Chapter 29 I’m back again

It was 11: 32 when I returned to the Imperial Garden, and it was 11: 36 when I rang the doorbell.
Is it Shengmei? Is she wearing a bear pajamas or embroidered slippers?
Seeing it was me, she pulled the door with one hand and covered her mouth with the other, and her eyes were very round.
I said today is September 3, and I want to go into the house and sleep. This may be the most humiliating thing in the world, but I did it.
She pulled the door and looked at me unblinkingly, or her hand left her mouth open. She was frightened.
I dare not watch her go to Xuan with her head down, change her shoes, walk through the living room, come into the room and then close the door.
The bed is still there.
I wrapped myself in it and lay on my side facing the window.
After twenty minutes, I heard the living room light being knocked off, and after three minutes, the living room light was knocked on the door and pushed in. The slippers floor sounded very warm.
The room is still so dark that it can’t be melted.
I felt the mattress sink slightly, and I knelt on the bed for a minute and put my hands on my shoulders and shook it slowly.
After a while, she stopped shaking, and I could hear her breathing like the velvet sound of her palm, and then she shook me violently. I just refused to turn around and pretend to be fast asleep. Honestly, I clenched my teeth nervously and was probably the most cheeky moment I was born with.
She stopped shaking her arms and was surrounded by people who seemed to want to take me in this way. It didn’t work. She seemed tired for a while and simply lay down beside her and rested for a while.
Everyone knows that it’s tiring to lie on one side, but she hasn’t left. I’m so uncomfortable that I can’t move. I can’t sleep. Soon, five fingers reached into my hair like a haircut. Five fingers closed, closed and opened.
It doesn’t taste good
After a while, I smelled orange by my nose. When I put two fingers on my bus and groped for my unshaven face, I would have a meal. Just a little bit of fingers seemed to feel the feeling of being pricked.
Finally, she gave me a hard push and almost pushed me to the bed. She got into bed, and I heard a rustling sound.
I still dare not move, afraid that she will still be in the room, so I will lie on my side until dawn.
I’ve been thinking about a question, why are you afraid that she still depends on her?
In fact, many people depend on me, and I’m not afraid of others when Bican is outside.
I’m afraid she has reached a bad level. I’d rather lie in bed for one night than look back to see if she has left the room. It’s really undignified.
I’m going to wait until her class hears the door being knocked, so as to avoid seeing her strange eyes, but things can’t be completely controlled. At 7: 30 in the morning, she stuck a can of iced coke on my arm, and I was so excited that I turned over to bed. Under such circumstances, I couldn’t continue to pretend to sleep.
So I can follow her to the dining room.
She ordered me to have porridge.
When I finished drinking, did she say she came back to get her luggage?
I am too ashamed to speak.
She said it’s reasonable to be alone outside. You must always be restrained.
I bowed my head and said that Miss Saint-Beauty Day was very bad.
She said that Mr. Fish is not very friendly to others, so people should be happy.

Shit, whoever’s so fucking blind, the more afraid he is, the fucking thing will come.

Fu Chen was immediately stunned by the thunder. If the ice were stiff in the ground, he would be proud of being a gentleman of the Fu family at ordinary times, but now he wants to be ashamed and kill.
Don’t forget, this is Yuancheng in the midst of people coming and going.
He dresses like a gangster in the night. If he is recognized, the Fu family can still stand in Zhongyuan City.
How will the master punish himself when he knows?
He just had the cheek to stare blankly at the thought of here and pretended not to hear the sound of greeting himself just now. He continued to pose charming and walk forward, but his posture has become stiff, which is like dancing mechanically.
He really wants to run now. He’s not afraid of losing face, but he’s going to treat his master when he gets home. Who let him love his face more than his own grandson?
Fu Chen now sincerely hopes that the person who calls his name can hold his mouth high and cut himself some slack. If he calls his name again, he really doesn’t know how to deal with it.
This is also the first time that Fu Chen has a fear. Don’t shout, man, please shut up.
Fu Shaoliu, it’s been a long time. Don’t you even know your old friends? That sound rings at the back again.
Fu Chen heard that he raised his foot and put it in the middle school. He just didn’t let it go. He suddenly wanted to kill him.
This guy’s mouth is really tough. I must slap his auricle
Be sure to smoke
Come to the noisy street, when the man shouted Fu Chen for the first time, it was quiet a lot, but now the second sound is not loud, but it makes no difference to hear a Jiaolei in Fu Chen’s ear.
Fu Chen corners of the mouth twitched. He shook his fist, his teeth rattled, and his face was full of black lines. Huo Ran turned around and wanted to fix the guy who called his name. After seeing this person, Fu Chen immediately disappeared without a trace.
No one in Zhongyuan City can afford to offend Fu Chen, but this bastard can’t.
Chapter 57 You can’t spell acting.
Chapter 57 You can’t spell acting.
Fu Chen’s body trembled slightly. Now he really wants to dismember the person who called his name.
Huo Ran turned around to see if the person who called his name was sacred.
The man was dressed in Confucianism with a white folding fan in his hand. He was about 2034 years old. At this time, he ourtenant walked to www. Fu Chen.
Fu Chen knew that this person was the helm of the Chu family in Zhongyuan City. Chu Weiguo’s Chu family was ranked fourth among the four families three years ago, but somehow Chu Weiguo sold his family property and money and disappeared to the Li family, which was at this time to take the initiative to become the fourth family.
Fu Chen usually has nothing to do with his life in Zhongyuan City, and Chu family is the top four families. Fu Chen also knows a little about him.
Fu Chen was sure that this guy was deliberately embarrassing himself.
On the strength and prestige, the Chu family can’t talk to the Fu family in the same breath now. If other family members Fu Chen had already gone to a beating, but his grandfather Fu Haotian had told Fu Chen that the Chu family Chu Weiguo should not offend easily, otherwise the Fu family would be in great trouble.
This is also the important reason why Fu Chen didn’t immediately burst into anger, although he didn’t know what not to offend this smiling bastard.
At the beginning, people were ready to watch the drama, but they wondered if this guy who was shopping in night clothes in broad daylight was really a gentleman of the Fu family. But after Chu Weiguo called Fu Chen, he turned around and people on both sides of the street exclaimed that he was really a gentleman of the Fu family.
It’s really a shame to judge a book by its cover.
Gentleman Fu’s taste is so special that he wears night clothes to go shopping in broad daylight.
Fu Chen’s eyes are burning with fire, staring at Chu Weiguo coming towards him.
Long time no see, Fu. Don’t come here. Don’t be ill. ChuWeiguo Arch looks around at the crowd. Don’t you want your eyes with evil spirits?
Chu Weiguo was once a Chu family of four families, that is, it is now declining, and not everyone can offend it.
After all, it’s not easy to kill a camel if I starve to death, not to mention you.
Fu Chen’s heart was dark when he killed kawakaze. He had speculated that there must be a force behind kawakaze in the dark. Is he Chu’s family?
Then I thought that kawakaze came to Qiaowan Town with the ancient compass, so Chu Weiguo may have come with the ancient compass.
There are only two people who know that the ancient compass is in their own hands, the Zhou Lei Zhouchang brothers, but no one should know that they have been killed by Jiang Feng.
Yes, Chu Weiguo is asking for information.
This guy is really not easy to guess my ancient compass, but Chu Weiguo still has no evidence to prove that he owns it. He can beat around the bush from me to prove whether his idea is right or wrong.
Fu Chen sneer at a heart.
I really don’t know if grandpa won’t let himself provoke him. Is there anything that makes the Fu family afraid of Chu family?

The gate of Shidian has been beaten. It should be that there are some hurried footprints around the two senior dynasties in front.

The corridors of Shidian are staggered and then spread to unknown places in the depths. After entering, Lexus and others are scattered and looking for all kinds of treasures, but they are very busy at the moment.
Let’s go this way.
Lin Dong didn’t stop here. His eyes looked at the wrong corridor, and there was a surge of light in his eyes. Then he waved his hand and took the lead.
Behind it, MoLing three people must not hesitate to talk to the mill iron Tang Xuan Liu Xuan, and they also hesitate to go. In their opinion, it would be safer to come with Lin Dong.
Lin and his party swept across the corridor, but his eyes were brighter and brighter, and he felt a kind of excitement. When he entered the stone hall, he felt a sign of boiling in his spirit.
This kind of situation is rare for Lin to meet, but he knows that when the spirit senses its close relationship with the spirit of heaven and earth, there will be such a movement. Obviously, in this Leiyan Valley, there is something tempting for Lin’s spirit, that is, the spirit tree he dreams of.
After a few minutes, the rushing figure finally stopped at a spacious stone room. Now, Lin Dong and others are in sight. This stone room is full of amazing energy fluctuations and rich medicinal incense is constantly emitting. Obviously, here is a warehouse for all kinds of elixirs.
And Lin’s eyes swept this spacious warehouse, and finally it solidified in the most central position, where there stood a withered and yellow young tree. From a distance, all kinds of branches seemed to be natural and mysterious runes faintly communicated with heaven and earth.
Tian fu ling Shu
Looking at this ancient tree like a rune of Judah, my eyes are also shining on top of the world at this moment.
Write a card chapter and stayed out of it for three hours. I don’t want to stay out of it for a while. I feel that writing like that is not good. Today, I hope you will forgive me. Chapter 445 Tree runes
The strong medicinal incense came to my face, and the amazing energy transition also made the iron mill and others stunned, and immediately they breathed more and looked at the stone-filled elixir.
Lin Dong breathed a sigh of relief and then slowly walked into the stone chamber. As he walked in, he was able to find that the stone chamber was huge and there were many elixirs in it. However, Lin Dong did not look at them, but stared at the distant day. The footsteps of Fuling Tree suddenly accelerated.
Mo Ling and others followed Lin Dong. At this time, they also found Lin Dong’s target. Although they had long known that there was a ghost tree in this Leiyan Valley, even if they were prepared, they still felt uneasy.
Hehe, Brother Lin’s luck is really good. No one knew whether it was true or not at the beginning. I didn’t expect that we just entered here, and it was not long before we met Mo Tie. He said with a smile that some envious days in his eyes were rare and precious, but they knew it, but they were not ignorant people. If Lin had come all the way, he would have behaved in an ordinary way. Maybe he would have had a little dispute on this day, but fortunately, Lin moved his hands twice to completely shock them.
When they saw Lin Dong, they didn’t hide their enthusiasm for the Fuling tree. They also felt that they didn’t say much, and then turned around and carefully put some good elixirs nearby into the bag. If they sold these things, they could also get a lot of Nirvana Dan.
Lin’s footsteps finally stopped in front of the Fuling tree. Because of the close distance, he can clearly see that the branches of Fuling tree are densely covered with fine lines on this day. These lines are as good as the world, but they are magical and make people feel intoxicated.
And when Lin looked at the tree carefully, his eyes became hotter and hotter.
Brother Lin, if you want to talk, hurry up. If you are late, you will change.
Grind the iron for more than a dozen rare muti, then come and look at the forest, carefully look at the day and wake up with a smile.
Lin smiled and his eyes flashed, but he didn’t start work immediately.
Hey, hey, these spirits of heaven and earth are also eligible for you kittens and puppies. Just as Lin’s eyes flashed, a slightly cold smile suddenly sounded in this spacious stone room.
The sudden sound immediately made the grinding iron and others nervous and the whole body force burst is surging and folded to drink a way
make a din
Just as the mill iron and others were drinking, a black shadow was still ghostly and violently plundered, and then suspended and half-eyed. Looking at the slightly cold face of the mill iron and others, I drew a disdainful sneer at you. I won’t kill you. Get out!
And when talking, the shadow man’s footsteps are full of majestic breath, which makes the face of Mo Tie and others suddenly change dramatically and lose the nirvana.
Damn it, where did this guy come from? It’s another nirvana. MoLing is behind Lin Dong and scolds him in a low voice.
Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he wasn’t surprised. He knew that he was attracted by the ancient secret key, but it wasn’t the Dawu Dynasty of Xuan Bing Dynasty. In that darkness, he was bound to be eyeing others, and this person should be one of them.
The faces of people such as Mo Tie and others are also clenched with fists when the majestic breath of the shadow people dissipates, but there is no way to face the nirvana, and they simply resist.
Looking at the silent grinding iron and others, the shadow man just smiled slightly, and his body movement was swept to the heavenly Fuling tree in the gloomy eyes of all.

After looking at each other, the adults all made plans to stop for a while and wait and see.

From their eyes, we can know that although they are extremely afraid of this sudden monster, they are not at ease to kill the old man.
Yes, this beast’s power is indeed in them
However, most people think that seven people joining forces to attack the behemoth may not be able to take advantage, which can be seen from the fact that the behemoth has not put pressure on it since its arrival.
What makes them hesitate is that they don’t know whether this behemoth is a more powerful master behind it.
However, just when they were dark and horrified, the situation in the bucket suddenly changed dramatically.
In the severe pain, Yang Tian finally made up for the lack of physical power, and the real dragon power broke out again.
sound of crying in pain or suffering
Once again, the dragon songs that shook the heavens and the earth went through every corner of the fighting field, and everyone could listen to them, which contained heartbreaking pain.
But in pain, I’m crazy enough to kill.
The golden light suddenly filled the golden dragon and roared to the ground. When Tianluo was horrified, he felt that a shock had been blown away.
The bright red card spilled along the way finally gave him a taste of injury.
This scene fell on the human eye and immediately aroused a strong sense of murder. I couldn’t help but look at it to others and wanted to do it at once.
But several other bosses at this time, although they are also in danger, they have no immediate hand meaning.
Obviously, at the moment when Yang’s celestial body really broke out at its peak again, they had changed their mind and suspended their intention.
Maybe they think it’s not a bad thing to get rid of the underground fire first.
Without their help, Daxiang Ji always lends them a courage to hate and endure.
In the fighting field, Yang Tianyi’s fist shocked the enclave fire, and Tianluo didn’t stop at all. The flash of his body had chased the flying body.
When the daylights out of the fire, I clapped my hands desperately to win a little breathing space.
In fact, at this moment, the fighting spirit has been replaced by fear, and he is completely sure that he will fail.
There’s no suspense. Yang Tian easily shattered the underground fire. When the palm was black, Yang Tian’s body didn’t even shake, and even the underground fire was not shaken back.
A moment’s fire has scared the daylights out of him, because Yang Tian’s hand has been pressed on his spirit.
The familiarity of this scene is simply the re-enactment of the original scene of the fire and the sky.
Luo Cha saved the door once. Will anyone save him this time?
In the desperate struggle, Dihuo Tianluo’s eyes turned desperately to the big picture outside the bucket, but he saw that Daxiang Nai turned his head.
Counting the tiny golden runes, Yang Tian’s palm poured into the fire, the sky and the soul.
This is Yang Tian’s unique stunt, the Kowloon Lock God Skill, and only in this way can the great magical power seal the level of the God of Fire and Heaven.
In the dragon’s power to crush the fire, a pair of eyes are still shining and struggling, but they have been occupied by golden light from time to time.
You killed me, a bloody soul beast, so you can make up for it.
The arrogant and cold voice went straight into the fire when it was all over the field, which made him completely desperate.
Finally, the eyes of the fire suddenly dim, and the hole is brighter than the light.
At the same time, Yang Tian pressed his hand to lift his fingers and grasp a golden light, which was immediately taken by him.
The golden light is twisted and changing, showing the immortal god who is struggling to make a final struggle.
This scene falls in the horror of the big brothers, because they all feel inexplicable chill in their hearts.
Hand a slight shock that golden light has disappeared and disappeared together.
That’s an extremely strong black body. Many strong hearts can’t help but envy it.

A big drink at the bottom of my heart is super 15 thousand volts

Hidden in the body, the moment is full of Bi Yuanyang’s sword, and the white arc is reflected in Fu Chen’s pale face.
The red tip of the sword immediately dazzled, and the fine awn was still a little at first, but in the blink of an eye, the sun dazzled and blinded in the afternoon.
Fifteen thousand volts as Fu Chen’s mind is extremely compressed at the tip of the sword, the strong arc is interspersed back and forth in the sphere, and it also becomes distorted.
Protected in the center of the whip, staring at this strange scene, that white light mass is like a god of death, which seems to announce her end.
Don’t swing husband face upwards roar.
Go ahead, flick.
After the extreme compression of the true qi of Fu Chen’s agitator, the light mass is still like a light shell, and it is like a whip shadow.
Sen white arc rapidly spread outward.
The blood-red cheongsam immediately turned into powder and white jade, and the body was covered with ultra-high pressure purple and black, causing the figure to become bloody. At this time, the right arm was blown off by half of the blood and human flesh, and the scene was disgusting.
At the same time, he came to help Dangfu and immediately rushed to the side where he was still shaking and twisted into an S-shape.
From Fu Chen’s release to injury flying, it was almost completed in one second, even if he forced him to swing, he could not save him.
Xiao Fengdangfu angrily yelled at him and hugged the woman he had lived with for 30 years.
The corners of the mouth are black with blood, and my body is shaking every few seconds. Fang Lin laughs at me. I can’t do it. You must kill this bastard for me, or I will die unsatisfied.
Don’t worry, Xiaofeng, I’ll let these people stay with you. I’ll repay our savior and I’ll stay with you.
Dangfu’s eyes were sprayed with angry sparks, and everyone in the room was scanned. I’m going to chop them to death with a knife
Fu Chen has just used the true qi to condense the long-range attack. It was a few days ago that he had already practiced it. This is the first time that he has used it to meet the enemy. Such a powerful force also surprised him.
Of course, if this trick doesn’t succeed, then Fu Chen can fight the slut one against two, and by this time, his end is not far away.
Just as the slut left for life and death, Fu Chen heard the conversation clearly.
The real name of Dangfu is Fang Lin and the female name is Xiaofeng.
An empire knows that the names of these two people are not many, but is more interested in Fu Chen, the benefactor of Fang Linkou.
In the past three years, this evil couple don’t know how many boys and girls have been ruined, and such an evil person is actually a benefactor.
What kind of person will the benefactor be in the evil population?
Fu Chen wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and thought that things were getting more and more interesting. What is behind these things? I didn’t guess wrong. Chu Weiguo’s parents were not killed by a slut three years ago. It was all a conspiracy.
And the death of Chu Weiguo’s parents must be Fang Linkou’s benefactor.
It seems that Fang Linkou’s benefactor is really interesting
Fang Lin gently put phoeny’s rage and hatred, and his face became distorted. The blood attribute and qi immediately condensed into a stinking combating Dao. I want your blood to pay homage to my wife.
Chapter one hundred and one Who is it?

Before, just as he flashed away, a chain shot hard and deeply into the mountain wall, and the wide cracks spread rapidly, and the fierce force made Lin move with a cold sweat

Bastard, are you ready after all? When you are dying, Lin Dong can’t help yelling at the little mink not far away
A little longer, the little mink’s eyes were tense, and he looked at the white light claws suspended in the stone cave and danced rapidly. As its claws danced, the white mans gradually moved as if they were condensing extraordinarily powerful forces.
When I saw the sable, I could curse the ancient halberd with one hand and thrust it obliquely, but my body was pushed back for more than ten steps again, and my qi and blood were churning.
This blood spirit after strength is getting stronger and stronger.
Feeling the blood spirit after this attack, the strength of Lin’s eyes is also changing. This blood spirit after strength has recovered too fast. If he goes like this, he won’t be strong for long.
Blood. I want blood.
However, the blood spirit didn’t give Lin much breathing, and its scarlet eyes stared at Lin’s eyes intensely, filled with bloodthirsty taste.
Hua blood spirit after a quiver body rushed again this time turned out to be directly in the half flat a ghosting visible how fast its speed.
Looked at Lin’s complexion is also a change of shape. He just wanted to retreat. The blood spirit is now with a rich bloody taste. His red arms are pulled out together in front of him. If they flash, they will catch it at Lin’s throat. The lotus flower at his fingertips flashes with a sharp strong breeze that is not inferior to senior Lingbao.
Blood spirit after this blow is extremely rapid, and the blood arm is also rapidly enlarged in Lin’s eye pupil. However, when Lin quickly wants to defend, blood spirit suddenly stops, and a latosolic red python shoots from the rear and entangles its waist so that it can get further.
Small inflammation looked at this sudden to help Lin move my heart micro eyes swept away, but it was not far away that Xiao Yan left the python tail to stall the blood spirit after cling.
Little phlogistic hair roared and lotus flower broke out all over, but it directly dragged the blood spirit after living and then dumped it in two circles in half and left it on the mountain.
A cave trembled again, and a huge pit appeared on the mountain, and the small inflammatory monster beast suddenly broke out. The strength was also quite terrible, and even the blood spirit was dumped by it
However, although the blood spirit was dumped, it was obviously impossible to do any harm to the back, so a blood arm climbed from the deep pit again and the blood spirit became more and more ferocious.
Hua go deep blood spirit after arm shaking a huge chain is tearing gas fast if flash bomb to inflammation.
However, just as the chain was about to bomb France to avoid inflammation, a black shadow suddenly jumped in front of it, and when the chain hit the body as a gold iron, the shadow was directly pumped away and a large depression appeared in its chest.
And when the shadow landed, it was discovered that it was Lin Dong’s advanced operator. But this once powerful advanced operator is as fragile as paper in front of this blood spirit.
Strong strength looked at the chest depression higher operator after Lin is canthus twitching.
Kill fuzzy and hoarse blood spirit after the mouth it stared at Lin moving body once again swept the hands of the chain dancing like a windmill with a terrible strong breeze swept to Lin moving.
Magic ape change
See blood spirit after the fierce attack Lin also dare not neglect a low drink body is swollen hands day scales GuJi also with the expansion of several times with the help of possessed apes to enhance strength, he also will hand GuJi dance behing ghosting that blood spirit after hard regret together.
And when Lin moved blood spirit after hard regret, Xiaoyan also roared and rushed to join the war circle. Lin moved together to cling to blood spirit after.
A series of amazing strength ripples in the magnificent stone cave swept like a storm, and the rocks in the cave shook constantly and the cracks spread rapidly.
At the same time, one person and one beast hand comes to the body from time to time to resist the attack of the blood spirit. After a while, the stone cave turned out to be a little stiff.
However, Lin’s heart is white, and this kind of rigidity will collapse rapidly, because in the battle, this blood spirit is getting stronger rapidly, so it is bound to be difficult to compete with each other.