Mark has reached Jane and Daisy.

Mark has long been used to falling in love with himself from time to time.
This is normal
Mark looked up and whistled. Sol looked thoughtful.
The time of divine manifestation has finally come.
Chapter 792 Guest bartender Lao Mo
Raytheon is here.
So can purple sweet potato essence be far behind?
Mark also looked up at the sky. He was curious about what way purple potato essence was going to come with his timeline.
Just as Mark was curious to think about it, Saul was already looking up and shouting at Xu, "I know you can hear me. Let go of the Rainbow Bridge and I’m going back to see my father."
Discourse fall
It was dark and echoed.
Daisy, the little assistant, patted her forehead and took out her mobile phone to brand the sand floor. Jane said, "Did he get hit silly?"
Look up at the news
Looking at it, it looks like hysteria. Saul then looks down at the ground mark. Jane hesitated for a moment and said to Daisy, "You and the doctor take him to the hospital. I’ll stay here."
Daisy brightened up at the moment
What hospital are you going to? Wouldn’t it be better to just knock yourself unconscious and drag you home?
Sol turned to bow his head and asked Jane condescendingly, "What star field do you have here?"
Jane and Daisy frowned slightly.
"Al, haim? Nornheim? ……”
"New Mexico"
Just like asking yourself, Sol looked at him and planned to speak, and took out a gun from her pocket, Daisy.
Daisy took aim at sol’s broad chest with an infrared sight holding a gun.
Salton growled, "How dare you threaten me with such a small weapon, Saul?"
"This can stun a cow," Daisy said nervously. Well, at least that’s what the owner told her about the weapon.
Sol growled, "You compare the great Thor Sol with an ox …"
Daisy was nervous to pull the trigger.
One second
Mark directly pressed Daisy’s hand to hit the gun and said to Saul, who has a golden lion temperament, "This is Midgard."
Sol stopped at his pace.
Daisy looked up and asked, "What is Midgard?"
Mark glanced at the atrium and got up from the sand. Jane then looked at Saul and said, "Midgard is the name of the nine realms of the earth."
"Nine realms?"
"… who are you?"
Unlike Jane and Daisy, who are all at a loss, Saul is looking at the handsome Bimark coming towards Mark with a clenched fist and saying "God beyond the world".
One second
Mark stared at her eyebrows and twitched directly. Sol fell to the ground and looked at Daisy.
Daisy, the little assistant, smiled shyly.
Very significant
Daisy chose Mark’s side.
after an hour
Antigeer town
The assistant looked at their RV through the passenger window and drove the car side by side. Mark tried again, "Are you sure you don’t want to come?"
Driving an RV, Jane can’t help but cover her forehead with Daisy’s anthomaniac.
Mark smiled gently and shook his head. "We should meet again."
"Oh?" The little assistant brightened up and said, "What?"
Mark shrugged "fate"
Say that finish
Mark waved to the little assistant with a charming smile, and they went their separate ways by driving directly to the entrance of the town.
The little assistant stared at the taillights for a long time and couldn’t recover.
When Jane saw it, she pinched a small assistant’s waist directly, which attracted the pain of the little assistant …
Words are divided into two ends
Tony, the co-pilot, looked at Mark and said curiously, "I also think we will go to the hospital with them."
Mark laughed.
Everything must have a purpose, and there must be a plan.
What are you doing here this time?
Looking for mephistopheles, the king of hell
Mark never likes to wander around like a fly.