Arrange this matter to be far away at the same time. When Cooper passed, the line received a message from Professor Brand.

"Are we going to start preparing for action now?" Cooper is very excited. He has to train here for a year or two by himself. He never thought the opportunity would come so soon.
He has only been training for a month!
However, Professor Brand threw cold water on him. "Operation Cooper didn’t start so soon. Now we have to do some pre-work first."
"Oh ~ What’s that job?"
"We’re going to drive the Yongheng through the tunnel and send it near the wormhole, which is the plan C we told you about before."
Professor Brand simply repeated a situation.
"We need your engineering modification ability. You know, although we can control the Eternal, NASA on the ground also has remote control function for the Eternal. We must modify it properly to avoid being influenced by NASA."
Cooper’s horse is white. "So when do we start?"
"Soon the rocket is ready to transform the docking module interface standard, so we can start."
Professor Brand asked Cooper to apply back.
Among the three astronauts trained while wandering, he is an engineer, and Cooper can win this one.
"In addition, we have prepared a partner for you who will work with you to modify the Yongheng."
"Who is it?" Cooper asked
"I don’t know, but I heard that he is also an engineer, and his skills may be more exquisite than yours?"
Cooper muttered, "That really helped me solve a big problem."
Although he is an engineer and his skills are recognized as first-class, he didn’t do it when he was an engineer.
So Cooper is really a little unsure and worried that he can’t win this.
With the help of a professional engineer, he can play thugs next to him.
After Professor Brand finished the phone call, Cooper quickly applied and told himself to two other colleagues who were also trained.
In the envy of his peers, Cooper walked through the communication tunnel and returned to the space base.
After two days in the base, the rocket and docking module are ready to send him to Yongheng.
The only thing that puzzles Cooper is that his fellow engineer hasn’t shown up yet …
Chapter 345 What is this? !
Cooper’s doubts about his companion’s delay in showing up continued until the moment before boarding the rocket.
Jody hurried over and said to him
"You act alone first, and your partner will send you to the tunnel when you enter the Yongheng."
Hearing this, Cooper took a deep breath.
More than ten years ago, when he first flew the rover spacecraft alone, he had an accident. Now he’s alone.
To be honest, Cooper is a little nervous.
Jody saw this and patted him on the shoulder. "It’s okay. The technology is very mature this time and everything will be fine."
Cooper nodded, and then the whole person followed the arrangement and instructions. By the time he came to his senses again, he had already sat in the spaceship.
Then he’ll just sit and wait for the day.
The spacecraft will automatically dock with the Yongheng, and then he will disable the ground control system first, so that the transformation of the Yongheng can be officially started.
Many people outside the rocket are looking at the top at this time.
Although docking the Forever is out of their control, no one is worried at all. Professor Brand is still in the mood to talk and laugh with his daughter.
The countdown rings.
Cooper sat down, folded his hands, and was ready to bear the rush south.
A manned spaceship rose from the tremor of the rocket, and it was a little too swaying for Cooper. I once again remembered when I made a mistake in driving the Wanderer more than ten years ago …
But he can’t think too much
Ground instructions came one after another. Although he didn’t need to do anything, he still had to observe the spacecraft data at all times.
The other side of the ocean
Since Professor Brand fled with Jody, the NASA base has been in a state of martial law, and all kinds of work have come to a standstill.
As soon as most projects are listed, they find that their project leader has been "treason"
Without the boss, all the projects have been calculated, and even the leaders and deputies have run away. In this case, all the projects are like flies, and they don’t know what to do.
And even if they want to work, it’s not that easy.
The person in charge of reviewing them has arrived at the base, and now everyone is suspected. If you are a little more positive about your work, you may be suspected that Liu Brande’s accomplices are trying to steal information from the inside.
Before the end of the review, most people are in a dark room alone on weekdays.
The whole base is running at the lowest working standard, that is, some very important positions will be attended.
Such as missile early warning satellite monitoring
Through the missile early warning satellite with strong infrared response when a missile or rocket is launched, the danger can be quickly discovered and early warning can be automatically carried out.
Although there is no army now, these important departments have always been preserved.
Soon after the Cooper rocket rose, it triggered the missile early warning satellite alarm. The duty room echoed with reports that various orbit prediction data of the rocket had appeared on the screen.
Two workers in the duty room were first one leng and then quickly reported the matter.
If it is the former, there is no need to do this. They have better methods, such as automatic operation to determine the impact of the orbit. If it is in China, it will automatically connect to the interceptor missile.
But it’s different now.
Go straight back to nature
Although the emergency system in the base is also under review, in the final analysis, it is still in transit, and soon someone received their alarm.
"Is it a missile?" Asked in the department of words.
The monitor looked at the blurred image taken by the satellite on the screen and monitored the size of the rocket. "No, this should be a rocket with a length of 50 meters."
The boss was relieved when he heard the first time.
It’s a bit exaggerated that the 50-meter-long missile is true. They don’t have Mars to deploy troops against them. It’s not so long. A shorter guy is enough.
Since it’s a rocket, let’s continue to find out what they’re launching for. We may need these data.
A base leader has set his sights on the future. The departure of many experts such as Brand is a major blow to Lazarus.
But this plan will be restarted one day in the future.
Don’t tell me, don’t find a new home. Where are these people going to escape?
Don’t die like others?
It is the right way for them to flee to a new planet with a "population bomb" and establish a new human colony.

"I’ll do it!"

Although the communication has recovered slightly, it can sometimes make Xingyue sound. She took over the set of individual exoskeleton armor control of Ji Xinghe and set the instructions for the intelligent core.
When this suit of individual exoskeleton armor is detached from the champion’s back, it is like a chemical fuel rocket that is about to be eliminated by the federal government. When the booster runs out of chemical fuel, it will separate itself.
However, its mission has not been completed. With two tungsten-steel-gold combat knives, it will complete the destruction of the last few key load-bearing columns, and Hou, the driving champion of Ji Xinghe, will continue to carry Ji Rongxin on his back.
Boom … Boom … Boom …
Grandpa is leaving the collapsing world with his granddaughter on his back, but they will not leave this battlefield because the war is not over yet.
"Continue to dismantle!"
The order was reached in the communication channel of Ji Xinghe. Based on all the known information, Xingyue determined six demolition targets, three oxygen warehouses, two energy centers and an armory.
The first goal, of course, is the armory. The command center of the transition base can still control a large number of monitoring equipment. Before they can be copied, they can kill the enemy and kill themselves-detonate the oxygen warehouse.
With the champion, Ji Xinghe’s defense is higher than before, but the problem is that the defense of Ji Rongxinyue’s single-soldier exoskeleton armor is greatly reduced, and because the customized single-soldier exoskeleton armor requires the messenger’s body shape, Ji Xinghe can’t change armor with Ji Rongxinyue, and he can’t really bear the explosion damage of oxygen warehouse level without the help of protective equipment.
Compared with the nuclear fusion reactor energy center, it can produce more lethality if it is detonated by the empire.
In this case, the main goal of going to the armory of the transition base and looking for suitable weapons and equipment can be more from whether to continue to attack or defend.
Roar and vibration keep coming. The suit of individual exoskeleton armor of Ji Xinghe has completed its final mission. The response caused by the collapse of a huge building at the base is chain-like.
This may be one of the reasons why the empire did not send large-scale troops to carry all kinds of weapons to intercept Ji Xinghe during their destruction and transfer.
What about going back and forth?
Driving the champion Hou Jixing River is like a magnitude earthquake, when the environment keeps advancing, it suddenly appears.
"Not quite right"
The communication has been restored. Ji Rong Xin Yue and Xing Yue both heard the sound of Ji Xing He for the first time. When they woke up, they also noticed that the wrong place was out at the same time.
"No pursuers" and "No interception"
"Well, there’s nothing. It shouldn’t be."
Ji Xinghe frowned, although he was confident that no one in this transition base could stop their father and grandson except Emperor Wudi (the moon and the moon don’t have actual combat power now), and Adakang couldn’t.
But the problem is that it is beneficial for them to complete the interception. Those monitoring probes can know their position and whereabouts. The empire can completely block the passage they want to pass or analyze and predict their action route and arrange weapons of mass destruction first, even if nuclear weapons are not used, it can have a serious impact on them.
If a special building is ambushed and exploded, it will cause the building to collapse. If you want to bury Emperor Wudi III and Adakang but fail, Ji Xinghe will be buried somewhere in this transition base by the empire.
And then it was not held by Emperor Wu III.
Ji Xinghe should not jump into the analysis category of the base command center by intuition. Judging from the fact that the imperial military must have military literacy, they have no reason to give up this situation.
Is it because the destruction of the base has achieved the expected effect, which has led to the serious defeat of the imperial ground war?
What do you think of the theory of taking the lesser of the two evils? At this time, the biggest threat to the imperial transition base is the Ji family team, not the federal surface, which launches the general assault force. The difference in combat effectiveness between the two is because the Ji family team is closer to the most important transition area of the transition base and has the ability to complete blasting.
A few words of dialogue Ji Xinghe has rushed to the armory with Ji Rongxin on his back, and there should be no situation in front of them.
There is a scarlet here!
When Ji Xinghe destroyed all the surveillance cameras in the line of sight and hit the armory gate by air control, a large number of brand-new and rich weapons and equipment appeared in their sight.
It’s really wrong to have weapons but no orangutans.
Ji Xinghe intuitively didn’t need him to avoid danger as soon as possible, saying that this place would not be directly detonated by the empire, but should have the ability to jump to the base command center, and knowing that Ji Xinghe had arrived, he gave up detonating a large number of bombs, shells and missiles in the armory.
Ji Rong Xinyue didn’t get the warning message. She has jumped off the champion Hou’s back to help search for suitable weapons and equipment. She didn’t think about this wrong situation, because Ji Xinghe was beside her.
"They’re retreating."
Ji Xinghe suddenly sold Ji Rongxin’s moon movement for an instant and then continued.
"What?" Ji Rong Xinyue was puzzled by Xingyue and asked, "Master, you won’t have broken through to the ninth stage, will you?"
Whether Yu Ji Xinghe is in the ninth stage is the most clear question in the world. They just broke into Lu Ji Xinghe and confirmed the fact that he broke through to the ninth stage and said a lot of secrets like a confession.
Ji Xinghe didn’t answer, but used a dozen portable individual missiles to make the microphone resound through the armory.
"Are you going to run?"
"Run?" With a smile, Emperor Wu III began to say, "I gave you a gift that will make you the greatest wonder of mankind in this era. Do you repay me with such words?"
"If you stay, I will give you more in return."
"Ha ha …"
Emperor Wu III laughed for a while and then said softly, "How did you say his heart struggled just now?"
This is obviously not talking to Ji Xinghe or to Ji Rong Xinyue.
Adakang also sounded with a smile. "It’s not just a struggle for life and death, but also a struggle for the present and the future. It’s not only a struggle for the fate of him and his granddaughter, but also a struggle for the fate of the Federation and mankind. It’s really torture. I can’t bear it."
Emperor Wu III "tut-tut" for two times. I don’t know whether to imitate Li Zhengfan. It said, "But his struggles are meaningless because no matter how he chooses, he will go forward and backward according to my drama."
"Yes," Adakang echoed. "The greatest wonder in the human world, Xinghe, is really a stage clown, and it is like a joke, but the audience has us."
Ji Xinghe’s silence responded to the fierce words. Ji Rong Xinyue was equally silent. It is true that the dialogue between Emperor Wu III and Adakang is less. It seems so.
Emperor Wu III came and left when he said it. He ordered the empire to be located in the last transition base of different stars, and said that he would keep it and withdraw it, which made Ji Xinghe look like a clown.
He and Ji Rongxinyue had a hard time meeting. Emperor Wu III did not really appear, but it brought the threat of prehistoric cases. The scenes represented by various choices in the future and all the tactics he carried out with Ji Rongxinyue and Xingyue.
It’s really like a stage drama. The real audience includes Emperor Wu III, who can turn Ji Xinghe into a stage clown.
Just as Emperor Wu III could easily make Ji Xinghe the greatest wonder in the human world.
It may be hard for adults to bear such a blow, but few of them can respond to fierce words, so can the stars and moons, or maybe they don’t want to swear in front of the stars and rivers.
There is Ji Xinghe who can respond.
He sounded up.
"Heart-cutting knife. Good study, but very general."
"Really?" Emperor Wu III replied with great interest, "Are you going to say that you want to teach me, but there are conditions?"

Sook Samoyed was furious and swung his whip at Cang Lang! this

It was Xu Huaijin who was there to deal with the military situation. When he saw that Suksamo whip was about to fall, he jumped to the front of the horse and stretched out his big hand to drag Suksamo whip in his hand and shouted angrily, "Stop it!" Suksamo was furious. "The dog has turned against you, and even the old man dares to stop me from picking you up!"
Chapter three hundred and six Unlucky Suksamoyed
While talking, Sukesamo has withdrawn the whip and then pulled it toward Xu Huaijin.
At this time, Xu Huaijin didn’t dodge, let a whip draw his head, and a blood shower appeared on Xu Huaijin’s right face and neck.
Xu Huaijin’s face was cold and cold. "Someone will tie up the perpetrators for me!"
Aside, Cang Lang can’t wait for Xu Huaijin to be born in Cang Lang, Cang Lang. Even if Zhang Enyuan and Zhang Yihu were once in charge, it’s hard to compare. But now Zhang Yishou’s number one will be humiliated by his own leaders. How can they swallow the humiliation of Cang Lang Camp? They have always been enemies and complained that today’s hatred will never drag on.
Behind Xu Huaijin, several Cang Lang suddenly surrounded a Cang Lang and jumped directly from the horse to Sukesamo. Where can I resist Cang Lang’s attack and fall directly from the horse?
Suksamo was furious and pulled out the pistol directly from his waist. As soon as the gunman lifted it, he would shoot.
See the figure around a flash, a Cang Lang fly up a foot in the middle of Sukesamo’s wrist, and the pistol is directly kicked off. Before Sukesamo can wait to reflect it, two Cang Lang directly smoke seven mouth ropes one after another and throw them aside.
Sukesamo woke up after drinking and saw himself tied up and roared, "Who the fuck are you who dare to tie up and not want to mix?" No one in Heilongjiang dares to tie the old! "
Aside Cang Lang drink a way "bastard before this is commanding the three northeast provinces.
General Jun Shengjing told the Chief of Staff to take charge of the affairs of the armies in the three provinces. Are you fucking crazy and dare to beat officials and don’t want to live? "
Talking is a burst of punching and kicking …
Xu Huaijin drink a way "all right, bring it in! Ask the general’s adult to show mercy! "
Sukesamo protested, "It’s always the yellow flag with a title. What qualifications do you have to tie the old?" What qualifications do you have to deal with me! ? Even Lord Enze can join me and send it to the Zongren Mansion for treatment. Who are you? "
Xu Huaijin shouted, "Someone gave it to me and told him to be honest!"
A former hand of Cang Lang, Li Gaba-Suksamoba, has been picked. Suksamoba whined and was dragged into the martial arts field by several people.
Teach Zhang Yi Enze and others in the martial arts field to see clearly that Enze’s eyes closed and he didn’t say anything to repose. Zhang Yi’s face turned cold.
At this time, several Cang Lang dragged Suksamo in, and a Cang Lang handed over and said, "The cavalry general’s adult refused to check the drunkenness and trouble outside the door, but he also looked at the elders and even whipped Xu Huaijin’s adult and wanted to commit a crime. We asked the general’s adult to punish him!"
Zhang Yi said coldly, "Tie him to a stake and pick him up. It’s up to you to see who dares to attack the chief of staff of a town’s general company!"
Several Cang Lang quickly began to tie Suksamo to a stake and put his mouth in place.
Where has Suksamo ever been such a coward? Even Enze was polite to him.
Where can I stand this humiliation? I couldn’t help swearing
Zhang Yi said angrily, "Somebody give me a slap in the face until he confesses softly!"
Several Cang Lang also came straight at you’re welcome, slapping or scratching was a slap in the face, which made Suksamo’s eyes see stars. Finally, he couldn’t bear it. He cried, "Enze’s adult, Enze’s adult, help! What are their crimes against my humble position? Who are they who dare to beat me?"
Enze could no longer close his eyes when he heard the call, opened his eyes and said slowly, "Mr. Jian, please let him go first. He is the head of the Gongzi camp, and Suksamo has a title. It is not appropriate to do so!"
Zhang Yi sealed his eyes and said, "Officers never care about military workers with titles. Relying on their ancestors’ shadows, the officers and elders taught him how to be a man! Let the museum give you this face and stay together for an hour! "
Zhang Yi gave a hand and all the staff scattered aside.
Zhang Yi waited quietly.
Time flies. Although it is not short, it will pass after all. After one hour, hundreds of officers and men have returned one after another. Together, there are nearly 3,000 people in the martial arts field.
Zhang Yi said coldly, "When Hershey arrived, Xu Huaijin, what are the statistics of the various ministries now?"
Xu Huaijin replied, "The number of instructors who have arrived at the current camp should be 4,674, and the actual number should be 2,971. Those who have not arrived are more than 1,600."
There are 111 people missing from Zhongshengzi Camp, 167 people missing from Fengzi Camp and 200 people missing from Luzi Camp … At the same time, the commander of Gongzi Camp, Suksamo, failed to arrive at the time and attempted to commit crimes at the camp gate; He arrived at Yong Zi Camp only after the word camp. The commander of the two battalions has not arrived yet! "
Zhang Yihan said, "Gong Zi Camp is in charge of Suksamo’s drunkenness, rioting and beating officials. If he fails to do so, he should be dismissed on the spot and take off his top hat! He Zi battalion commander demoted first-class sentry Yong Zi battalion commander took off his top hat and went to their respective command posts! All the soldiers who have not arrived at the time limit will be dealt with according to what they said before! "
Xu Huaijin replied, "Yes!"
Enze finally changed his face. I didn’t expect Zhang Yizhen to dare to be so cruel. He hurriedly said, "Sir Jian, you will go to three commanders and demote more than 1,000 people in one breath. The soldiers are either expelled from the army or deducted from their salaries. What are you going to do? The whole Heilongjiang army will be in a mess. How can you let the old man manage the Heilongjiang army?"
Zhang Yi replied with an expression, "Grace, if you can’t manage it, don’t manage it. Xu Huaijin has ordered the Heilongjiang army to take a temporary photo from today to strictly investigate the lack of staff in various ministries in Heilongjiang. Once hell to pay is found!" Enze roared, "Zhang Yi is always in charge of the military and political affairs in Heilongjiang at the will of the imperial court. What’s your advantage? Stop my errand and always ask the imperial court to join you and bending the law for personal gain!" Zhang Yi shouted, "Old age is the highest in the three northeastern provinces.
Military and political chief, who are you to find out all the problems before you can participate in the dissolution of the old and the old, and now you can treat you with a felony of lax defense! Look at what you’ve brought to Qiqihar soldiers. Are there any soldiers left? A hundred veteran soldiers can beat you and a thousand people run away! You are a bullshit Heilongjiang general! Xu Huaijin will take the place of Heilongjiang Army for a month from today and clean up the army for me! "
Chapter three hundred and seven Kill!
Aside, Suksamo is sober now. Come and listen. What happened when they finally understood?
Sukesamo neck a terrier mouth scold a way "dog day Zhang Yi you this group of han people this is to usurp the throne? This is our flag day, not you dog day han people, you let go of the old age, the first emperor gave me a gold medal, Dan Tie30, and no one dares to grasp the old age except Zongren House! You’re taking you. This is naked! Lord Enze can’t be so cheap. He ordered the soldiers to take them directly and follow you to the imperial court to find Lafayette and the emperor! "
Zhang Yi looked at Suksamo with cold eyes and shouted, "Damn it, China’s army was damaged by you scum, and you have the face to yell here and call him a long memory!"
Sukesamo roared, "The brothers in Gongzi Camp are flag bearers, so come out to the old man. We flag bearers have no cowards to beat Zhang Yi out to the old man!"
And word camp at the head of the MOOTIG also roared, "His mother Zhang Yi old respect you are a court official and came all the way to see you. You didn’t say that you were going to demote your old position, but it was the blood of Emperor Mao. How dare you drive your old position?" I always fight with you. The brothers will drive this little one out. If something goes wrong, they will always call me with Suksamo! "
Sook Samomo Otig has been a gang of snakes and rats, fighting cocks and walking dogs all day, and they are full of flags and brothers, and there are also many sergeants in their faces.
The number of people who are loafing around like this are also rushing to the stands of the martial arts field.
Zhang Yi looked at the officers and men who flocked to the stands and shouted coldly, "Somebody give it to me!"
Twenty or thirty Cang Lang qi qi stepped forward with a submachine gun toward the surface is a strafe! Submachine gun shells will hit a piece of dust on the edge of the stand of the teaching martial arts field.
The soldiers surging with the banner finally saw these murderous Cang Lang. What a group of monsters! With such powerful weapons in their hands, they drove Ma Keqin. These people will definitely be shot into a sieve by their department. There is no doubt that these people look like cold-blooded killing machines!
The flag-bearer soldiers retreated repeatedly in fear, and the crowd moved back a dozen paces before stopping. Some officers and men in front were scared and pale. These people were really scared. How dare they shoot! Almost hit the old thigh …
Shook Satsuma was taken aback and immediately roared again. "Brothers, they dare not shoot at people and rush to shoot them. He won’t let us live a good life and we won’t let him live …"
Sukesamo was yelling at himself when "pa" a shot went off. Sukesamo’s head was bleeding from his forehead, and there was already a loophole in his forehead. Sukesamo died suddenly.
At this time, Zhang Yi’s hand is spinning with a Mao Se pistol coldly. "That dare to impact the stands again is tantamount to betraying the court."
It was the rebellious Suksamo’s accomplices who were shot on the spot! "
"psst!" All the officers and men in the field gasped at the air conditioning. This Zhang Yi was really cruel enough to shoot Suksamo directly without hesitation. At that time, this Zhang Yi still turned his back on Suksamo and just waved his hand. Suksamo was already dying!
Those who rushed to the front of the flag-bearer shouted a piece and fled to the side of the team for fear that their bad luck was targeted by Cang Lang, the front force
In the crowd, only Mootig just stood there, and his head was buzzing. This is the protection of Dantie, so Suksamo was shot by Zhang Yi! I’m just a general, but I’m not as strong as Suksamo. That’s just like Suksamo!

Su He has been following Ji Xinghe back to Xinxin’s room before leaving him and going back to his place of residence. By the way, it has been agreed for a while that Ji Xinghe will call him when he goes to the mecha area. He is in no hurry.

Ji Xinghe has also discovered the benefits of following the Su River. Su River is a war correspondent who has a shooting and interview office, but he can help take care of Xinxin Su River during his working hours. He is very happy because he also knows that the shortage of alien resources is not only material resources, human resources and technical resources, but also very important for him to do something of practical significance.
"Grandpa, you really don’t rest?"
"No, when Grandpa slept for three months?"
"But Uncle Shen Mu said you didn’t sleep."
"I believe grandpa really needs to sleep for four or five hours every day."
"Grandpa can teach me? In this way, I will have more time to watch, repair things and practice martial arts like my grandfather every day. "
"Of course, but Yan Yan must eat and sleep on time before she can learn."
"Okay, let’s pull the hook."
After pulling the hook, Yan Yan drove people away. "Grandpa, go to work quickly. Yan Yan can sleep without coaxing."
Ji Xinghe doesn’t want to go, and neither does he.
"Grandpa can monitor and watch Yan Yan. Mom always works overtime every night. Yan Yan has something to do. The communicator in the room is called Grandpa."
Is that so?
When Ji Xinghe hesitated, Yan Xin was already holding Ji Xinghe’s right hand to hold the bracelet. It seems that she used to hold her mother’s bracelet like this before, and soon brought up the monitoring screen in the room, because this is all the restricted passwords left by her mother for her room.
"Grandpa, go, because they need grandpa. Yan Yan will be very good, because Yan Yan will also make them need people to be like mothers, like fathers, like grandfathers."
Ji Xinghe said to Yan Yan that he had skillfully finished washing his face, brushing his teeth and washing his feet, and got into bed. After covering himself with a thin quilt, he left for a short time, and it was a better future for him to get together for a longer time. He could not live up to such a sensible Yan Yan.
Mecha zone, I’m coming.
Chapter 4 Selfishness
Ji Xinghe actually doesn’t want to go to the mecha area. He wants to meet the second lieutenant officer who installed the mechanical leg, but it’s a pity that he doesn’t know the name and number of the other party and can’t contact the other party.
He shouldn’t be able to sleep, should he? Just like yourself.
Can Xinxin fall asleep? I don’t think she can sleep either, but she will lie still in bed because she doesn’t want to worry about herself and affect her work just as she didn’t want to affect her mother’s work before.
Then I should work harder.
Ji Xinghe thought this way and came to the mecha area. This time, he came alone without Shen Mu’s help. He felt that he might not be able to get in. After all, he refused to be hired in the 19 th Cao Cao area and publicly questioned the lieutenant colonel officer who looked like a steward in the base.
Unexpectedly and understandably, when he was close to the metal door in the mecha area, the time limit certification had been directly completed. "Welcome to professional and technical private mechanic Ji Xinghe"
He has entered the mecha zone, but his log is blank. Even if he goes in, he doesn’t know what he should do and what he can do.
"Lao Ji, wait for me to brush the limit for you."
At the corner of Shen Mu corridor, he shouted that he and Su He had come together, because their accommodation place was very close to Ji Xinghe’s assigned accommodation place, and he was also with them, but Ji Xinghe has never been back yet.
"No, I’m limited."
Ji Xinghe took the lead in entering the metal door, and he was already a little forced to wait, not only because he had to work harder, but also because he had been a mechanic since he was a child. He took the mechanic road because he loved repairing and manufacturing mecha, which was his dream.
Shen Mu footsteps slightly paused Su He has trotted with the past, and he has just applied for the corresponding limit. Even without Shen Mu and Ji Xinghe, he can freely enter and leave the mecha area.
"Wait for me."
After Shen Mu chased him in, he talked to Ji Xinghe like a footman. "I have finished the report. I was assigned to the No.21 operating area. The former head applied to go to the front line and didn’t come back … Lao Ji, why don’t you come and help me? I never dreamed that I could have such a day."
Not all alien mechs can be transported to the base for maintenance. Fortunately, there are many mechanics here. The real danger and difficulty are the damaged mechs and mechanics in the front battlefield.
"No," Ji Xinghe refused again and gave the reason. "I also checked. If I go to your place or 19, you will count me in your daily diary. Not only will you be tired, but I will also have no time."
The artificial intelligence program and command center of the base will distribute the daily log according to the personnel configuration and technical level of each operation area. In a nutshell, those who can do more work will get more.
"But who can teach you if you don’t come to me or go to 19?" Shen Mu questioned, "You can’t do it alone. I know that you have a strong personal ability and a strong learning ability. You need to sleep for four or five hours every day, but the problem is that the efficiency of self-study is very low. When we are together, we can save you a lot of detours … Lao Ji, I’m afraid I won’t have time to answer many questions when I get busy here. I’m very good at repairing my diary. I think it will be full. You can’t wait for me to finish teaching you every day."
Su He next to chimed in, "Yes, Lao Ji, although you know a little about mecha, you are all self-taught. They are masters and trained people like Shen Mu, which can really help you avoid many detours. When you really want to help the second lieutenant officer, he should not be so anxious to ask you to help him, and you don’t need to worry. That is to say, can you join 19 or Shen Mu 21 first? If not, you can resign again."
There is almost no difference between Ji Xinghe’s busy level before eating or normal shift, and there is almost no difference between the total number of mechanics and the mecha area. It was silent for a while before coming out.
"I know very well that I shouldn’t have been here. I’m too old, so I’m really a redundant person here. I took up some resources and I will take up some resources here. I have to make corresponding contributions, but I think I can do it and … is there really that second lieutenant officer in this base who needs help?"
Shen Mu and Su He were silent, and the battle on the alien front was very tragic. Like second lieutenant officers, many of them became disabled, but many of them did not want to divorce the star front, but they lost their real ability to continue fighting.
Ji Xinghe looked at Su He. "Xiao Su, I found that there is a down soldier in the base. Even if you do me a favor and count all their information, I need to know his name. His former fighting style is best recorded in his former mecha black box."
The down archers are just like the second lieutenant, as the name suggests. They don’t want to leave their posts. They are incorporated into the down archers’ company.
Su He didn’t promise Shen Mu to ask Su He questions that he also wanted to ask.

Although the power of the sacred soldiers is huge, there will be a little loss when they cross many roads. However, the great Zen master, Monty Munro, has sacrificed the power of the sacred soldiers to the Great Brahma Temple, and there will be no loss, and the power will be brought into full play!

"It’s a pity that Gu Xiong, I’m afraid you can’t survive this catastrophe."
The great Zen master smiled with compassion. "I am merciful! Since you can’t survive this disaster, I’d better give it to the old monk to help you keep it. It’s hard to save lives by using these fairy spirits. Now you can calculate that you have accumulated a copy of Yin De’s death and become a paradise! "
He said that justice is awe-inspiring, but in his bones, he moved to fish in troubled waters. While Gu Tianxing and Su Ying, the two masters, resisted the robbery, he came to search for the aura that originally belonged to Gu Tianxing. In those days, Gu Tianxing and Su Ying robbed Cang Kun Xian in troubled waters, which was the same wind.
"Brother Su doesn’t know if anyone can shelter you after Gu Tianxing’s death?"
Just then, another person came from the void. It was Gu Bufan, the outstanding brother of Zhenyuan Taoist Temple, who had a grudge against Su Ying. Behind him, an old man with a hand-held duster smiled and said, "You can live until now only by Gu Tianxing’s protection. How many days can you live without protection after this demon dies?"
"Su Sheng’s evil deeds are extremely devastating, and the original mainland is guilty!"
Another golden dragon seal came crashing down to the Summer Emperor Xia Jie wearing a crown and a dragon robe near the hundreds of mountains. Ling Jinlong seal came to this new way. "This person just borrowed Gu Tianxing’s breath to live to the present. He won’t live a day after the death of the old demon! Gu Tianxing, do you remember? When Zhongzhou robbed me of a Long Mai in the summer, I said I would give you a gift when I was in Du Jie, and now I’m here! "
"Su Ying is just a fanatic who lived to this day because of Gu Tianxing’s jealousy. You really think highly of him when you say that he can live for a day. He is already a dead man in the eyes of the emperor!"
A person wearing a black robe is beaming with laughter, flying around and scrolling, but Wan Li’s evil spirit is the arrival of the Black Dragon Emperor of Poseidon Palace. "Gu Tianxing, you two are bullying the original mainland, and now it’s time to calculate the general ledger!"
Suddenly, there’s a magic gas rolling in from Wan Li. Among the magic gas, there’s a tour in magic dragon, but it’s the magic Luo dynasty in the western regions. The magic Luo emperor also came to the Monty Sect of the ages to see the middle-aged emperor. The emperor smiled and said, "Sheng heard that he had come to see Brother Gu off!"
"I don’t know how many people are at enmity with you in today’s world. Now it’s time to settle!"
And Styx hierarch came to lang laughed
Then, the primitive mainland holy places, such as mending the devil’s religion, heaven Sect, earth devil Sect and so on, came to besiege hundreds of mountains one after another and were combative.
"Gu Tianxing Su should know that what goes around comes around comes around. Take advantage of this great man to rob us and send you both to the west!"
"Yes, Gu Tianxing, if you are the emperor of the original mainland, you will definitely be devastated by you. You should understand the truth that you are sick and want to kill you, right?"
"Even if you can survive the Great Emperor’s robbery, I will sweep away your fairy spirit and make you weak for 300 years!"
"You two have always robbed others, and now you finally get what you deserve!"
"Uncle, how many people did you offend in your early years?"
Su Ying’s face turned black and looked around to see that all the holy places in the primitive mainland had almost arrived, which made him so depressed that he couldn’t wait to vomit blood. There were a few sects, such as King Kong Zen Buddhism, Sun God Palace, Moon God Palace and Zhongzhou Xiajia, without the Lord’s arrival.
However, most of the people robbed by these sects without the Lord’s participation in the Great Emperor were either destroyed by themselves or made friends with Gu Tianxing. There is an icon goddess Sect in the holy land and it is also a treasure image domain.
Gu Tianxing smiled lightly and said, "These saints have either almost died in my hands, or there are brothers, uncles, younger brothers, younger sisters, teachers and grandmothers who have died in my hands. I have done a few ridiculous things and killed too many people in all the holy places in the original mainland, and I have almost killed many enemies."
"The enemy is not spoken by others, but killed!"
Gu Tianxing’s eyes flashed off, and suddenly all the attacks were hard to contend with, and no holy soldier could attack Su Ying.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I have long expected that you will not let me survive this robbery safely. Can you be unguarded?"
He looked at Su Ying and smiled, "Martial nephew, we had an agreement that I would fight against 90% of the holy soldiers’ attacks, and you need to fight against 10%. Now you have the remaining 10%!"
"Teacher, what you said about ten percent is not these holy lords, is it?"
Su Ying’s eyes swept out to see the holy masters of all the holy places to jointly urge their respective holy soldiers to bomb conan the destroyer. Every form of holy soldiers can be described as wonderful in form and spirit, and its power is much stronger than that of his holy master.
His holy soldier’s bombardment was a virtual shadow form of the holy soldier from afar, but now it is a holy soldier entity, which is naturally different!
"This is to force me to make efforts ….."
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-three The enemy was killed
Gu Tianxing’s eyes lit up and smiled. "My nephew, I mean to see the strength of your department. Now I’m going to absorb all these forbidden patterns of the holy soldiers into my body to refine my body, mind, forbidden law and the magic wheel of famine, so that I can improve my strength further!"
He said leisurely, "where else in the world can we find such an opportunity for more than 1,500 holy places to join hands to urge their holy soldiers to refine their flesh and mind?" Teacher younger brother, I will leave my safety to you. "
He sat cross-legged, and suddenly the magic wheel became more and more fierce. Serena could dissipate and float above his head, and his nine external incarnations sat cross-legged on a stone tablet.
Several holy soldiers’ forbidden lines swarmed down and drowned Gu Tianxing.
The Black Dragon Emperor of Poseidon Palace laughed and said solemnity, "Gu Tianxing, you are really cruel to let your nephew come out to resist us. Are you going to use this small thing as cannon fodder?"
"Cannon fodder? Black Dragon Emperor, you look down on Su! "
Su Ying rose from the sky and rushed out of the scope of the Emperor’s robbery. Hundreds of mountains floated high and came to the major saints.
Om, a swinging bracelet suddenly rose in front of him and was set in his hand.
Sue should face up to the bombardment and come with more than a hundred holy soldiers. chaos clock reappeared above his head to protect him all over.
"Did Su’s life’s strongman ever need someone to protect him?"
His mind moved, Qing Di’s flesh directly merged with himself, and then when a palm leaned out and twisted, many saints felt that his palm suddenly became bigger than a huge palm covering the sun, and the palm prints stretched out like the sky hanging upside down, but the mountains and hills were spread with five fingers apart as if Tianzhu were hanging upside down!
This is Su Ying’s strongest strength. His body has already reached the height of the emperor and his mana has also risen to the level of the Great Sage!
At first, the Great Fanyinlei Temple was as huge as a mainland Buddhist chanting and singing, but before it touched his palm, the Pangdalei Temple became smaller and smaller, and finally fell into his hand as big as a fist!
His palm in the treasure house of the Dragon God is similar to the scene in which the Dragon Emperor steals the sky and distorts the control of the hand for miles!
However, when the Dragon Emperor used this method, it was with the help of more than ten holy soldiers’ powers that he could lean out and twist all the imaginary miles into the palm of his hand and turn the holy treasure into dust.
Su Yingxiu’s strength is naturally better than that of Emperor Yong, but he is strong in Jin Gangzhuo and chaos clock, and the bonus of all kinds of treasures of the holy soldiers makes him unexpectedly able to cast such a blow of the earth!
Even so, he still reached the point where the distortion is thousands of miles away, which is to shrink hundreds of Wan Li virtual distortions into the palm of his hand!
He Xiu Yuan is not as good as the Dragon Emperor. Although he achieved the achievements of other people’s legal enterprises, he modified the restrictions and allowed other methods to give full play to the power of chaos clock and Huangtian Ship. Moreover, although he was strong in chaos clock, he did not break into other forbidden methods to give full play to the power of two treasures.
However, even so, Su Ying’s blooming strength at this time is also extremely scary. When she leaned out to concentrate hundreds of Wan Li, it was almost the peak of the Great Sage. When she shot, Wei Wei left many saints behind!
"The Black Dragon Emperor was able to seriously injure you with one move from my teacher, but now you and I can’t walk past with one move!"
Su Ying saw with a heavy pinch that the Great Brahma Temple was bombarded by the power of this holy soldier when he shook hands, and his hands were constantly broken.
Want to know Sue should hold hundreds of Wan Li virtual this holy soldier can collapse pieces of visible power is amazing!
Even so, the Great Brahma Temple can’t escape from him, and he can’t get rid of it!
"Black Dragon Emperor, I can kill you with one move and make you bones. Do you believe it?"
The black dragon emperor is furious, and he dares to fight alone before he dares.
The great Zen master was bald and covered with cold sweat, which repeatedly prompted the Great Fanyin Lei Temple. However, this Lei Temple fell into the hands of Su Ying like a mud cow in the sea.
"Although you are a Buddhist, I think it’s a villain’s general behavior that you have been wronged in the past and recently. Do you believe that I can kill you with one move?"
Su Ying should hold the Great Brahma Temple, which is a thunder temple. His palms are shaking endlessly and he always tries to get rid of his repression.
He looked around for a week, and saw that the holy lords looked at his palm and smiled. "You are the same. If you don’t believe me, you can come out and I will kill you and show them!"
The great Zen master was so angry that he laughed and roared. Suddenly, a golden-haired ape was so tall that he roared and repeatedly held a gold rod and blew it up. He slammed Su Ying with a grimace and said, "Everyone can be punished for heresy! Give me back the Great Fanyinlei Temple! "

Li Han also said, "Yes, if we can hit the Imperial Star, we can definitely let the Empire know what nuclear hydrogen is."

"Nuclear weapons, nuclear hydrogen bombs, hydrogen"
"Ha ha ha interesting"
Everyone knows this truth. During the Star Wars, because the alien Federation seems to be a federal territory and there are a large number of federal soldiers stationed, it will not be easy to use nuclear weapons.
But if you hit the Empire Star, it is estimated that nuclear weapons will have a place when the Federation has prepared for more than one hundred years.
"I’m worried that some people will be unwilling to let us be nuclear and hydrogen when the Empire Star benefits."
"I’ll break their legs if they don’t let us be nuclear."
The most powerful several ace mecha and a Milky Way mecha high say such words in public is a gesture.
Because with the pre-victory of the federal war mark canyon, those people who support the peace talks think that the federal government can finally take the initiative have been clamoring for the past 16 hours.
This made them very dissatisfied. After this seemingly small talk, those sounds should be smaller.
Ji Xinghe didn’t take part in the chat, but his attitude has already taken root and he doesn’t need to show it again.
Several ace mecha in Li Yuanba poured a pot of cold water when chatting in full swing.
"You should all be prepared. Earl A’s anti-Galaxy Corps was annihilated. Adakang will die in ten hours, but the real anti-Galaxy Corps will definitely appear later."
Li Han and others frowned at the thought of getting information before.
"You say it’s Dong Guo Cilian. They said the Imperial Royal Guards Mecha Camp before?"
"Three hundred Duke Jia that mecha regiment?"
"No, emperor wudi iii will send its most powerful force to different stars? Didn’t you say that Dong Guo Cilian’s empire was very fierce? "
"Yes, almost all orangutans and monkeys in the empire are indifferent to Emperor Wu III. How dare it?"
In the face of these reasons, Li Yuanba said a word and let Li Han and others be silent
"Because they don’t come, we will win."
Yes, in addition to the three hundred Duke A Empire, what force can defeat the mecha of Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba Federation?
Left hand tone so easily said, "So Su Chuanyun has to try very hard to do restorative training. When he exploded to break a ten-frame team battle, I was less able to spell out three Qin Tong, Harris and Lame, all of which were worse than me. Well, our independent group is not the old man, but it can handle 30 … The old man can get 70 and get a whole left of 200. You four independent groups can do it."
Nobody spoke to his left hand.
It is reasonable to say that the independent group can handle one hundred planes, and the other four independent groups can handle two hundred planes. It should not be a big problem.
But the question is, is it still a war if it can be counted as such?
Emperor Wu III’s Royal Guards Camp, if the anti-Xinghe Corps style of play appears in the battlefield of the Mountain of Gods, will never give the Federation all the independent groups a chance.
No independent regiment can stop the situation one by one.
It is clear that all the people were silent, and on the other side, Ji Xinghe also ended communication and adaptability training with Su Chuanyun.
"The old man no longer practices?"
"No, I know."
Li Yuanba persuaded, "I think you should practice again. Although you are very strong, your armor is also very strong, but the empire is likely to make communication jamming devices this time."
The challenge before the battle is one-on-one. What does it have to do with armor division?
Others don’t understand the meaning of Ji Xinghe but white Li Yuanba.
With the help of the moon and the moon, he really doesn’t need any adaptive training. Even if he hasn’t modified the imperial mecha, he should have a federal manufacturing intelligence core. The moon and the moon can make up for the reduction of combat power caused by different operating methods.
The whole armor makes the intelligent core must be made in the Federation.
However, it has been three years since the moon and the moon appeared on the battlefield under the guise of "armor separation", especially this time when Su Chuanyun exploded Li Yuanba, and it was clear that it was the moon and the moon.
Does the empire really know nothing?
The supporting force behind the main supplicant of the peace talks is the organization at the top of the tower, and the organization at the top of the tower knows that A’s separation is done by Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba.
In case the organization at the top of the peace talks told the empire the news, and the empire made communication jamming devices to prevent Li Yuanba from joining forces with Ji Xinghe for two dozen one.
Xingyue can’t appear. Ji Xinghe drives the whole armor.
This was decided before Ji Xinghe, to prevent him from having an accident, and the moon and the moon died with him.
The moon and the stars raised strong objections, but Ji Xinghe gave them a look.
In this case, it is good for Ji Xinghe to be familiar with the whole armour.
"I told you, I know I’m not worried."
"What’s the number? You say it. "
"If you say it, you won’t let me fight."
"Ha ha, who can manage you?"
Ji Xinghe thinks that what Li Yuanba said makes sense. Looking at the people, he seems to believe that he is really worried about his eyes.
Say the number in his heart.
"Do you think Adakang would agree if I told Adakang that I was going to have a disarmament battle?"
They froze.
The left hand hasn’t reacted yet, so of course, he replied, "I’m sure I’ll agree. Adacon can live in an alien environment without the help of auxiliary equipment, and he can still punch his body with a fist made of tungsten-steel alloy … Wait, old man, what did you say?"
"I said I want to fight it." Ji Xinghe’s tone is unquestionable. "This is my gift to the blind."
Chapter 59 Must be disarmed reasons
When Ji Xinghe finally spoke his mind, there was no unexpected opposition from everyone.
Kaidilin’s opposition was the strongest. He directly played the bracelet and prepared to join Ivanovic.
Although as Li Yuanba said just now, no one can manage Ji Xinghe, Ivanovich is also the commander-in-chief of the Federation. If it is cruel to stop Ji Xinghe, this challenge will definitely not go smoothly.
You don’t need to control Ji Xinghe. You need to send a space battleship to appear in the battlefield. Adakang can’t come out and fight Ji Xinghe one-on-one
"What are you doing?"

Many gods fluctuate, and there are many monsters among these powerful spectators. Naturally, you can see at a glance that Su Ying is not a slave to the alchemist, but a friend of the alchemist. He said that he is a slave to the alchemist. Although others know it, there is nothing they can do.

There are three powerful congenital constitutions in the world today: the treasure body, the divine body and the immortal body, each of which is no small matter.
In addition, there are all kinds of special constitutions.
The treasure body is a magical body with great energy, such as the alchemist, the founder brothers and Jian Gong, both of which are precious bodies with extremely strong magical blood flowing through them.
The divine body is another kind of extremely special physique, which is born strong and descended from heaven at birth. The divine spirit has unimaginable advantages, and the cultivation speed is as fast as the reincarnation of God, and the foundation is better than the solid magical power!
Their flesh is even more earth than the magic weapon of the same level. If they can grow up, they will be the overlord of the vertical and horizontal giants!
It is even rarer to say that the top three of the three thousand special physiques are immortals. Since ancient times, immortals have not appeared many times, but they will be shocked when they appear!
I heard that several heavenly emperors were born in immortal bodies!
In addition to these constitutions, there are several acquired constitutions, such as Mo Tianya Jiuzhanti and Lei Yin Buddha, the holy monk of the sandalwood, both of which are cultivated the day after tomorrow, but they are also extremely powerful and not inferior to the treasure body and the divine body!
This time, the appearance of two gods in Izumo City can be seen as a great sensation!
Niu Shan came to be a very ordinary ox demon, and was later attacked by Sue, the demon statue of bones receivable.
Then it disappeared.
I didn’t expect that when I saw you goodbye, this stupid goods were so tough that they bombarded him with magic weapons, and he didn’t leave any scars. This is simply abnormal!
Now Sue should be born to kill two world war slaves. It seems that his body is not inferior to that of Niu Shan.
Chapter 1112 God body
However, they don’t know whether Sue is a special physique, a treasure body or a divine body, but a celestial body!
It can even be said that his physique has already surpassed the immortal body!
He has a solid foundation since he practiced Archaean magic body. Plus, he has been a mixed Taoist body since the beginning of cultivation, and then everything has been refined into the body in a large array. For several years, the Taoist pattern has been refined into the bones in the smallest grain of the body, and even into the innate demon texture, and HarmonyOS purple gas has been refined into the body, which has created his powerful body!
Later, as Su Yingxiu rose step by step, his body had already evolved into a chaotic fairy body!
3,000 special physique ranks first fairy body!
The alchemist also stared at this scene for a long time speechless. Just now, Mo Tianya said that Sue had to deal with a move, and his arm was almost broken. He had some disbelief, but now he deeply believed it.
One punch and one tear will kill two masters, and these two war slaves are very hard for him to deal with. Without a magic weapon, he is going to fight to the death.
But before these two masters Su Ying, they are just like paper sticks.
"Brother Mo, where did you invite such a fierce man?"
After the alchemist reacted, the whole person was simply more excited than "the strength of this monty leader is still yours and mine!"
Mo Tianya laughed. "He’s not from another world, but from another world. I don’t know which world it is, but Brother Su’s knowledge is far from us. He pointed out my master’s words and even my master made a breakthrough!"
The alchemist smell speech can’t help but horror!
"Founder, don’t you dare to fight?" Sue should attire roaring looked up at sink a way
"Fight with me?"
Founder flew into a rage, the armrest of the throne was crushed by him, and his eyes were full of fire, staring at the golden plate. Now he finally tasted what it was like to be challenged by a "war slave". That sense of humiliation was accepted by people of his status!
However, Su Ying’s two strikes just now really made him dread being a slave, and the slave’s fighting power was extremely strong and amazing. Even the sword master said that he would not let the sword be born, and he could not easily drop them.
But that’s how the two earth poles were actually solved by Su Ying’s three-step attack!
Even if he asks himself, he can do it!
"I also have a treasure, but this little killing of two world war slaves is unarmed. It’s hard to guarantee that he also has a treasure!"
Founder’s face is uncertain, rain or shine. He is not sure that Su Ying will win. He will not build a dangerous wall. His surname will be cautious and he will not take risks like the alchemist.
"Another god!"
Sword male eyes suddenly shot two off murderous look foaming at the mouth excited "really want to kill him! I have long wanted to learn about the power of the gods! "
He Huo Ran got up and was about to play on behalf of Founder when suddenly the alchemist sounded faint. "Jian Gong, if you want to play, you have to take out some heat, right? I wonder what you want to bet on this time? "
Jian Gong stayed for a while and his face sank. He was delighted to see that Su Ying’s fighting power was amazing, but he forgot that Shenmu had lost the bet at the moment and fell to the alchemist.
Fang Shilang laughed. "I heard that the sword born by the sword master is a different treasure, but the sword master killed hundreds of gods and demons, and it was refined by the blood of the gods and demons. The sword master relied on this raw sword to refine your precious body into a big firm but gentle life cycle. If you bet on this raw sword, I will kill it and make you bet! Do you dare? "
Sword and gnashing suddenly sat down with a cold hum.
Naturally, he refused to take out the raw sword to bet that the raw sword was his victory over Su Ying. Without the raw sword, he also admitted that he was afraid that it would be difficult to match Su Ying.
Giving birth to a sword is to die, and he naturally doesn’t want to.
"The original open sword male will be afraid of" the alchemist laughed.
Jian Gong’s face turned red, but he forced his anger not to be provoked by him.
The alchemist was just about to pursue his victory and continue to severely hit his confidence. Suddenly Su Ying’s knowledge fluctuated into his mind, and he immediately smiled. "Cousin Founder, if you bet on your tauren, we can still bet this time. If you lose, you will give me the tauren, and if I lose, the killing order will be yours."
Founder smell speech moment eyes sharp shot suddenly laughed solemnity way "good! But this time, instead of being there in person, let me fight for my slave! Today, let us appreciate the collision of one or two gods! "
He Huo Ran got up and looked down at the battlefield and looked at a golden sand-transformed planet, Niu Shan, coldly. "Stupid cow, I will give you a free chance today! If you kill that kid, you’ll be a free man from now on! You must contribute to this battle! "
Niu Shan smell speech shine at the moment a simple and honest smile looked up and smiled "is this really?"
Founder face cold sink a way "in front of so many friends I won’t break my word! But if you don’t deliberately defeat your efforts, you will still be a slave or a different master! "
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Niu Shan suddenly burst into laughter, and an unimaginable energy burst out, shaking the planet transformed by many gold sands in the gold plate. God’s body power completely blooms and remains!
Although many people know that this tauren is a rare sight, most people have never seen him make efforts.
Founder personally led many experts out of Cloud City to capture Niu Shan who had seen him display his divine body. The situation is that he still remembers the horror today!
At that time, almost all of the top 100 emperors out of Cloud City were killed by Niu Shan, and finally the Cloud City God personally took this person!
Now this stupid cow has finally cast his magic body again!
Niu Shan is still Niu Shan, but at the moment, he gives people a feeling that he used to have a completely different atmosphere. There, he is like a constant ancient bull demon who smashed everything and roared everything!
The aura and essence of heaven and earth swarmed into his body, and he turned into a dazzling divine light, which spewed from his body and was swept by the divine light and began to collapse to his body!
At the same time, a 16-legged scary cow demon with a magic axe arm suddenly emerged behind him!
This kind of power is really amazing, and it is even more terrible than the breath that Su Ying broke out when he was running the Archaean demon to kill the slaves of World War II!
"What kind of god is this?" Everyone lost their way
"This is not a divine body, this is a blood bearing, right? This magical power seems to have been seen in some ancient books!" A god level old man said with

With the three of them fighting, all kinds of trees are constantly being poured into the water, giving off a burst of rumble.

Chapter one hundred and ninety-six There are many things in it
Soon five minutes arrived, and Lin Ying motioned for Qing Muyang to leave.
But Qing Muyang didn’t see enough when he looked at the three animals fighting.
Lin Ying pulled the green Muyang and touch of green Muyang to swim back together.
Out of the water, such as Lin Ying immediately said, "Crazy, didn’t we agree to stay for five minutes? Why are you still reluctant to leave? "
Green MuYang dug his head a little embarrassed. "The boss is not that I can’t bear to leave, but that it’s so wonderful. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a magical thing in my life. You said that such a big wall of water is so free for people to walk through even flying fish, but it just doesn’t explode."
Do you think if it suddenly bursts one day and the water inside comes out first-class, will G City be flooded?
What the hell is this place? I cann’t believe there are fish, shrimp and crabs
Why do I feel like I’m in the aquarium? "
Hearing Lin Ying’s words, Lin Ying stretched out his hand and touched the water wall, giving people a soft feeling like a balloon filled with water, but his arm reached into the water with a little effort, but the balloon did not break.
Lin Ying pulls out her palm and arm, makes a hole and automatically closes, which makes people feel very magical.
"I don’t know what the hell is here. It’s beyond my cognition." Lin Ying has some resistance
This is indeed beyond Lin Ying’s cognition that it is impossible that things should appear in front of him so magically, which makes him feel that his life has been refreshed.
Qing Muyang will think of a market of strange things from time to time, but he searched his memory and found no water wall information, even if it was similar.
Green assessment while holding a sword constantly poking the water wall scold a way "this last time what happened? It’s hard for the old man to guess without giving a word about the strange things in the market. "
At this time, when Lin Ying raised her hand and looked at the waterproof watch, she suddenly asked, "Are you crazy or not?" How about we limit ourselves to ten minutes this time? "
Green MuYang a listen to immediately some happy way "good good walk"
Say that finish green MuYang will run inside.
Lin Ying grabbed him and said, "Wait, let’s go in another direction this time and see if there is anything in his place?"
Qing Muyang immediately agreed.
So Lin Ying walked along the water wall for some distance and then entered it.
They swam towards it and saw a lot of aquatic life all the way.
There are swarms of flying fish, crabs, shrimps and long strange fish.
These creatures saw Lin Ying swimming quickly towards them and wanted to attack them.
Two people good constantly slay these creatures flee for life.
At that time, the whole water wall was a large area with undercurrent and red blood.
In ten minutes, we will soon arrive at Lin Ying, so that they can retreat, but those creatures are in hot pursuit.
They didn’t kill the creatures that followed until they got out of the water wall and the forest shadow.
At this time, the two men were in a state of severe hypoxia and almost collapsed because of holding their breath for a long time.
Green MuYang lying face flushed panting way "boss can’t, it’s too dangerous in here, we hold our breath to swim in it, but holding our breath to fight is a bit unbearable, so we don’t go inside, just follow this big wall and see if we can get to their edge"
Hear green MuYang complain Lin Ying took a deep breath and said, "Well, why don’t we go in? If there are a few waves of fierce creatures in it, maybe we should explain it. Let’s have a rest here first."
With that, I carved a strange pattern on the tree in front of me with a horse-cutting knife and injected some vitality into it.
Qing Muyang was attracted by Lin Ying’s move and asked, "Boss, what are you doing?"
Lin Ying kept saying, "Law hides our body shape."
"Eldest brother, this is to do things, but I like it very much." Green Muyang suddenly became a little excited when he heard Lin Ying’s words. "Come and tell me what you think, and I’ll be prepared."
Lin Ying immediately explained, "It’s too tiring to go in these two trips. I found that if we don’t have diving equipment or oxygen, we can go deep into it, let alone find out what’s going on inside."

Christie Chernoff is a typical American beauty.

Beautiful brown hair is a very playful way to shoulder the skin, which is both white and delicate in Chinese and white as snow in westerners. The outline conforms to both oriental and western aesthetics, and a pair of smart eyes seem to condense all the aura of heaven and earth, which makes people feel happy at a glance.
Mandchenkov deserves to be the head of the Chernoff family. Whether he is a wife or an only daughter or two is enviable.
No man with such a wife and daughter will be too excited to sleep.
Mandchenkov was proud when he introduced the two men.
Jasmine Bean Christie said hello to the nine Chinese people, and Mandchenkov introduced the people on the right.
Mandchenkov first introduced three elders on the right.
These three people are not young, because their hair is already white, but it is shocking that these three old people are also old people with strong dreams, three people are senile and bloated, and these three people have no gray appearance everywhere except their hair is white.
They are comfortable in hand-cut clothes, and Xixi is held high by a beautiful figure, with one hand bigger than that of ordinary people.
Their eyes are full of sharp colors.
Mandchernoff laughed. "This is our Chernoff family, three elders, two elders, three elders, two elders are pseudo-six strong, that is, you Chinese half-step congenital fighters, three elders are five strong and have the strength to be close to pseudo-six strong."
Xu Weiyang heard from her brow that this big elder, the second elder, is comparable to the half-step innate fighter, the pseudo-six-segment strong, and the third elder is the top strong in dzogchen, which can almost become the pseudo-six-segment strong.
Mandchenkov then introduced seven people one by one.
The fourth man in a suit and tie is a 50-year-old brother of Mandchenkov, Michenov, and a business wizard who is in charge of the entire Chenov business empire.
The fifth man, wearing a dovetail, is Mandchenkov’s younger brother, Barechenkov, who is very talented. He has been a strong man for five periods just in middle age, which can be said to be a very powerful genius.
The sixth person, the seventh person, the first person and the ninth person are all Chernoff family elders and dzogchen fighters.
The tenth person is a young man, and it’s Mandchenkov, Max Chenov.
Mandchenkov has nine children, and his brother and brother also have children, but apart from Christie, who took the table for gender reasons, among the many young people, Max Chernov has the table.
There is of course a reason for this.
Because Max Chernoff is the first day of the entire Chernoff family, and he is only 19 years old this year, he is already comparable to the Chinese peak fighters. It is a problem that the four strong men become five strong men. It is inevitable that the Chernoff family will add a pseudo-six-strong man in the future. It is not impossible to turn words into real six-strong men.
Max Chernoff has developed all kinds of problems because he was the most eye-catching descendant of the Nodachenov family since he was a child and his strength was really strong.
After being introduced by Mandchenkov, Max Chernov did not show too much enthusiasm. Instead, he took a look at Xu and other six people and focused on expressing his courtesy to the three old people of Mengqiang Group.
If that’s all, I’m too lazy to pay attention to it, but Max Chernoff said hello to the three old people of Dream Strong Group and then looked at the six people of Dragon Group Guard with a smile. "Six people can compete with each other during this period, so that we can know more about Gu Wu in the East and Gu Wu in the West, but you must let me know before you choose your opponent, so that I can help you choose a suitable opponent. When the opponent is too strong, it will be difficult for our Chernoff family to be a man."
Although this sentence is said by Max Chernoff with a smile, it has a feeling of batting practice after it is said.
Six people cried uncomfortable.
The cold man in the Huaxia Guard sneered, "Does the pavilion mean that the Chernoff family is full of masters?"
Max Chernoff laughed. "After all, the Chernoff family has been bearing for hundreds of years."
The cold man went back directly. "If your family is full of masters, why do you ask for help when you come all the way to China? Can’t you beat Madken yourself? "
As soon as this statement came out, everyone was entranced with a change, and Xu was almost amazed.
This guy’s words really hit my heart.
Oh, my God, this is just what I was going to say
Coco, this wave is really beautiful!
This small-minded person should be so jealous of him!
I can’t believe that this cold man doesn’t talk normally, but he can make people so happy after the situation, which makes people want to laugh.
Although the cold man excited Xu, it made the table atmosphere instantly deadlocked.
It’s not a shame for the Chernoff family to find someone to help, just as a friend has turned over some money from another friend in advance-it will be the same soon. They asked the Chinese master to come and help, and they promised China to invest.
However, it was a shame when it was said by the cold man.
The Chernoff family didn’t say anything, but their faces were a little ugly.
Zhao Guangyin frowned and shouted, "We came to help one or two at the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Chernoff family and the Dragon Palace. What do you say?"
The cold man said angrily, "We’re here to help the Chernoff family, not to make them laugh!"
Zhao Guangyin flew into a rage and was about to say something. Max Chernoff had already said first, "If you are strong enough, you won’t recognize me for mocking yourself. Can blx blame others?"
The cold man said coldly, "What is your definition of being strong?"
Max Chernoff said, "If you can beat me, I will recognize you as strong."
The cold man is the peak fighter, which is equivalent to the four masters in the West. Naturally, he will not be afraid of Max Chernoff.
Cold man immediately said, "Do you want to have a fight as entertainment before the banquet?"
Max Chernoff confidently tunnel "I don’t mind"
Cold man then get up.
Max Chernoff also got up.
Zhao Guangyin wanted to say something, but he patted him because Mandchenkov didn’t speak.
Mandchenkov didn’t speak, which showed that he recognized this battle, and westerners respected the strong. This battle was also a test of the strength of the medium-sized fighters in the Dragon Palace, such as
Mandchenkov doesn’t talk. If Zhao Guangyin talks, he falls by.
Although Zhao Guangyin has words, if Ya expresses his opinions, he can’t disobey them.
So the cold man Max Chernoff is doomed to fight this war.
This battle is actually not just a battle, but also a symbol of which side has more face and which side has more words in the next few days.
The battle between the two men has almost symbolized the honor of both sides
Chapter five hundred and ninety-five Xu banter
Cold man Max Chernov’s battle is on the verge.
Everyone is betting on this battle.
The music has stopped, and no one wants to disturb the war.
Cold man is not the kui is a peak fighters and combat experience is very rich, peak fighters just fight to occupy the wind.
The battalion chief of Huaxia Guard specially recommended that cold men and cold women follow Xu for a reason, of course.
Cold men fight fiercely, but they will never show their doors. They belong to the offensive and defensive type, and Mushatokoro studies are also more complicated
However, not everyone thinks that cold men really occupy the wind, because Max Chernoff seems to be in the wind, but he is actually wandering or observing what cold men have.
This is what he wants to know about the ability characteristics of an ancient Eastern fighter.
Xu raise your eyebrows from this point you can see that Max Chernoff will win.

Besides, everyone else in the Xinghe team is normal.

Is that knot still not over?
Wang Wei knew what was the knot between Li Han and the Xinghe team. At that time, Li Han thought he might sacrifice what he had hidden in the battlefield and told him the secret.
Although it was the communication channel of the Xinghe team that told everyone in the Xinghe team that it was highly confidential by the commander Tu Yuan at that time, this kind of secret is not a secret for people of Wang Wei’s level.
Knowing that Wang Wei is not very good at intervening to solve this matter.
The only person who can solve this problem is Ji Xinghe.
"It was my decision to let Li Han take over."
When Ji Xinghe Wang Wei didn’t know how to answer the phone, he whispered, "Su Chuanyun, if you can win Li Han one day, I can give you a chance, but before that, you need to follow orders."
From the sentence that orders are the bounden duty of soldiers, the Federation has been flowing for many years.
Many people can say that, but Ji Xinghe is a little hard to accept. He has always been famous for not obeying orders.
A few days ago, during the war, I also publicly defeated the commander Tu Yuan.
However, for the Xinghe team, when Ji Xinghe is in the mouth, they will never care whether Ji Xinghe can be physically or not.
In other words, it can be said that none of them except Ji Xinghe.
"Good old horse, you wait for me to beat Han Li one day sooner or later."
Su Chuanyun was confident and assured that his tone softened just after he finished speaking. "Old Ji, you have to teach me a few tricks, such as that acupuncture kung fu."
Yu Dianxue said that these two days have come.
When it was time to have a rest last night, Su Chuanyun kindly invited Ji Xinghe to his dormitory.
Ji Xinghe sternly refused. He ran outside Ji Xinghe’s room with a sleeping bag.
As a result, Andre naturally took him back with the lame and deaf.
From this point of view, Su Chuanyun really challenged Han Lizi.
"I will teach you when you can learn."
Ji Xinghe promised to come.
He doesn’t mind teaching people now, but it’s a pity that acupuncture without qi power is just ordinary massage acupuncture points.
It doesn’t have an instant lethargy effect.
"Good deal"
Su Chuanyun didn’t pester too much. He knew it was time for the meeting. He was too presumptuous.
But when the time comes, his strange eyes look at Andre, lame and deaf.
What seems to be eyes say.
Andre three people sneered back that they didn’t believe that Ji Xinghe would teach Su Chuanyun alone.
It’s hard to say that it will be the Jimen Bible by then. There are too many people who can learn. Like Su Chuanyun, they can get the moon by being close to the water.
Can three people click on one to win?
Wang Wei said that the first thing was over. He cleared his throat and talked about the second thing.
"Well, the second thing is that you four ace mecha, Qin Tong, Harris, Li Lin and Wang Gui, want the old horse?"
Four people leng one.
Ace mecha is special, in addition to the exclusive custom ace mecha and some other special.