With the three of them fighting, all kinds of trees are constantly being poured into the water, giving off a burst of rumble.

Chapter one hundred and ninety-six There are many things in it
Soon five minutes arrived, and Lin Ying motioned for Qing Muyang to leave.
But Qing Muyang didn’t see enough when he looked at the three animals fighting.
Lin Ying pulled the green Muyang and touch of green Muyang to swim back together.
Out of the water, such as Lin Ying immediately said, "Crazy, didn’t we agree to stay for five minutes? Why are you still reluctant to leave? "
Green MuYang dug his head a little embarrassed. "The boss is not that I can’t bear to leave, but that it’s so wonderful. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a magical thing in my life. You said that such a big wall of water is so free for people to walk through even flying fish, but it just doesn’t explode."
Do you think if it suddenly bursts one day and the water inside comes out first-class, will G City be flooded?
What the hell is this place? I cann’t believe there are fish, shrimp and crabs
Why do I feel like I’m in the aquarium? "
Hearing Lin Ying’s words, Lin Ying stretched out his hand and touched the water wall, giving people a soft feeling like a balloon filled with water, but his arm reached into the water with a little effort, but the balloon did not break.
Lin Ying pulls out her palm and arm, makes a hole and automatically closes, which makes people feel very magical.
"I don’t know what the hell is here. It’s beyond my cognition." Lin Ying has some resistance
This is indeed beyond Lin Ying’s cognition that it is impossible that things should appear in front of him so magically, which makes him feel that his life has been refreshed.
Qing Muyang will think of a market of strange things from time to time, but he searched his memory and found no water wall information, even if it was similar.
Green assessment while holding a sword constantly poking the water wall scold a way "this last time what happened? It’s hard for the old man to guess without giving a word about the strange things in the market. "
At this time, when Lin Ying raised her hand and looked at the waterproof watch, she suddenly asked, "Are you crazy or not?" How about we limit ourselves to ten minutes this time? "
Green MuYang a listen to immediately some happy way "good good walk"
Say that finish green MuYang will run inside.
Lin Ying grabbed him and said, "Wait, let’s go in another direction this time and see if there is anything in his place?"
Qing Muyang immediately agreed.
So Lin Ying walked along the water wall for some distance and then entered it.
They swam towards it and saw a lot of aquatic life all the way.
There are swarms of flying fish, crabs, shrimps and long strange fish.
These creatures saw Lin Ying swimming quickly towards them and wanted to attack them.
Two people good constantly slay these creatures flee for life.
At that time, the whole water wall was a large area with undercurrent and red blood.
In ten minutes, we will soon arrive at Lin Ying, so that they can retreat, but those creatures are in hot pursuit.
They didn’t kill the creatures that followed until they got out of the water wall and the forest shadow.
At this time, the two men were in a state of severe hypoxia and almost collapsed because of holding their breath for a long time.
Green MuYang lying face flushed panting way "boss can’t, it’s too dangerous in here, we hold our breath to swim in it, but holding our breath to fight is a bit unbearable, so we don’t go inside, just follow this big wall and see if we can get to their edge"
Hear green MuYang complain Lin Ying took a deep breath and said, "Well, why don’t we go in? If there are a few waves of fierce creatures in it, maybe we should explain it. Let’s have a rest here first."
With that, I carved a strange pattern on the tree in front of me with a horse-cutting knife and injected some vitality into it.
Qing Muyang was attracted by Lin Ying’s move and asked, "Boss, what are you doing?"
Lin Ying kept saying, "Law hides our body shape."
"Eldest brother, this is to do things, but I like it very much." Green Muyang suddenly became a little excited when he heard Lin Ying’s words. "Come and tell me what you think, and I’ll be prepared."
Lin Ying immediately explained, "It’s too tiring to go in these two trips. I found that if we don’t have diving equipment or oxygen, we can go deep into it, let alone find out what’s going on inside."