It’s the girl in purple who is obsessed with the real dragon after her death!

The woman wearing a black gauze stood in the middle of the sky with majestic eyes and looked at many strong people in the Star Alliance with cruelty. "Is it true that there are many of you in this place and you will be my opponent?"
The vast spread of power will push back the 20 strong stars and alliances, and they will be surprised by their faces.
Over the years, although they don’t know the true identity of the dark light group, they still tested their strength. Earlier judgment was only the top power owner’s general level, and the strong star level.
Even if the strength is beyond, but they can take twenty strong people again.
But I didn’t expect that although the explosion energy was not much higher than theirs, the feeling of depression made them fall into the dark wind and the light group’s understanding of the Tao far exceeded their level
"The real dragon breath. You really have a close relationship with the real dragon clan."
Daoyan Guxing, a strong man, said with a dignified expression.
"The real dragon? The seat is the dragon Lord! "
The woman in black sneered at her and stopped hiding her voice. Liu Chen sounded just like the woman in purple.
Her words made the strong in the League of Stars a thrill, and the female dignity filled Xinghai. Even those vitality tides avoided this direction, like the highest ones ups and downs.
"It turned out to be true …"
The Lord of Zhexian Peak looks dignified. "You are the second obsession born after the death of the real dragon."
"The immortal dragon will reappear."
The woman in black looks in the direction of the real dragon relatives. "It is necessary to have a young dragon body."
Wrapping up Lu Chen’s body is a real dragon cub, and Lu Chen feels that he is being tightened.
There are such things outside. Why don’t the bodhi old zu and the purple clothes predecessors tell themselves! ?
Lu Chen, who has been to the world, can probably understand what the woman in black is like.
Associating with the birth process of the girl in purple, he can guess that the girl in purple was born because she was not born, and the obsession represented her mother’s stubbornness.
The woman in black is the once-king-in-the-sky dragon who is unwilling to accept her fall. She thinks that she should come back to the world and want to "resurrect".
And in order to "resurrect" her again, she needs a suitable body with young blood.
What body can be more suitable than your own child?
Perhaps the woman in black failed in some struggles and was driven out by the woman in purple. She lost the remains of the real dragon and became weaker in accordance with this obsession for a long time. Now she has fallen to the level of the strong in Xing Zhou.
But in spite of this, I have visited the whole star, and the lesbian in black will never be afraid of these strong stars.
"such as? When the king gives you three-breath thinking. "
Sorrow sea king pressed again, and at the same time she had blocked heaven and earth with several strong men.
Lu Chen and others, the younger generation, can be said to be vertical and horizontal enemies, but such a first-class strong man has no resistance like an ant.
Just then Lin Shanhe suddenly looked up "what is this! ?”
The first reaction to come over than he is that the strong stars, including those who are far away from the dark light group, have looked up at Fang Xing.
An ancient heavenly palace, which is vast and smells of the wild, emerges from its emptiness, suffocating and depressing, and almost no signs come to everyone.
Xinghai’s vitality and tide escape outward as if to escape from this piece of conscious things, as if to avoid here because of that heavenly palace.
On the strength of the realm of field people, no matter what they are doing, they feel a burst of instability in the foundation of the body, and a frightening joint force is coming to them
"Get back! It’s a thunder robbery! "
Someone was the first to react after drinking heavily. What the hell was this? Immediately, a Hongqiao was brought out of the star and wanted to evacuate this area.
What’s wrong with Wang Bai? She’s not shocked. How can LeiJie have such a thing? She has to grab the real dragon pro directly before she reaches out. She has to control the real dragon pro first.
But when her dangerous hand was about to fall on Lu Chen’s head, a thunder fell faster than her.
The purple-black thunder seemed to blow itself up, and now the sea king had to retreat.
The thunder exploded and lit up. In a flash, she saw a smile on the young boy’s face from the star of the gods.
Like the horn of war, when the thunder roared, all the people around Lu Chen dispersed outwards.
Thousands of snow pull Leng Yue and Lin Shanhe ink rain is a mess back.
The five strong stars in the Star Alliance have all retreated to the distance, regardless of whether they are implicated by this Leijie force or they will cross the Star Alliance to rob the strong stars, which will make the whole star field silent.
After pulling the distance, everyone looked at Fang again, and the statue was more and more solid from the ancient Heaven.
Ups and downs, nine halls and ten pavilions of Xinghai, many fairies and beasts are singing in unison, echoing the universe, and the stars are staring down at people.
The League members felt a tingle in their scalp. They had never seen such a strange thing.