"so fast!"

Xiao clan’s wild magic body’s eyes flashed and immediately felt the pressure from Xiao Yushen. This Xiao clan’s younger brother is physically competitive and can not only shock God with one punch, but also be so terrible in terms of speed, which is not weaker than him.
"It’s a wild burst fist. There is a shocking word in his fist!"
The demon body suddenly felt the mouth and said, "But I’m not weak. The Xiao clan in the ancient star domain of the Holy Heaven has mastered the word-breaking tactic and the word-killing tactic. As the name suggests, it can break the god’s killing tactic and kill the Yuan god. I’m sure to kill him if he fights!"
His eyes tightly staring at Xiao Yu cold light flashing like a poisonous snake quietly dormant.
Chapter six hundred and four Refining mysterious fruit
Xiao Yu grabbed the stone magic Luo’s speed and force exhibition, which was very terrible. I don’t know how many miles it took to traverse with a flash.
He jumped directly at the giant tree, and his physical strength broke out like a big jump, jumping directly at the huge old tree.
"Looking for death!"
Seeing him jump, the Titan smiled cruelly and said, "This giant tree is forbidden. We encountered a terrible attack when we came in. Is it as easy to take away as the giant tree will devour your treasure as soon as you jump?" Jump to the dead road! "
But what he expected didn’t happen.
Xiao Yu and Shi Moluo jumped continuously and exerted their physical strength to the extreme. The branches and leaves shuttled back and forth. This giant tree didn’t attack them at all.
In the blink of an eye, they quickly approached a fruit.
"What? The giant tree didn’t attack them! "
"Remember their route!"
Those strong people were shocked, and then they reacted and jumped up and jumped along the route that Xiao Yugang had just walked.
"F * * king he should perfectly avoid the giant tree all banned him like that? Die, this Xiao traitor must die. There is such a way that you can’t share it with us and kill him immediately after you go out! " That Xiao middle-aged man is full of mouth and mouth.
A line of five of them jumped quickly, and their physical strength was also stronger than that of the powerful eyebrows. Mysterious characters enveloped them, which belonged to the exclusive clan pattern of Xiao nationality.
Whoosh whoosh!
These people are quick to move.
"They’re coming!" Stone magic frown.
"Why don’t we pick all these fruits and leave them none? We have ancient maps to guide us to avoid all prohibitions, but they can’t get anything behind us without a safe route, and I have to add some more materials to them!"
Xiao Yu backhand grabbed the killing bow and pulled the bowstring. Suddenly, the bowstring formed a painted black arrow feather, and the magic light spewed out his fingers. When he loosened that magic light, he tore it out in an instant.
The arrow disappeared like a ghost, and with this monstrous murderous look, a silver spirit family god appeared in the chest.
The god gave a miserable cry directly, and his body was blown to pieces with a bang, and the silver juice was rolling and falling apart. Yuan Shen was also directly destroyed and killed completely.
"Little beast, how dare you?"
"Kill him!"
Silver spirit family strong all roared up dense ShaQi monstrous eyes.
Xiao Yu shot an arrow and saw that the strong men were rushing to dare not continue to fight. He leaned out a big hand and grabbed the huge fruit directly and took it away.
At this moment, an ancient will suddenly appeared in the huge temple next to the fruit, which made him creepy. "This belongs to the master. If the tiny worm dares to offend the master, everyone will die!"
Hundreds of black chains appeared in the giant temple. Once Xiao Yu’s big hand was firmly tied, the black light flashed and refined immediately.
Xiao Yu was taken aback and then exclaim "burn!"
As soon as the hundreds of black chains appeared, they burst into juice when they were all burned.
"Bring it, I’ll take care of it for you!"
Xiao Yu grabbed the fruit and picked it directly, and Shi Moluo quickly rushed away from here towards more square.
"lowly ant, if you dare to offend the great master, you must die!"
The giant temple roared angrily, and several black chains rushed out from the inside. It was so dark that everyone killed those who were rushing to the strong, and all of a sudden they were angry.
These strong and complete a shot out of all kinds of killing directly to smash all these black chains.
At this time, Xiao Yu has jumped to a higher area, and they split up and collect as many fruits as possible here.