When this was said, the chaotic wind and thunder tore the avenue of heaven and earth, and the gods shook the world faintly, showing a virtual shadow from the fog on the other side of the bridge.
Everyone was shocked and had a bad feeling. Is it really necessary to sacrifice the other side and have the power to come?
Li Yuyuan’s fairy lotus suddenly swayed and led to the collapse of chaos and fog. He suddenly looked solemn and stared at the figure on the other side of the bridge, which could make the fairy lotus feel something special.
"The skylight does my best to give life and death to the world; Mu Ye’s theory on who is reversible when the hero forgives the bully? "
It’s like an ancient creature holding a lantern in its hand, walking slowly in the dark and foggy sea to return.
He wants to step on the bridge and look at the other side overlooking the faint mouth.
"Who will pay homage to my name?"
Chapter four hundred and forty-four Wei Shui Li Yu descended and robbed the heavens!
"Who calls my name by offering sacrifices to heaven?"
There are creatures on the other side of the ancient bridge, with red lanterns in their hands, looking at the world as if it were forever.
It’s just a word, and thunder broke out in the unnamed ancient land, and the fire and mist transpiration made everyone know what had happened.
"Can the taboo ethnic groups in the past really be swayed by this bridge?"
They felt an unprecedented oppression, which seemed to imprint the heavens and the earth in the depths of their souls. It was like facing the gods!
You know, the three of them are immortal immortals to resist this inexplicable induction. If humanitarian beings come, I’m afraid it will affect the head and worship the mind that is directly controlled. It’s too evil.
"Is the world dead? Does anyone respond?"
On the other side, the red lantern creature is unhappy. In an instant, there is an ancient road rumbling up and down, which is even older than the grand dragon and snake landing. It has a desolate and lifeless atmosphere, which seems to be a product of many eras ago.
Li Yu’s eyes glanced at the road, but the ancient road was very similar to that seen in the debris of Luolong Ghost Prison! It is suspected that the Yamaraja in the Ten Temples has vicissitudes of life, with a sense of extinction, a sense of cold silence and a sense of dusty years in several eras.
"Kind of withered.
It turned out that you ruined the plan. The previous sacrifice was the last prayer, but this familiar and disgusting smell. You are a descendant of Jiang Shang!
Interesting handle for curse this pulse can continue to appear in front of me. It seems that you Terrans really have some means. "
With a change of tone, the creature directly sensed the fall of the traitor Li Yu through the unknown practice. He is a descendant of Jiang Shang!
And Jiang Shang officially led to their exile and isolation from their sworn enemies on the other side!
"Jiang Shang!
! "
"WeiShui a pulse is not dead? Those kinds are too powerful! "
"Kill him! Don’t occupy his flesh and let us return to the channel bridge! "
In an instant, a roar came from the stone door behind the living things and turned into silver ripples, which spread outward constantly.
Li Yu three people can vaguely see some outlines with golden flames boiling as if it were a big day; Some people are full of purple gas, if purple gas comes from the east; There are also people who want to run through the void with the red glow maser, where the sacred is like the mysterious grain shock of the fairy country, which is the handle resonance!
Some areas of the border are broken, like they have been destroyed and have long been damaged. There are many figures, some of them are human, others are like magic birds, some are holy and scary, and they don’t seem to have a fixed shape handle.
"Broken crested dogs dare to bark!"
Li Yu is not afraid of meaning for a long time without stirring the blood of the king! It belongs to a pulse of blood burning in Weishui!
They are natural enemies! Is a natural deity!
"Young players! How dare you, a baby of later generations, talk nonsense in front of us! Your ancestor Jiang Shang was never born on the day when the gods were born!
A worm like you was just waiting for me to pull a rickshaw! "
The other side flew into a rage and the cold sound shook the whole place inexplicably, as if the law was too terrible to bear.
"In those days? Ridiculous!
If I had been born, I wouldn’t have you! If we kill your department together!
It’s just that the arrogant and cruel people occupy the innate handle and make themselves tall!
Ancestor Jiang Shang can seal the gods! Then I will kill God in this life! "
Li Yu angrily denounced the blood boiling and burning of the ancestors, and the crimson gold seemed to shine brightly in Kyushu, and a hundred fields seemed to become the universe. Every breath made Gan Kun tremble.
This scene is amazing. He is brighter than others.
The hair pores are inlaid in Phnom Penh, which is more sacred than this moment. He has a kind of spirit that overlooks the boundless sky. The runes outside Tong Kong burn and collapse
A drop of blood spurted from his eyebrows and fell to the bridge, falling straight down and scattered on the other side of the land.
"Worm! You are bold! "
"disrespect for god should be blamed on nine families!"
"Terran, do you want to rebel!"
In a blink of an eye, the other side of the river is covered with darkness, and the earth is cold. All plants and spirits are dying, and his life is declining. The whole world seems to be heading for the end of the world.
There were fairy beheadings, all kinds of bloodshed, and all kinds of scenes reappeared during the Archaic War, which was engraved with the terrible turmoil of the heavens and the earth. Too many people sacrificed too much and the strong sacrificed their lives forever.
"Over JiuZu? You dare to punish nine families! "
It’s just a moment. A cold reprimand falls from the sky, but it seems as if it is the passage of time. Heaven and earth are eternal. The mountains and rivers have collapsed and changed again. Nothing can really last forever.
The other side of the door suddenly hangs a roll of golden catalogue, and a big hand pops out like the sky falling to boom and boom, and the symbol splashes, and the order chain interweaves and melts. The scene is terrible.
"It’s you! Not dead yet! "