Sook Samoyed was furious and swung his whip at Cang Lang! this

It was Xu Huaijin who was there to deal with the military situation. When he saw that Suksamo whip was about to fall, he jumped to the front of the horse and stretched out his big hand to drag Suksamo whip in his hand and shouted angrily, "Stop it!" Suksamo was furious. "The dog has turned against you, and even the old man dares to stop me from picking you up!"
Chapter three hundred and six Unlucky Suksamoyed
While talking, Sukesamo has withdrawn the whip and then pulled it toward Xu Huaijin.
At this time, Xu Huaijin didn’t dodge, let a whip draw his head, and a blood shower appeared on Xu Huaijin’s right face and neck.
Xu Huaijin’s face was cold and cold. "Someone will tie up the perpetrators for me!"
Aside, Cang Lang can’t wait for Xu Huaijin to be born in Cang Lang, Cang Lang. Even if Zhang Enyuan and Zhang Yihu were once in charge, it’s hard to compare. But now Zhang Yishou’s number one will be humiliated by his own leaders. How can they swallow the humiliation of Cang Lang Camp? They have always been enemies and complained that today’s hatred will never drag on.
Behind Xu Huaijin, several Cang Lang suddenly surrounded a Cang Lang and jumped directly from the horse to Sukesamo. Where can I resist Cang Lang’s attack and fall directly from the horse?
Suksamo was furious and pulled out the pistol directly from his waist. As soon as the gunman lifted it, he would shoot.
See the figure around a flash, a Cang Lang fly up a foot in the middle of Sukesamo’s wrist, and the pistol is directly kicked off. Before Sukesamo can wait to reflect it, two Cang Lang directly smoke seven mouth ropes one after another and throw them aside.
Sukesamo woke up after drinking and saw himself tied up and roared, "Who the fuck are you who dare to tie up and not want to mix?" No one in Heilongjiang dares to tie the old! "
Aside Cang Lang drink a way "bastard before this is commanding the three northeast provinces.
General Jun Shengjing told the Chief of Staff to take charge of the affairs of the armies in the three provinces. Are you fucking crazy and dare to beat officials and don’t want to live? "
Talking is a burst of punching and kicking …
Xu Huaijin drink a way "all right, bring it in! Ask the general’s adult to show mercy! "
Sukesamo protested, "It’s always the yellow flag with a title. What qualifications do you have to tie the old?" What qualifications do you have to deal with me! ? Even Lord Enze can join me and send it to the Zongren Mansion for treatment. Who are you? "
Xu Huaijin shouted, "Someone gave it to me and told him to be honest!"
A former hand of Cang Lang, Li Gaba-Suksamoba, has been picked. Suksamoba whined and was dragged into the martial arts field by several people.
Teach Zhang Yi Enze and others in the martial arts field to see clearly that Enze’s eyes closed and he didn’t say anything to repose. Zhang Yi’s face turned cold.
At this time, several Cang Lang dragged Suksamo in, and a Cang Lang handed over and said, "The cavalry general’s adult refused to check the drunkenness and trouble outside the door, but he also looked at the elders and even whipped Xu Huaijin’s adult and wanted to commit a crime. We asked the general’s adult to punish him!"
Zhang Yi said coldly, "Tie him to a stake and pick him up. It’s up to you to see who dares to attack the chief of staff of a town’s general company!"
Several Cang Lang quickly began to tie Suksamo to a stake and put his mouth in place.
Where has Suksamo ever been such a coward? Even Enze was polite to him.
Where can I stand this humiliation? I couldn’t help swearing
Zhang Yi said angrily, "Somebody give me a slap in the face until he confesses softly!"
Several Cang Lang also came straight at you’re welcome, slapping or scratching was a slap in the face, which made Suksamo’s eyes see stars. Finally, he couldn’t bear it. He cried, "Enze’s adult, Enze’s adult, help! What are their crimes against my humble position? Who are they who dare to beat me?"
Enze could no longer close his eyes when he heard the call, opened his eyes and said slowly, "Mr. Jian, please let him go first. He is the head of the Gongzi camp, and Suksamo has a title. It is not appropriate to do so!"
Zhang Yi sealed his eyes and said, "Officers never care about military workers with titles. Relying on their ancestors’ shadows, the officers and elders taught him how to be a man! Let the museum give you this face and stay together for an hour! "
Zhang Yi gave a hand and all the staff scattered aside.
Zhang Yi waited quietly.
Time flies. Although it is not short, it will pass after all. After one hour, hundreds of officers and men have returned one after another. Together, there are nearly 3,000 people in the martial arts field.
Zhang Yi said coldly, "When Hershey arrived, Xu Huaijin, what are the statistics of the various ministries now?"
Xu Huaijin replied, "The number of instructors who have arrived at the current camp should be 4,674, and the actual number should be 2,971. Those who have not arrived are more than 1,600."
There are 111 people missing from Zhongshengzi Camp, 167 people missing from Fengzi Camp and 200 people missing from Luzi Camp … At the same time, the commander of Gongzi Camp, Suksamo, failed to arrive at the time and attempted to commit crimes at the camp gate; He arrived at Yong Zi Camp only after the word camp. The commander of the two battalions has not arrived yet! "
Zhang Yihan said, "Gong Zi Camp is in charge of Suksamo’s drunkenness, rioting and beating officials. If he fails to do so, he should be dismissed on the spot and take off his top hat! He Zi battalion commander demoted first-class sentry Yong Zi battalion commander took off his top hat and went to their respective command posts! All the soldiers who have not arrived at the time limit will be dealt with according to what they said before! "
Xu Huaijin replied, "Yes!"
Enze finally changed his face. I didn’t expect Zhang Yizhen to dare to be so cruel. He hurriedly said, "Sir Jian, you will go to three commanders and demote more than 1,000 people in one breath. The soldiers are either expelled from the army or deducted from their salaries. What are you going to do? The whole Heilongjiang army will be in a mess. How can you let the old man manage the Heilongjiang army?"
Zhang Yi replied with an expression, "Grace, if you can’t manage it, don’t manage it. Xu Huaijin has ordered the Heilongjiang army to take a temporary photo from today to strictly investigate the lack of staff in various ministries in Heilongjiang. Once hell to pay is found!" Enze roared, "Zhang Yi is always in charge of the military and political affairs in Heilongjiang at the will of the imperial court. What’s your advantage? Stop my errand and always ask the imperial court to join you and bending the law for personal gain!" Zhang Yi shouted, "Old age is the highest in the three northeastern provinces.
Military and political chief, who are you to find out all the problems before you can participate in the dissolution of the old and the old, and now you can treat you with a felony of lax defense! Look at what you’ve brought to Qiqihar soldiers. Are there any soldiers left? A hundred veteran soldiers can beat you and a thousand people run away! You are a bullshit Heilongjiang general! Xu Huaijin will take the place of Heilongjiang Army for a month from today and clean up the army for me! "
Chapter three hundred and seven Kill!
Aside, Suksamo is sober now. Come and listen. What happened when they finally understood?
Sukesamo neck a terrier mouth scold a way "dog day Zhang Yi you this group of han people this is to usurp the throne? This is our flag day, not you dog day han people, you let go of the old age, the first emperor gave me a gold medal, Dan Tie30, and no one dares to grasp the old age except Zongren House! You’re taking you. This is naked! Lord Enze can’t be so cheap. He ordered the soldiers to take them directly and follow you to the imperial court to find Lafayette and the emperor! "
Zhang Yi looked at Suksamo with cold eyes and shouted, "Damn it, China’s army was damaged by you scum, and you have the face to yell here and call him a long memory!"
Sukesamo roared, "The brothers in Gongzi Camp are flag bearers, so come out to the old man. We flag bearers have no cowards to beat Zhang Yi out to the old man!"
And word camp at the head of the MOOTIG also roared, "His mother Zhang Yi old respect you are a court official and came all the way to see you. You didn’t say that you were going to demote your old position, but it was the blood of Emperor Mao. How dare you drive your old position?" I always fight with you. The brothers will drive this little one out. If something goes wrong, they will always call me with Suksamo! "
Sook Samomo Otig has been a gang of snakes and rats, fighting cocks and walking dogs all day, and they are full of flags and brothers, and there are also many sergeants in their faces.
The number of people who are loafing around like this are also rushing to the stands of the martial arts field.
Zhang Yi looked at the officers and men who flocked to the stands and shouted coldly, "Somebody give it to me!"
Twenty or thirty Cang Lang qi qi stepped forward with a submachine gun toward the surface is a strafe! Submachine gun shells will hit a piece of dust on the edge of the stand of the teaching martial arts field.
The soldiers surging with the banner finally saw these murderous Cang Lang. What a group of monsters! With such powerful weapons in their hands, they drove Ma Keqin. These people will definitely be shot into a sieve by their department. There is no doubt that these people look like cold-blooded killing machines!
The flag-bearer soldiers retreated repeatedly in fear, and the crowd moved back a dozen paces before stopping. Some officers and men in front were scared and pale. These people were really scared. How dare they shoot! Almost hit the old thigh …
Shook Satsuma was taken aback and immediately roared again. "Brothers, they dare not shoot at people and rush to shoot them. He won’t let us live a good life and we won’t let him live …"
Sukesamo was yelling at himself when "pa" a shot went off. Sukesamo’s head was bleeding from his forehead, and there was already a loophole in his forehead. Sukesamo died suddenly.
At this time, Zhang Yi’s hand is spinning with a Mao Se pistol coldly. "That dare to impact the stands again is tantamount to betraying the court."
It was the rebellious Suksamo’s accomplices who were shot on the spot! "
"psst!" All the officers and men in the field gasped at the air conditioning. This Zhang Yi was really cruel enough to shoot Suksamo directly without hesitation. At that time, this Zhang Yi still turned his back on Suksamo and just waved his hand. Suksamo was already dying!
Those who rushed to the front of the flag-bearer shouted a piece and fled to the side of the team for fear that their bad luck was targeted by Cang Lang, the front force
In the crowd, only Mootig just stood there, and his head was buzzing. This is the protection of Dantie, so Suksamo was shot by Zhang Yi! I’m just a general, but I’m not as strong as Suksamo. That’s just like Suksamo!