The higher the Huang Ji Geng Jin firm but gentle repair, the stronger the power.

Yun Fan reached the realm of life and death. The fifth layer of the triple emperor’s pole Geng Jin’s firm but gentle power is far superior to that of the same order Zhen Yuan’s magical power, surpassing the’ three heads and six arms’ of the flesh in one fell swoop.
"December last year was the fourth day of the mysterious realm of medicine, and it was closed in March this year, and it was already the 13th of the month. Tuo Tianzong had obtained the Dan medicine from the mysterious realm of medicine to get it."
"And I’m actually strong enough for the middle-ranking emperor to strive for the top. The ghost emperor can’t resist the lotus and the moon, and I should be able to deal with the dry dome star and just destroy these two cases."
Yun Fan has lived on the earth for nearly two years, and it’s time to go to Ganqixing.
The earth people accompanied their families through the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Yun Fan left the earth and once again reached the dry dome.
"Xiao Zongzhu, I want to cultivate Dan medicine in Linghai realm and break through Xuandan, the god of Tongxuan realm. Are you ready?"
Yun Fan found Xiao Yanmen and said.
"Yungong told Xiao to keep in mind that it is enough for five people to cultivate Dan medicine and Shen Xuandan?"
Xiao Yan took out five copies of Dan medicine with a smile on his face. It seems that it doesn’t hurt at all. It seems that this time the mysterious situation of medicine has gained a lot.
Yun Fan heart exultation took out a pile of treasures of the king, "Xiao Zongzhu these treasures of the king just pick how many you want to exchange five copies of Dan medicine until you are satisfied."
Xiao Yan chose two treasures of the king and said, "Two pieces are enough. You’ve been practicing the Gregorian calendar for nearly two years and your strength has improved greatly, haven’t you?"
Yun Fan smiled and gave me a confident smile, emitting a hint of repair.
Xiao Yan felt Yun Fan suddenly look a change exclaimed, "life and death in triple heaven? It’s only been less than two years since Yungong broke through the triple heaven of life and death? "
Chapter 325 Destroy cases
Xiao Yan is so shocked that he has lived for more than 3,000 years, and the cultivation is the double heaven and earth. He can hardly feel the cultivation. Even if I practice for 3,000 years, I am not sure that I will cultivate the triple heaven of life and death.
Yun Fan broke through the truth in less than two years, which shocked Xiao Yan.
Xiao Yan knows that when fighters with high talents reach the realm of life and death, the cultivation speed will far exceed that with low talents, but this speed is too fast, right?
Life-and-death cultivation is like this. If you have a chance, you will soon be able to ascend step by step and absorb the aura of heaven and earth. It will be difficult to ascend for a long time.
Yun Fan said, "With the triple heaven of my life and death, I can repair the fifth magical power of Huang Ji Geng Jin Firm but gentle. Is this strength enough to break the Lotus Sect and the Moon Sect?"
Xiao Yan’s heart is another smoke. He didn’t practice the fifth floor. Even if he searched the whole dry dome, he couldn’t find enough tiger balm to practice.
How long did Yun Fan break through the boundary of life and death? I can’t believe I practiced the fifth floor?
However, Xiao Yan guessed that Yun Fan should have obtained enough tiger balm from the treasure left by Emperor Tuotian, which is able to be fully understood.
It’s nothing for Emperor Tuotian, who has been to the stars of the universe and cultivated the realm of life and death at that time, to take out the fifth layer of the emperor’s Geng Jin firm but gentle.
"The fifth floor emperor pole Geng Jin firm but gentle foot high-order emperor leapfrog fighting"
Xiao Yan looked a little excited and said, "Yungong, your strength is not inferior to that of the Lotus Sect and the Moon Sect in the four days of life and death. You can’t stop the middle-ranking emperor from breaking these two cases."
Yun Fan’s eyes jumped up with flames and gave off momentum slightly. He said, "Ghost Emperor Zong and other three cases not only rebelled against Rio Tinto Alliance, but also wanted to destroy the master, leave Rio Tinto Alliance, and my brother Rio Tinto Emperor will destroy the ghost emperor Zong. Now, if you can’t stand the ghost emperor Zong, you should destroy the lotus Sect and the moon Sect first, so that these two cases can be removed from the dry dome star."
Xiao Yan excitedly rubbed his hands and said, "Well, I’ll take some people with Yungong."
Lotus Sect
It is said that Zongmenshi is a big temple.
It is said to be a Buddhist, but the orthodox Buddhism is different from the Lotus Sect. Both men and women accept it, and the female brother can also take hair to practice if he is not beautiful.
However, the top management of the Lotus Sect is all male monks and female brothers, and the generation is all female brothers.
It is said that entering the Lotus Sect’s younger brother will eventually become a high-level toy of the Lotus Sect. This clan name is very bad.
However, the Lotus Sect lives in the sky, and the four major clans in the mainland have no idea how many families and fighters are in control. Every year, the Lotus Sect has a beautiful female brother to join.
On the number of female brothers is much more than that of the whole Lotus Sect male monk.
Yun Fan and Tuotian Sect came to Lotus Sect. Lotus Sect immediately moved the ancestors to count the Buddha’s light from the temple, and a giant Buddha with a golden body and a height of 100 feet was condensed in the sky.
The abbot of Lotus Sect fought with Yun Fan, but he didn’t dare to do it again. The second time Yun Fan brought Tuotian Sect to kill him, he could only resist by moving his ancestors to stay.
Tuotian Zongren stopped a hundred miles away from Lotus Zongren.
The attack distance of Lotus Zongjinshen Buddha is 100 miles from the center of Lotus Zongshen Buddha.
Yun Fan, on the other hand, continued to kill the Lotus Sect in vain and fought for the Golden Buddha that day.
Yun Fan moved superhuman powers with six broken arrows in his hand. The limit of physical strength broke out like a streamer to kill the golden Buddha in the sky.
The Baizhang Golden Buddha hit a huge palm with one palm, hitting the virtual palm like a golden light coming to Yun Fan to collide.
When it exploded, the huge Buddha’s palm was blasted out of a big hole by six broken arrows.
At the same time, if Yun Fan is hit hard, his body will instantly explode and exit thousands of meters.
The attack power of the Golden Buddha is terrible, far from being able to compete with the triple strength of life and death.
Lotus Zongzhonglian monk and all the high-level officials are watching the battle in the sky. They all look happy when they see Yun Fan being blown away by the golden Buddha.
Lotus monk ha ha a smile "Yun Fan, Yun Fan, you’d better save your strength. I’m a lotus family with a strong incense. I wish I could condense the golden Buddha. Even if it’s a four-day life and death, it may not be able to cope with it … haha, it’s still a long way off."
The Golden Buddha knocked Yun Fan back with one palm and took it out with the other palm, extending thousands of meters from the sky.
If the palm of the Buddha falls from the sky, Yun Fan will have to be photographed underground.
In the distance, Rio Tinto Tianzong’s strong look is a little nervous. The strength of the Golden Buddha is too strong. This palm is absolutely terrible.
Rio Tinto patriarch Xiao Yan is look as usual, but he is clear that Yun Fan has developed the fifth floor of the emperor’s extremely Geng Jin gas, and the real strength has not yet been displayed.
Seeing that the huge Buddha’s palm was about to hit Yun Fan, suddenly Yun Fan burst into a sharp breath, and a golden sword light split out of his body.
The golden sword light is sharp and sharp, and the object is unbreakable, and the huge Buddha palm is severely cut.
The huge Buddha’s palm was split in two by the golden sword light counterclockwise, and a bright golden light broke away.
Rio Tinto day in the distance of the strong suddenly look big a cheer.
Lotus Sect of the strong is a look of surprise, and his face is all changed. The Golden Buddha attacked, but it is equivalent to a four-fold life and death situation. Oh, my God, it was broken by Yun Fan.
Yun Fan used his extreme Geng Jin shock wave to kill the Golden Buddha.
The golden Buddha lost a palm and soon grew another one. It was cut by the golden sword again.
However, the golden sword light blocked the golden Buddha, and another Buddha’s palm grew, which was taken again to block the golden sword light abruptly.
"Hum …!"
Yun Fan cold hum a hand appeared a handle Wang Baojian figure shot forward a sword to cut.
Avatar melee method!
Bright golden sword light attached to Wang Baojian broke out into a powerful and horrible sword.
The sword broke out and cooperated with Yun Fan, which was stronger than the physical strength.
This sword is far more powerful than life and death.