"He actually wants to compare money with you? It’s so funny. "

"Look at this shabby guy. I heard that he is an ordinary employee of Midtown Treasury?"
"Cleveland can’t lose to him even if you talk about it. Haha, you spend money to show him what wealth is!"
Cleveland turned around and looked at Xu sarcastically and smiled. "Are you sure you want to compare with me like this?"
Xu laughed. "Don’t you dare?"
"I dare not or you dare not?"
Cleveland seems to have heard a big joke, "Can the bet be confirmed?"
Xu laughed. "There are so many people who say that whoever loses and doesn’t perform the bet will be attacked by the gang. From then on, he will face people."
Cleveland narrowed his eyes and said, "Good, good. Since you have the courage to die, I will be you!" "
Cleveland has given her letter card to the female store manager and then took a bottle of brandy from the waiter.
Cleveland directly smashed brandy and spilled drinks, which immediately attracted the attention of the rest of the table.
Soon it became the focus.
More people gathered around.
Cleveland looked at Xu sarcastically. "It’s your turn."
Xu slightly shook his head.
Cleveland sneered, "You can’t do it?"
Xu continued to shake his head. "It’s not that I can’t do it, but that you’re taking too big a step. What does it mean if you walk back and forth without a few steps?" We should take smaller steps or at least walk like gentle girls. "
Say that finish Xu will brandy smashed gently moved a small step forward.
This step is very small, almost as long as the sole of a foot.
If you want to walk to the barbecue shop like Xu, you will have to take a thousand steps, not to mention coming back.
But how can Cleveland be afraid of Xu?
Cleveland asked the waiter to bring the wine to himself, and then smashed it and took a small step forward.
I didn’t expect Xu to buy a bottle and continue to break it when I came to Cleveland.
In this way, everyone has lost 10 thousand dollars
The theory of $10,000 is definitely not a small number anywhere.
The people around have some love dearly.
Unexpectedly, Xu not only didn’t feel bad, but shouted, "This is too slow!"
Said Xu directly took out three bottles of wine from the box and smashed them one after another.
Another $15,000 is gone
The female store manager hasn’t spoken because she has been brushing money and saying that Xu Kaili still has money.
Xu, after all, is a bank class and is likely to be able to apply for a credit card office with a quota of more than 100 thousand yuan. Cleveland didn’t feel too much, but also brought the waiter to the box, took out the remaining three bottles of wine and smashed them together
Cleveland shouted at the waiter, "Bring a car and bring more drinks. I’ll see how long this yellow monkey can last."
The waiter immediately left the scene.
At this moment, the scene has been surrounded by barbecue guests.
Xu Cleveland’s contradiction escalated to the point of throwing alcohol and gambling, which made everyone’s eyes wide open and unbelievable.
The way these two people gamble is not the concept of "it’s either you or me", but they both lose money and finally the boss makes money.
This kind of gambling is really novel.
Cleveland didn’t feel bad at all. Five bottles of wine looked at Xu with a smile. "Aren’t you the bank class who applied for a credit card with a low limit? I just want to see how long you can last. A gambler who benefits from bank letters is afraid that he will feel guilty soon?"
Xu smiled and did not answer.
Monroe and others have been worried to death