Besides, everyone else in the Xinghe team is normal.

Is that knot still not over?
Wang Wei knew what was the knot between Li Han and the Xinghe team. At that time, Li Han thought he might sacrifice what he had hidden in the battlefield and told him the secret.
Although it was the communication channel of the Xinghe team that told everyone in the Xinghe team that it was highly confidential by the commander Tu Yuan at that time, this kind of secret is not a secret for people of Wang Wei’s level.
Knowing that Wang Wei is not very good at intervening to solve this matter.
The only person who can solve this problem is Ji Xinghe.
"It was my decision to let Li Han take over."
When Ji Xinghe Wang Wei didn’t know how to answer the phone, he whispered, "Su Chuanyun, if you can win Li Han one day, I can give you a chance, but before that, you need to follow orders."
From the sentence that orders are the bounden duty of soldiers, the Federation has been flowing for many years.
Many people can say that, but Ji Xinghe is a little hard to accept. He has always been famous for not obeying orders.
A few days ago, during the war, I also publicly defeated the commander Tu Yuan.
However, for the Xinghe team, when Ji Xinghe is in the mouth, they will never care whether Ji Xinghe can be physically or not.
In other words, it can be said that none of them except Ji Xinghe.
"Good old horse, you wait for me to beat Han Li one day sooner or later."
Su Chuanyun was confident and assured that his tone softened just after he finished speaking. "Old Ji, you have to teach me a few tricks, such as that acupuncture kung fu."
Yu Dianxue said that these two days have come.
When it was time to have a rest last night, Su Chuanyun kindly invited Ji Xinghe to his dormitory.
Ji Xinghe sternly refused. He ran outside Ji Xinghe’s room with a sleeping bag.
As a result, Andre naturally took him back with the lame and deaf.
From this point of view, Su Chuanyun really challenged Han Lizi.
"I will teach you when you can learn."
Ji Xinghe promised to come.
He doesn’t mind teaching people now, but it’s a pity that acupuncture without qi power is just ordinary massage acupuncture points.
It doesn’t have an instant lethargy effect.
"Good deal"
Su Chuanyun didn’t pester too much. He knew it was time for the meeting. He was too presumptuous.
But when the time comes, his strange eyes look at Andre, lame and deaf.
What seems to be eyes say.
Andre three people sneered back that they didn’t believe that Ji Xinghe would teach Su Chuanyun alone.
It’s hard to say that it will be the Jimen Bible by then. There are too many people who can learn. Like Su Chuanyun, they can get the moon by being close to the water.
Can three people click on one to win?
Wang Wei said that the first thing was over. He cleared his throat and talked about the second thing.
"Well, the second thing is that you four ace mecha, Qin Tong, Harris, Li Lin and Wang Gui, want the old horse?"
Four people leng one.
Ace mecha is special, in addition to the exclusive custom ace mecha and some other special.