Li Han also said, "Yes, if we can hit the Imperial Star, we can definitely let the Empire know what nuclear hydrogen is."

"Nuclear weapons, nuclear hydrogen bombs, hydrogen"
"Ha ha ha interesting"
Everyone knows this truth. During the Star Wars, because the alien Federation seems to be a federal territory and there are a large number of federal soldiers stationed, it will not be easy to use nuclear weapons.
But if you hit the Empire Star, it is estimated that nuclear weapons will have a place when the Federation has prepared for more than one hundred years.
"I’m worried that some people will be unwilling to let us be nuclear and hydrogen when the Empire Star benefits."
"I’ll break their legs if they don’t let us be nuclear."
The most powerful several ace mecha and a Milky Way mecha high say such words in public is a gesture.
Because with the pre-victory of the federal war mark canyon, those people who support the peace talks think that the federal government can finally take the initiative have been clamoring for the past 16 hours.
This made them very dissatisfied. After this seemingly small talk, those sounds should be smaller.
Ji Xinghe didn’t take part in the chat, but his attitude has already taken root and he doesn’t need to show it again.
Several ace mecha in Li Yuanba poured a pot of cold water when chatting in full swing.
"You should all be prepared. Earl A’s anti-Galaxy Corps was annihilated. Adakang will die in ten hours, but the real anti-Galaxy Corps will definitely appear later."
Li Han and others frowned at the thought of getting information before.
"You say it’s Dong Guo Cilian. They said the Imperial Royal Guards Mecha Camp before?"
"Three hundred Duke Jia that mecha regiment?"
"No, emperor wudi iii will send its most powerful force to different stars? Didn’t you say that Dong Guo Cilian’s empire was very fierce? "
"Yes, almost all orangutans and monkeys in the empire are indifferent to Emperor Wu III. How dare it?"
In the face of these reasons, Li Yuanba said a word and let Li Han and others be silent
"Because they don’t come, we will win."
Yes, in addition to the three hundred Duke A Empire, what force can defeat the mecha of Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba Federation?
Left hand tone so easily said, "So Su Chuanyun has to try very hard to do restorative training. When he exploded to break a ten-frame team battle, I was less able to spell out three Qin Tong, Harris and Lame, all of which were worse than me. Well, our independent group is not the old man, but it can handle 30 … The old man can get 70 and get a whole left of 200. You four independent groups can do it."
Nobody spoke to his left hand.
It is reasonable to say that the independent group can handle one hundred planes, and the other four independent groups can handle two hundred planes. It should not be a big problem.
But the question is, is it still a war if it can be counted as such?
Emperor Wu III’s Royal Guards Camp, if the anti-Xinghe Corps style of play appears in the battlefield of the Mountain of Gods, will never give the Federation all the independent groups a chance.
No independent regiment can stop the situation one by one.
It is clear that all the people were silent, and on the other side, Ji Xinghe also ended communication and adaptability training with Su Chuanyun.
"The old man no longer practices?"
"No, I know."
Li Yuanba persuaded, "I think you should practice again. Although you are very strong, your armor is also very strong, but the empire is likely to make communication jamming devices this time."
The challenge before the battle is one-on-one. What does it have to do with armor division?
Others don’t understand the meaning of Ji Xinghe but white Li Yuanba.
With the help of the moon and the moon, he really doesn’t need any adaptive training. Even if he hasn’t modified the imperial mecha, he should have a federal manufacturing intelligence core. The moon and the moon can make up for the reduction of combat power caused by different operating methods.
The whole armor makes the intelligent core must be made in the Federation.
However, it has been three years since the moon and the moon appeared on the battlefield under the guise of "armor separation", especially this time when Su Chuanyun exploded Li Yuanba, and it was clear that it was the moon and the moon.
Does the empire really know nothing?
The supporting force behind the main supplicant of the peace talks is the organization at the top of the tower, and the organization at the top of the tower knows that A’s separation is done by Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba.
In case the organization at the top of the peace talks told the empire the news, and the empire made communication jamming devices to prevent Li Yuanba from joining forces with Ji Xinghe for two dozen one.
Xingyue can’t appear. Ji Xinghe drives the whole armor.
This was decided before Ji Xinghe, to prevent him from having an accident, and the moon and the moon died with him.
The moon and the stars raised strong objections, but Ji Xinghe gave them a look.
In this case, it is good for Ji Xinghe to be familiar with the whole armour.
"I told you, I know I’m not worried."
"What’s the number? You say it. "
"If you say it, you won’t let me fight."
"Ha ha, who can manage you?"
Ji Xinghe thinks that what Li Yuanba said makes sense. Looking at the people, he seems to believe that he is really worried about his eyes.
Say the number in his heart.
"Do you think Adakang would agree if I told Adakang that I was going to have a disarmament battle?"
They froze.
The left hand hasn’t reacted yet, so of course, he replied, "I’m sure I’ll agree. Adacon can live in an alien environment without the help of auxiliary equipment, and he can still punch his body with a fist made of tungsten-steel alloy … Wait, old man, what did you say?"
"I said I want to fight it." Ji Xinghe’s tone is unquestionable. "This is my gift to the blind."
Chapter 59 Must be disarmed reasons
When Ji Xinghe finally spoke his mind, there was no unexpected opposition from everyone.
Kaidilin’s opposition was the strongest. He directly played the bracelet and prepared to join Ivanovic.
Although as Li Yuanba said just now, no one can manage Ji Xinghe, Ivanovich is also the commander-in-chief of the Federation. If it is cruel to stop Ji Xinghe, this challenge will definitely not go smoothly.
You don’t need to control Ji Xinghe. You need to send a space battleship to appear in the battlefield. Adakang can’t come out and fight Ji Xinghe one-on-one
"What are you doing?"