Many gods fluctuate, and there are many monsters among these powerful spectators. Naturally, you can see at a glance that Su Ying is not a slave to the alchemist, but a friend of the alchemist. He said that he is a slave to the alchemist. Although others know it, there is nothing they can do.

There are three powerful congenital constitutions in the world today: the treasure body, the divine body and the immortal body, each of which is no small matter.
In addition, there are all kinds of special constitutions.
The treasure body is a magical body with great energy, such as the alchemist, the founder brothers and Jian Gong, both of which are precious bodies with extremely strong magical blood flowing through them.
The divine body is another kind of extremely special physique, which is born strong and descended from heaven at birth. The divine spirit has unimaginable advantages, and the cultivation speed is as fast as the reincarnation of God, and the foundation is better than the solid magical power!
Their flesh is even more earth than the magic weapon of the same level. If they can grow up, they will be the overlord of the vertical and horizontal giants!
It is even rarer to say that the top three of the three thousand special physiques are immortals. Since ancient times, immortals have not appeared many times, but they will be shocked when they appear!
I heard that several heavenly emperors were born in immortal bodies!
In addition to these constitutions, there are several acquired constitutions, such as Mo Tianya Jiuzhanti and Lei Yin Buddha, the holy monk of the sandalwood, both of which are cultivated the day after tomorrow, but they are also extremely powerful and not inferior to the treasure body and the divine body!
This time, the appearance of two gods in Izumo City can be seen as a great sensation!
Niu Shan came to be a very ordinary ox demon, and was later attacked by Sue, the demon statue of bones receivable.
Then it disappeared.
I didn’t expect that when I saw you goodbye, this stupid goods were so tough that they bombarded him with magic weapons, and he didn’t leave any scars. This is simply abnormal!
Now Sue should be born to kill two world war slaves. It seems that his body is not inferior to that of Niu Shan.
Chapter 1112 God body
However, they don’t know whether Sue is a special physique, a treasure body or a divine body, but a celestial body!
It can even be said that his physique has already surpassed the immortal body!
He has a solid foundation since he practiced Archaean magic body. Plus, he has been a mixed Taoist body since the beginning of cultivation, and then everything has been refined into the body in a large array. For several years, the Taoist pattern has been refined into the bones in the smallest grain of the body, and even into the innate demon texture, and HarmonyOS purple gas has been refined into the body, which has created his powerful body!
Later, as Su Yingxiu rose step by step, his body had already evolved into a chaotic fairy body!
3,000 special physique ranks first fairy body!
The alchemist also stared at this scene for a long time speechless. Just now, Mo Tianya said that Sue had to deal with a move, and his arm was almost broken. He had some disbelief, but now he deeply believed it.
One punch and one tear will kill two masters, and these two war slaves are very hard for him to deal with. Without a magic weapon, he is going to fight to the death.
But before these two masters Su Ying, they are just like paper sticks.
"Brother Mo, where did you invite such a fierce man?"
After the alchemist reacted, the whole person was simply more excited than "the strength of this monty leader is still yours and mine!"
Mo Tianya laughed. "He’s not from another world, but from another world. I don’t know which world it is, but Brother Su’s knowledge is far from us. He pointed out my master’s words and even my master made a breakthrough!"
The alchemist smell speech can’t help but horror!
"Founder, don’t you dare to fight?" Sue should attire roaring looked up at sink a way
"Fight with me?"
Founder flew into a rage, the armrest of the throne was crushed by him, and his eyes were full of fire, staring at the golden plate. Now he finally tasted what it was like to be challenged by a "war slave". That sense of humiliation was accepted by people of his status!
However, Su Ying’s two strikes just now really made him dread being a slave, and the slave’s fighting power was extremely strong and amazing. Even the sword master said that he would not let the sword be born, and he could not easily drop them.
But that’s how the two earth poles were actually solved by Su Ying’s three-step attack!
Even if he asks himself, he can do it!
"I also have a treasure, but this little killing of two world war slaves is unarmed. It’s hard to guarantee that he also has a treasure!"
Founder’s face is uncertain, rain or shine. He is not sure that Su Ying will win. He will not build a dangerous wall. His surname will be cautious and he will not take risks like the alchemist.
"Another god!"
Sword male eyes suddenly shot two off murderous look foaming at the mouth excited "really want to kill him! I have long wanted to learn about the power of the gods! "
He Huo Ran got up and was about to play on behalf of Founder when suddenly the alchemist sounded faint. "Jian Gong, if you want to play, you have to take out some heat, right? I wonder what you want to bet on this time? "
Jian Gong stayed for a while and his face sank. He was delighted to see that Su Ying’s fighting power was amazing, but he forgot that Shenmu had lost the bet at the moment and fell to the alchemist.
Fang Shilang laughed. "I heard that the sword born by the sword master is a different treasure, but the sword master killed hundreds of gods and demons, and it was refined by the blood of the gods and demons. The sword master relied on this raw sword to refine your precious body into a big firm but gentle life cycle. If you bet on this raw sword, I will kill it and make you bet! Do you dare? "
Sword and gnashing suddenly sat down with a cold hum.
Naturally, he refused to take out the raw sword to bet that the raw sword was his victory over Su Ying. Without the raw sword, he also admitted that he was afraid that it would be difficult to match Su Ying.
Giving birth to a sword is to die, and he naturally doesn’t want to.
"The original open sword male will be afraid of" the alchemist laughed.
Jian Gong’s face turned red, but he forced his anger not to be provoked by him.
The alchemist was just about to pursue his victory and continue to severely hit his confidence. Suddenly Su Ying’s knowledge fluctuated into his mind, and he immediately smiled. "Cousin Founder, if you bet on your tauren, we can still bet this time. If you lose, you will give me the tauren, and if I lose, the killing order will be yours."
Founder smell speech moment eyes sharp shot suddenly laughed solemnity way "good! But this time, instead of being there in person, let me fight for my slave! Today, let us appreciate the collision of one or two gods! "
He Huo Ran got up and looked down at the battlefield and looked at a golden sand-transformed planet, Niu Shan, coldly. "Stupid cow, I will give you a free chance today! If you kill that kid, you’ll be a free man from now on! You must contribute to this battle! "
Niu Shan smell speech shine at the moment a simple and honest smile looked up and smiled "is this really?"
Founder face cold sink a way "in front of so many friends I won’t break my word! But if you don’t deliberately defeat your efforts, you will still be a slave or a different master! "
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Niu Shan suddenly burst into laughter, and an unimaginable energy burst out, shaking the planet transformed by many gold sands in the gold plate. God’s body power completely blooms and remains!
Although many people know that this tauren is a rare sight, most people have never seen him make efforts.
Founder personally led many experts out of Cloud City to capture Niu Shan who had seen him display his divine body. The situation is that he still remembers the horror today!
At that time, almost all of the top 100 emperors out of Cloud City were killed by Niu Shan, and finally the Cloud City God personally took this person!
Now this stupid cow has finally cast his magic body again!
Niu Shan is still Niu Shan, but at the moment, he gives people a feeling that he used to have a completely different atmosphere. There, he is like a constant ancient bull demon who smashed everything and roared everything!
The aura and essence of heaven and earth swarmed into his body, and he turned into a dazzling divine light, which spewed from his body and was swept by the divine light and began to collapse to his body!
At the same time, a 16-legged scary cow demon with a magic axe arm suddenly emerged behind him!
This kind of power is really amazing, and it is even more terrible than the breath that Su Ying broke out when he was running the Archaean demon to kill the slaves of World War II!
"What kind of god is this?" Everyone lost their way
"This is not a divine body, this is a blood bearing, right? This magical power seems to have been seen in some ancient books!" A god level old man said with