Those metal walls, floors and domes that have been disintegrated and deformed are twisted into groups, like hundreds of octopus huddled together and their tentacles intertwined into 1.6 million knots, and Ji Xinghe is in the middle.

Before his individual exoskeleton armor face grew paler, he had lost any color because of excessive blood loss. It was based on the collision of spiritual will and energy flow that he could see the ruddy disappear completely.
This makes his relaxed state look like a blip.
"Is it over?"
He fell from the embedded twisted wall and stepped on the front high dome. The world has been overturned, but so what?
He raised his foot and went on.
"It’s not over yet, and it won’t end."
Ida Kangda stopped injecting Ji Xinghe before detonating the command and didn’t want to intercept Ji Xinghe again.
It’s certain that Ji Xinghe can’t get out of it when it explodes the oxygen warehouse of Ji Xinghe, and Ji Xinghe can’t get out if Ji Xinghe isn’t dead before Emperor Wudi III arrives.
Therefore, its goal has once again become Ji Rong Xin Yue, which is the first goal of its coming to another planet and its personal participation in the war-the Second Canyon.
When Ji Xinghe went to Adakang, where he was going to be buried, Adakang rushed to the direction of Ji Rongxin’s moon as fast as possible.
Compared with earlier entry into the transition base, Ji Xinghe Ji Rong Xinyue has a feeling of being a latecomer.
"Save it."
Xingyue was a little anxious because Ji Rong Xinyue really took nuclear weapons as matches, and broke the thick gate in the passage to make nuclear weapons, even if she faced the imperial mecha who came to intercept her in the passage, she did not hesitate to make nuclear weapons come.
"You can rush directly to the gate and then make nuclear weapons."
Xingyue is really not petty.
On the one hand, although the nuclear bomb package is compared with the champion’s body, the number of nuclear grenades is not much, which involves making more than one nuclear weapon produce beam effect
On the other hand, I always don’t hesitate to make nuclear weapons Lu Ji Rong Xinyue even reluctant to spend some time making protective barriers with imperial mecha and battery weapons and equipment, that is, carrying the baptism of nuclear explosion abruptly.
It’s a five-kilometer-long passage with four gates. The number of times she has been baptized by nuclear explosion has exceeded that of Ji Xinghe’s life in 70 years.
Champion Hou Zaiqiang can’t hold such a suicide charge.
However, in the face of the persuasion of the stars and the moon, Ji Rongxinyue completely ignored the meaning and did not correct his own meaning.
She has crossed the four gates at a speed that she can’t wait for, and is about to make a real breakthrough to the imperial transition base like Ji Xinghe, but here she has encountered fire suppression that makes it difficult for her to rush out directly from the channel.
This is an absolute meaning, covering fire suppression. The large-caliber bullets fired by many near-defense guns and machine guns almost filled the passage of Ji Rongxin’s moon, and did not rush out or throw in nuclear weapons.
The bombs blocked the passage in a short time, although a large number of large-caliber bombs stacked together in this way could not really block the excellent performance of the export champion Hou, and it was necessary to force a charge to squeeze a passage
However, the fire suppression of imperial defensive forces has not stopped. Although they have lost sight of Ji Rongxinyue, they are attacking Ji Rongxinyue, but their goal is no longer Ji Rongxinyue
They don’t want to block the passage of Ji Rongxin, but simply want to protect themselves from being destroyed by the nuclear weapons thrown out by Ji Rongxin.
This kind of attack is futile if Ji Rong Xinyue’s attitude is firm enough.
The institute is on its way here. Adakang ordered a temporary ceasefire and tried to talk to Ji Rongxinyue. It really wants to get the artificial intelligence life star and moon with Ji Rongxinyue.
The sound channel rings
"Ji Rong Xinyue, your mecha has already suffered more nuclear explosions. If you use nuclear weapons again … maybe you won’t die, but your grandfather Ji Xinghe will definitely die. Do you know where Ji Xinghe is now?"
Ji Rong Xin Yue really hesitated to make nuclear weapons, not because he was worried that there were not enough nuclear weapons, nor that he could not bear them, but because he was thinking about whether nuclear weapons could break the blocked passage.
If it is not broken, it will make the passage blocked more dead, then it will not be worth the loss.
When she heard Ada Kang’s voice, Ji Rongxin didn’t respond at the end of the month. She asked the calculation of the stars and the moon to make nuclear weapons break the channel with the greatest probability.
Xingyue is unwilling to give an answer because this answer requires Ji Rongxin to detonate a nuclear weapon at close range.
No response. Adakang continued, "He will soon arrive at the base oxygen warehouse, Xingyue, with you. You can ask him to help you calculate the magnitude of damage that Ji Xinghe will suffer if I detonate the oxygen warehouse. The magnitude of the oxygen warehouse is …"
Just after the words were finished, Xingyue had not given two questions and two answers to Ji Rong Xinyue, and the violent vibration had come.
Ji Xinghe is too fast. Adakang can’t threaten Ji Rongxinyue with him. Adakang Ji Rongxinyue reached the detonation order before responding.
Xingyue froze. She wanted to say that this may not be the vibration caused by the explosion of the oxygen warehouse, but she knew it was meaningless. She also didn’t answer the question that Ji Rongxinyue had just come out because she thought Ji Rongxinyue should retreat now.
Maybe we should.
Ji Rong Xin Yue froze. She wanted to get two answers from Xingyue, but she knew what Xingyue would say. She didn’t ask or say anything to Xingyue.
She took a deep breath and threw the nuclear weapon.
She charged before the nuclear weapon was detonated, and she wanted to let the nuclear weapon explode to produce a shock wave and push her into the base to discuss whether it could be successful, but she had to do it all.
But the nuclear weapon was not detonated because it controlled the hands of the moon and the stars.
Ji Rong Xinyue took a deep breath and never had an angry tone. She said that she was speaking to Xingyue, Adakang and the world.
She said
"Give my grandpa back! Here! Me! "
The moon and the moon seemed to take a deep breath and then detonate a nuclear weapon.
Chapter 5 Move forward!
Tens of millions of degrees of high temperature will melt the stacked channels in an instant, and most of them will be blocked. Because the liquid metal splashes and flows towards Ji Rong Xin Yue Lai Road, it will be widened by nuclear explosion.
Like a flood of rivers, the champion in the channel is drifting with the tide, and at the same time, it is difficult for ordinary ships to reach high speed on the water surface. After many times and multiple injuries, it is indestructible, and its body becomes pitted like being hit by heavy rain.
But the land is thick, and it can still protect Ji Rongxinyue in the cockpit and give him solid strength.
After flying through the passage at full speed, the champion Hou repeated that Ji Xinghe had just experienced a fierce collision with the last gate and was embedded in it, like the blue star. Those gems were embedded in human needs and did not need craft or art.