"Demon" level card-26, "Demon" level card-1, "Demon" level card-1.

This is what he has accumulated after receiving the protection of the whole city for months.
This plane is probably in the degree of self-protection, but it is a bit difficult to do things.
After going one step further, Olga turned his head and came to the original forest to brush some materials to make cards.
Compared with finding a group of weak wage earners to pay tribute to themselves, it is many times faster to do it yourself after his strength develops and takes shape.
Since [Crimson] and [Crimson Card] belong to local goods, he doesn’t need to be afraid of anything, just find a place to fix it.
Anyway, the world consciousness plane consciousness can’t catch him and will judge him to be indigenous!
Three months later.
After clearing the whole original forest almost,
Through the integration of various materials, the number of cards held by Olga has become the level of "demon"-1426, the level of "medium demon"-351, and the level of "demon"-22.
After two rounds of upgrading, the Arm Arm Arm Duel has become a multi-layer structure, and a total of six cards can be activated at the same time.
In crimson, the energy absorption efficiency and conversion efficiency are no longer comparable to those in the past, which can be called upgrading the lake from the bathtub.
The overall strength of Olga is directly enhanced by more than one thousand times.
Even the so-called [Master Traveler] can compete!
Looking at Fang, who has entered the tail cleaner Olga, glanced at the various rich materials in the props. Although they are an idea for others, they don’t sigh.
"It’s a place rich in resources …"
Just a virgin forest covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, he received so many resources
You know, even in the abyss, there are few areas with such rich resources.
If there had been such a good place for him to cut leeks, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have to go into a different place to upgrade to [a demon] all the way!
Is it rare to think of such a place at the moment?
At that time, Olga’s heart welled up in the depths of his heart, and he felt a little sad when he found the treasure land.
Because of this plane, the efficiency of indigenous people in resource transformation is too low!
Most of the value of their resources will be lost!
And the future owner of this plane’s behavior is simply different from the property of Longoria!
Thinking of this situation, he can’t help but have mixed feelings …
It’s already half as bald as it was three months ago, outside the original forest.
A small team of adventurers is leisurely preparing for work on the periphery.
"Pay attention to it!
A lot of strange things have happened in this forest recently, not only animals and plants are missing, but also adventurers, miners and herb gatherers are often missing!
We will encounter opponents who may be Baal priests, monsters from other worlds, and awakening Yalong … "
"Don’t worry, we are ready …"
"The reward how a little less and risk is not proportional to ….."
"Who stole the old hidden hip flask …"
After some training, I looked at those noisy birds around me, and the captain of my teammates could scratch his ass a little naively.
Every time he goes out with these guys, he feels that he will probably die this time.
They’re just as indecent and shameful as himself!
The supervisor sent by the client beside the captain looked at these adventurers and wondered whether this group of goods was the strongest adventurer team nearby …
I couldn’t help secretly shaking my hand. I was already ready to send props. I ran away alone if I was slightly wrong …
Since three months ago
This place, which is regarded as a forbidden area by local people, is not convenient except the guy who is not afraid of death. It has always been strange and frequent. All kinds of fleeing out of Warcraft, flashing flames at night, inexplicable explosions, and family relocation have brought a lot of trouble to nearby cities.
After a few months, the situation didn’t stop. After that, they directly pooled their money to find this well-known adventure team nearby.
It is said that their captain once worked as a bodyguard for a [Master of Travel], and he had rich experience, not to mention his strength.
But watching the captain picking his ass through leather pants, the supervisor thinks that those rumors are probably false …
He doesn’t think that those arrogant people who don’t even think highly of the king will let such a dishonest guy be their guards.
Chapter 61 [Reaper]
After all the adventurers force each other to depend on each other for a while to vent their emotions.
General order was barely established.
Look at them look a little more serious.
The supervisor felt a little relieved and forced him to trust professionals.
With a uneasy mood, the team guards marched deep into the forest …
Along the way, as he went deeper into the forest department, his heart became more and more initiated.
What he didn’t notice was that the look of the members of the squad, who were similar to the traces of violent mining resources, was gradually subtly changed.
Adventurers who have been tested in various ways can be alive and kicking. Naturally, there are several brushes today.
Through the traces around them, they can directly tell that the situation in this forest is definitely not a disaster of Warcraft.
After all, what kind of Warcraft can log and mine?
Ghost group? Fairy tribe?’
But they don’t seem to have made such a big noise about it …’
These negative guesses made the captain frowned and made a gesture.
That means that if there is an accident, everyone will immediately give up and get out of the fight.
Although it is important in his eyes, it is obviously more important to wait for his own life!
In this respect, he still knows the difference.
But he didn’t notice that there was a semi-transparent mechanical creation, which was the size of a pigeon egg and shaped a bit like an eyeball, watching his team.
[Unreal eye group-extraordinary creature-a demon (automatically splitting eyeball-shaped objects can split up to 99,999 possessed features-visual sharing, shielding perception, mimicry hiding, moving, super vision, energy detection …)]
distant place
Look at the message handed over.
Olga, who is wearing a badge, can tell that the strength of the other side should not be weak.
His face so-called muttered.

One second Liu Yuan’s long purple knife suddenly swung out.

A knife flow purgatory … Great Chen shake!
A knife across the rhinoceros skin that can resist the bullet was actually made a clean break by Liu Yuan.
The silver rhinoceros fierce beast was divided into two parts, and the body fell to the ground after a period of charge.
The appalled eyes obviously didn’t think that they had been killed by a human.
Liu Yuan smiled and said to the soldier behind him, "… the guest will remember to go back for dinner later."
Words fall Liu Yuan side again skip three figures.
In addition to the little golden Tam, several people also joined the battlefield instantly …
Chapter 224 Fierce battlefield
No.1 loophole in the Great Wall of the Great Wilderness
The soldier wait for a while looked at Liu Yuan not far away.
Thinking is still a state of chaos.
The main thing is that there are too many things happening at this moment.
First, the Great Wall has not been breached for a long time.
By two platinum fierce beasts who quietly touched the wall.
The sneak attack method directly blew out two big holes.
Then there was Lu Yuan, the little god of food who he didn’t think had much power.
Suddenly appeared here.
It’s just that Lu Yuan suddenly appeared, and then he also cast out a horrible knife method that he couldn’t understand.
One knife killed one, and it seems to him
Very powerful silver fierce beast
It’s like a roller coaster. The plot changes.
It’s normal for soldiers to be a little dumbfounded.
But the most important thing is to push the fierce beast out of the loophole as soon as possible.
It was unexpected that the Great Wall was broken and two holes were opened.
You know, around the Great Wall
But they are all equipped with very advanced psychic response detectors.
Platinum level fierce beast energy response
Don’t even say that you are close to the Great Wall.
Even within 20 kilometers of Fiona Fang near the Great Wilderness Wall.
Spiritual force detectors can detect them accurately
This is not only due to the amazing energy response of platinum-level fierce beasts.
It’s also because platinum fierce beasts don’t hide their breath.
Every platinum fierce beast in the wild is a shameful overlord.
Their momentum is a signal to defend their territorial owners and threaten their enemies.
There are no platinum-level fierce beasts.
Will think, such as suppressing their momentum.
They are all thinking about making their momentum more amazing.
Play a greater shock
But today, two platinum-level fierce beasts
Not only suppressed his breath, but also very clever. After the wild city sent two platinum-level strong men,

Norman thinks it’s meaningless. If this place is boundless, what’s the point of throwing this helmet? The past is the past, and no one knows where the road ahead is. Maybe they will just go for a generation.

But this place is not marginal. Norman soon learned this because their feet stepped on the water again.
This is the water left over from the previous experiment, and they have returned to their original place.
They went straight ahead and came back.
Once again, the team stopped. It should be that the commander gave up this attempt again, and this time Norman waited for a long time and didn’t see a similar attempt. It seems that the team commander also gave up the struggle.
Even if we couldn’t find a way before, the leaders tried hard, but everyone still saw what they saw. Although they were scared, they were generally stable. Now even the leaders were silent in front of them, and despair spread. More and more logistics personnel were crying when they walked through the carriage, and even the brave knights were affected.
Norman glanced at Mario and saw that his valet looked calm, as if nothing had happened. It was the blinking frequency that accelerated, and a pair of eyes told Norman that his heart was not completely calm.
Then Norman looked back at Isabella.
The car door was open all the time, and he could see Isabella in the carriage, clutching her maid’s dress with both hands, and looking at the front with pale face and eyes.
On the whole, his two servants are still calm in themselves …
What can he do? He is also desperate, but showing it doesn’t help solve the problem. If crying can solve the problem, he would have cried more than anyone else.
Norman thought about it at sixes and sevens. Before he finished, a man came up to him with a gap in the carriage.
"Mr. Norman, Hardy priest wants to see you."
Norman knew Mario, and so did several people who fell from the sky that day.
Norman followed him all the way through the carriages and came to the front. After seeing Hardy next to a carriage, he looked at the front and there was a woman next to Saint Agnes.
There was no one around them, and some wizards were scattered around them in twos and threes. Some of them were seen on the day of Norman entrance examination, and they took students to take the entrance examination. I didn’t expect to travel with the envoys.
"Hardy priest"
Norman went straight to Hardy and said hello. "You wanted to see me?"
Close to him, he found that Hardy’s face was not good-looking, and the saint Agnes looked ahead with a cold face.
Hardy turned and saw Norman coming. The tunnel was straightforward. "Do you have any idea about this maze?" Did God the Father give you any inspiration? "
Norman knew Hardy must have found this for himself.
As Lancelot expected, Hardy, they had to take him to Santa Vita as a secret weapon. As a result, they didn’t expect to move this secret weapon just after they left, even without a day.
Norman also wanted to play a secret weapon, but it was a pity that he was a fake. Now even the Knights Templar, his biggest backstage, had no choice, and he was even more helpless. He said, "Without me, there was no way, and the Father didn’t give me any inspiration."
But he did know that this place is called "Tai Maze" or it may be the name of this magical spell.
Hardy frowned more tightly after hearing Norman.
Is the arrival of the second father really a coincidence? ……
Chapter one hundred and twenty Let the virgin go first
"We’ve had too many waves, and the maze will collapse in more than half an hour. We don’t have much time."
After a long silence, Hardy spoke again, but instead of facing Norman, he said to Agnes, "Let’s send it to the higher plane."
Agnes didn’t promise or refuse for a long time before saying, "We don’t have all the combined spells of the four-star white robe mage to cast the higher plane, but even if we cast it, our power will be discounted."
"You should know that our current mage is likely to be able to pass through the higher plane by combining spells."
Hardy nodded. "I know, but we can’t fall here. You have to go out."
Agnes was silent for a long time before saying, "How can I leave you these goddesses? My identity forbid me to do so. "
Hardy said, "But the future of the church is more important. Only when you go out can the church continue to stand and fight against the dragon to educate the people. Otherwise, once the king falls, the present situation of the church is likely to suffer a great disaster that has never happened in thousands of years, which is even more disastrous for several people in the kingdom."
"Because of your identity, you have to do this. You have a great mission and you must not die here. I believe everyone here is willing to sacrifice you …"
I didn’t want to be the first one. This woman died!
Norman heart Shouting.
It may be that Hardy didn’t shy away from Norman because he knew that everyone here could live one, so he let him listen-probably Norman in Hardy’s heart was already a dead man like him.
But although he didn’t want Agnes to sacrifice Norman, he didn’t dare to shout, otherwise he would be imprisoned by a horse even if he didn’t die.
Alas, it’s not as good as a saint to have been visited by the Father God. Norman is also interested in another Father God arrival at the scene, but the logic doesn’t make sense. The Father God finally arrived, but instead of saving them with great power, he grabbed the chance to escape with the Saint. Does it make sense?
Otherwise, wait for their higher plane-sending spells to be put to good use, and then seize the opportunity to get in front of the saint …
On this side, Norman is extremely depressed and thinks hard about the method of saving his life. On the other side, Agnes doesn’t move slowly.
Father teaches Saint Agnes that she is not an ordinary woman and will not be like an ordinary woman. Once she has analyzed the situation and identified which side is more important, she immediately made a decision.
"You can arrange it."
Then Hardy summoned the wizards and selected eleven wizards whose comprehensive strength was in front of the church. After that, he quickly prepared to send spells from a higher plane.

Brother listened to granduncle’s talk about this pure Yang plough step with Shaoyang flying sword tactic, and the power was even worse. Guo Xiaosi thought Shaoyang flying sword tactic, but he couldn’t help asking questions when he never saw Li Yuanye.

Hehe, it’s good. Li Yuanye said that it’s a powerful edge to cooperate with the pure Yang plough step to fly the sword, but you must achieve the fifth level of pure Yang skill before you can practice it. At present, the pure Yang skill has reached the fourth level, and you need to practice it for a while before you can practice it. You can take this time to practice the pure Yang plough step and the pure Yang skill to practice the sword tactic as soon as possible.
Yes, brother.
Li Yuanye went on to say, when there is one more thing for you to do, will you?
The master told his younger brother to do it. Guo Xiaosi lacked a chance to prove himself, but he was eager to see the master.
I have a letter here for you to deliver to Zhongze County for me. Bai Qinlian, the leader of the Taiyin Sect Guanghan Palace, Li Yuanye picked up a sealed letter from the table and said.
Chapter 33 The monster is now
Sun, Moon, Stars, Tri-Light Alliance, Chunyangmen Taiyin Sect, it is said that hundreds of years ago, there was a religious dispute at that time, and the three kings fought against each other one by one, so they split into three sects. They entrusted their nemesis, Tianmei Sect, with a good opportunity, and the three sects suffered heavy losses and almost died.
After suffering, the three factions knew that it would be bad for them to continue fighting, so they formed an alliance. Usually, they developed their own forces. However, if one family was harassed by Tianmen Sect, the other two families had to help each other and could not shirk it under an excuse. In addition, the three branches scattered around the country often joined forces to wipe out the nearby Tianmen Sect. In that year, the three southern branches joined forces to almost eradicate the southern forces of Tianmen Sect, so the southern branch of Chunyangmen Sect was very close to the Guanghan Palace.
The Guanghan Palace of the Taiyin Sect is their southern branch. Most of the Taiyin Sect are female brothers. Their kung fu is suitable for those with feminine physique. Unfortunately, Guo Xiaosi is a man, so he can’t join the Taiyin Sect, even if no one can introduce him.
There was a time when Guo Xiaosi wanted to go to Guanghan Palace to steal the Taiyin Sect’s achievement method, but Pingfeng City was too far away from Zhongze County to come and go, which was extremely inconvenient. Liu Xiangzhu never sent him to Zhongze County for activities, so he could steal the Taiyin Sect’s achievement method.
Fortunately, with the help of inkstone, he got the pure yang, and the pure yang qi became thicker and thicker, so he didn’t have to steal any feminine tricks.
Li Yuanye sent a message to Bai Qinlian, the leader of the Taiyin Sect of Guanghan Palace. He didn’t know anything important, but he was willing to send Guo Xiaosi to say that it was still right for Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi, however, won’t refuse. He immediately took the letter back and prepared to send it to Zhongze County.
Zhongze County is much bigger than Pingfeng City, where it is also a county chief, but it is not Pingfeng City. This remote town has to go through Qianxia Mountain and then walk 200 miles across Huaishui to get to Zhongze County.
Guo Xiaosi wanted to ride a horse, but Li Yuanye asked him to walk there, saying that Chunyang plough was fast and could kill two birds with one stone. Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect Chunyang plough to be so effective, but he was worried that it would delay the achievement method cultivation because of its long journey. Now it’s really redundant to think about it.
On that day, when practicing the pure sunshine plough step in the laundry room, it was almost a circle. Now you need to travel in the opposite direction at the corner. Guo Xiaosi, the Pingfeng City, is very familiar with this road and he is familiar with it.
When I passed this road, I met Jiu Jian Xian, a painter, and I revisited this old place. It’s really a taste in my heart.
However, I won’t go to Zixia Peak this time, because Pingfeng City can cross Qingxia Peak and Jinxia Peak directly to the north. Crossing these two peaks is equivalent to crossing Qianxia Mountain and then the flat road. After 200 miles, you can reach Shanyin City on the south bank of Huaishui River, cross Shanyin and cross Huaishui River to reach Zhongze County.
Just Pingfengcheng looked in the direction of Zixia Peak and saw more than 20 monks dressed up stumbling towards this side.
Guo Xiaosi took a closer look at one of them, an acquaintance Wu Daoshi. On that day, he went to the wharf warehouse to catch the water demon. This guy was stunned by the water demon. If he hadn’t recorded the words with the inkstone grinding cinnabar, I’m afraid this guy’s life would have disappeared at that time.
However, Taoist Wu is not in Ziyun Temple, so it’s rare for Taoist Wu to stay in the high-altitude spell repair and come here in a panic to see what he is doing, as if he had hit a monster again.
Guo Xiaosi greeted Wu Daoshi with a joke and laughed. Don’t go in such a hurry. Did you get the monster and catch the monster again? The bounty was generous and you ran to get spanked.
Taoist Wu also met Guo Xiaosi in a fiasco, but he didn’t remember it, but he didn’t care that he was laughing at his own opinions and asking questions. His left hand pointed to the back of his head and stammered that there was a monster in Ziyun Ziyun View.
Guo Xiaosi looked down his finger. Isn’t it Zixia Peak over there? Ziyun View is in Zi Xia Peak. Taoist Wu pointed out that the place must be Ziyun View, but it’s very strange that there is a monster in that place.
Ziyun Temple is a Taoist temple. It’s their specialty to catch monsters and exorcise evil spirits in town houses. So it will kill a monster in their lair and drive them out. Is it that a monster with profound morality is so high that all Ziyun Taoist priests fight against each other?
It’s a terrible thing for others to get excited about the monster now in Guo Xiaosi, but the function of Guo Xiaosi’s inkstone is to subdue the monster, and it’s impossible to meet the monster. Now it’s okay, the monster has occupied Ziyun’s view, so go kill it, suck a little monster, clear the air and improve his pure yang.
However, if a Taoist priest is high enough to occupy Ziyun Temple and drive away a group of Taoist priests who know divination, can he handle it? With four records in his arms, he will be able to hold the monster, and it will be dangerous if he can’t hold his own life.
Whether to go or not is a difficult problem. Guo Xiaosi’s brow tightens. Don’t go. This monster is easy to touch. Go without winning. If it is difficult to ride a tiger, it will be terrible
The power of four operator records should not be too small. Once in Baihua Pavilion, four operator records will slay Hongyun Chilian Snake Demon. Today, I met this monster, and four operator records in the company will not die.
Guo Xiaosi’s heart did not continue to turn north along the pipeline but went in the direction of Zixia Peak.
While Taoist Wu and a group of people continue to run hurriedly in the direction of Pingfeng City, just like a group of Sangguquan.
Chapter 34 War old demon
Ziyun view or that Ziyun view has not changed much. The only change is that I didn’t see a Taoist in the front hall. Probably all of them were scared away by monsters or eaten by monsters. According to Jiu Jianxian, many monsters eat people. Guo Xiaosi carefully stepped forward one step at a time to guard against monsters hidden in a corner.
After the front hall came to the back hall, there was silence. Guo Xiaosi could hear his heartbeat. He knew that the more silent it was, the more dangerous it was. He couldn’t tell where the monster was hiding. He held a record in his hand and took the other three from the package into his arms when he didn’t need it.
Suddenly, a figure appeared in the back temple to Guo Xiaosi, and his heart was tight, and he almost threw away the operator record in his hand.
But it was a middle-aged Taoist priest with a blue cassock and a long sword in his back, and his beard hung softly with eyes but a pair of bags under his eyes.
Donors being original this box ceremony the middle-aged monk saw Guo Xiaosi but don’t panic slowly said.

Obviously, this river is also a Dan river, and its quality is much better than the one that Lin Dong saw outside.

Lin moved some envy and looked at this bright Dan River. If you want to condense such a high-quality Dan River, you need Nirvana Dan, but it is a terrible number. This green pheasant is really big.
Nice place. Hey, it seems that the pheasant gave me a favor, too
The mink looked at the front of the Danhe River and nodded with satisfaction. It got the wheel of life and death Dan today, but it still needs great energy to support its eyes if it wants to condense the flesh. This Danhe River has solved its urgent need.
Lin nodded with a smile. Although it is impossible for the mink to recover her physical strength, it will be much stronger than it is now, and it will also be a great help to him.
It may take me a long time to condense my flesh.
It’s okay, I’m fine, and I need to practice here to try to survive the second nirvana robbery. The ancient secret collection line has almost reached its peak, and he is not in a hurry to go. After all, he can’t do it outside and find this perfect practice again.
Now, treasures are being searched everywhere in the ancient battlefield, and all parties are doing their best to prepare for the Hundred Dynasties War in less than half a year.
In order to compete for the treasure, it is also extremely fierce to think about the outbreak of Yu. At this time, most of the ancient battlefields are already quite chaotic, and they are not quietly practicing here.
Smell speech the sable also nodded his head, then his eyes gradually became solemn and his body swept away, and he appeared in the claw of Nadan River. When he held the black and white medicine for Xuanao Dan, he appeared in his claw.
A little bit of life and death gas emanates from the Dan medicine, and the nirvana gas around it immediately languishes and dissipates when it touches this life and death gas. Obviously, these two energy roots are not at the same level
The little mink was a little excited and stared at the Dan medicine in his claw. He hesitated and just stuffed it into his mouth.
As soon as Dan, the wheel of life and death, entered the mouth, a terrible wave suddenly swept away by the chalk of the mink body, which directly set off waves in the Nadan River.
A little bit of black-and-white life and death gas seeped from the chalk of the mink body and then spread gradually. Finally, a black-and-white energy cocoon was formed, which enveloped the whole mink body.
Lin looked at the big black-and-white cocoon suspended in the Dan River faintly, and he could feel the violent fluctuations emanating from it. Obviously, it was not as calm as its surface in that cocoon.
It is obviously not a simple matter to unite the flesh, and there are still many risks, but Lin Dong is also very brave in doing this. He can rely on the mink. root cutting has nothing to do. The only thing he can do is to pray for the smooth completion of the mink’s move.
It’s my turn to take it.
Lin Dong stared at the black and white cocoon for half an hour. After seeing that there was no room for him to intervene, he finally gave up and took a deep breath. His body moved to the only training platform in the Dan River.
He’s not a mink. It’s impossible to directly suck this sticky nirvana gas, but he still needs this training platform to filter it. Fortunately, the speed of sucking Zufu will not slow down there.
The second nirvana robbery
Sitting in the eyes of Lin Dong in the science of uniting the platform, some people are eager to try. After this half month, Lei Hai tempered and just cultivated Qinglong Pi. Even those who survived the second nirvana robbery are more confident than those who survived this nirvana robbery.
Lin’s eyes closed slowly, and when he was about to enter the state of uniting, an idea flashed through his heart.
I don’t know how Xiaoyan is now.
Here is a battlefield full of bloody smell, and the bloody smell of people shuttles through it to kill and resound with tragic air.
Those figures are skinny and mummified, but their eyes are scarlet and full of murder.
It’s like a battlefield purgatory
Bang bang.
Deep voice from the tragic battlefield, more than a dozen figures were directly exploded by a stick shadow, and then a terrible and cruel breath swept through this battlefield like an ancient monster beast.
And in that cruel breath swept a huge figure like a giant, trudging with heavy steps, dragging a huge black iron bar step by step from the blood of the corpse mountain, and that wooden face that looked slightly at the moment was full of ferocious ferocity of Yoshura.
In that cruelty, even the mummies with scarlet eyes and wisdom around them were too scared to get close to each other, and they slowly walked by the bloody figure and finally walked to the end of this battlefield.
That kind of ferocity even this piece of bloody is difficult to resist. Five hundred and thirty-nine Nirvana robbery for the third time.
When Lin Dong was engaged in penance in the depths of the Qinglong Temple, this vast and ancient battlefield was also predictably caught in the most fierce struggle for chaos.
The treasures of all parties are gradually being discovered, and some rare Lingbao pills, pills, martial arts and so on are all coming. After all, these things belong to an oversupply in this ancient battlefield, which will attract many red eyes, but it is also difficult to compete.
The dynasties of all parties are also vulnerable because of these treasures, and yuhu is almost vulnerable in these treasures.
Everyone wants to get the treasure, because everyone who can come to this ancient battlefield is not an ordinary generation, and they are also ambitious. They all want to stand out in the coming Hundred Dynasties War and be seen by those super sects, so carp yue longmen completely changes the trajectory of life.
And to become stronger, it is obvious that these treasures are a good shortcut, and many people don’t want to give up this seemingly easy shortcut
So it is difficult to compete.
The dynasties of all sides fought each other in an ancient battlefield filled with smoke, and in this almost violent atmosphere, more and more people became strong.
There are many strong people who are not weak in the high-level dynasties, and of course there are many people who suddenly appear. Most of these people are lucky enough to get some treasures and their strength is quite strong. They can be regarded as a striking black horse.
Chaos and competition will eventually eliminate people, and it will also make those outstanding people L hide their abilities.
Now this ancient battlefield has really arrived when it is really hot.
After half a year’s silence, all parties are in various ways to become the focus of attention in this film.

After looking at each other, the adults all made plans to stop for a while and wait and see.

From their eyes, we can know that although they are extremely afraid of this sudden monster, they are not at ease to kill the old man.
Yes, this beast’s power is indeed in them
However, most people think that seven people joining forces to attack the behemoth may not be able to take advantage, which can be seen from the fact that the behemoth has not put pressure on it since its arrival.
What makes them hesitate is that they don’t know whether this behemoth is a more powerful master behind it.
However, just when they were dark and horrified, the situation in the bucket suddenly changed dramatically.
In the severe pain, Yang Tian finally made up for the lack of physical power, and the real dragon power broke out again.
sound of crying in pain or suffering
Once again, the dragon songs that shook the heavens and the earth went through every corner of the fighting field, and everyone could listen to them, which contained heartbreaking pain.
But in pain, I’m crazy enough to kill.
The golden light suddenly filled the golden dragon and roared to the ground. When Tianluo was horrified, he felt that a shock had been blown away.
The bright red card spilled along the way finally gave him a taste of injury.
This scene fell on the human eye and immediately aroused a strong sense of murder. I couldn’t help but look at it to others and wanted to do it at once.
But several other bosses at this time, although they are also in danger, they have no immediate hand meaning.
Obviously, at the moment when Yang’s celestial body really broke out at its peak again, they had changed their mind and suspended their intention.
Maybe they think it’s not a bad thing to get rid of the underground fire first.
Without their help, Daxiang Ji always lends them a courage to hate and endure.
In the fighting field, Yang Tianyi’s fist shocked the enclave fire, and Tianluo didn’t stop at all. The flash of his body had chased the flying body.
When the daylights out of the fire, I clapped my hands desperately to win a little breathing space.
In fact, at this moment, the fighting spirit has been replaced by fear, and he is completely sure that he will fail.
There’s no suspense. Yang Tian easily shattered the underground fire. When the palm was black, Yang Tian’s body didn’t even shake, and even the underground fire was not shaken back.
A moment’s fire has scared the daylights out of him, because Yang Tian’s hand has been pressed on his spirit.
The familiarity of this scene is simply the re-enactment of the original scene of the fire and the sky.
Luo Cha saved the door once. Will anyone save him this time?
In the desperate struggle, Dihuo Tianluo’s eyes turned desperately to the big picture outside the bucket, but he saw that Daxiang Nai turned his head.
Counting the tiny golden runes, Yang Tian’s palm poured into the fire, the sky and the soul.
This is Yang Tian’s unique stunt, the Kowloon Lock God Skill, and only in this way can the great magical power seal the level of the God of Fire and Heaven.
In the dragon’s power to crush the fire, a pair of eyes are still shining and struggling, but they have been occupied by golden light from time to time.
You killed me, a bloody soul beast, so you can make up for it.
The arrogant and cold voice went straight into the fire when it was all over the field, which made him completely desperate.
Finally, the eyes of the fire suddenly dim, and the hole is brighter than the light.
At the same time, Yang Tian pressed his hand to lift his fingers and grasp a golden light, which was immediately taken by him.
The golden light is twisted and changing, showing the immortal god who is struggling to make a final struggle.
This scene falls in the horror of the big brothers, because they all feel inexplicable chill in their hearts.
Hand a slight shock that golden light has disappeared and disappeared together.
That’s an extremely strong black body. Many strong hearts can’t help but envy it.