"I’ll do it!"

Although the communication has recovered slightly, it can sometimes make Xingyue sound. She took over the set of individual exoskeleton armor control of Ji Xinghe and set the instructions for the intelligent core.
When this suit of individual exoskeleton armor is detached from the champion’s back, it is like a chemical fuel rocket that is about to be eliminated by the federal government. When the booster runs out of chemical fuel, it will separate itself.
However, its mission has not been completed. With two tungsten-steel-gold combat knives, it will complete the destruction of the last few key load-bearing columns, and Hou, the driving champion of Ji Xinghe, will continue to carry Ji Rongxin on his back.
Boom … Boom … Boom …
Grandpa is leaving the collapsing world with his granddaughter on his back, but they will not leave this battlefield because the war is not over yet.
"Continue to dismantle!"
The order was reached in the communication channel of Ji Xinghe. Based on all the known information, Xingyue determined six demolition targets, three oxygen warehouses, two energy centers and an armory.
The first goal, of course, is the armory. The command center of the transition base can still control a large number of monitoring equipment. Before they can be copied, they can kill the enemy and kill themselves-detonate the oxygen warehouse.
With the champion, Ji Xinghe’s defense is higher than before, but the problem is that the defense of Ji Rongxinyue’s single-soldier exoskeleton armor is greatly reduced, and because the customized single-soldier exoskeleton armor requires the messenger’s body shape, Ji Xinghe can’t change armor with Ji Rongxinyue, and he can’t really bear the explosion damage of oxygen warehouse level without the help of protective equipment.
Compared with the nuclear fusion reactor energy center, it can produce more lethality if it is detonated by the empire.
In this case, the main goal of going to the armory of the transition base and looking for suitable weapons and equipment can be more from whether to continue to attack or defend.
Roar and vibration keep coming. The suit of individual exoskeleton armor of Ji Xinghe has completed its final mission. The response caused by the collapse of a huge building at the base is chain-like.
This may be one of the reasons why the empire did not send large-scale troops to carry all kinds of weapons to intercept Ji Xinghe during their destruction and transfer.
What about going back and forth?
Driving the champion Hou Jixing River is like a magnitude earthquake, when the environment keeps advancing, it suddenly appears.
"Not quite right"
The communication has been restored. Ji Rong Xin Yue and Xing Yue both heard the sound of Ji Xing He for the first time. When they woke up, they also noticed that the wrong place was out at the same time.
"No pursuers" and "No interception"
"Well, there’s nothing. It shouldn’t be."
Ji Xinghe frowned, although he was confident that no one in this transition base could stop their father and grandson except Emperor Wudi (the moon and the moon don’t have actual combat power now), and Adakang couldn’t.
But the problem is that it is beneficial for them to complete the interception. Those monitoring probes can know their position and whereabouts. The empire can completely block the passage they want to pass or analyze and predict their action route and arrange weapons of mass destruction first, even if nuclear weapons are not used, it can have a serious impact on them.
If a special building is ambushed and exploded, it will cause the building to collapse. If you want to bury Emperor Wudi III and Adakang but fail, Ji Xinghe will be buried somewhere in this transition base by the empire.
And then it was not held by Emperor Wu III.
Ji Xinghe should not jump into the analysis category of the base command center by intuition. Judging from the fact that the imperial military must have military literacy, they have no reason to give up this situation.
Is it because the destruction of the base has achieved the expected effect, which has led to the serious defeat of the imperial ground war?
What do you think of the theory of taking the lesser of the two evils? At this time, the biggest threat to the imperial transition base is the Ji family team, not the federal surface, which launches the general assault force. The difference in combat effectiveness between the two is because the Ji family team is closer to the most important transition area of the transition base and has the ability to complete blasting.
A few words of dialogue Ji Xinghe has rushed to the armory with Ji Rongxin on his back, and there should be no situation in front of them.
There is a scarlet here!
When Ji Xinghe destroyed all the surveillance cameras in the line of sight and hit the armory gate by air control, a large number of brand-new and rich weapons and equipment appeared in their sight.
It’s really wrong to have weapons but no orangutans.
Ji Xinghe intuitively didn’t need him to avoid danger as soon as possible, saying that this place would not be directly detonated by the empire, but should have the ability to jump to the base command center, and knowing that Ji Xinghe had arrived, he gave up detonating a large number of bombs, shells and missiles in the armory.
Ji Rong Xinyue didn’t get the warning message. She has jumped off the champion Hou’s back to help search for suitable weapons and equipment. She didn’t think about this wrong situation, because Ji Xinghe was beside her.
"They’re retreating."
Ji Xinghe suddenly sold Ji Rongxin’s moon movement for an instant and then continued.
"What?" Ji Rong Xinyue was puzzled by Xingyue and asked, "Master, you won’t have broken through to the ninth stage, will you?"
Whether Yu Ji Xinghe is in the ninth stage is the most clear question in the world. They just broke into Lu Ji Xinghe and confirmed the fact that he broke through to the ninth stage and said a lot of secrets like a confession.
Ji Xinghe didn’t answer, but used a dozen portable individual missiles to make the microphone resound through the armory.
"Are you going to run?"
"Run?" With a smile, Emperor Wu III began to say, "I gave you a gift that will make you the greatest wonder of mankind in this era. Do you repay me with such words?"
"If you stay, I will give you more in return."
"Ha ha …"
Emperor Wu III laughed for a while and then said softly, "How did you say his heart struggled just now?"
This is obviously not talking to Ji Xinghe or to Ji Rong Xinyue.
Adakang also sounded with a smile. "It’s not just a struggle for life and death, but also a struggle for the present and the future. It’s not only a struggle for the fate of him and his granddaughter, but also a struggle for the fate of the Federation and mankind. It’s really torture. I can’t bear it."
Emperor Wu III "tut-tut" for two times. I don’t know whether to imitate Li Zhengfan. It said, "But his struggles are meaningless because no matter how he chooses, he will go forward and backward according to my drama."
"Yes," Adakang echoed. "The greatest wonder in the human world, Xinghe, is really a stage clown, and it is like a joke, but the audience has us."
Ji Xinghe’s silence responded to the fierce words. Ji Rong Xinyue was equally silent. It is true that the dialogue between Emperor Wu III and Adakang is less. It seems so.
Emperor Wu III came and left when he said it. He ordered the empire to be located in the last transition base of different stars, and said that he would keep it and withdraw it, which made Ji Xinghe look like a clown.
He and Ji Rongxinyue had a hard time meeting. Emperor Wu III did not really appear, but it brought the threat of prehistoric cases. The scenes represented by various choices in the future and all the tactics he carried out with Ji Rongxinyue and Xingyue.
It’s really like a stage drama. The real audience includes Emperor Wu III, who can turn Ji Xinghe into a stage clown.
Just as Emperor Wu III could easily make Ji Xinghe the greatest wonder in the human world.
It may be hard for adults to bear such a blow, but few of them can respond to fierce words, so can the stars and moons, or maybe they don’t want to swear in front of the stars and rivers.
There is Ji Xinghe who can respond.
He sounded up.
"Heart-cutting knife. Good study, but very general."
"Really?" Emperor Wu III replied with great interest, "Are you going to say that you want to teach me, but there are conditions?"