon are as detailed and timely as several floors.
The real "perspective" ability is endowed by the only artificial intelligence life of the Federation and the Empire, and the team of Ji Rong Xin Yue is like a gift from God to mortals.
A new round of fighting is over.
It’s no surprise that the newly arrived Ji Xinghe has become the most eye-catching energy in the battlefield. It seems that the Star River has not used the imperial engine, but the propulsion of the conventional engine has reached the limit of the scientific and technological level of the Federation and the Empire.
Travelling in King’s Landing City, the Xinghe occasionally opened its energy shield during its continuous flight, and launched a large-scale fire attack after the empire locked it. It was like a light blue streamer, and the imperial sky constantly cruised and burst into flames that could cover the sky.
And when it didn’t start the energy shield, the edge it bore was unbridled, and the imperial days bloomed.
The control of Xinghe has come to the control of the moon and the moon. Combining the moon and the moon’s insight into the phase information, Ji Xinghe doesn’t need to think about any tactical problems. When the horizon of sight is getting closer and closer, he controls the champion. Hou, a federal warrior-class mecha, waved a seven-meter-long ship-chopping knife in his hand, can realize that the former federal mecha almost never broke today.
The length of the ship-chopping knife specially designed for the war is almost the same as that of the champion Hou, but it looks smart when waved by the champion Hou, and it doesn’t feel heavy and cumbersome after the fit.
Because this ship cutter is the champion, Hou because this ship cutter is forged from tungsten steel and gold, this ship cutter is attached to the most advanced energy weapon blessing system in the Federation.
Also because the main body of this ship-chopping knife is that the speed has soared about the federal standard speed of Mach 23 Xinghe.
All kinds of blessings make it truly indestructible. When the Xinghe and an imperial starfighter cross over and are lifted by Ji Xinghe like flagpoles, the ship-chopping knife can easily walk through the body of this starfighter and cut tofu as smooth as silk.
There is no need to attack against any weakness. For a fighter plane with a sophisticated structure, it can cause effective damage if it is cut, and even if one third of the blade of the seven-meter-long ship cutter can hit the imperial fighter plane, each blow can achieve a fatal attack effect considering the cutting length.
One after another.
Or the arrogance of the former horse Rong Xinyue’s squad over the head is more than the imperial parade over and over again. They were scared away by Lin Shu once and then appeared again. When Lin Shu and Chen Xun did not have the attack, the situation reappeared.

This reason is very good.

Li Zhengfan also got the audit limit. He watched Ji Xinghe’s repair area behind him and repaired Su He after repairing the mecha, as if he could not finish the negotiation.
I can’t help but ask, "Old man, when are you going to sit in?"
"If you are in a hurry, you can go and listen in first."
"I’m not in a hurry, but you’re not in a hurry at all, so I’m a little anxious."
"It’s all meaningless temptation. There’s no need to listen."
"That makes sense"
After repairing the Su River, Ji Xinghe came to a conference room with Li Zhengfan. The military police transferred from the worse gate ensured that both of them could enter, but the military police and technical personnel could not limit the moon and the moon. This kind of restricted confidentiality agreement is meaningless.
The first formal negotiations between the Federation and the Empire have been going on for three hours. Of course, the theme can’t be peaceful coexistence. Both sides are so high that the other side can’t agree to the demands.
After Ji Xinghe and Li Zhengfan entered the conference room, they were introduced by the personnel line.
"Our main demand is that the empire surrender and jump gate technology, sacred crystal ore, tungsten steel and gold formula will compensate us for the war, and at the same time, we will dissolve the empire’s space fleet empire. Now our main demand is to cease fire and exchange information between different planets."
Although both sides are asking for wild speculations, judging from the demands of the empire, the recent victory of the federal alien and the support of Dong Guo Cilian on behalf of the imperial rebels have put the empire at a disadvantage in this negotiation.
This is one of the reasons why the federalists and factions will also win and cheer.
Lord and peace are definitely going to talk and occupy the advantage. Negotiations and negotiations at a disadvantage are just like the demands of the current Federation and the Empire are not at the same level.
"At present, the imperial performance is not tough, but it is very persistent and there is no sign of letting go …"
In the introduction, Ji Xinghe and Li Zhengfan understood clearly that the first three hours of negotiations were summed up as nothing was discussed in one sentence.
After listening for a while, Ji Xinghe wanted to be away from him, which was precious. He shouldn’t wave. Li Zhengfan also wanted to go. He thought he knew about the empire. This negotiation was bound to put him in the negotiating team, but I didn’t expect him to be able to listen without speaking and listening to the waves on both sides. It was really unbearable here.
But neither of them made it.
The orangutan of the Imperial Negotiating Group suddenly got up at the same time and appeared in the picture of the Imperial Negotiating Group wearing a king orangutan and sat in the theme.
"Introduce myself-I’m the South King of Imperial Town"
The town of Nanwang, which contributed to this negotiation, was not prepared to appear as soon as possible. It did not expect to appear. After all, it wanted to talk about it and win it, but it did not really want to negotiate with the Federation.
But it has to appear for some reasons.
The federal negotiating team didn’t get up and say hello here, but it was the first time that the corresponding arrangements were made according to the pre-made plan. Ivanovich, commander-in-chief of the federal alien, appeared in the picture of the federal delegation and also sat in the theme.
Waiting patiently, Zhennan Wang is satisfied that the Federation attaches importance to it.
It wouldn’t have felt this way when it just learned about the Federation more than 20 years ago, even if the president of the Federation appeared in front of it. Respect and attention always depend on strength. Now it feels that the Federation is playing out and the lives of thousands of soldiers in the Federation are bought.
The federal negotiating team analyzed the changes in the eyes of Zhennan Wang and found out what it felt was meaningful.
"I came to ask you what this means?"
After introducing himself, Ivanovich, the king of Zhennan, spoke calmly and didn’t ask questions, but it brought a lot of pressure to Ivanovich.
The seventh paragraph of environmental gas?
With the king of Zhennan talking behind it, the main perspective of the mecha appeared on the projection screen. According to the data information displayed from the surface, this is from the main perspective of the imperial mecha.
Soon the Federation will be able to determine this from the picture seen from this perspective.
The mecha face is the mecha.
The battle is not unexpected. Although the Federation and the Empire have reached the negotiating table, neither side has any hope in this kind of negotiation. It is the main demand of both sides to determine the advantages from two aspects while talking.
The battle process can’t be seen from the main perspective of an imperial mecha, but the battlefield information was also sent to the federal negotiating team for the first time. Before the South King said that it had a real intention, the Federation was already white.
The close battle between the two sides was completely changed with a federal mecha falling from the sky.
Different from the vast majority of the federal mecha, the orange-painted tungsten body is made of tungsten steel alloy, and the height of the body is more than seven meters. It is said that the federal mecha made the core engine the most advanced in the Federation, and did not launch a charge after landing, nor did it equip the mecha with automatic fire weapons, but chose to make two rifles that had been magnetized before, saying that the energy core of the mecha was a nuclear fusion reactor.
In this way, even if the mecha does nothing in the battlefield, it will be enough to change the local battlefield situation. What’s worse, it is incredible to break the efficiency and participate in this battle.
Through the orbit down like a hit to the mecha first appeared in the battlefield mecha arms stretched out at the top of the two magnetic rifle muzzle constantly light up light blue arc.
Followed by the battlefield empire mecha one after another.
Fiona Fang’s 500 meters are the same as this mecha’s range cleaning. After all the imperial mechs in this area, this federal mecha charged.
Two magnetic rifles that haven’t been scrapped have been taken back, and the mecha’s legs are hung up, and the mecha’s arms are stretched out behind them. When they return to the front again, they have already held two combat knives.
Those who have fled the imperial mecha are slow in front of the federal mecha, like rabbits and turtles. When rabbits are no longer careless, they are chased one after another.
The process of breaking is not unexpected. Tungsten, steel and gold make a double knife. When facing the conventional imperial mecha, it is like a sickle in a wheat field, and a crop of wheat stalks disappears.
Those ears of wheat are imperial mecha spears, heads and limbs, and this federal mecha harvest is a federal harvest.
King Zhennan plays the imperial mecha from the perspective of this battlefield. When the last imperial mecha was broken, the battle ended in federal victory.
Ivanovich quietly watched the video and the sound of the rear staff team kept ringing in his ear before he asked, "What’s the problem?"

This is the most classic scene in tomb raiding.

After a while, except for the sound that just sounded at that moment, his movement happened …
"Let’s go and have a look!"
"… hmm!"
Mark took little vogel towards the front of the coffin, and after looking into the coffin.
A beautiful woman who is as lifelike as sleeping lies quietly and peacefully inside.
It is …
Instant kung fu
In front of this beautiful woman, the speed is visible to the naked eye. Mark vogel’s eyes are turned into a bone.
The picture is bursting …
Chapter 3 mephistopheles came to report.
With the moment when Queen himiko turned white bones in the coffin, a strange wind was born from the coffin.
Mark grabbed vogel’s shoulder directly and quickly retreated behind him.
If he remember correctly.
Queen himiko’s body contains plague poison.
The degree of bullying can be said to be death.
Mark is conceited. Even a roll in himiko’s arms is alive and kicking.
But next to vogel, it is estimated that there is not as strong vitality as Mark.
The strange wind directly makes the three-story building rise from the ground.
at the moment
The strange wind, wrapped in gray fog, drills out of the coffin like a dragon and spins like a tornado.
"This is …" When vogel grew up, he had a tendency to collapse.
Mark frowned and made no comment.
All right!
Although Selena said that there is a smell of hell, what is it?
But Mark felt it in the fog.
Although he has never been to hell, the devil’s ex-girlfriend has one.
The fog gave him the same taste as the devil’s ex-girlfriend first met.
It’s the breath …
More abundant, lost!
Mark looked back and was shocked. vogel said simply, "By the way, I didn’t tell you about hell, did I?"

Those metal walls, floors and domes that have been disintegrated and deformed are twisted into groups, like hundreds of octopus huddled together and their tentacles intertwined into 1.6 million knots, and Ji Xinghe is in the middle.

Before his individual exoskeleton armor face grew paler, he had lost any color because of excessive blood loss. It was based on the collision of spiritual will and energy flow that he could see the ruddy disappear completely.
This makes his relaxed state look like a blip.
"Is it over?"
He fell from the embedded twisted wall and stepped on the front high dome. The world has been overturned, but so what?
He raised his foot and went on.
"It’s not over yet, and it won’t end."
Ida Kangda stopped injecting Ji Xinghe before detonating the command and didn’t want to intercept Ji Xinghe again.
It’s certain that Ji Xinghe can’t get out of it when it explodes the oxygen warehouse of Ji Xinghe, and Ji Xinghe can’t get out if Ji Xinghe isn’t dead before Emperor Wudi III arrives.
Therefore, its goal has once again become Ji Rong Xin Yue, which is the first goal of its coming to another planet and its personal participation in the war-the Second Canyon.
When Ji Xinghe went to Adakang, where he was going to be buried, Adakang rushed to the direction of Ji Rongxin’s moon as fast as possible.
Compared with earlier entry into the transition base, Ji Xinghe Ji Rong Xinyue has a feeling of being a latecomer.
"Save it."
Xingyue was a little anxious because Ji Rong Xinyue really took nuclear weapons as matches, and broke the thick gate in the passage to make nuclear weapons, even if she faced the imperial mecha who came to intercept her in the passage, she did not hesitate to make nuclear weapons come.
"You can rush directly to the gate and then make nuclear weapons."
Xingyue is really not petty.
On the one hand, although the nuclear bomb package is compared with the champion’s body, the number of nuclear grenades is not much, which involves making more than one nuclear weapon produce beam effect
On the other hand, I always don’t hesitate to make nuclear weapons Lu Ji Rong Xinyue even reluctant to spend some time making protective barriers with imperial mecha and battery weapons and equipment, that is, carrying the baptism of nuclear explosion abruptly.
It’s a five-kilometer-long passage with four gates. The number of times she has been baptized by nuclear explosion has exceeded that of Ji Xinghe’s life in 70 years.
Champion Hou Zaiqiang can’t hold such a suicide charge.
However, in the face of the persuasion of the stars and the moon, Ji Rongxinyue completely ignored the meaning and did not correct his own meaning.
She has crossed the four gates at a speed that she can’t wait for, and is about to make a real breakthrough to the imperial transition base like Ji Xinghe, but here she has encountered fire suppression that makes it difficult for her to rush out directly from the channel.
This is an absolute meaning, covering fire suppression. The large-caliber bullets fired by many near-defense guns and machine guns almost filled the passage of Ji Rongxin’s moon, and did not rush out or throw in nuclear weapons.
The bombs blocked the passage in a short time, although a large number of large-caliber bombs stacked together in this way could not really block the excellent performance of the export champion Hou, and it was necessary to force a charge to squeeze a passage
However, the fire suppression of imperial defensive forces has not stopped. Although they have lost sight of Ji Rongxinyue, they are attacking Ji Rongxinyue, but their goal is no longer Ji Rongxinyue
They don’t want to block the passage of Ji Rongxin, but simply want to protect themselves from being destroyed by the nuclear weapons thrown out by Ji Rongxin.
This kind of attack is futile if Ji Rong Xinyue’s attitude is firm enough.
The institute is on its way here. Adakang ordered a temporary ceasefire and tried to talk to Ji Rongxinyue. It really wants to get the artificial intelligence life star and moon with Ji Rongxinyue.
The sound channel rings
"Ji Rong Xinyue, your mecha has already suffered more nuclear explosions. If you use nuclear weapons again … maybe you won’t die, but your grandfather Ji Xinghe will definitely die. Do you know where Ji Xinghe is now?"
Ji Rong Xin Yue really hesitated to make nuclear weapons, not because he was worried that there were not enough nuclear weapons, nor that he could not bear them, but because he was thinking about whether nuclear weapons could break the blocked passage.
If it is not broken, it will make the passage blocked more dead, then it will not be worth the loss.
When she heard Ada Kang’s voice, Ji Rongxin didn’t respond at the end of the month. She asked the calculation of the stars and the moon to make nuclear weapons break the channel with the greatest probability.
Xingyue is unwilling to give an answer because this answer requires Ji Rongxin to detonate a nuclear weapon at close range.
No response. Adakang continued, "He will soon arrive at the base oxygen warehouse, Xingyue, with you. You can ask him to help you calculate the magnitude of damage that Ji Xinghe will suffer if I detonate the oxygen warehouse. The magnitude of the oxygen warehouse is …"
Just after the words were finished, Xingyue had not given two questions and two answers to Ji Rong Xinyue, and the violent vibration had come.
Ji Xinghe is too fast. Adakang can’t threaten Ji Rongxinyue with him. Adakang Ji Rongxinyue reached the detonation order before responding.
Xingyue froze. She wanted to say that this may not be the vibration caused by the explosion of the oxygen warehouse, but she knew it was meaningless. She also didn’t answer the question that Ji Rongxinyue had just come out because she thought Ji Rongxinyue should retreat now.
Maybe we should.
Ji Rong Xin Yue froze. She wanted to get two answers from Xingyue, but she knew what Xingyue would say. She didn’t ask or say anything to Xingyue.
She took a deep breath and threw the nuclear weapon.
She charged before the nuclear weapon was detonated, and she wanted to let the nuclear weapon explode to produce a shock wave and push her into the base to discuss whether it could be successful, but she had to do it all.
But the nuclear weapon was not detonated because it controlled the hands of the moon and the stars.
Ji Rong Xinyue took a deep breath and never had an angry tone. She said that she was speaking to Xingyue, Adakang and the world.
She said
"Give my grandpa back! Here! Me! "
The moon and the moon seemed to take a deep breath and then detonate a nuclear weapon.
Chapter 5 Move forward!
Tens of millions of degrees of high temperature will melt the stacked channels in an instant, and most of them will be blocked. Because the liquid metal splashes and flows towards Ji Rong Xin Yue Lai Road, it will be widened by nuclear explosion.
Like a flood of rivers, the champion in the channel is drifting with the tide, and at the same time, it is difficult for ordinary ships to reach high speed on the water surface. After many times and multiple injuries, it is indestructible, and its body becomes pitted like being hit by heavy rain.
But the land is thick, and it can still protect Ji Rongxinyue in the cockpit and give him solid strength.
After flying through the passage at full speed, the champion Hou repeated that Ji Xinghe had just experienced a fierce collision with the last gate and was embedded in it, like the blue star. Those gems were embedded in human needs and did not need craft or art.