Su He has been following Ji Xinghe back to Xinxin’s room before leaving him and going back to his place of residence. By the way, it has been agreed for a while that Ji Xinghe will call him when he goes to the mecha area. He is in no hurry.

Ji Xinghe has also discovered the benefits of following the Su River. Su River is a war correspondent who has a shooting and interview office, but he can help take care of Xinxin Su River during his working hours. He is very happy because he also knows that the shortage of alien resources is not only material resources, human resources and technical resources, but also very important for him to do something of practical significance.
"Grandpa, you really don’t rest?"
"No, when Grandpa slept for three months?"
"But Uncle Shen Mu said you didn’t sleep."
"I believe grandpa really needs to sleep for four or five hours every day."
"Grandpa can teach me? In this way, I will have more time to watch, repair things and practice martial arts like my grandfather every day. "
"Of course, but Yan Yan must eat and sleep on time before she can learn."
"Okay, let’s pull the hook."
After pulling the hook, Yan Yan drove people away. "Grandpa, go to work quickly. Yan Yan can sleep without coaxing."
Ji Xinghe doesn’t want to go, and neither does he.
"Grandpa can monitor and watch Yan Yan. Mom always works overtime every night. Yan Yan has something to do. The communicator in the room is called Grandpa."
Is that so?
When Ji Xinghe hesitated, Yan Xin was already holding Ji Xinghe’s right hand to hold the bracelet. It seems that she used to hold her mother’s bracelet like this before, and soon brought up the monitoring screen in the room, because this is all the restricted passwords left by her mother for her room.
"Grandpa, go, because they need grandpa. Yan Yan will be very good, because Yan Yan will also make them need people to be like mothers, like fathers, like grandfathers."
Ji Xinghe said to Yan Yan that he had skillfully finished washing his face, brushing his teeth and washing his feet, and got into bed. After covering himself with a thin quilt, he left for a short time, and it was a better future for him to get together for a longer time. He could not live up to such a sensible Yan Yan.
Mecha zone, I’m coming.
Chapter 4 Selfishness
Ji Xinghe actually doesn’t want to go to the mecha area. He wants to meet the second lieutenant officer who installed the mechanical leg, but it’s a pity that he doesn’t know the name and number of the other party and can’t contact the other party.
He shouldn’t be able to sleep, should he? Just like yourself.
Can Xinxin fall asleep? I don’t think she can sleep either, but she will lie still in bed because she doesn’t want to worry about herself and affect her work just as she didn’t want to affect her mother’s work before.
Then I should work harder.
Ji Xinghe thought this way and came to the mecha area. This time, he came alone without Shen Mu’s help. He felt that he might not be able to get in. After all, he refused to be hired in the 19 th Cao Cao area and publicly questioned the lieutenant colonel officer who looked like a steward in the base.
Unexpectedly and understandably, when he was close to the metal door in the mecha area, the time limit certification had been directly completed. "Welcome to professional and technical private mechanic Ji Xinghe"
He has entered the mecha zone, but his log is blank. Even if he goes in, he doesn’t know what he should do and what he can do.
"Lao Ji, wait for me to brush the limit for you."
At the corner of Shen Mu corridor, he shouted that he and Su He had come together, because their accommodation place was very close to Ji Xinghe’s assigned accommodation place, and he was also with them, but Ji Xinghe has never been back yet.
"No, I’m limited."
Ji Xinghe took the lead in entering the metal door, and he was already a little forced to wait, not only because he had to work harder, but also because he had been a mechanic since he was a child. He took the mechanic road because he loved repairing and manufacturing mecha, which was his dream.
Shen Mu footsteps slightly paused Su He has trotted with the past, and he has just applied for the corresponding limit. Even without Shen Mu and Ji Xinghe, he can freely enter and leave the mecha area.
"Wait for me."
After Shen Mu chased him in, he talked to Ji Xinghe like a footman. "I have finished the report. I was assigned to the No.21 operating area. The former head applied to go to the front line and didn’t come back … Lao Ji, why don’t you come and help me? I never dreamed that I could have such a day."
Not all alien mechs can be transported to the base for maintenance. Fortunately, there are many mechanics here. The real danger and difficulty are the damaged mechs and mechanics in the front battlefield.
"No," Ji Xinghe refused again and gave the reason. "I also checked. If I go to your place or 19, you will count me in your daily diary. Not only will you be tired, but I will also have no time."
The artificial intelligence program and command center of the base will distribute the daily log according to the personnel configuration and technical level of each operation area. In a nutshell, those who can do more work will get more.
"But who can teach you if you don’t come to me or go to 19?" Shen Mu questioned, "You can’t do it alone. I know that you have a strong personal ability and a strong learning ability. You need to sleep for four or five hours every day, but the problem is that the efficiency of self-study is very low. When we are together, we can save you a lot of detours … Lao Ji, I’m afraid I won’t have time to answer many questions when I get busy here. I’m very good at repairing my diary. I think it will be full. You can’t wait for me to finish teaching you every day."
Su He next to chimed in, "Yes, Lao Ji, although you know a little about mecha, you are all self-taught. They are masters and trained people like Shen Mu, which can really help you avoid many detours. When you really want to help the second lieutenant officer, he should not be so anxious to ask you to help him, and you don’t need to worry. That is to say, can you join 19 or Shen Mu 21 first? If not, you can resign again."
There is almost no difference between Ji Xinghe’s busy level before eating or normal shift, and there is almost no difference between the total number of mechanics and the mecha area. It was silent for a while before coming out.
"I know very well that I shouldn’t have been here. I’m too old, so I’m really a redundant person here. I took up some resources and I will take up some resources here. I have to make corresponding contributions, but I think I can do it and … is there really that second lieutenant officer in this base who needs help?"
Shen Mu and Su He were silent, and the battle on the alien front was very tragic. Like second lieutenant officers, many of them became disabled, but many of them did not want to divorce the star front, but they lost their real ability to continue fighting.
Ji Xinghe looked at Su He. "Xiao Su, I found that there is a down soldier in the base. Even if you do me a favor and count all their information, I need to know his name. His former fighting style is best recorded in his former mecha black box."
The down archers are just like the second lieutenant, as the name suggests. They don’t want to leave their posts. They are incorporated into the down archers’ company.
Su He didn’t promise Shen Mu to ask Su He questions that he also wanted to ask.