Although the power of the sacred soldiers is huge, there will be a little loss when they cross many roads. However, the great Zen master, Monty Munro, has sacrificed the power of the sacred soldiers to the Great Brahma Temple, and there will be no loss, and the power will be brought into full play!

"It’s a pity that Gu Xiong, I’m afraid you can’t survive this catastrophe."
The great Zen master smiled with compassion. "I am merciful! Since you can’t survive this disaster, I’d better give it to the old monk to help you keep it. It’s hard to save lives by using these fairy spirits. Now you can calculate that you have accumulated a copy of Yin De’s death and become a paradise! "
He said that justice is awe-inspiring, but in his bones, he moved to fish in troubled waters. While Gu Tianxing and Su Ying, the two masters, resisted the robbery, he came to search for the aura that originally belonged to Gu Tianxing. In those days, Gu Tianxing and Su Ying robbed Cang Kun Xian in troubled waters, which was the same wind.
"Brother Su doesn’t know if anyone can shelter you after Gu Tianxing’s death?"
Just then, another person came from the void. It was Gu Bufan, the outstanding brother of Zhenyuan Taoist Temple, who had a grudge against Su Ying. Behind him, an old man with a hand-held duster smiled and said, "You can live until now only by Gu Tianxing’s protection. How many days can you live without protection after this demon dies?"
"Su Sheng’s evil deeds are extremely devastating, and the original mainland is guilty!"
Another golden dragon seal came crashing down to the Summer Emperor Xia Jie wearing a crown and a dragon robe near the hundreds of mountains. Ling Jinlong seal came to this new way. "This person just borrowed Gu Tianxing’s breath to live to the present. He won’t live a day after the death of the old demon! Gu Tianxing, do you remember? When Zhongzhou robbed me of a Long Mai in the summer, I said I would give you a gift when I was in Du Jie, and now I’m here! "
"Su Ying is just a fanatic who lived to this day because of Gu Tianxing’s jealousy. You really think highly of him when you say that he can live for a day. He is already a dead man in the eyes of the emperor!"
A person wearing a black robe is beaming with laughter, flying around and scrolling, but Wan Li’s evil spirit is the arrival of the Black Dragon Emperor of Poseidon Palace. "Gu Tianxing, you two are bullying the original mainland, and now it’s time to calculate the general ledger!"
Suddenly, there’s a magic gas rolling in from Wan Li. Among the magic gas, there’s a tour in magic dragon, but it’s the magic Luo dynasty in the western regions. The magic Luo emperor also came to the Monty Sect of the ages to see the middle-aged emperor. The emperor smiled and said, "Sheng heard that he had come to see Brother Gu off!"
"I don’t know how many people are at enmity with you in today’s world. Now it’s time to settle!"
And Styx hierarch came to lang laughed
Then, the primitive mainland holy places, such as mending the devil’s religion, heaven Sect, earth devil Sect and so on, came to besiege hundreds of mountains one after another and were combative.
"Gu Tianxing Su should know that what goes around comes around comes around. Take advantage of this great man to rob us and send you both to the west!"
"Yes, Gu Tianxing, if you are the emperor of the original mainland, you will definitely be devastated by you. You should understand the truth that you are sick and want to kill you, right?"
"Even if you can survive the Great Emperor’s robbery, I will sweep away your fairy spirit and make you weak for 300 years!"
"You two have always robbed others, and now you finally get what you deserve!"
"Uncle, how many people did you offend in your early years?"
Su Ying’s face turned black and looked around to see that all the holy places in the primitive mainland had almost arrived, which made him so depressed that he couldn’t wait to vomit blood. There were a few sects, such as King Kong Zen Buddhism, Sun God Palace, Moon God Palace and Zhongzhou Xiajia, without the Lord’s arrival.
However, most of the people robbed by these sects without the Lord’s participation in the Great Emperor were either destroyed by themselves or made friends with Gu Tianxing. There is an icon goddess Sect in the holy land and it is also a treasure image domain.
Gu Tianxing smiled lightly and said, "These saints have either almost died in my hands, or there are brothers, uncles, younger brothers, younger sisters, teachers and grandmothers who have died in my hands. I have done a few ridiculous things and killed too many people in all the holy places in the original mainland, and I have almost killed many enemies."
"The enemy is not spoken by others, but killed!"
Gu Tianxing’s eyes flashed off, and suddenly all the attacks were hard to contend with, and no holy soldier could attack Su Ying.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I have long expected that you will not let me survive this robbery safely. Can you be unguarded?"
He looked at Su Ying and smiled, "Martial nephew, we had an agreement that I would fight against 90% of the holy soldiers’ attacks, and you need to fight against 10%. Now you have the remaining 10%!"
"Teacher, what you said about ten percent is not these holy lords, is it?"
Su Ying’s eyes swept out to see the holy masters of all the holy places to jointly urge their respective holy soldiers to bomb conan the destroyer. Every form of holy soldiers can be described as wonderful in form and spirit, and its power is much stronger than that of his holy master.
His holy soldier’s bombardment was a virtual shadow form of the holy soldier from afar, but now it is a holy soldier entity, which is naturally different!
"This is to force me to make efforts ….."
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-three The enemy was killed
Gu Tianxing’s eyes lit up and smiled. "My nephew, I mean to see the strength of your department. Now I’m going to absorb all these forbidden patterns of the holy soldiers into my body to refine my body, mind, forbidden law and the magic wheel of famine, so that I can improve my strength further!"
He said leisurely, "where else in the world can we find such an opportunity for more than 1,500 holy places to join hands to urge their holy soldiers to refine their flesh and mind?" Teacher younger brother, I will leave my safety to you. "
He sat cross-legged, and suddenly the magic wheel became more and more fierce. Serena could dissipate and float above his head, and his nine external incarnations sat cross-legged on a stone tablet.
Several holy soldiers’ forbidden lines swarmed down and drowned Gu Tianxing.
The Black Dragon Emperor of Poseidon Palace laughed and said solemnity, "Gu Tianxing, you are really cruel to let your nephew come out to resist us. Are you going to use this small thing as cannon fodder?"
"Cannon fodder? Black Dragon Emperor, you look down on Su! "
Su Ying rose from the sky and rushed out of the scope of the Emperor’s robbery. Hundreds of mountains floated high and came to the major saints.
Om, a swinging bracelet suddenly rose in front of him and was set in his hand.
Sue should face up to the bombardment and come with more than a hundred holy soldiers. chaos clock reappeared above his head to protect him all over.
"Did Su’s life’s strongman ever need someone to protect him?"
His mind moved, Qing Di’s flesh directly merged with himself, and then when a palm leaned out and twisted, many saints felt that his palm suddenly became bigger than a huge palm covering the sun, and the palm prints stretched out like the sky hanging upside down, but the mountains and hills were spread with five fingers apart as if Tianzhu were hanging upside down!
This is Su Ying’s strongest strength. His body has already reached the height of the emperor and his mana has also risen to the level of the Great Sage!
At first, the Great Fanyinlei Temple was as huge as a mainland Buddhist chanting and singing, but before it touched his palm, the Pangdalei Temple became smaller and smaller, and finally fell into his hand as big as a fist!
His palm in the treasure house of the Dragon God is similar to the scene in which the Dragon Emperor steals the sky and distorts the control of the hand for miles!
However, when the Dragon Emperor used this method, it was with the help of more than ten holy soldiers’ powers that he could lean out and twist all the imaginary miles into the palm of his hand and turn the holy treasure into dust.
Su Yingxiu’s strength is naturally better than that of Emperor Yong, but he is strong in Jin Gangzhuo and chaos clock, and the bonus of all kinds of treasures of the holy soldiers makes him unexpectedly able to cast such a blow of the earth!
Even so, he still reached the point where the distortion is thousands of miles away, which is to shrink hundreds of Wan Li virtual distortions into the palm of his hand!
He Xiu Yuan is not as good as the Dragon Emperor. Although he achieved the achievements of other people’s legal enterprises, he modified the restrictions and allowed other methods to give full play to the power of chaos clock and Huangtian Ship. Moreover, although he was strong in chaos clock, he did not break into other forbidden methods to give full play to the power of two treasures.
However, even so, Su Ying’s blooming strength at this time is also extremely scary. When she leaned out to concentrate hundreds of Wan Li, it was almost the peak of the Great Sage. When she shot, Wei Wei left many saints behind!
"The Black Dragon Emperor was able to seriously injure you with one move from my teacher, but now you and I can’t walk past with one move!"
Su Ying saw with a heavy pinch that the Great Brahma Temple was bombarded by the power of this holy soldier when he shook hands, and his hands were constantly broken.
Want to know Sue should hold hundreds of Wan Li virtual this holy soldier can collapse pieces of visible power is amazing!
Even so, the Great Brahma Temple can’t escape from him, and he can’t get rid of it!
"Black Dragon Emperor, I can kill you with one move and make you bones. Do you believe it?"
The black dragon emperor is furious, and he dares to fight alone before he dares.
The great Zen master was bald and covered with cold sweat, which repeatedly prompted the Great Fanyin Lei Temple. However, this Lei Temple fell into the hands of Su Ying like a mud cow in the sea.
"Although you are a Buddhist, I think it’s a villain’s general behavior that you have been wronged in the past and recently. Do you believe that I can kill you with one move?"
Su Ying should hold the Great Brahma Temple, which is a thunder temple. His palms are shaking endlessly and he always tries to get rid of his repression.
He looked around for a week, and saw that the holy lords looked at his palm and smiled. "You are the same. If you don’t believe me, you can come out and I will kill you and show them!"
The great Zen master was so angry that he laughed and roared. Suddenly, a golden-haired ape was so tall that he roared and repeatedly held a gold rod and blew it up. He slammed Su Ying with a grimace and said, "Everyone can be punished for heresy! Give me back the Great Fanyinlei Temple! "