"Didn’t you ask Jack to send two agents to keep an eye on him for 24 hours? Even if you ran a red light, you had to detain him for 24 hours?"

"Yes!" Mark touched the blink of an eye and said, "Really? Didn’t Jack catch that guy once and kill him …"
This sentence not only made Mark’s side look bad, but even the agents behind Mark looked at each other!
Although they know that Mark Lewis is not a bird, his name has become famous.
But …
In the final analysis, it’s all the same law enforcement agency, and the staff are all colleagues
After this sentence, I just don’t regard their agents as colleagues.
At this moment, even people can’t tell the state clearly …
"Director Louis, we now suspect that Jack Hutchinson and Ryosuke Tanaka are dead. We have come here this time to ask him to assist in the investigation."
Behind Franklin, looking at a kind of employees who are watching themselves, he said, "Can you step forward?"!
"Play with the mud!" Mark turned around and said, "When can I investigate the case? Are you a fucking cuckold and can’t take it off?"
After that, Franklin asked Debbie, "Where to die?"
"In his apartment!"
"Does it belong to the federal scope?"
"… NYPD has taken over!"
Mark shrugged his shoulders and said directly to Franklin, "Did you hear that? The new york police didn’t come. You just jumped out like an idiot. What do you want?"
"You …"
Franklin watched in horror as he suddenly pushed his forehead against Locke’s face!
Mark held Locke in one hand and said lightly, "If you don’t get out of the old office for ten seconds, believe it or not, I’ll shoot you!"
"How dare you …"
"Mark …"
"Director Louis …"
In an instant, the atmosphere in the whole office was once again dangerous to the extreme. The deputy director of the mascot could not help but wipe his forehead sweat and mediate, "Daniel …"
Watching people walk into the stairway one after another, Mark smiled coldly and looked back at the mascot of the stairway and said, "Does the deputy director have something to explain?"
"… no!" The mascot looked at Mark’s expressionless eyes slightly, and after saying this, he also got into the ladder!
Since 1994, the mascot has been the deputy director, and now the director has turned three times. The mascot is still the deputy director!
If nothing happens, the mascot can retire from the position of deputy director after the new year …
After a while!
Mark looked around the office and said faintly, "What are you doing?"
They immediately nodded and returned to their seats one by one.
It’s hard to breathe. Jack …
"Where are Maggie and Qi Dan?"
"They went to the New York Police Department to understand the situation!"
Mark nodded and walked to the second floor. He thought for a moment and said to Jack, "Jack Debbie, come to my office!" "
Debbie nodded and went to Jack’s side, looking in a trance. Jack also had an impulse to laugh!
Jack looked up and gave me a wry smile. "Now I finally know what claustrophobia is …"
Everyone in the office was one leng and then burst out laughing!
On the atmosphere, Mark’s office is definitely the best place to handle cases when there is no case. When there is no case, male agents brush Hollywood lace news, while female agents use the chat software of Lib to discuss female topics …
After throwing Locke X and his papers into the drawer, Mark just hit the brain and saw Debbie and Jack come in!
"Sit down for a while …"
Mark pointed to the sofa and tidied up a few papers on his desk a little.
After about ten minutes!