This is the most classic scene in tomb raiding.

After a while, except for the sound that just sounded at that moment, his movement happened …
"Let’s go and have a look!"
"… hmm!"
Mark took little vogel towards the front of the coffin, and after looking into the coffin.
A beautiful woman who is as lifelike as sleeping lies quietly and peacefully inside.
It is …
Instant kung fu
In front of this beautiful woman, the speed is visible to the naked eye. Mark vogel’s eyes are turned into a bone.
The picture is bursting …
Chapter 3 mephistopheles came to report.
With the moment when Queen himiko turned white bones in the coffin, a strange wind was born from the coffin.
Mark grabbed vogel’s shoulder directly and quickly retreated behind him.
If he remember correctly.
Queen himiko’s body contains plague poison.
The degree of bullying can be said to be death.
Mark is conceited. Even a roll in himiko’s arms is alive and kicking.
But next to vogel, it is estimated that there is not as strong vitality as Mark.
The strange wind directly makes the three-story building rise from the ground.
at the moment
The strange wind, wrapped in gray fog, drills out of the coffin like a dragon and spins like a tornado.
"This is …" When vogel grew up, he had a tendency to collapse.
Mark frowned and made no comment.
All right!
Although Selena said that there is a smell of hell, what is it?
But Mark felt it in the fog.
Although he has never been to hell, the devil’s ex-girlfriend has one.
The fog gave him the same taste as the devil’s ex-girlfriend first met.
It’s the breath …
More abundant, lost!
Mark looked back and was shocked. vogel said simply, "By the way, I didn’t tell you about hell, did I?"