Night maple looked at Lunt, and they said to themselves from the hall that they owed Lunt a favor and a dozen lives, but night maple couldn’t wait to return to the big snow mountain at once at the thought that nine kinds of drugs had been sealed.

The next day, the tiger mercenary group didn’t have the laughter and excitement of the past, and it became silent. When the children saw the adults’ faces, they were sensible and stopped playing. The members of the mercenary group were silent after listening to Dr. Sheng’s statement, and then mourned with him.
However, while the members are sad, they also feel very comforted. The quality of our tiger mercenary group members is the highest, and they have to finish even if they work hard.
Sheng Li’s powerful momentum is driven by magic around him to form a vortex that is faster than a huge vortex. The yellow sand is flying and the wind is blowing. From a distance, it looks like a storm.
Five mercenaries will smile when they see that Lunt has launched such a powerful magic in the battle. It seems that the success of World War I is in sight.
The seven-legged centipede felt this powerful momentum in its rotation and couldn’t help but feel a quiver in its heart. This is a kind of conan the destroyer energy, and it can become a pile of bones in the desert. Don’t choose.
The faster the centipede rotates, the more venom it sends out from him. In the rapid rotation, the centipede slowly shows a layer of light red, and the more red it turns, the more blue it is.
Call centipede suddenly shout a suit of red, blue and bright red light. Five mercenaries feel this strange and can’t help but jump outside the fighting circle and wait for the centipede to change.
After a while, the centipede body slowly stopped in the dazzling red light. The two lanterns showed the smell of death, which made people feel chilling. Five mercenaries took a slight step back and turned to see the magic of Lunsheng, which soon formed a mercenary. With a wave of his sword, he said that he would die and get to the head of the regiment to complete the magic. After that, he was still alive. A star slammed into the centipede and took a big ditch almost three feet deep in the yellow sand.
The other four mercenaries also did not hesitate to raise the energy blade to attack the centipede from the ground and leave a ghosting image on the ground.
Five mercenaries attack each other, but their energy is stronger than usual. Three points are higher than usual. Several swords with different colors are flying all over the sky to form a sword cover, which completely seals off the centipede road.
The centipede rotates faster than the dangerous situation, and it is huge and ghostly. Generally, it wanders around the five-handed sword cover with thousands of ghostly images. At that time, neither side shows signs of failure.
The vortex around Dr. Sheng stopped flying all over the sky, and the yellow sand was still moving with the disappearance of the vortex. Dr. Sheng looked up and looked at the centipede proudly like a statue of a god.
Your retreat from Li Shengyin is not loud, but it sounds like a feeling that is about to collapse.
Five mercenaries smell speech a listen to know lunt magic has been completed in the heart arise than violent retreat after the last resort.
At this moment, the picture is fixed to see five mercenaries playing more than two zhangs. Suddenly, a layer of red light hits the red light and moves. Five mercenaries can’t control their bodies and retreat back.
Ah, ah, with the sad cry, thousands of pieces of broken meat and blood rain slowly fell to the yellow sand, and suddenly the golden sand turned scarlet.
Ah, Dr. Li can’t hold his anger any longer. He has already prepared magic to attack the centipede.
Overwhelmingly more powerful, the wild air is mixed with more strange red and green light, which rises in the desert, and the sky instantly turns pale, and thirteen legs and arms are thundered against the centipede.
The centipede is not willing to be destroyed in this way, and the red light is released layer by layer to fight against the thunderbolt, but its insignificant energy is simply a drop in the bucket compared with the thunderbolt, and it is drowned in the red and green light.
A huge beam of light rose from the desert in the powerful explosion of bombing ratio. Residents living near the desert can see this beautiful scene full of death.
The dark clouds dissipated, and the sinister sunshine reappeared in the desert. The yellow sand slowly landed from it. Dr. Li knelt in the yellow sand and his eyes were broken. He looked at the bottomless sand hole in front of him.
Life and death in an instant.
Once an hour ago, several brave soldiers
Now several brave soldiers have buried their bones in yellow sand.
Maybe this is the mercenary fate.
The powerful momentum spread outward layer by layer, and the energy was too much to escape. Animals became the first ghosts.
Hydra twisted and broke a tail, slowly moving towards the yellow and white snake body, and it seemed to be accumulating energy for the last blow.
One minute goes by in the rupture full of death, as if it passed quickly, but it seems to pass slowly.
A 50-foot tall tree was uprooted and stirred into conan the destroyer’s energy. Yuri cut tofu and layers of yellow powder did not fill the forest in an instant
Several mountains near the boom finally couldn’t bear such a strong energy oppression, and they collapsed one after another. There is no difference between the mountains flushing the soil and the flood without the sluice. After the boom, they went crazy and covered the fields. After looking around, loess was everywhere, and new loess heights were formed.
At this moment, the lake in the forest was also angry. The lake suddenly jumped up from the lake with no warning and roared and scattered to the trees by the lake. All kinds of plants were hit by the lake, and all kinds of holes appeared in the trees and plants.
Small trees break directly.
It can destroy everything in this forest, and the energy starts the color energy, and the energy pours into the ground from the mercenaries, and quickly forms a tornado in the ground. The tornado is getting bigger and bigger, and it vibrates at this moment, compared with the 12-magnitude typhoon.
Hydra’s red light is gone. It looks at nine heads and ten heads and falls to the ground. Several mercenaries turn back and drill to the ground.
In the rumble, the tornado crossed the ground and the wind center. At that moment, Hydra tried to escape. Hydra struggled in the tornado, hoping to escape the powerful rotating force and suction of the tornado. But after more than ten minutes, it was unwilling to cry and was immediately smashed by the tornado.
Soon the energy was lost, and the tornado gradually weakened and finally disappeared.
Covered by a mercenary enchantment, Liang Zhen tried his last energy to break the enchantment and rushed to be weak. He jumped all the way and shouted, and I don’t know how many times he fell. He finally found a mercenary at the edge of a bottomless hole.
Liang Zhen knelt on the ground with his feet and his hands deeply inserted into his hair, and shouted a sad sound at Tianda, revealing the tough guy’s feelings.
Yesterday is gone, but today is gone.
Tiger mercenary group hall was strangely silent. Manager Li Shengyong Liang Zhen was still sitting at the round table at night. No one said a word. Li Sheng’s eyes were deeply sunken and he was thin. He looked listless and brave, lowered his eyelids and showed a crack of gray eyes. He closed his eyes and regretted it. Manager Li Zhen also showed limited grief and pity.
Night maple glanced at the crowd and sighed deeply. Slowly, it was gone. Shake it up.
Yesterday, Li Shengyong and Liang Zhen came back with what Ye Feng wanted. After three injuries, Ye Feng sighed and took three things and went straight away. Ye Feng did not know how to comfort them but left them alone.