This reason is very good.

Li Zhengfan also got the audit limit. He watched Ji Xinghe’s repair area behind him and repaired Su He after repairing the mecha, as if he could not finish the negotiation.
I can’t help but ask, "Old man, when are you going to sit in?"
"If you are in a hurry, you can go and listen in first."
"I’m not in a hurry, but you’re not in a hurry at all, so I’m a little anxious."
"It’s all meaningless temptation. There’s no need to listen."
"That makes sense"
After repairing the Su River, Ji Xinghe came to a conference room with Li Zhengfan. The military police transferred from the worse gate ensured that both of them could enter, but the military police and technical personnel could not limit the moon and the moon. This kind of restricted confidentiality agreement is meaningless.
The first formal negotiations between the Federation and the Empire have been going on for three hours. Of course, the theme can’t be peaceful coexistence. Both sides are so high that the other side can’t agree to the demands.
After Ji Xinghe and Li Zhengfan entered the conference room, they were introduced by the personnel line.
"Our main demand is that the empire surrender and jump gate technology, sacred crystal ore, tungsten steel and gold formula will compensate us for the war, and at the same time, we will dissolve the empire’s space fleet empire. Now our main demand is to cease fire and exchange information between different planets."
Although both sides are asking for wild speculations, judging from the demands of the empire, the recent victory of the federal alien and the support of Dong Guo Cilian on behalf of the imperial rebels have put the empire at a disadvantage in this negotiation.
This is one of the reasons why the federalists and factions will also win and cheer.
Lord and peace are definitely going to talk and occupy the advantage. Negotiations and negotiations at a disadvantage are just like the demands of the current Federation and the Empire are not at the same level.
"At present, the imperial performance is not tough, but it is very persistent and there is no sign of letting go …"
In the introduction, Ji Xinghe and Li Zhengfan understood clearly that the first three hours of negotiations were summed up as nothing was discussed in one sentence.
After listening for a while, Ji Xinghe wanted to be away from him, which was precious. He shouldn’t wave. Li Zhengfan also wanted to go. He thought he knew about the empire. This negotiation was bound to put him in the negotiating team, but I didn’t expect him to be able to listen without speaking and listening to the waves on both sides. It was really unbearable here.
But neither of them made it.
The orangutan of the Imperial Negotiating Group suddenly got up at the same time and appeared in the picture of the Imperial Negotiating Group wearing a king orangutan and sat in the theme.
"Introduce myself-I’m the South King of Imperial Town"
The town of Nanwang, which contributed to this negotiation, was not prepared to appear as soon as possible. It did not expect to appear. After all, it wanted to talk about it and win it, but it did not really want to negotiate with the Federation.
But it has to appear for some reasons.
The federal negotiating team didn’t get up and say hello here, but it was the first time that the corresponding arrangements were made according to the pre-made plan. Ivanovich, commander-in-chief of the federal alien, appeared in the picture of the federal delegation and also sat in the theme.
Waiting patiently, Zhennan Wang is satisfied that the Federation attaches importance to it.
It wouldn’t have felt this way when it just learned about the Federation more than 20 years ago, even if the president of the Federation appeared in front of it. Respect and attention always depend on strength. Now it feels that the Federation is playing out and the lives of thousands of soldiers in the Federation are bought.
The federal negotiating team analyzed the changes in the eyes of Zhennan Wang and found out what it felt was meaningful.
"I came to ask you what this means?"
After introducing himself, Ivanovich, the king of Zhennan, spoke calmly and didn’t ask questions, but it brought a lot of pressure to Ivanovich.
The seventh paragraph of environmental gas?
With the king of Zhennan talking behind it, the main perspective of the mecha appeared on the projection screen. According to the data information displayed from the surface, this is from the main perspective of the imperial mecha.
Soon the Federation will be able to determine this from the picture seen from this perspective.
The mecha face is the mecha.
The battle is not unexpected. Although the Federation and the Empire have reached the negotiating table, neither side has any hope in this kind of negotiation. It is the main demand of both sides to determine the advantages from two aspects while talking.
The battle process can’t be seen from the main perspective of an imperial mecha, but the battlefield information was also sent to the federal negotiating team for the first time. Before the South King said that it had a real intention, the Federation was already white.
The close battle between the two sides was completely changed with a federal mecha falling from the sky.
Different from the vast majority of the federal mecha, the orange-painted tungsten body is made of tungsten steel alloy, and the height of the body is more than seven meters. It is said that the federal mecha made the core engine the most advanced in the Federation, and did not launch a charge after landing, nor did it equip the mecha with automatic fire weapons, but chose to make two rifles that had been magnetized before, saying that the energy core of the mecha was a nuclear fusion reactor.
In this way, even if the mecha does nothing in the battlefield, it will be enough to change the local battlefield situation. What’s worse, it is incredible to break the efficiency and participate in this battle.
Through the orbit down like a hit to the mecha first appeared in the battlefield mecha arms stretched out at the top of the two magnetic rifle muzzle constantly light up light blue arc.
Followed by the battlefield empire mecha one after another.
Fiona Fang’s 500 meters are the same as this mecha’s range cleaning. After all the imperial mechs in this area, this federal mecha charged.
Two magnetic rifles that haven’t been scrapped have been taken back, and the mecha’s legs are hung up, and the mecha’s arms are stretched out behind them. When they return to the front again, they have already held two combat knives.
Those who have fled the imperial mecha are slow in front of the federal mecha, like rabbits and turtles. When rabbits are no longer careless, they are chased one after another.
The process of breaking is not unexpected. Tungsten, steel and gold make a double knife. When facing the conventional imperial mecha, it is like a sickle in a wheat field, and a crop of wheat stalks disappears.
Those ears of wheat are imperial mecha spears, heads and limbs, and this federal mecha harvest is a federal harvest.
King Zhennan plays the imperial mecha from the perspective of this battlefield. When the last imperial mecha was broken, the battle ended in federal victory.
Ivanovich quietly watched the video and the sound of the rear staff team kept ringing in his ear before he asked, "What’s the problem?"