The latter smiled and made a gesture of tightening his mouth.

Mark averted his eyes from the big screen photo.
Pinch your girlfriend?
That hooded man is obviously a man.
Can’t an extraordinary ex-girlfriend of his want to have a so-called sex-change operation?
Mark sighed.
There is still no memory. I can find it in the ocean. The hooded man can match the memory.
If it’s okay for a woman.
Mark will remember a man in the ocean when he is full.
But the current form is already very obvious.
The hooded man came for him in vain.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t be aimed at his [ex-girlfriend]
It is …
Is this guy crazy?
If all the beautiful women say in public that one of their ex-boyfriends is Mark, is this guy going to kill him?
There’s a pit in the brain
Mark is a big shot in the Federation after all.
as everyone knows
Mark has an easy-going personality in the Hollywood women’s circle.
It is also understandable that some three meteors or public actresses rub a federal brain fever.
quite a while
The large-screen video department was replaced by six video surveillance.
Surveillance is to shoot a strange blue arc flashing by, and then the screen can at best prove that a crime is a Smurfs escape.
But the hooded man hiding behind the scenes was a gain.
Mark pressed his fingers against his temples as if he had fallen asleep on the sofa.
Debbie is silently staring at Mark.
After a while
Mark opened his eyes and said, "Check with major law enforcement agencies to see if you can find the address where this hooded man first appeared."
Debbie nodded and took the six documents handed over by Mark and walked outside the war command center.
Mark got up from the sofa and said to the agent on the left side of the big screen, "Pull up the picture of the hooded man."
The agent nodded his head.
The only photo of the hooded man on the big screen appeared.
What attracted Mark’s attention most was to hide the two scarlet red light sources in the hat pocket …
Mark’s mouth is slightly curved
A guy who can’t control his own strength.
Mark doesn’t believe this guy came out for no reason.
Estimate is what place variation.