Arrange this matter to be far away at the same time. When Cooper passed, the line received a message from Professor Brand.

"Are we going to start preparing for action now?" Cooper is very excited. He has to train here for a year or two by himself. He never thought the opportunity would come so soon.
He has only been training for a month!
However, Professor Brand threw cold water on him. "Operation Cooper didn’t start so soon. Now we have to do some pre-work first."
"Oh ~ What’s that job?"
"We’re going to drive the Yongheng through the tunnel and send it near the wormhole, which is the plan C we told you about before."
Professor Brand simply repeated a situation.
"We need your engineering modification ability. You know, although we can control the Eternal, NASA on the ground also has remote control function for the Eternal. We must modify it properly to avoid being influenced by NASA."
Cooper’s horse is white. "So when do we start?"
"Soon the rocket is ready to transform the docking module interface standard, so we can start."
Professor Brand asked Cooper to apply back.
Among the three astronauts trained while wandering, he is an engineer, and Cooper can win this one.
"In addition, we have prepared a partner for you who will work with you to modify the Yongheng."
"Who is it?" Cooper asked
"I don’t know, but I heard that he is also an engineer, and his skills may be more exquisite than yours?"
Cooper muttered, "That really helped me solve a big problem."
Although he is an engineer and his skills are recognized as first-class, he didn’t do it when he was an engineer.
So Cooper is really a little unsure and worried that he can’t win this.
With the help of a professional engineer, he can play thugs next to him.
After Professor Brand finished the phone call, Cooper quickly applied and told himself to two other colleagues who were also trained.
In the envy of his peers, Cooper walked through the communication tunnel and returned to the space base.
After two days in the base, the rocket and docking module are ready to send him to Yongheng.
The only thing that puzzles Cooper is that his fellow engineer hasn’t shown up yet …
Chapter 345 What is this? !
Cooper’s doubts about his companion’s delay in showing up continued until the moment before boarding the rocket.
Jody hurried over and said to him
"You act alone first, and your partner will send you to the tunnel when you enter the Yongheng."
Hearing this, Cooper took a deep breath.
More than ten years ago, when he first flew the rover spacecraft alone, he had an accident. Now he’s alone.
To be honest, Cooper is a little nervous.
Jody saw this and patted him on the shoulder. "It’s okay. The technology is very mature this time and everything will be fine."
Cooper nodded, and then the whole person followed the arrangement and instructions. By the time he came to his senses again, he had already sat in the spaceship.
Then he’ll just sit and wait for the day.
The spacecraft will automatically dock with the Yongheng, and then he will disable the ground control system first, so that the transformation of the Yongheng can be officially started.
Many people outside the rocket are looking at the top at this time.
Although docking the Forever is out of their control, no one is worried at all. Professor Brand is still in the mood to talk and laugh with his daughter.
The countdown rings.
Cooper sat down, folded his hands, and was ready to bear the rush south.
A manned spaceship rose from the tremor of the rocket, and it was a little too swaying for Cooper. I once again remembered when I made a mistake in driving the Wanderer more than ten years ago …
But he can’t think too much
Ground instructions came one after another. Although he didn’t need to do anything, he still had to observe the spacecraft data at all times.
The other side of the ocean
Since Professor Brand fled with Jody, the NASA base has been in a state of martial law, and all kinds of work have come to a standstill.
As soon as most projects are listed, they find that their project leader has been "treason"
Without the boss, all the projects have been calculated, and even the leaders and deputies have run away. In this case, all the projects are like flies, and they don’t know what to do.
And even if they want to work, it’s not that easy.
The person in charge of reviewing them has arrived at the base, and now everyone is suspected. If you are a little more positive about your work, you may be suspected that Liu Brande’s accomplices are trying to steal information from the inside.
Before the end of the review, most people are in a dark room alone on weekdays.
The whole base is running at the lowest working standard, that is, some very important positions will be attended.
Such as missile early warning satellite monitoring
Through the missile early warning satellite with strong infrared response when a missile or rocket is launched, the danger can be quickly discovered and early warning can be automatically carried out.
Although there is no army now, these important departments have always been preserved.
Soon after the Cooper rocket rose, it triggered the missile early warning satellite alarm. The duty room echoed with reports that various orbit prediction data of the rocket had appeared on the screen.
Two workers in the duty room were first one leng and then quickly reported the matter.
If it is the former, there is no need to do this. They have better methods, such as automatic operation to determine the impact of the orbit. If it is in China, it will automatically connect to the interceptor missile.
But it’s different now.
Go straight back to nature
Although the emergency system in the base is also under review, in the final analysis, it is still in transit, and soon someone received their alarm.
"Is it a missile?" Asked in the department of words.
The monitor looked at the blurred image taken by the satellite on the screen and monitored the size of the rocket. "No, this should be a rocket with a length of 50 meters."
The boss was relieved when he heard the first time.
It’s a bit exaggerated that the 50-meter-long missile is true. They don’t have Mars to deploy troops against them. It’s not so long. A shorter guy is enough.
Since it’s a rocket, let’s continue to find out what they’re launching for. We may need these data.
A base leader has set his sights on the future. The departure of many experts such as Brand is a major blow to Lazarus.
But this plan will be restarted one day in the future.
Don’t tell me, don’t find a new home. Where are these people going to escape?
Don’t die like others?
It is the right way for them to flee to a new planet with a "population bomb" and establish a new human colony.