"Haha, this newcomer actually has a domineering personality. Do you want to fight with him?"

"Yes! I remember that when I came to Jos, Lieutenant General was also domineering. "
Yeah, I remember, too
"Oh, shit …" Jose, who had already shrunk himself to one side to watch the play, attracted several people’s attention. He didn’t want to take care of such troubles. He might as well cultivate feelings with Domino!
"Justice will never allow such evil people to enter the sea."
A deep voice suddenly sounded and then they smelled the footsteps of "stepping", and everyone’s eyes could not help but look into the entrance passage.
That’s a tall figure wearing a big red suit and trousers. A pink corsage tie is worn on the chest of the suit, and rosa multiflora cherry blossom tattoo can be seen faintly on the neck.
As the figure approached the crowd, I felt the powerful momentum that broke out from the figure, which was definitely not owned by a lieutenant general.
"Is it tight that the momentum has reached the general level?" Feeling the momentum of the red dog, Jose thought to himself
That’s right. The bearer is the alternate general of the navy, Lieutenant General Sakaski.
At this time, after completing his study in school, he has reached the level of a general. The appearance of the red dog made the conference hall quiet again, which had already begun to get noisy.
I’m sorry I’m late. Red Dog looks at the ancient road. "Can I have this? Marshal "
"Good", I’ll leave it to you. Feeling the momentum of the red dog, Marshal Gu brightened up at the moment and then said, "So do you need an assistant?"
"Well," Red Dog looked around the crowd and finally fixed his eyes on Joss. "Lieutenant General Onigumo, Lieutenant General Fighting Dog and Lieutenant General Domil Jos will trouble you to lie down with me at sea."
"Poof …" Jose consciousness will drink into the Ministry of water to spray out the coal! You choose, you choose! Why did you choose me?
"Lieutenant General Domil Jos, do you have a problem?" Marshal stared at Jos with a straight face and asked the truth. Even if Red Dog didn’t let Jos help him in the past, Gu would export and let Jos go with him. The reason is that the strength of the Dazzling Pirates is too strong. We must never let them develop again. This time, Xu Chenggong must not fail.
"Report Marshal" Jose saluted. "Although I don’t have any opinions, I’m afraid I don’t have the strength to help Lieutenant General Red Dog."
"I believe that Lieutenant General Jos can bear the strength of the whole army by himself," Red Dog said to Jos.
"Nima" Jose almost swore.
Before Jose could speak, he announced, "In that case, the meeting ends here, and I will go there as soon as possible with the latest information from the dazzling pirates."
Wow, with the meeting over, everyone went back to their posts talking and laughing, as if the pressure from the dazzling pirates had disappeared.
The soldier swinging in the conference hall looked at the black face and sat in the chair. Jose shouted, "Lieutenant General …"
"Damn guy, in that case, let me go alone this time!" The more Jose talks, the more angry he gets. Listen to "Pa" and "Let’s go".
Domijo "honey, I want to go with you!"
"I also try my new ability. Let me go to sea together! Jos will "single-handedly with the hilt soldier itch to try.
You ….. want to refuse jose when looking at domino that look forward to all the way "ok! But if you are in danger, you must run away. "
I’m a marine. How can I escape? Domino pouted and said, "And I’m strong."
"Promise me"
Jose looked at Domino deeply. "Otherwise, I can let you stay in the department." After seeing all kinds of battlefields, Jose deeply realized the dangers in the battlefield. He didn’t want Domino to be in unnecessary danger, especially this time, the Pirates had defeated the green pheasant. He knew that they wouldn’t have time to protect her in a battle like his. If Domino didn’t agree, he would really let her stay in the department.
"Got it" Domino looked at Jose and couldn’t help but compromise.
"Call it!" Jose was finally relieved when he heard Domino. He turned to Xiu Bing. "Did you just say you would try your new ability?"
That’s right. Xiu Bing said with a look of excitement, "I got a devil’s fruit in an isolated island of a supplier when I went to sea this time."
Jos, the fruit of the island demon, stared. "Is this the rhythm of being the protagonist?"
"Superman repulsion fruit" I am now the person who can control repulsion.
"Is it a counterattack if I go here?" As soon as I heard the repulsion Jose, I thought of Payne’s super god Luo Tianzheng in Naruto. It is estimated that the absolute sss level will destroy the whole city as soon as it is available.
After recovering, Jose looked at the soldier and said, "I remember you were a person who was not interested in the devil’s fruit. How did you suddenly become an ability?"
"I’m too weak." Listening to Jose’s words, Xiu Bing looked ashamed. A short sentence really exposed his desire to be strong
Well, there’s nothing I can do to help Lieutenant General. I decided to take a gamble. The soldier’s eyes were full of perseverance. "As a result, I got the repulsion by gambling. I suddenly found my own kendo. I will chase it soon. I will …"
Jos quietly listened to the soldier’s words. Compared with following Jos Luodong with the soldier, his strength really can’t keep up with Luodong’s strength, which is almost touching the threshold of the peak of the lieutenant general. He just needs an opportunity to reach the peak level of the lieutenant general, and the soldier is just an ordinary lieutenant general. He is eager for strength. He doesn’t want to be left farther and farther with Jos Luodong at the same time, and besides Luodong, there is rain and cold behind him! If the group attacks, he will throw himself out of dozens of streets, which he doesn’t want to see …
Luo Dong’s strength rose so fast not because he was a genius, but because he worked hard. Even Jose felt terrible. If he hadn’t eaten the fruit of life, he wouldn’t have died many times. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have mastered the skills of armed color domineering hardening in such a short time.
Chapter seventy-one Hunting begins (second consecutive subscription)
Blue, blue …
Blue, blue …
"hey! Is this Lieutenant General Jos? I am Luo Dong. "
I’m Domino Domino, I said, and then I said, "Okay, I know we’re going now."
Jose looked at Domino and asked, "What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with Luo Dong?"
No, it didn’t go well. He has finished it and is going back to the department. It is estimated that he will arrive before evening.