A word directly behind YingBao words blocked back.

I don’t know if Fang Siyi has a small shortcoming because of too much memory.
This shortcoming is that it is easy to forget things that are not noted.
For example, one second you may want to get water to drink, and one second you may forget it because of something disturbing you.
I won’t think of it until I’m thirsty again
This memory is also lost.
Because of this, Yingbao didn’t show anything to Fang Siyi’s words.
Although I wanted to take a look inside, Fang Siyi soon changed the subject.
"Let’s go, let’s go. I’m hungry after a busy afternoon." I took Yingbao Fang Siyi and walked directly toward the outside.
"Aye, don’t interrupt. You haven’t answered me why I want to buy this building? How much money! "
"Ha, so much money can’t be put in the bank. It’s better to go directly to some industries and collect rent. If you don’t get used to living, you can change and continue to live. As you know, when I was a child, one of my dreams was to live in a new house every day, 365 days a year."
Yingbao looked at Fang Siyi in distress situation.
How did this wonderful dream come true?
"How much money do you have?" Although force vomit but for Fang Siyi pouch YingBao or irrepressible curiosity in the heart can not help but ask a way.
Can’t blame Yingbao for being snobbish.
Who’s poor relatives will consciously ask when they suddenly have money to buy a whole building?
"Not counted, anyway, quite a lot" Fang Siyi scratched his head and said some uncertainly.
"Slice …" Fang Siyi didn’t want to say Yingbao didn’t have the wise men.
She’s just curious, but she doesn’t really want to know.
In fact, since Fang Siyi’s identity was exposed, Yingbao had been curious about how much money Fang Siyi had earned over the years.
However, Fang Siyi’s life has not changed all the time, and I have never seen him make anything of value at ordinary times.
All along, I knew Fang Siyi was rich, but I didn’t know exactly how much money he had.
But now I have a faint idea.
Very rich
What … seems to be very rich.
But how many Fang Siyi didn’t show her the contract, and she realized that although she was Fang Siyi’s girlfriend, it was better for them to keep a little privacy.
I can’t help it. She has a very open mother.
This Fang Siyi would like to thank his future mother-in-law.
If it weren’t for Zhao’s mother told Yingbao that many things wouldn’t make Fang Siyi so relaxed.
Anyway, although I don’t know how much Fang Siyi spent, Yingbao is still a little angry.
Although Fang Siyi has been interrupting, I still have a hard time.
After all, buying a house and buying a building are two concepts for her.
To put it bluntly, I’m still worried about Fang Siyi spending money indiscriminately.
Finally, I tried to persuade the fruit rear to escape and simply smiled and held Yingbao in my arms. "What’s the matter? I have already begun to feel bad about my money before I have passed the door? "
"Only … no!" Yingbao’s face turned red, but she couldn’t say anything.
"That …"
"Ignore you!" Yingbao pushed Fang Siyi away, burying his face in it and ran away.
Fang Siyi smiled and then hurriedly followed.
A few days later, it was March 3.
That is, the start day of "Yahu Souxing" Beijing Training Day.
"Really don’t I accompany?" Training site Lou Fang Siyi asked with a smile.
"no!" Looking up gently, Yingbao said confidently, "I can do it myself! Hum! I passed the initial selection directly! "
"Yes … yes … baby ……wuli Ying is the best!"
"Of course!" Thanks to the popularity of Han Zong’s "Love" in the past few years, now there are occasionally one or two sentences of Korean Chinese on the street.
Yeah, it’s just a sentence or two
Looking at Yingbao’s small appearance, Fang Siyi woke up with a smile and said, "Go quickly, there are still five minutes left."
"ah! I won’t talk to you! I went to training! "
"Well, I happen to have a draft to hand in these days. Call me after training."
"But the workers said they wanted closed training …" It’s a bit difficult to be afraid of this Yingbao.
After all, this is the first time she has participated in life, not to mention the first time she has left familiar people to integrate into a strange environment.
This is indeed a difficult thing to do.
Although Yingbao in front of Fang Siyi is a little clingy, actually Yingbao is the kind of person who will relax in front of close people, but he will be a little nervous in front of strangers.
Fang Siyi, who is familiar with each other, naturally knows what Yingbao is worried about. She smiled and comforted, "I don’t mind too much about training together for three days. Just don’t be too early."
"Hey?" Ying Bao expressed incomprehension.
"Didn’t you say the other day that there were a lot of guys who entered through the back door this time? Those guys you try to hide some, of course, those people are unlikely to come to the training. If you meet them, you will hide some. In addition, if you meet those who take the initiative to chat with you, don’t be silly and say anything. If people know that you know me, even if you don’t want to, you will be recognized as gone … "
"Oh … why are you more repetitive than my mother? Why don’t you just call you’ fourth aunt’ after Siyi! " YingBao covering her ears directly throw a "I know! Let’s go! Goodbye’ fourth aunt! " I ran away in a hurry.
"This girl …" Fang Siyi couldn’t help smiling at Yingbao being defeated and fleeing back.
Forget it. You should know after you lose money.
Anyway, now that the layout has been completed, Fang Siyi, who is waiting for the harvest results in a few years, will let her toss about.
Fang Siyi turned around and prepared to go to the joint decoration team. Although he bought a building directly, he had to decorate it roughly anyway.
After all, in the future, it may be the best choice not to rent out more in Beijing.
Chapter 63 New roommate
Leave Fang Siyi Yingbao and drag the suitcase into the building alone.