"so fast!"

Xiao clan’s wild magic body’s eyes flashed and immediately felt the pressure from Xiao Yushen. This Xiao clan’s younger brother is physically competitive and can not only shock God with one punch, but also be so terrible in terms of speed, which is not weaker than him.
"It’s a wild burst fist. There is a shocking word in his fist!"
The demon body suddenly felt the mouth and said, "But I’m not weak. The Xiao clan in the ancient star domain of the Holy Heaven has mastered the word-breaking tactic and the word-killing tactic. As the name suggests, it can break the god’s killing tactic and kill the Yuan god. I’m sure to kill him if he fights!"
His eyes tightly staring at Xiao Yu cold light flashing like a poisonous snake quietly dormant.
Chapter six hundred and four Refining mysterious fruit
Xiao Yu grabbed the stone magic Luo’s speed and force exhibition, which was very terrible. I don’t know how many miles it took to traverse with a flash.
He jumped directly at the giant tree, and his physical strength broke out like a big jump, jumping directly at the huge old tree.
"Looking for death!"
Seeing him jump, the Titan smiled cruelly and said, "This giant tree is forbidden. We encountered a terrible attack when we came in. Is it as easy to take away as the giant tree will devour your treasure as soon as you jump?" Jump to the dead road! "
But what he expected didn’t happen.
Xiao Yu and Shi Moluo jumped continuously and exerted their physical strength to the extreme. The branches and leaves shuttled back and forth. This giant tree didn’t attack them at all.
In the blink of an eye, they quickly approached a fruit.
"What? The giant tree didn’t attack them! "
"Remember their route!"
Those strong people were shocked, and then they reacted and jumped up and jumped along the route that Xiao Yugang had just walked.
"F * * king he should perfectly avoid the giant tree all banned him like that? Die, this Xiao traitor must die. There is such a way that you can’t share it with us and kill him immediately after you go out! " That Xiao middle-aged man is full of mouth and mouth.
A line of five of them jumped quickly, and their physical strength was also stronger than that of the powerful eyebrows. Mysterious characters enveloped them, which belonged to the exclusive clan pattern of Xiao nationality.
Whoosh whoosh!
These people are quick to move.
"They’re coming!" Stone magic frown.
"Why don’t we pick all these fruits and leave them none? We have ancient maps to guide us to avoid all prohibitions, but they can’t get anything behind us without a safe route, and I have to add some more materials to them!"
Xiao Yu backhand grabbed the killing bow and pulled the bowstring. Suddenly, the bowstring formed a painted black arrow feather, and the magic light spewed out his fingers. When he loosened that magic light, he tore it out in an instant.
The arrow disappeared like a ghost, and with this monstrous murderous look, a silver spirit family god appeared in the chest.
The god gave a miserable cry directly, and his body was blown to pieces with a bang, and the silver juice was rolling and falling apart. Yuan Shen was also directly destroyed and killed completely.
"Little beast, how dare you?"
"Kill him!"
Silver spirit family strong all roared up dense ShaQi monstrous eyes.
Xiao Yu shot an arrow and saw that the strong men were rushing to dare not continue to fight. He leaned out a big hand and grabbed the huge fruit directly and took it away.
At this moment, an ancient will suddenly appeared in the huge temple next to the fruit, which made him creepy. "This belongs to the master. If the tiny worm dares to offend the master, everyone will die!"
Hundreds of black chains appeared in the giant temple. Once Xiao Yu’s big hand was firmly tied, the black light flashed and refined immediately.
Xiao Yu was taken aback and then exclaim "burn!"
As soon as the hundreds of black chains appeared, they burst into juice when they were all burned.
"Bring it, I’ll take care of it for you!"
Xiao Yu grabbed the fruit and picked it directly, and Shi Moluo quickly rushed away from here towards more square.
"lowly ant, if you dare to offend the great master, you must die!"
The giant temple roared angrily, and several black chains rushed out from the inside. It was so dark that everyone killed those who were rushing to the strong, and all of a sudden they were angry.
These strong and complete a shot out of all kinds of killing directly to smash all these black chains.
At this time, Xiao Yu has jumped to a higher area, and they split up and collect as many fruits as possible here.

Arrange this matter to be far away at the same time. When Cooper passed, the line received a message from Professor Brand.

"Are we going to start preparing for action now?" Cooper is very excited. He has to train here for a year or two by himself. He never thought the opportunity would come so soon.
He has only been training for a month!
However, Professor Brand threw cold water on him. "Operation Cooper didn’t start so soon. Now we have to do some pre-work first."
"Oh ~ What’s that job?"
"We’re going to drive the Yongheng through the tunnel and send it near the wormhole, which is the plan C we told you about before."
Professor Brand simply repeated a situation.
"We need your engineering modification ability. You know, although we can control the Eternal, NASA on the ground also has remote control function for the Eternal. We must modify it properly to avoid being influenced by NASA."
Cooper’s horse is white. "So when do we start?"
"Soon the rocket is ready to transform the docking module interface standard, so we can start."
Professor Brand asked Cooper to apply back.
Among the three astronauts trained while wandering, he is an engineer, and Cooper can win this one.
"In addition, we have prepared a partner for you who will work with you to modify the Yongheng."
"Who is it?" Cooper asked
"I don’t know, but I heard that he is also an engineer, and his skills may be more exquisite than yours?"
Cooper muttered, "That really helped me solve a big problem."
Although he is an engineer and his skills are recognized as first-class, he didn’t do it when he was an engineer.
So Cooper is really a little unsure and worried that he can’t win this.
With the help of a professional engineer, he can play thugs next to him.
After Professor Brand finished the phone call, Cooper quickly applied and told himself to two other colleagues who were also trained.
In the envy of his peers, Cooper walked through the communication tunnel and returned to the space base.
After two days in the base, the rocket and docking module are ready to send him to Yongheng.
The only thing that puzzles Cooper is that his fellow engineer hasn’t shown up yet …
Chapter 345 What is this? !
Cooper’s doubts about his companion’s delay in showing up continued until the moment before boarding the rocket.
Jody hurried over and said to him
"You act alone first, and your partner will send you to the tunnel when you enter the Yongheng."
Hearing this, Cooper took a deep breath.
More than ten years ago, when he first flew the rover spacecraft alone, he had an accident. Now he’s alone.
To be honest, Cooper is a little nervous.
Jody saw this and patted him on the shoulder. "It’s okay. The technology is very mature this time and everything will be fine."
Cooper nodded, and then the whole person followed the arrangement and instructions. By the time he came to his senses again, he had already sat in the spaceship.
Then he’ll just sit and wait for the day.
The spacecraft will automatically dock with the Yongheng, and then he will disable the ground control system first, so that the transformation of the Yongheng can be officially started.
Many people outside the rocket are looking at the top at this time.
Although docking the Forever is out of their control, no one is worried at all. Professor Brand is still in the mood to talk and laugh with his daughter.
The countdown rings.
Cooper sat down, folded his hands, and was ready to bear the rush south.
A manned spaceship rose from the tremor of the rocket, and it was a little too swaying for Cooper. I once again remembered when I made a mistake in driving the Wanderer more than ten years ago …
But he can’t think too much
Ground instructions came one after another. Although he didn’t need to do anything, he still had to observe the spacecraft data at all times.
The other side of the ocean
Since Professor Brand fled with Jody, the NASA base has been in a state of martial law, and all kinds of work have come to a standstill.
As soon as most projects are listed, they find that their project leader has been "treason"
Without the boss, all the projects have been calculated, and even the leaders and deputies have run away. In this case, all the projects are like flies, and they don’t know what to do.
And even if they want to work, it’s not that easy.
The person in charge of reviewing them has arrived at the base, and now everyone is suspected. If you are a little more positive about your work, you may be suspected that Liu Brande’s accomplices are trying to steal information from the inside.
Before the end of the review, most people are in a dark room alone on weekdays.
The whole base is running at the lowest working standard, that is, some very important positions will be attended.
Such as missile early warning satellite monitoring
Through the missile early warning satellite with strong infrared response when a missile or rocket is launched, the danger can be quickly discovered and early warning can be automatically carried out.
Although there is no army now, these important departments have always been preserved.
Soon after the Cooper rocket rose, it triggered the missile early warning satellite alarm. The duty room echoed with reports that various orbit prediction data of the rocket had appeared on the screen.
Two workers in the duty room were first one leng and then quickly reported the matter.
If it is the former, there is no need to do this. They have better methods, such as automatic operation to determine the impact of the orbit. If it is in China, it will automatically connect to the interceptor missile.
But it’s different now.
Go straight back to nature
Although the emergency system in the base is also under review, in the final analysis, it is still in transit, and soon someone received their alarm.
"Is it a missile?" Asked in the department of words.
The monitor looked at the blurred image taken by the satellite on the screen and monitored the size of the rocket. "No, this should be a rocket with a length of 50 meters."
The boss was relieved when he heard the first time.
It’s a bit exaggerated that the 50-meter-long missile is true. They don’t have Mars to deploy troops against them. It’s not so long. A shorter guy is enough.
Since it’s a rocket, let’s continue to find out what they’re launching for. We may need these data.
A base leader has set his sights on the future. The departure of many experts such as Brand is a major blow to Lazarus.
But this plan will be restarted one day in the future.
Don’t tell me, don’t find a new home. Where are these people going to escape?
Don’t die like others?
It is the right way for them to flee to a new planet with a "population bomb" and establish a new human colony.

Christie Chernoff is a typical American beauty.

Beautiful brown hair is a very playful way to shoulder the skin, which is both white and delicate in Chinese and white as snow in westerners. The outline conforms to both oriental and western aesthetics, and a pair of smart eyes seem to condense all the aura of heaven and earth, which makes people feel happy at a glance.
Mandchenkov deserves to be the head of the Chernoff family. Whether he is a wife or an only daughter or two is enviable.
No man with such a wife and daughter will be too excited to sleep.
Mandchenkov was proud when he introduced the two men.
Jasmine Bean Christie said hello to the nine Chinese people, and Mandchenkov introduced the people on the right.
Mandchenkov first introduced three elders on the right.
These three people are not young, because their hair is already white, but it is shocking that these three old people are also old people with strong dreams, three people are senile and bloated, and these three people have no gray appearance everywhere except their hair is white.
They are comfortable in hand-cut clothes, and Xixi is held high by a beautiful figure, with one hand bigger than that of ordinary people.
Their eyes are full of sharp colors.
Mandchernoff laughed. "This is our Chernoff family, three elders, two elders, three elders, two elders are pseudo-six strong, that is, you Chinese half-step congenital fighters, three elders are five strong and have the strength to be close to pseudo-six strong."
Xu Weiyang heard from her brow that this big elder, the second elder, is comparable to the half-step innate fighter, the pseudo-six-segment strong, and the third elder is the top strong in dzogchen, which can almost become the pseudo-six-segment strong.
Mandchenkov then introduced seven people one by one.
The fourth man in a suit and tie is a 50-year-old brother of Mandchenkov, Michenov, and a business wizard who is in charge of the entire Chenov business empire.
The fifth man, wearing a dovetail, is Mandchenkov’s younger brother, Barechenkov, who is very talented. He has been a strong man for five periods just in middle age, which can be said to be a very powerful genius.
The sixth person, the seventh person, the first person and the ninth person are all Chernoff family elders and dzogchen fighters.
The tenth person is a young man, and it’s Mandchenkov, Max Chenov.
Mandchenkov has nine children, and his brother and brother also have children, but apart from Christie, who took the table for gender reasons, among the many young people, Max Chernov has the table.
There is of course a reason for this.
Because Max Chernoff is the first day of the entire Chernoff family, and he is only 19 years old this year, he is already comparable to the Chinese peak fighters. It is a problem that the four strong men become five strong men. It is inevitable that the Chernoff family will add a pseudo-six-strong man in the future. It is not impossible to turn words into real six-strong men.
Max Chernoff has developed all kinds of problems because he was the most eye-catching descendant of the Nodachenov family since he was a child and his strength was really strong.
After being introduced by Mandchenkov, Max Chernov did not show too much enthusiasm. Instead, he took a look at Xu and other six people and focused on expressing his courtesy to the three old people of Mengqiang Group.
If that’s all, I’m too lazy to pay attention to it, but Max Chernoff said hello to the three old people of Dream Strong Group and then looked at the six people of Dragon Group Guard with a smile. "Six people can compete with each other during this period, so that we can know more about Gu Wu in the East and Gu Wu in the West, but you must let me know before you choose your opponent, so that I can help you choose a suitable opponent. When the opponent is too strong, it will be difficult for our Chernoff family to be a man."
Although this sentence is said by Max Chernoff with a smile, it has a feeling of batting practice after it is said.
Six people cried uncomfortable.
The cold man in the Huaxia Guard sneered, "Does the pavilion mean that the Chernoff family is full of masters?"
Max Chernoff laughed. "After all, the Chernoff family has been bearing for hundreds of years."
The cold man went back directly. "If your family is full of masters, why do you ask for help when you come all the way to China? Can’t you beat Madken yourself? "
As soon as this statement came out, everyone was entranced with a change, and Xu was almost amazed.
This guy’s words really hit my heart.
Oh, my God, this is just what I was going to say
Coco, this wave is really beautiful!
This small-minded person should be so jealous of him!
I can’t believe that this cold man doesn’t talk normally, but he can make people so happy after the situation, which makes people want to laugh.
Although the cold man excited Xu, it made the table atmosphere instantly deadlocked.
It’s not a shame for the Chernoff family to find someone to help, just as a friend has turned over some money from another friend in advance-it will be the same soon. They asked the Chinese master to come and help, and they promised China to invest.
However, it was a shame when it was said by the cold man.
The Chernoff family didn’t say anything, but their faces were a little ugly.
Zhao Guangyin frowned and shouted, "We came to help one or two at the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Chernoff family and the Dragon Palace. What do you say?"
The cold man said angrily, "We’re here to help the Chernoff family, not to make them laugh!"
Zhao Guangyin flew into a rage and was about to say something. Max Chernoff had already said first, "If you are strong enough, you won’t recognize me for mocking yourself. Can blx blame others?"
The cold man said coldly, "What is your definition of being strong?"
Max Chernoff said, "If you can beat me, I will recognize you as strong."
The cold man is the peak fighter, which is equivalent to the four masters in the West. Naturally, he will not be afraid of Max Chernoff.
Cold man immediately said, "Do you want to have a fight as entertainment before the banquet?"
Max Chernoff confidently tunnel "I don’t mind"
Cold man then get up.
Max Chernoff also got up.
Zhao Guangyin wanted to say something, but he patted him because Mandchenkov didn’t speak.
Mandchenkov didn’t speak, which showed that he recognized this battle, and westerners respected the strong. This battle was also a test of the strength of the medium-sized fighters in the Dragon Palace, such as
Mandchenkov doesn’t talk. If Zhao Guangyin talks, he falls by.
Although Zhao Guangyin has words, if Ya expresses his opinions, he can’t disobey them.
So the cold man Max Chernoff is doomed to fight this war.
This battle is actually not just a battle, but also a symbol of which side has more face and which side has more words in the next few days.
The battle between the two men has almost symbolized the honor of both sides
Chapter five hundred and ninety-five Xu banter
Cold man Max Chernov’s battle is on the verge.
Everyone is betting on this battle.
The music has stopped, and no one wants to disturb the war.
Cold man is not the kui is a peak fighters and combat experience is very rich, peak fighters just fight to occupy the wind.
The battalion chief of Huaxia Guard specially recommended that cold men and cold women follow Xu for a reason, of course.
Cold men fight fiercely, but they will never show their doors. They belong to the offensive and defensive type, and Mushatokoro studies are also more complicated
However, not everyone thinks that cold men really occupy the wind, because Max Chernoff seems to be in the wind, but he is actually wandering or observing what cold men have.
This is what he wants to know about the ability characteristics of an ancient Eastern fighter.
Xu raise your eyebrows from this point you can see that Max Chernoff will win.

The maids who looked thinner and weaker on the quilt said that his head wound had scabbed and healed, but the accumulated blood clots in his brain delayed the operation because of its dangerous position, and he became a coma vegetable.

She checked his body and other injuries with tears. When she checked her chest, she was stopped by something hard like cardboard. She took something from his chest, but it turned out to be a picture soaked with crimson blood.
In the photo, a handsome officer and a silly female soldier stand on the Xi ‘an rostrum and smile at the camera.
Gu Mengmeng felt a terrible pain in his chest. This is Conway’s photo in the wallet like a baby.
He brought it to Iraq, and he let her accompany him through the test of life and death.
Is it this tacit understanding that makes Guo Ji alive and obsessed?
Gu Mengmeng’s sadness and self-denial are filled with what kind of feelings.
Karim rushed in from the outside, shouting something bad while running, sister. Let’s go.
Gu Mengmeng heart in a surprised put photos into her arms and said what’s the matter with Karim?
People attacked the base, and all the areas were under martial law. He looked worried.
I’m not leaving him, Karim.
But we can’t carry him.
I’ll back Gu Mengmeng said firmly
She turned and sat down on the bed and asked Karim to help Conway lift him up on her back.
Karim hesitated a worry and looked at her and said, Sister, your health.
I’m fine. Come on, Karim can’t come later.
Karim couldn’t get the bed to help Conway up. He climbed his hands on Gu Mengmeng’s neck and turned his body as hard as he could.
Gu Mengmeng gritted his teeth and clenched his arm to let Karim hold Conway’s body. She walked with all her strength and forced Ma Da Conway to deviate from the room from the bed.
A few people in the front office are still asleep, and Karim struggles to bypass them and walk to the base where the gun has been fired.
Sister go to my room first, Karim shouted
Gu Mengmeng, uh, walked to the cabin with Conway on his back. They bypassed the shelter bush so that the rescuers would not find them when they ran outside to the base gate.
Her feet were filled with lead, and it was difficult to move every step, but none of these were comparable to the cramps in her abdomen and the sharp pain of digging her lungs, which made her almost unable to hear Karim’s voice and blood again. This time, it was more serious than the second time. A lot of blood dripped down her wet clothes and soaked her everywhere.
Even so Gu Mengmeng just stood still.
Conway, I won’t give up on you. I must save you.
This belief, like a magic spell to save the world and heal the wounded, has poured her into poor power and kept moving forward.
Karim blushed behind her, looking at his feet and winding blood. He hated himself for the first time. What is a young child?
Sister, sister, stop it
elder sister
He cried and his voice echoed in the rumble of guns, and the base was instantly annihilated.
Karim’s cabin is just around the corner, and when they are about to successfully bring Conway into the house.
Suddenly, a woman wearing a revealing dress and heavy makeup came from behind and saw her skirt corner rolled up high with a well-shaped thigh and a dagger ghostly stuck to Gu Mengmeng’s throat.
Let him immediately Chapter two hundred and forty-five thrilling
The cold blade stuck to the throat and the smell of death instantly spread all around.
Karim stretched out his hand and wanted to hold the gun, but before he could raise his hand, the gun was hit by a bright mountain with great strength, and the pike was knocked to the ground and kicked away by the man.
Karim stared at the mysterious woman across the street. He couldn’t figure out how a woman could be so ghostly. It’s like a ghost can’t read people’s minds. It’s impossible to catch them off guard.
See Gu Mengmeng is still in extreme danger, Karim, the feeling be nasty straight to think about brute strength hit the woman.
Don’t hurt my sister, he shouted.
Die as the enchanting woman gently denounced her hand metamorphoses, flash dagger cold light incredible speed to Karim chest.
Qin Jun Gu Mengmeng successfully stopped the woman from moving despite the cold hissing voice in her throat.
The woman looked at Gu Mengmeng strangely for two seconds.
Gu Mengmeng her Karim body with one hand gradually loosened Gu Mengmeng throat dagger murmured.
It’s me. I’m Gu Mengmeng. She put her face on Conway’s conscious cheek and fell to the ground as soon as she rubbed her dark veil. Two women’s eyes were tangled in one place, and their eyes were gradually filled with glittering and translucent tears.
You are crazy. Qin Jun doesn’t know what else to say except this sentence.
Although Gu Mengmeng was laughing at each other, his face became more and more pale. After finishing this sentence, her body was greatly waved and Qin Jun quickly reached out to hold it.
Karim’s situation deteriorated and he just wanted to shout but was stopped by Gu Mengmeng.
Karim, don’t call her my friend. Come and save us.
Karim is skeptical. Look at Qin Jun’s Kurdish. Wake up Gu Mengmeng’s sister. She’s a prostitute coming to the bar tonight.
Qin Jun didn’t quite understand and looked at Gu Mengmeng. When she was waiting for her translation, she suddenly found that her body was sliding uncontrollably, and her back Conway fell down her back.
Gu Mengmeng Gu Mengmeng has a bad intuition according to her years of experience in medicine.
Karim pulled them into the cabin as quickly as she could. Karim took her hand to lift Gu Mengmeng robe. At Qin Jun, she gasped and fell into icehouse.

Three people obviously didn’t hold the idea of dragging the battle away, so all hands are not weak. Suddenly, three unusually fierce military offensives roared directly from three hands and then slammed into the small inflammation before leaving Lin.

The heavenly fiend turns into a tiger howling.
In the face of Lin Langtian three people at the same time, they made a sharp attack on Xiaoyan’s eyes, and the dignified and strong body seemed to quiver for a while, and then the majestic black energy flooded with chalk and then formed a huge black light tiger outside its body
The light tiger roared in the face of the sky, and soon Xiaoyan took a step across the fine flowers and punched it with a flat blow. At this moment, the evil spirit of the condensed chalk turned into the essence, and the light tiger outside the body rushed at the same time.
The huge black light tiger roaring upwards is directly a very brazen gesture, and the three majestic offensives collided with each other in that many eyes.
Violent energy ripples crazy contacts swept through the body, and the body trembled sharply. The strong wind spread to his body and exploded continuously, but fortunately, he was extremely strong and his defense was even more amazing. Therefore, in the face of the violent strong wind, he was overwhelmed by it.
However, although he barely resisted, he was also shocked by several steps, and the soles of his feet shook on the ground, leaving deep traces of body chalk and qi and blood, and the blood surged violently.
Although Xiaoyan holds the blood of Monty Tiger, after all, the gap between strength Tian Zhen and others is even worse. Today, it is still a reluctance to be one enemy and three.
Well, I’ll see how many times you can block it
Tian Zhen’s new smile didn’t give Xiaoyan a pause. When she stepped across her body, she was suddenly and violently plundered, and behind her, Lin Langtian, three people, followed closely, and the fierce offensive was overwhelming, and she was shrouded in Xiaoyan.
Xiaoyan’s throat is low and the roars are black, as if iron bars are dancing like windmills in the hands of his body. Several stick shadows emerge in the face of Tian Zhen’s four-person joint offensive. He didn’t flinch at all. He knew that Lin wanted to summon the crocodile spirit of ancient days when needed.
Bang bang bang bang.
Violent offensive in a wide chalk field in an instant, and small inflammation of the body is also constantly being bombarded by strong offensive. Even his strength is now scarred and bloody.
However, even if it is extremely reluctant, Xiaoyan’s eyes are signs that latosolic red is becoming more and more crazy like a beast.
Violent force blows at Xiaoyan’s chest. Even Xiaoyan’s massive body is a wisp of blood at the corner of her mouth.
Xiaoyan’s huge palm wiped the blood at random and backhand rubbed it on his face. It turned out to be a smile at Lin Langtian’s four-person mouth. The smile was full of childish chills and rage.
However, just as Xiaoyan’s face was full of rage and he was about to step on it again, the palm of his hand fell from behind and patted him on the shoulder. At the same time, Lin Dongyin also came from me.
Little inflammation slightly one leng soon eyes with a color tilted to see Lin move that smiling face at this time in front of the day crocodile bone gun has been completely transformed from Sen Bai to latosolic red plumes of Wan blood-like light constantly diffuse from the gun body.
Did it work?
Listen, the ancient roaring inflammation from the alligator bone gun is also a relief.
At this time of forest movement, do you still want to fight back, darling, the ancient secret key may spare your life? Tian Zhen’s eyes took a miniature look at the crocodile bone gun over there in front of forest movement and immediately sneer at a drink a way.
Have a good time?
Lin glanced at a little inflammation, but some injuries were a smile. That smile was nothing but a cold murder.
If you’re cool, it’s my turn. Lin moves his palm and slowly holds the alligator bone gun in front of him, then stomps the ground hard.
A circle of violent fluctuations visible to the naked eye, where the handle fell, swept in, vaguely roaring and swaying, which made people tremble.
This fluctuation is aware of this fluctuation, and the willow white Yan Sen’s complexion is also slightly changed. Immediately, his eyes are dignified and he stares at Lin’s fist, Zhongtian crocodile bone gun.
Kill him.
That Tian Zhen four people face is also changed a change in the heart that uneasy suddenly expanded soon turned out to be a complete drink four people flash from violent offensive directly enveloped to Lin.
Ancient alligators come on.
Lin eyes indifferent looked at the four figure suddenly and violently from the line of sight slowly setting to the hand latosolic red crocodile bone gun murmured.
Latosolic red light still erupts from a volcano, and suddenly the crocodile bone gun bursts, which is a short instant that permeates this wide chalk field.
This movement immediately attracted the eyes, and the indecision and indefinite eyes shot at the sky that became red.
Lotus flower diffuses and then quickly condenses. A moment later, an unusually large figure looms in the lotus flower, and a terrible fluctuation comes from the sky from that ancient time.
And when this fluctuation comes, it suddenly rushes and Lin Langtian’s four-person figure is suddenly solidified by lightning, and the eyes are incredible and staring at the sky. The fluctuation is simply comparable to the three-yuan nirvana in the heel
This guy
Liu Bai Yan Sen also breathed a sigh of relief at this moment that huge body even if they all felt deadly dangerous.
No one thought that in the hands of Lin Dong, he still held this powerful card.
Monthly ticket recommended votes will be burst. Thank you for your help, brothers and sisters. Chapter five hundred and twenty-nine Crocodile Power Day.
Deep and ancient roar from the sky filled with lotus flower, and then the huge figure seemed to move, and the lotus flower faded slightly, and finally the monster was finally watched by people now.

Before, just as he flashed away, a chain shot hard and deeply into the mountain wall, and the wide cracks spread rapidly, and the fierce force made Lin move with a cold sweat

Bastard, are you ready after all? When you are dying, Lin Dong can’t help yelling at the little mink not far away
A little longer, the little mink’s eyes were tense, and he looked at the white light claws suspended in the stone cave and danced rapidly. As its claws danced, the white mans gradually moved as if they were condensing extraordinarily powerful forces.
When I saw the sable, I could curse the ancient halberd with one hand and thrust it obliquely, but my body was pushed back for more than ten steps again, and my qi and blood were churning.
This blood spirit after strength is getting stronger and stronger.
Feeling the blood spirit after this attack, the strength of Lin’s eyes is also changing. This blood spirit after strength has recovered too fast. If he goes like this, he won’t be strong for long.
Blood. I want blood.
However, the blood spirit didn’t give Lin much breathing, and its scarlet eyes stared at Lin’s eyes intensely, filled with bloodthirsty taste.
Hua blood spirit after a quiver body rushed again this time turned out to be directly in the half flat a ghosting visible how fast its speed.
Looked at Lin’s complexion is also a change of shape. He just wanted to retreat. The blood spirit is now with a rich bloody taste. His red arms are pulled out together in front of him. If they flash, they will catch it at Lin’s throat. The lotus flower at his fingertips flashes with a sharp strong breeze that is not inferior to senior Lingbao.
Blood spirit after this blow is extremely rapid, and the blood arm is also rapidly enlarged in Lin’s eye pupil. However, when Lin quickly wants to defend, blood spirit suddenly stops, and a latosolic red python shoots from the rear and entangles its waist so that it can get further.
Small inflammation looked at this sudden to help Lin move my heart micro eyes swept away, but it was not far away that Xiao Yan left the python tail to stall the blood spirit after cling.
Little phlogistic hair roared and lotus flower broke out all over, but it directly dragged the blood spirit after living and then dumped it in two circles in half and left it on the mountain.
A cave trembled again, and a huge pit appeared on the mountain, and the small inflammatory monster beast suddenly broke out. The strength was also quite terrible, and even the blood spirit was dumped by it
However, although the blood spirit was dumped, it was obviously impossible to do any harm to the back, so a blood arm climbed from the deep pit again and the blood spirit became more and more ferocious.
Hua go deep blood spirit after arm shaking a huge chain is tearing gas fast if flash bomb to inflammation.
However, just as the chain was about to bomb France to avoid inflammation, a black shadow suddenly jumped in front of it, and when the chain hit the body as a gold iron, the shadow was directly pumped away and a large depression appeared in its chest.
And when the shadow landed, it was discovered that it was Lin Dong’s advanced operator. But this once powerful advanced operator is as fragile as paper in front of this blood spirit.
Strong strength looked at the chest depression higher operator after Lin is canthus twitching.
Kill fuzzy and hoarse blood spirit after the mouth it stared at Lin moving body once again swept the hands of the chain dancing like a windmill with a terrible strong breeze swept to Lin moving.
Magic ape change
See blood spirit after the fierce attack Lin also dare not neglect a low drink body is swollen hands day scales GuJi also with the expansion of several times with the help of possessed apes to enhance strength, he also will hand GuJi dance behing ghosting that blood spirit after hard regret together.
And when Lin moved blood spirit after hard regret, Xiaoyan also roared and rushed to join the war circle. Lin moved together to cling to blood spirit after.
A series of amazing strength ripples in the magnificent stone cave swept like a storm, and the rocks in the cave shook constantly and the cracks spread rapidly.
At the same time, one person and one beast hand comes to the body from time to time to resist the attack of the blood spirit. After a while, the stone cave turned out to be a little stiff.
However, Lin’s heart is white, and this kind of rigidity will collapse rapidly, because in the battle, this blood spirit is getting stronger rapidly, so it is bound to be difficult to compete with each other.