Chapter 91 Judge God Caratu

Debbie, who was at the gate of the Chinese restaurant, couldn’t help raising her eyebrows when she heard that her boss and the man called each other.
Debbie knows her boss’s previous life name.
When Mark introduced Foley to her, it always made Debbie glad that she had paid more attention to Mark at the Federal College.
Is it the boss’s former friend?
Dai seems to be thinking
Mark, however, looked at himself with a faint expression and disguised himself as a Keanu star in Hollywood. He said, "When did the protoss judge dare not treat people as they really are?"
This guy was rescued from Mark’s hand in Thanos, and a pioneer, a member of the protoss, judged whether the planet needed to be destroyed. Judge, the god’s real name is Klatu.
Kara chart said without change, "I’m afraid you will send me to purgatory."
Mark sneered.
These days, protoss guys are very rigid and have no sense of humor.
Caratu immediately said, "What’s worse, I’m still in the 423 universe observation, otherwise I wouldn’t need to use this outdated means of transportation to meet you here."
Mark sat down and laughed. "Out of date? Can outdated vehicles avoid the border inspection of the nine realms and the multidimensional universe be regarded as the first person to respect the mage’s sight? "
Caratu also sits.
quite a while
Mark suddenly thought of something and looked at Caratu and laughed. "Are you protoss going to give up Thanos?"
Caratu still has a dead face.
Mark is the high god who dominates the universe. Everything he does by himself will change the number of all multiverses. The eternal race in the universe is also extinct, but the difference here is that there are two remnants of the eternal race in the universe.
In addition to Thanos, there is one person who can hang Thanos and beat him violently, and Thanos has a backhand.
What’s that guy’s name again?
Mark frowned slightly.
But the name is too long. Anyway, when transliterated, Mark remembers that the short name has the word dragon in it.
quite a while
Mark looked at Caratu without saying a word and shook his head with a sarcastic expression. "Do you have to be dying?"? My guarantee is still valid. All the protoss are ministers. I won’t divest you of your existing position. "
Caratu finally spoke.
However, Caratu looked at Mark’s still dead face and said quietly, "You are a foreign god."
Mark laughed. "When I devour the cosmic source, this is my home. I will cherish it more than anyone else."
"You are a outland god."
"… I am in charge of the law of life and death"
"You are a outland god."
"… you have a good chance."
"You are a outland god."
"… Peng" Mark’s eyebrows beat directly and smashed the table with a palm. He got up and looked at this rigid limit coldly. Caratu said, "Then you protoss will wait for me to completely exterminate the nation after my return."
Just now, Caratu’s mechanical reply suddenly reminded Mark of the origin. The earth has seen a section.
Is it so important that foreign gods are there?
Look what the universe has become. The smoky order is that Mark came across the underworld with a powerful and powerful force, bringing order and rules here.
Mark controls the law of life and death, which means that Mark will not be biased towards one race and will be treated equally.
Equality before life and death is not a general statement.
Mark said and turned to go.
Caratu inadvertently jumped between the eyebrows and said, "High spirits are not allowed to play."