Is it that Adakang was shocked by the flight angle of Xinghe when landing, but not to meet Ji Rongxinyue and them?

Ji Rong Xin Yue’s fighting area has always been under imperial detection. Although the current empire has covered the whole city of King’s Landing with a large number of communication shielding and jamming devices, many units in the city of King’s Landing have lost their connection with the imperial counter-insurgency command, but communication can be wired in addition to wire.
It is based on the wired communication station that Adakang, like Taowucha, can determine that Ji Rong Xinyue is in their area at this time. When Ji Xinghe finally moves, all orangutans and monkeys think that he will choose to meet Ji Rong Xinyue and others first and then go to meet 400 federal’ Duke A’
After all, the empire can determine that the moon is the star of the empire, and there is a high probability that it arrived in King’s Landing with the horse Rong Xinyue to fight in the war. Without a driver, 400 federal’ Duke armour’ can rely on the Chinese God of War system, which is far weaker than the artificial intelligence program of the moon and the moon. How much can it play?
But Ji Xinghe did not act as they expected.
"His goal is me. His goal is me?"
Tao Wu looked at the strange-looking federal aircraft that cut across the sky and panicked completely because it has now been able to determine the landing site of Ji Xinghe, which is the rebel headquarters it leveled.
"How did he know that I am here? How could he possibly know me here? "
What really scares Taowucha is not the arrival of Ji Xinghe. It has the means of self-protection. When Ji Rongxinyue led the team to King’s Landing, it was ready. How did Ji Xinghe know its location? You know, even when the rebels had attacked for three days, the command center was all Taowucha’s disguise.
I don’t think much about it. Although the Xinghe didn’t start the imperial engine, the Imperial Star environment still has a flying speed far exceeding that of conventional aircraft. At the end of Taowucha’s sentence, there has been a real commander-in-chief center of the Imperial Rebels.
Flying at an altitude of 270 meters
Like an abandoned factory building, when a large area of King’s Landing City in the construction area is in ruins, it will still look beautiful, and there is not much difference between it and before. However, when Ji Xinghe arrived with the Xinghe, those camouflage near-anti-guns all showed ferocious muzzle.
Boom boom …
Dozens of fire plumes crashed into the Milky Way like Youlong, and a miniature shell was bigger than the largest caliber bullet. They could easily penetrate a main battle tank armor, and it took two or three seconds to do so.
Even if the protective armor is thicker, space battleship will not last for ten seconds in the face of dozens of near-defense artillery.
It doesn’t matter how long Ji Xinghe, his champion Hou and Xinghe can hold on, because such an attack can’t complete the hit.
The sudden explosion of powerful energy in the nuclear fusion reactor of Xinghe made the conventional propulsion engine of Xinghe explode at theoretical speed.
The Milky Way, which could have been captured by the naked eye, was almost an imperial flat rebel defense system, and the automatic fire disappeared in all visual images at the same time.
Radar and other detection system icons can see that the light spot representing Xinghe is far away, just like just approaching or simply passing by.
Automatic tracking dozens of near-defense guns spit out dozens of flames, which spread all over the day.
Tao Wu was stunned for a while, but instead of feeling relieved, he was more nervous than before.
Ji Xinghe just didn’t know that I judged the suspected real command center position here based on unknown channel information to test it. Now he knows!
Being able to detect the whole defense system of King’s Landing City and update the position of Ji Xinghe in real time suddenly moved. He toured King’s Landing City from King’s Landing City in a short time like a king patrolling his own land.
It is not that there are dozens of near-anti-gun-type anti-weapons in other places, but the command center of Taowucha has the fastest response.
So Ji Xinghe is coming back?
Yes, he will definitely come to me because he is Ji Xinghe.
Thinking of Tao Wu was finally made to make the decision of self-protection means turned away from the command center and headed for the tunnel.
As it suddenly left the command center, orangutans and monkeys naturally caused some confusion, that is, when the chaos gradually fermented, Ji Xinghe flew to the command center again, and the imperial fleet did not participate in the war
Xingyue has unconsciously come to this command center, and her talent and ability have mastered a certain limit, and it is getting higher and higher.
She saw Ji Xinghe, who was being pursued by the imperial army, passing through the imperial command system.
So she released the flare again-the master can play.
After receiving the signal, Ji Xinghe turned to meet the pursuit, and the imperial military aircraft armor knife was vertical and horizontal in the imperial days.
Chapter 99 Seven-meter-long ship cutter
With the interstellar transition door closed, the communication environment in King’s Landing quickly recovered, and the moon and the moon really entered the sea like a dragon.
With the help of the’ bait’ of Ji Xinghe, the former foundation, she was attracted to successfully invade the empire and gain detailed information from the rebel command system, which was unprecedented in human empire star and highly timely.
Because of her caution about the unknown, Xingyue didn’t choose the way that she was best at controlling the empire. Those intelligent machines could control all kinds of weapons and equipment through limited instructions. It was like a ghost lurking in the empire. Looking at all the rebel command systems, she could see the information.
She saw Taowucha choose to enter a certain tunnel in King’s Landing because she was afraid of riding the Milky Way, and fled the battlefield in King’s Landing at a very fast speed. She saw that Adakang was in charge of supporting the battlefield in King’s Landing, and made a detailed analysis report on most imperial military forces. She saw almost all units belonging to the rebel command sequence or not in King’s Landing.
She saw everything, so Ji Xinghe saw everything, and Ji Rong Xinyue saw everything, and so did Chen Xun.
Compared with the previous situation that tens of thousands of micro-robots set up a matrix-like detection and communication system, all kinds of information brought by the information of the stars and the moon are as detailed and timely as several floors.
The real "perspective" ability is endowed by the only artificial intelligence life of the Federation and the Empire, and the team of Ji Rong Xin Yue is like a gift from God to mortals.
A new round of fighting is over.
It’s no surprise that the newly arrived Ji Xinghe has become the most eye-catching energy in the battlefield. It seems that the Star River has not used the imperial engine, but the propulsion of the conventional engine has reached the limit of the scientific and technological level of the Federation and the Empire.
Travelling in King’s Landing City, the Xinghe occasionally opened its energy shield during its continuous flight, and launched a large-scale fire attack after the empire locked it. It was like a light blue streamer, and the imperial sky constantly cruised and burst into flames that could cover the sky.
And when it didn’t start the energy shield, the edge it bore was unbridled, and the imperial days bloomed.
The control of Xinghe has come to the control of the moon and the moon. Combining the moon and the moon’s insight into the phase information, Ji Xinghe doesn’t need to think about any tactical problems. When the horizon of sight is getting closer and closer, he controls the champion. Hou, a federal warrior-class mecha, waved a seven-meter-long ship-chopping knife in his hand, can realize that the former federal mecha almost never broke today.
The length of the ship-chopping knife specially designed for the war is almost the same as that of the champion Hou, but it looks smart when waved by the champion Hou, and it doesn’t feel heavy and cumbersome after the fit.
Because this ship cutter is the champion, Hou because this ship cutter is forged from tungsten steel and gold, this ship cutter is attached to the most advanced energy weapon blessing system in the Federation.
Also because the main body of this ship-chopping knife is that the speed has soared about the federal standard speed of Mach 23 Xinghe.
All kinds of blessings make it truly indestructible. When the Xinghe and an imperial starfighter cross over and are lifted by Ji Xinghe like flagpoles, the ship-chopping knife can easily walk through the body of this starfighter and cut tofu as smooth as silk.
There is no need to attack against any weakness. For a fighter plane with a sophisticated structure, it can cause effective damage if it is cut, and even if one third of the blade of the seven-meter-long ship cutter can hit the imperial fighter plane, each blow can achieve a fatal attack effect considering the cutting length.
One after another.
Or the arrogance of the former horse Rong Xinyue’s squad over the head is more than the imperial parade over and over again. They were scared away by Lin Shu once and then appeared again. When Lin Shu and Chen Xun did not have the attack, the situation reappeared.