One second Liu Yuan’s long purple knife suddenly swung out.

A knife flow purgatory … Great Chen shake!
A knife across the rhinoceros skin that can resist the bullet was actually made a clean break by Liu Yuan.
The silver rhinoceros fierce beast was divided into two parts, and the body fell to the ground after a period of charge.
The appalled eyes obviously didn’t think that they had been killed by a human.
Liu Yuan smiled and said to the soldier behind him, "… the guest will remember to go back for dinner later."
Words fall Liu Yuan side again skip three figures.
In addition to the little golden Tam, several people also joined the battlefield instantly …
Chapter 224 Fierce battlefield
No.1 loophole in the Great Wall of the Great Wilderness
The soldier wait for a while looked at Liu Yuan not far away.
Thinking is still a state of chaos.
The main thing is that there are too many things happening at this moment.
First, the Great Wall has not been breached for a long time.
By two platinum fierce beasts who quietly touched the wall.
The sneak attack method directly blew out two big holes.
Then there was Lu Yuan, the little god of food who he didn’t think had much power.
Suddenly appeared here.
It’s just that Lu Yuan suddenly appeared, and then he also cast out a horrible knife method that he couldn’t understand.
One knife killed one, and it seems to him
Very powerful silver fierce beast
It’s like a roller coaster. The plot changes.
It’s normal for soldiers to be a little dumbfounded.
But the most important thing is to push the fierce beast out of the loophole as soon as possible.
It was unexpected that the Great Wall was broken and two holes were opened.
You know, around the Great Wall
But they are all equipped with very advanced psychic response detectors.
Platinum level fierce beast energy response
Don’t even say that you are close to the Great Wall.
Even within 20 kilometers of Fiona Fang near the Great Wilderness Wall.
Spiritual force detectors can detect them accurately
This is not only due to the amazing energy response of platinum-level fierce beasts.
It’s also because platinum fierce beasts don’t hide their breath.
Every platinum fierce beast in the wild is a shameful overlord.
Their momentum is a signal to defend their territorial owners and threaten their enemies.
There are no platinum-level fierce beasts.
Will think, such as suppressing their momentum.
They are all thinking about making their momentum more amazing.
Play a greater shock
But today, two platinum-level fierce beasts
Not only suppressed his breath, but also very clever. After the wild city sent two platinum-level strong men,