From this point of view, it is understandable for Emperor Wu III to treat their hands. They are all so alive and so alive. Sooner or later, the imperial fief will not be enough, even with spacecraft technology and transition door technology.

But the baron and the baron are also different.
Among so many lords, there are five who can get Prince A, and one martial arts dealer is dead, and now there are four left.
Otherwise, King Ken of the North Town will bring his capital here.
What you can get is definitely not the so-called two sai-jo and three sai-jo.
When four Wang Zijia gave up the attack and chose to break the bulkhead to get a bigger battle, Ji Xinghe also turned around and collided for the first time and broke another bulkhead.
The appearance of a relatively wide area is not conducive to Ji Xinghe’s escape, but he is very happy. Because of his perceptual ability, he’ sees’ a dim light with some alien dust.
It was space battleship who hit the earth and produced a dust storm. When it rose like a mushroom cloud, dust floated into the space battleship along the bullet hole.
How many are left?
The instantaneous condensation of gas in the escaping state stabbed Ji Xinghe like a probe, and found that the third bullet hole penetrated and then spread to search.
The fourth bullet hole appeared, and outside the fourth bullet hole was a glimpse of the vast world.
What are the remaining two bulkheads?
Ji Xinghe didn’t feel happy when he was rescued. He gave up attacking the bulkhead of the third bullet hole, hesitated for an instant, then turned and rushed to Wang Zijia, who pursued him again.
If we can’t solve the problem of missing a prince armor, even if there are two bulkheads left, he can’t walk away today, and he may even get involved in the stars and the moon.
The most important thing is that more than 10,000 conventional mecha, 1,000 earl armour, and if these prince armour are put in the war …
In the face of the empire, he can choose to fight by himself, but he must not let the Federation lose.
Seeing that God punished armour and suddenly charged, four prince armour abandoned the action of breaking the wall at the same time, which has widened to a certain extent. They chose to besiege Ji Xinghe.
Two of them were able to attack Ji Xinghe at the same time, but now they have become three. They think they have a good chance of winning.
However, Ji Xinghe’s charge speed is extremely fast, and he certainly takes the absolute initiative than the active attack.
The nearest prince armor barely parried him, and he was punished by God with a double knife.
There are two princes behind, who have joined forces to attack and leave it to Ji Xinghe. It’s really rare that he chose to go.
After exhaustion, regardless of the loss, God’s punishment armor gushed out like the same turbulent river. When the God’s punishment armor and the No.4 prince’s armor joined together, they burst their banks and generally crashed into the No.4 prince’s armor.
Driving the No.4 Prince A, Wang Jue kept breathing to increase his ability to manipulate the mecha. He felt the gas from Ji Xinghe and made efforts to stop it.
However, in an instant, the heart pulse of the imperial baron has been broken by several earthquakes and poured into its body. The long river of gas is like a meat grinder, which generally destroys more body tissues directly than even its brain is twisted into a paste.
Ji Xinghe was ecstatic after being surprised
This can drive the prince, the son of Emperor Wudi I, the son of the North King of the Royal Clan Town, and the grandson of Emperor Wudi I have the fifth stage of environmental anger? The distance from the sixth section of the boundary gas is even more dissatisfied with the distance of one hundred Shen Mudu piles.
Suddenly Yang Qi roars out of Ji Xinghe, which may be scolding himself.
He didn’t expect that there was such a big gap between these royal gorillas and Adakang and Wulin merchants.
The original Adakang was able to become the second martial arts dealer in the empire and ranked in the top ten of the empire because of their higher fighting consciousness and more skillful fighting skills, and they were able to defeat orangutans of the same age and almost at the same time with almost equal strength.
But now it seems that …
The three Wang Zijia also didn’t expect their brothers to die so soon. Their brothers have limited the mobility of God’s punishment armor and are scrambling to complete the break.
Killing Ji Xinghe represents honor and meritorious service. Even their father, the North King of Zhenbei, will be jealous.
It’s not much more crowded in the rear because of the three of them fighting for each other. I heard Ji Xinghe denounced the North King of Zhenbei as well.
It scolded all three Prince Jia, and the last Prince Jia Nai chose to stop rushing forward and looked at his two brothers enviously.
But this envious look soon turned into horror.
It seems to limit the punishment of God. Prince A of No.4 was hit by Ji Xinghe in situ as before and flew to Prince A of No.5.
Prince No.3, a royal gorilla, just felt happy and sensed something was wrong.
Because the No.4 Prince A life support device finally confirmed that the driver was dead and woke it up.
Speaking of it, it is also because the orangutans are too tenacious after having the fifth stage of the atmosphere, and the grandchildren of Emperor Wu I are derived from the genes of Emperor Wu I, which makes them stronger than ordinary orangutans with stronger vitality than humans.
However, it is impossible to react at this time.
Prince No.3, a royal gorilla, doesn’t have the secret skills of martial arts merchants and Adakang that can sense dangerous blood vessels.