Brother listened to granduncle’s talk about this pure Yang plough step with Shaoyang flying sword tactic, and the power was even worse. Guo Xiaosi thought Shaoyang flying sword tactic, but he couldn’t help asking questions when he never saw Li Yuanye.

Hehe, it’s good. Li Yuanye said that it’s a powerful edge to cooperate with the pure Yang plough step to fly the sword, but you must achieve the fifth level of pure Yang skill before you can practice it. At present, the pure Yang skill has reached the fourth level, and you need to practice it for a while before you can practice it. You can take this time to practice the pure Yang plough step and the pure Yang skill to practice the sword tactic as soon as possible.
Yes, brother.
Li Yuanye went on to say, when there is one more thing for you to do, will you?
The master told his younger brother to do it. Guo Xiaosi lacked a chance to prove himself, but he was eager to see the master.
I have a letter here for you to deliver to Zhongze County for me. Bai Qinlian, the leader of the Taiyin Sect Guanghan Palace, Li Yuanye picked up a sealed letter from the table and said.
Chapter 33 The monster is now
Sun, Moon, Stars, Tri-Light Alliance, Chunyangmen Taiyin Sect, it is said that hundreds of years ago, there was a religious dispute at that time, and the three kings fought against each other one by one, so they split into three sects. They entrusted their nemesis, Tianmei Sect, with a good opportunity, and the three sects suffered heavy losses and almost died.
After suffering, the three factions knew that it would be bad for them to continue fighting, so they formed an alliance. Usually, they developed their own forces. However, if one family was harassed by Tianmen Sect, the other two families had to help each other and could not shirk it under an excuse. In addition, the three branches scattered around the country often joined forces to wipe out the nearby Tianmen Sect. In that year, the three southern branches joined forces to almost eradicate the southern forces of Tianmen Sect, so the southern branch of Chunyangmen Sect was very close to the Guanghan Palace.
The Guanghan Palace of the Taiyin Sect is their southern branch. Most of the Taiyin Sect are female brothers. Their kung fu is suitable for those with feminine physique. Unfortunately, Guo Xiaosi is a man, so he can’t join the Taiyin Sect, even if no one can introduce him.
There was a time when Guo Xiaosi wanted to go to Guanghan Palace to steal the Taiyin Sect’s achievement method, but Pingfeng City was too far away from Zhongze County to come and go, which was extremely inconvenient. Liu Xiangzhu never sent him to Zhongze County for activities, so he could steal the Taiyin Sect’s achievement method.
Fortunately, with the help of inkstone, he got the pure yang, and the pure yang qi became thicker and thicker, so he didn’t have to steal any feminine tricks.
Li Yuanye sent a message to Bai Qinlian, the leader of the Taiyin Sect of Guanghan Palace. He didn’t know anything important, but he was willing to send Guo Xiaosi to say that it was still right for Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi, however, won’t refuse. He immediately took the letter back and prepared to send it to Zhongze County.
Zhongze County is much bigger than Pingfeng City, where it is also a county chief, but it is not Pingfeng City. This remote town has to go through Qianxia Mountain and then walk 200 miles across Huaishui to get to Zhongze County.
Guo Xiaosi wanted to ride a horse, but Li Yuanye asked him to walk there, saying that Chunyang plough was fast and could kill two birds with one stone. Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect Chunyang plough to be so effective, but he was worried that it would delay the achievement method cultivation because of its long journey. Now it’s really redundant to think about it.
On that day, when practicing the pure sunshine plough step in the laundry room, it was almost a circle. Now you need to travel in the opposite direction at the corner. Guo Xiaosi, the Pingfeng City, is very familiar with this road and he is familiar with it.
When I passed this road, I met Jiu Jian Xian, a painter, and I revisited this old place. It’s really a taste in my heart.
However, I won’t go to Zixia Peak this time, because Pingfeng City can cross Qingxia Peak and Jinxia Peak directly to the north. Crossing these two peaks is equivalent to crossing Qianxia Mountain and then the flat road. After 200 miles, you can reach Shanyin City on the south bank of Huaishui River, cross Shanyin and cross Huaishui River to reach Zhongze County.
Just Pingfengcheng looked in the direction of Zixia Peak and saw more than 20 monks dressed up stumbling towards this side.
Guo Xiaosi took a closer look at one of them, an acquaintance Wu Daoshi. On that day, he went to the wharf warehouse to catch the water demon. This guy was stunned by the water demon. If he hadn’t recorded the words with the inkstone grinding cinnabar, I’m afraid this guy’s life would have disappeared at that time.
However, Taoist Wu is not in Ziyun Temple, so it’s rare for Taoist Wu to stay in the high-altitude spell repair and come here in a panic to see what he is doing, as if he had hit a monster again.
Guo Xiaosi greeted Wu Daoshi with a joke and laughed. Don’t go in such a hurry. Did you get the monster and catch the monster again? The bounty was generous and you ran to get spanked.
Taoist Wu also met Guo Xiaosi in a fiasco, but he didn’t remember it, but he didn’t care that he was laughing at his own opinions and asking questions. His left hand pointed to the back of his head and stammered that there was a monster in Ziyun Ziyun View.
Guo Xiaosi looked down his finger. Isn’t it Zixia Peak over there? Ziyun View is in Zi Xia Peak. Taoist Wu pointed out that the place must be Ziyun View, but it’s very strange that there is a monster in that place.
Ziyun Temple is a Taoist temple. It’s their specialty to catch monsters and exorcise evil spirits in town houses. So it will kill a monster in their lair and drive them out. Is it that a monster with profound morality is so high that all Ziyun Taoist priests fight against each other?
It’s a terrible thing for others to get excited about the monster now in Guo Xiaosi, but the function of Guo Xiaosi’s inkstone is to subdue the monster, and it’s impossible to meet the monster. Now it’s okay, the monster has occupied Ziyun’s view, so go kill it, suck a little monster, clear the air and improve his pure yang.
However, if a Taoist priest is high enough to occupy Ziyun Temple and drive away a group of Taoist priests who know divination, can he handle it? With four records in his arms, he will be able to hold the monster, and it will be dangerous if he can’t hold his own life.
Whether to go or not is a difficult problem. Guo Xiaosi’s brow tightens. Don’t go. This monster is easy to touch. Go without winning. If it is difficult to ride a tiger, it will be terrible
The power of four operator records should not be too small. Once in Baihua Pavilion, four operator records will slay Hongyun Chilian Snake Demon. Today, I met this monster, and four operator records in the company will not die.
Guo Xiaosi’s heart did not continue to turn north along the pipeline but went in the direction of Zixia Peak.
While Taoist Wu and a group of people continue to run hurriedly in the direction of Pingfeng City, just like a group of Sangguquan.
Chapter 34 War old demon
Ziyun view or that Ziyun view has not changed much. The only change is that I didn’t see a Taoist in the front hall. Probably all of them were scared away by monsters or eaten by monsters. According to Jiu Jianxian, many monsters eat people. Guo Xiaosi carefully stepped forward one step at a time to guard against monsters hidden in a corner.
After the front hall came to the back hall, there was silence. Guo Xiaosi could hear his heartbeat. He knew that the more silent it was, the more dangerous it was. He couldn’t tell where the monster was hiding. He held a record in his hand and took the other three from the package into his arms when he didn’t need it.
Suddenly, a figure appeared in the back temple to Guo Xiaosi, and his heart was tight, and he almost threw away the operator record in his hand.
But it was a middle-aged Taoist priest with a blue cassock and a long sword in his back, and his beard hung softly with eyes but a pair of bags under his eyes.
Donors being original this box ceremony the middle-aged monk saw Guo Xiaosi but don’t panic slowly said.