Christie Chernoff is a typical American beauty.

Beautiful brown hair is a very playful way to shoulder the skin, which is both white and delicate in Chinese and white as snow in westerners. The outline conforms to both oriental and western aesthetics, and a pair of smart eyes seem to condense all the aura of heaven and earth, which makes people feel happy at a glance.
Mandchenkov deserves to be the head of the Chernoff family. Whether he is a wife or an only daughter or two is enviable.
No man with such a wife and daughter will be too excited to sleep.
Mandchenkov was proud when he introduced the two men.
Jasmine Bean Christie said hello to the nine Chinese people, and Mandchenkov introduced the people on the right.
Mandchenkov first introduced three elders on the right.
These three people are not young, because their hair is already white, but it is shocking that these three old people are also old people with strong dreams, three people are senile and bloated, and these three people have no gray appearance everywhere except their hair is white.
They are comfortable in hand-cut clothes, and Xixi is held high by a beautiful figure, with one hand bigger than that of ordinary people.
Their eyes are full of sharp colors.
Mandchernoff laughed. "This is our Chernoff family, three elders, two elders, three elders, two elders are pseudo-six strong, that is, you Chinese half-step congenital fighters, three elders are five strong and have the strength to be close to pseudo-six strong."
Xu Weiyang heard from her brow that this big elder, the second elder, is comparable to the half-step innate fighter, the pseudo-six-segment strong, and the third elder is the top strong in dzogchen, which can almost become the pseudo-six-segment strong.
Mandchenkov then introduced seven people one by one.
The fourth man in a suit and tie is a 50-year-old brother of Mandchenkov, Michenov, and a business wizard who is in charge of the entire Chenov business empire.
The fifth man, wearing a dovetail, is Mandchenkov’s younger brother, Barechenkov, who is very talented. He has been a strong man for five periods just in middle age, which can be said to be a very powerful genius.
The sixth person, the seventh person, the first person and the ninth person are all Chernoff family elders and dzogchen fighters.
The tenth person is a young man, and it’s Mandchenkov, Max Chenov.
Mandchenkov has nine children, and his brother and brother also have children, but apart from Christie, who took the table for gender reasons, among the many young people, Max Chernov has the table.
There is of course a reason for this.
Because Max Chernoff is the first day of the entire Chernoff family, and he is only 19 years old this year, he is already comparable to the Chinese peak fighters. It is a problem that the four strong men become five strong men. It is inevitable that the Chernoff family will add a pseudo-six-strong man in the future. It is not impossible to turn words into real six-strong men.
Max Chernoff has developed all kinds of problems because he was the most eye-catching descendant of the Nodachenov family since he was a child and his strength was really strong.
After being introduced by Mandchenkov, Max Chernov did not show too much enthusiasm. Instead, he took a look at Xu and other six people and focused on expressing his courtesy to the three old people of Mengqiang Group.
If that’s all, I’m too lazy to pay attention to it, but Max Chernoff said hello to the three old people of Dream Strong Group and then looked at the six people of Dragon Group Guard with a smile. "Six people can compete with each other during this period, so that we can know more about Gu Wu in the East and Gu Wu in the West, but you must let me know before you choose your opponent, so that I can help you choose a suitable opponent. When the opponent is too strong, it will be difficult for our Chernoff family to be a man."
Although this sentence is said by Max Chernoff with a smile, it has a feeling of batting practice after it is said.
Six people cried uncomfortable.
The cold man in the Huaxia Guard sneered, "Does the pavilion mean that the Chernoff family is full of masters?"
Max Chernoff laughed. "After all, the Chernoff family has been bearing for hundreds of years."
The cold man went back directly. "If your family is full of masters, why do you ask for help when you come all the way to China? Can’t you beat Madken yourself? "
As soon as this statement came out, everyone was entranced with a change, and Xu was almost amazed.
This guy’s words really hit my heart.
Oh, my God, this is just what I was going to say
Coco, this wave is really beautiful!
This small-minded person should be so jealous of him!
I can’t believe that this cold man doesn’t talk normally, but he can make people so happy after the situation, which makes people want to laugh.
Although the cold man excited Xu, it made the table atmosphere instantly deadlocked.
It’s not a shame for the Chernoff family to find someone to help, just as a friend has turned over some money from another friend in advance-it will be the same soon. They asked the Chinese master to come and help, and they promised China to invest.
However, it was a shame when it was said by the cold man.
The Chernoff family didn’t say anything, but their faces were a little ugly.
Zhao Guangyin frowned and shouted, "We came to help one or two at the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Chernoff family and the Dragon Palace. What do you say?"
The cold man said angrily, "We’re here to help the Chernoff family, not to make them laugh!"
Zhao Guangyin flew into a rage and was about to say something. Max Chernoff had already said first, "If you are strong enough, you won’t recognize me for mocking yourself. Can blx blame others?"
The cold man said coldly, "What is your definition of being strong?"
Max Chernoff said, "If you can beat me, I will recognize you as strong."
The cold man is the peak fighter, which is equivalent to the four masters in the West. Naturally, he will not be afraid of Max Chernoff.
Cold man immediately said, "Do you want to have a fight as entertainment before the banquet?"
Max Chernoff confidently tunnel "I don’t mind"
Cold man then get up.
Max Chernoff also got up.
Zhao Guangyin wanted to say something, but he patted him because Mandchenkov didn’t speak.
Mandchenkov didn’t speak, which showed that he recognized this battle, and westerners respected the strong. This battle was also a test of the strength of the medium-sized fighters in the Dragon Palace, such as
Mandchenkov doesn’t talk. If Zhao Guangyin talks, he falls by.
Although Zhao Guangyin has words, if Ya expresses his opinions, he can’t disobey them.
So the cold man Max Chernoff is doomed to fight this war.
This battle is actually not just a battle, but also a symbol of which side has more face and which side has more words in the next few days.
The battle between the two men has almost symbolized the honor of both sides
Chapter five hundred and ninety-five Xu banter
Cold man Max Chernov’s battle is on the verge.
Everyone is betting on this battle.
The music has stopped, and no one wants to disturb the war.
Cold man is not the kui is a peak fighters and combat experience is very rich, peak fighters just fight to occupy the wind.
The battalion chief of Huaxia Guard specially recommended that cold men and cold women follow Xu for a reason, of course.
Cold men fight fiercely, but they will never show their doors. They belong to the offensive and defensive type, and Mushatokoro studies are also more complicated
However, not everyone thinks that cold men really occupy the wind, because Max Chernoff seems to be in the wind, but he is actually wandering or observing what cold men have.
This is what he wants to know about the ability characteristics of an ancient Eastern fighter.
Xu raise your eyebrows from this point you can see that Max Chernoff will win.