"Then remember to come to me quickly."

"I promise!"
"Goodbye, dear."
"… goodbye!"
with this
When Kate was shining, the light of the long river gradually synchronized
Kate disappeared.
The long river disappears.
Guyi and mephistopheles appeared and looked at Mark with his back to them.
quite a while
A tear drops.
Mark turned his face and could not see whether it was sad or happy.
Guyi and mephistopheles looked at each other.
On the left, a circle with a flash of fire was drawn.
On the right side, the body decays and turns to ashes …
One second
Return to normal when
"… Kate!"
Kate’s smile froze and instantly lost her support and fell towards the ground.
Gibbs and Tony were frightened to disgrace.
But I watched Kate’s body being hugged by Mark who suddenly appeared in situ.
Mark looked at Kate’s frozen smile.
Knowing that Kate is not dead is another earth waiting for him to pick him up.
Heart good pain
"… Mark?" Squat down to prevent bullets from appearing at any time. Gibbs was surprised to debut.
Mark glanced at Gibbs and forced a smile on his face.