Other two elders also said LanJie what do you mean?

Ouyang Lanlan said with a smile, you all said that there are so many people here. Who is the closest to the little princess Phyl?
Four people all replied that it was the man named Ye Feng.
Ouyang Lanlan continued, Think again about the name night maple. Have you heard of it?
Four people all shook their heads and Liu Fei said, Lanjie, don’t play dumb with us. Come on if you are a guy.
Ouyang Lanlan continued with a smile. Think again about the name night maple. I have never heard or seen it.
Four people still shook his head.
Ouyang Lanlan said, "Now, you should look for the book of famous people in the history of the western Chu continent, and then I’ll tell you."
Xiaoqi didn’t expect your mother to be the four Elves-no wonder your martial arts and magic are so high. It seems that it’s all your mother’s credit.
What? When my mom was a child, my mom and dad didn’t teach me anything at all. They just threw me two magical martial arts skills so that I could ask them how you practiced magic when you were a child. Were you lazy and always spanked by my little girl?
I’m lazy. When I was five years old, I could send out a one-meter fireball, but it was the most rubbish level.
Why don’t you send a fireball when you are five years old? Don’t say we are together. When I was two years old, I practiced fighting until I put a girl’s avenue.
Twelve sisters brag and don’t draft, but don’t be too unconventional. At the age of two, you will practice quarrelling until you are two years old. You don’t know what it is to walk naked.
Twelve music was blushed by later words, and it looked very cute. Twelve music jiao Dao, big brother, little brother bullied his sister.
Night maple was thinking about taking away these two magical plants, but he didn’t hear them talking at all. When he saw Twelve Le blushing, Park Park knew that it was because they had quarreled, and many times it was later that they got into trouble. Night maple stared at it and was scared by night maple’s eyes. He almost knelt down.
Here we are, said melfi.
All the people followed melfi to the magic plant and saw the green grass planted in the flower tray. The green grass was surrounded by a light blue halo, and the blue halo dispersed outward and dissolved into a layer of transparent things. It seems that transparency is the barrier.
Night maple looked at Lingyoucao and was excited. He asked melfi, Is this Lingyoucao? melfi said, Yes, it was the mother’s four elders who made great efforts to get it back from Qiling Mountain.
Night maple has seen Lingyoucao and urged melfi to take me to see the sudden change. I really want to know what it is like.
In a short time, melfi came to the scene with a recognized maple, and the mysterious grass was almost different, but the halo of the scene was red, that is, the color of the fire element
After seeing the two things, Ye Feng is wondering how to take them for himself. This point is not to ask the Elves directly for it, but it is the Elves’ life and death that depend on them. Will you give it or steal it? This is not in line with my personality and can be changed.
Oh, no, it’s really him. That’s great.
But why is he here? Shouldn’t he be in the protoss? Is this world a true god?
You can’t be wrong. Canon history describes his personality very similar to others. I’m sure it’s her.
Lan Mei, when did you find out it was him?
Didn’t Fei Mei get poisoned by Blair a year ago? Yaqi brought him home to detoxify Fei Er. At that time, I thought the name was familiar, but I couldn’t remember it for a while. I didn’t remember who he was until I saw him again yesterday.
Evil character. Will he help us?
Well, I don’t know. Evil spirits always do their own thing. We dare not ask him for help, or he will get angry and destroy the Elves.
Alas, it seems that evil spirits are a problem. Let’s try our best to solve our family problems.
The seven sons will know Liu Fei if they follow him and listen to this tense tone.
Ouyang Lanlan said that Xiaoqi has been with him for almost a year. Isn’t Xiaoqi alive and kicking in front of our eyes this year? Besides, Xiaoqi has changed a lot in a year. Will it be beneficial to follow him?