Norman thinks it’s meaningless. If this place is boundless, what’s the point of throwing this helmet? The past is the past, and no one knows where the road ahead is. Maybe they will just go for a generation.

But this place is not marginal. Norman soon learned this because their feet stepped on the water again.
This is the water left over from the previous experiment, and they have returned to their original place.
They went straight ahead and came back.
Once again, the team stopped. It should be that the commander gave up this attempt again, and this time Norman waited for a long time and didn’t see a similar attempt. It seems that the team commander also gave up the struggle.
Even if we couldn’t find a way before, the leaders tried hard, but everyone still saw what they saw. Although they were scared, they were generally stable. Now even the leaders were silent in front of them, and despair spread. More and more logistics personnel were crying when they walked through the carriage, and even the brave knights were affected.
Norman glanced at Mario and saw that his valet looked calm, as if nothing had happened. It was the blinking frequency that accelerated, and a pair of eyes told Norman that his heart was not completely calm.
Then Norman looked back at Isabella.
The car door was open all the time, and he could see Isabella in the carriage, clutching her maid’s dress with both hands, and looking at the front with pale face and eyes.
On the whole, his two servants are still calm in themselves …
What can he do? He is also desperate, but showing it doesn’t help solve the problem. If crying can solve the problem, he would have cried more than anyone else.
Norman thought about it at sixes and sevens. Before he finished, a man came up to him with a gap in the carriage.
"Mr. Norman, Hardy priest wants to see you."
Norman knew Mario, and so did several people who fell from the sky that day.
Norman followed him all the way through the carriages and came to the front. After seeing Hardy next to a carriage, he looked at the front and there was a woman next to Saint Agnes.
There was no one around them, and some wizards were scattered around them in twos and threes. Some of them were seen on the day of Norman entrance examination, and they took students to take the entrance examination. I didn’t expect to travel with the envoys.
"Hardy priest"
Norman went straight to Hardy and said hello. "You wanted to see me?"
Close to him, he found that Hardy’s face was not good-looking, and the saint Agnes looked ahead with a cold face.
Hardy turned and saw Norman coming. The tunnel was straightforward. "Do you have any idea about this maze?" Did God the Father give you any inspiration? "
Norman knew Hardy must have found this for himself.
As Lancelot expected, Hardy, they had to take him to Santa Vita as a secret weapon. As a result, they didn’t expect to move this secret weapon just after they left, even without a day.
Norman also wanted to play a secret weapon, but it was a pity that he was a fake. Now even the Knights Templar, his biggest backstage, had no choice, and he was even more helpless. He said, "Without me, there was no way, and the Father didn’t give me any inspiration."
But he did know that this place is called "Tai Maze" or it may be the name of this magical spell.
Hardy frowned more tightly after hearing Norman.
Is the arrival of the second father really a coincidence? ……
Chapter one hundred and twenty Let the virgin go first
"We’ve had too many waves, and the maze will collapse in more than half an hour. We don’t have much time."
After a long silence, Hardy spoke again, but instead of facing Norman, he said to Agnes, "Let’s send it to the higher plane."
Agnes didn’t promise or refuse for a long time before saying, "We don’t have all the combined spells of the four-star white robe mage to cast the higher plane, but even if we cast it, our power will be discounted."
"You should know that our current mage is likely to be able to pass through the higher plane by combining spells."
Hardy nodded. "I know, but we can’t fall here. You have to go out."
Agnes was silent for a long time before saying, "How can I leave you these goddesses? My identity forbid me to do so. "
Hardy said, "But the future of the church is more important. Only when you go out can the church continue to stand and fight against the dragon to educate the people. Otherwise, once the king falls, the present situation of the church is likely to suffer a great disaster that has never happened in thousands of years, which is even more disastrous for several people in the kingdom."
"Because of your identity, you have to do this. You have a great mission and you must not die here. I believe everyone here is willing to sacrifice you …"
I didn’t want to be the first one. This woman died!
Norman heart Shouting.
It may be that Hardy didn’t shy away from Norman because he knew that everyone here could live one, so he let him listen-probably Norman in Hardy’s heart was already a dead man like him.
But although he didn’t want Agnes to sacrifice Norman, he didn’t dare to shout, otherwise he would be imprisoned by a horse even if he didn’t die.
Alas, it’s not as good as a saint to have been visited by the Father God. Norman is also interested in another Father God arrival at the scene, but the logic doesn’t make sense. The Father God finally arrived, but instead of saving them with great power, he grabbed the chance to escape with the Saint. Does it make sense?
Otherwise, wait for their higher plane-sending spells to be put to good use, and then seize the opportunity to get in front of the saint …
On this side, Norman is extremely depressed and thinks hard about the method of saving his life. On the other side, Agnes doesn’t move slowly.
Father teaches Saint Agnes that she is not an ordinary woman and will not be like an ordinary woman. Once she has analyzed the situation and identified which side is more important, she immediately made a decision.
"You can arrange it."
Then Hardy summoned the wizards and selected eleven wizards whose comprehensive strength was in front of the church. After that, he quickly prepared to send spells from a higher plane.