Even in the late stage of the transformation, Mu Yuan quickly stayed away from the peak master of Gang Jing. Once the gang Jin broke out, Fiona Fang was a dangerous area for the ancient fighters of Gang Jing.

The surging gas made the air in the room swing, and the tables, bowls and chopsticks flew.
Even the big round table of solid wood weighing hundreds of pounds seemed to be overturned with a jerk.
Yun Fan’s body qi also intensified and rushed out of the body. The qi around him stirred up with terrible momentum.
The big round table of solid wood was hit by two people’s true qi and vigorous qi, clicked and split into several pieces, flew directly and fell into the distance.
Yun Fan did not even move the eleventh qi, so he resisted the impact of Futang Gang Qi.
Yun Fan said faintly, "It’s not enough for me to stop Yun Fan from entering this hotel if I want to!"
Chapter 6 Famous Yuecheng!
Mufutang was furious and drank violently.
The general manager of his rich and magnificent hotel in Yuecheng is a famous man!
Even the top family in Yuecheng, Mufu Hall, is in a high position, and he is born strong. He can rank in the top three, and his status is no small matter.
Even if it’s Yuan Mu’s innate strength, Sun Lun’s position is inferior to that of Fu Tang!
And Yun Fan is just a right-hand man. Although he is talented, Mufutang values Yun Fan’s experience and adventure more!
Don’t look at Mufutang’s diffuseness to Yun Fan. It seems that he has a special bearing and appreciates Yun Fan very practically. Mufutang didn’t look at Yun Fan from the bottom of his heart.
People like Mufu Hall have to respect him except the innate strong, but the result is that they are despised by Yun Fan. Naturally, they are angry and can’t suppress any self-restraint
Drunk shepherd rich hall has moved.
The body strength of Mufu Hall has been running to the limit, and the posture is as heavy and majestic as a mountain with both hands clenched.
Pastoral Juexue-Wuyue Mountain Collapse Boxing!
The shepherd family is a third-class aristocratic family. It’s never more than martial arts!
Although the ancient martial arts of the earth is very rough compared with the martial arts of the dry yuan continent, the martial arts of the dry yuan continent are also comparable
This boxing comes out of Mufu Hall with a sharp momentum, like a sharp mountain cut like a knife, and it goes straight into the sky. The boxing power is amazing with a sharp spirit.
The ordinary Mufu Hall in Gejing has a sharp fist every other time, and it is strong enough to break the flesh like a knife, a sword and a blow.
This fist’ Xiyue Huashan Boxing’!
Mufu Hall broke like a hammer into the water every other time, forcibly rushing into the range of Yun Fan’s true qi and blasting into Yunfan’s body.
"Carving insects!"
With a wave of his right hand, Yun Fan hummed and the true qi of cutting exploded.
The true qi was like a whip bombarding Mufu Hall, and the momentum of the fist was instantly defeated by Yun Fan
Although Wuyue mountain collapse boxing is not inferior to Ganyuan mainland martial arts, Mufu Hall did not practice at home and did not give full play to the real power of Wuyue mountain collapse boxing.
Yun Fan’s true spirit is far better than that of Mufu Hall. Naturally, it is easy to blow away the latter’s boxing strength.
A few people in the room are not horrified. Mu Yuan and the three maids know very well how terrible that punch of Mu Fu Tang just now was. Even in the middle of the territory, it will be hit hard. In the later period, it will be forced back with one punch!
But it turned out that Yun Fan waved his hand and broke the boxing strength of Mufu Hall, which was incredible. Muyuan and a maid were surprised.
Mufu Hall also frowned slightly. He is a top player in the country, and he is famous as a big shot in Yuecheng. If he personally makes moves, Yun Fan, who is only ten years old, will become a joke!
Mufu Hall stepped forward like a sharp arrow and punched Yunfan again!
This boxing is powerful and powerful, and it is the most powerful boxing in Wuyue Mountain Collapse Boxing-Dongyue Taishan Boxing!
Mufutang boxing is as heavy as Mount Tai!
This boxing Mufu Hall was not vigorous in vitro, but contained in the fist before Yun Fan.
Although the environment can hurt people by vigorous qi in vitro, the farther away vigorous qi is from the body, the weaker it is. Only when vigorous qi is contained in hands, feet or a weapon, can it burst into the strongest force.
This punch is so powerful that the punch force is nearly ten thousand Jin!
Yun Fan made a lateral movement, and Zhang Xu evaded the boxing of Mufu Hall at a very fast speed.
"Where to escape?"
Pastoral rich hall big drink a way to Yun Fan evasion is to escape.
Another punch’ Dongyue Taishan Boxing’ blew up at Yunfan.
Yun Fan’s eyes sank slightly, and he saw at a glance that Mufutang’s boxing potential was fierce, but it was full of flaws.
This punch Yun Fan didn’t avoid it again, but the same punch blew out a frontal attack.
Tiger roar boxing!
Yun Fan’s black hair just stands up like a fried tiger. If the fist is like a tiger mountain, the wind will fluctuate and there will be a faint roar and terror.
Yun Fan blasted out a punch that hit Mufutang’s boxing flaw. Mufutang’s boxing potential collapsed like ice and snow in the sun.
Without the boxing potential, Mufutang’s boxing strength has been greatly reduced, while Yun Fan’s boxing potential is unstoppable.
The fist of Mufu Hall has not yet been attacked by Yunfan, and it has already printed on his chest.
A bang!
Yun Fan’s fist power is extremely terrible, and Mufu Hall’s protector is vigorous and instant!
Mufu Hall’s body was blasted to the rear by Yun Fan’s boxing force, and it just hit the door.
As soon as the door exploded, Mufu Hall’s body continued to fly back for more than ten meters and fell into the third floor hall.
The hall on the third floor is full of students from the former Grade Three (Class Seven) party of Mecha High School who were startled by this sudden noise.
Looking around, the students are not shocked as if they were ghosts.
Because Mufu Hall appeared, the student who just met Mufu Hall naturally introduced Mufu Hall’s body to his students.
Now all the students know that the 50-year-old man who took Yun Fan into Bao just now is the general manager of this magnificent hotel, Mufutang, and he is a famous figure in Yuecheng.
How long has it been?
This famous Yuecheng big shot actually flew out directly from the bag!
Mufutang is a master at the peak of his life!
Who on earth can beat Mufutang so badly?
Yun Fan just went in and the students involuntarily thought of Yun Fan, but they couldn’t believe it!
Although Yun Fan defeated Tian Bowen, Tian Bowen was in the early stage of his career and he was young and just graduated from Mecha University!
But Mufutang is at the peak of its territory. People who are nearly 50 years old have rich combat experience!
Yun Fan can be worse than Mufu Hall? This makes the students unbelievable!
The students were still shocked, and a figure burst out of the bag as fast as a flash and a punch broke.
"I said it’s not enough for you to stop me!"
Yun Fan Sound, Mufu Hall, was hit by a broken fist just after he decided that his body would not defend.