The maids who looked thinner and weaker on the quilt said that his head wound had scabbed and healed, but the accumulated blood clots in his brain delayed the operation because of its dangerous position, and he became a coma vegetable.

She checked his body and other injuries with tears. When she checked her chest, she was stopped by something hard like cardboard. She took something from his chest, but it turned out to be a picture soaked with crimson blood.
In the photo, a handsome officer and a silly female soldier stand on the Xi ‘an rostrum and smile at the camera.
Gu Mengmeng felt a terrible pain in his chest. This is Conway’s photo in the wallet like a baby.
He brought it to Iraq, and he let her accompany him through the test of life and death.
Is it this tacit understanding that makes Guo Ji alive and obsessed?
Gu Mengmeng’s sadness and self-denial are filled with what kind of feelings.
Karim rushed in from the outside, shouting something bad while running, sister. Let’s go.
Gu Mengmeng heart in a surprised put photos into her arms and said what’s the matter with Karim?
People attacked the base, and all the areas were under martial law. He looked worried.
I’m not leaving him, Karim.
But we can’t carry him.
I’ll back Gu Mengmeng said firmly
She turned and sat down on the bed and asked Karim to help Conway lift him up on her back.
Karim hesitated a worry and looked at her and said, Sister, your health.
I’m fine. Come on, Karim can’t come later.
Karim couldn’t get the bed to help Conway up. He climbed his hands on Gu Mengmeng’s neck and turned his body as hard as he could.
Gu Mengmeng gritted his teeth and clenched his arm to let Karim hold Conway’s body. She walked with all her strength and forced Ma Da Conway to deviate from the room from the bed.
A few people in the front office are still asleep, and Karim struggles to bypass them and walk to the base where the gun has been fired.
Sister go to my room first, Karim shouted
Gu Mengmeng, uh, walked to the cabin with Conway on his back. They bypassed the shelter bush so that the rescuers would not find them when they ran outside to the base gate.
Her feet were filled with lead, and it was difficult to move every step, but none of these were comparable to the cramps in her abdomen and the sharp pain of digging her lungs, which made her almost unable to hear Karim’s voice and blood again. This time, it was more serious than the second time. A lot of blood dripped down her wet clothes and soaked her everywhere.
Even so Gu Mengmeng just stood still.
Conway, I won’t give up on you. I must save you.
This belief, like a magic spell to save the world and heal the wounded, has poured her into poor power and kept moving forward.
Karim blushed behind her, looking at his feet and winding blood. He hated himself for the first time. What is a young child?
Sister, sister, stop it
elder sister
He cried and his voice echoed in the rumble of guns, and the base was instantly annihilated.
Karim’s cabin is just around the corner, and when they are about to successfully bring Conway into the house.
Suddenly, a woman wearing a revealing dress and heavy makeup came from behind and saw her skirt corner rolled up high with a well-shaped thigh and a dagger ghostly stuck to Gu Mengmeng’s throat.
Let him immediately Chapter two hundred and forty-five thrilling
The cold blade stuck to the throat and the smell of death instantly spread all around.
Karim stretched out his hand and wanted to hold the gun, but before he could raise his hand, the gun was hit by a bright mountain with great strength, and the pike was knocked to the ground and kicked away by the man.
Karim stared at the mysterious woman across the street. He couldn’t figure out how a woman could be so ghostly. It’s like a ghost can’t read people’s minds. It’s impossible to catch them off guard.
See Gu Mengmeng is still in extreme danger, Karim, the feeling be nasty straight to think about brute strength hit the woman.
Don’t hurt my sister, he shouted.
Die as the enchanting woman gently denounced her hand metamorphoses, flash dagger cold light incredible speed to Karim chest.
Qin Jun Gu Mengmeng successfully stopped the woman from moving despite the cold hissing voice in her throat.
The woman looked at Gu Mengmeng strangely for two seconds.
Gu Mengmeng her Karim body with one hand gradually loosened Gu Mengmeng throat dagger murmured.
It’s me. I’m Gu Mengmeng. She put her face on Conway’s conscious cheek and fell to the ground as soon as she rubbed her dark veil. Two women’s eyes were tangled in one place, and their eyes were gradually filled with glittering and translucent tears.
You are crazy. Qin Jun doesn’t know what else to say except this sentence.
Although Gu Mengmeng was laughing at each other, his face became more and more pale. After finishing this sentence, her body was greatly waved and Qin Jun quickly reached out to hold it.
Karim’s situation deteriorated and he just wanted to shout but was stopped by Gu Mengmeng.
Karim, don’t call her my friend. Come and save us.
Karim is skeptical. Look at Qin Jun’s Kurdish. Wake up Gu Mengmeng’s sister. She’s a prostitute coming to the bar tonight.
Qin Jun didn’t quite understand and looked at Gu Mengmeng. When she was waiting for her translation, she suddenly found that her body was sliding uncontrollably, and her back Conway fell down her back.
Gu Mengmeng Gu Mengmeng has a bad intuition according to her years of experience in medicine.
Karim pulled them into the cabin as quickly as she could. Karim took her hand to lift Gu Mengmeng robe. At Qin Jun, she gasped and fell into icehouse.