Three people obviously didn’t hold the idea of dragging the battle away, so all hands are not weak. Suddenly, three unusually fierce military offensives roared directly from three hands and then slammed into the small inflammation before leaving Lin.

The heavenly fiend turns into a tiger howling.
In the face of Lin Langtian three people at the same time, they made a sharp attack on Xiaoyan’s eyes, and the dignified and strong body seemed to quiver for a while, and then the majestic black energy flooded with chalk and then formed a huge black light tiger outside its body
The light tiger roared in the face of the sky, and soon Xiaoyan took a step across the fine flowers and punched it with a flat blow. At this moment, the evil spirit of the condensed chalk turned into the essence, and the light tiger outside the body rushed at the same time.
The huge black light tiger roaring upwards is directly a very brazen gesture, and the three majestic offensives collided with each other in that many eyes.
Violent energy ripples crazy contacts swept through the body, and the body trembled sharply. The strong wind spread to his body and exploded continuously, but fortunately, he was extremely strong and his defense was even more amazing. Therefore, in the face of the violent strong wind, he was overwhelmed by it.
However, although he barely resisted, he was also shocked by several steps, and the soles of his feet shook on the ground, leaving deep traces of body chalk and qi and blood, and the blood surged violently.
Although Xiaoyan holds the blood of Monty Tiger, after all, the gap between strength Tian Zhen and others is even worse. Today, it is still a reluctance to be one enemy and three.
Well, I’ll see how many times you can block it
Tian Zhen’s new smile didn’t give Xiaoyan a pause. When she stepped across her body, she was suddenly and violently plundered, and behind her, Lin Langtian, three people, followed closely, and the fierce offensive was overwhelming, and she was shrouded in Xiaoyan.
Xiaoyan’s throat is low and the roars are black, as if iron bars are dancing like windmills in the hands of his body. Several stick shadows emerge in the face of Tian Zhen’s four-person joint offensive. He didn’t flinch at all. He knew that Lin wanted to summon the crocodile spirit of ancient days when needed.
Bang bang bang bang.
Violent offensive in a wide chalk field in an instant, and small inflammation of the body is also constantly being bombarded by strong offensive. Even his strength is now scarred and bloody.
However, even if it is extremely reluctant, Xiaoyan’s eyes are signs that latosolic red is becoming more and more crazy like a beast.
Violent force blows at Xiaoyan’s chest. Even Xiaoyan’s massive body is a wisp of blood at the corner of her mouth.
Xiaoyan’s huge palm wiped the blood at random and backhand rubbed it on his face. It turned out to be a smile at Lin Langtian’s four-person mouth. The smile was full of childish chills and rage.
However, just as Xiaoyan’s face was full of rage and he was about to step on it again, the palm of his hand fell from behind and patted him on the shoulder. At the same time, Lin Dongyin also came from me.
Little inflammation slightly one leng soon eyes with a color tilted to see Lin move that smiling face at this time in front of the day crocodile bone gun has been completely transformed from Sen Bai to latosolic red plumes of Wan blood-like light constantly diffuse from the gun body.
Did it work?
Listen, the ancient roaring inflammation from the alligator bone gun is also a relief.
At this time of forest movement, do you still want to fight back, darling, the ancient secret key may spare your life? Tian Zhen’s eyes took a miniature look at the crocodile bone gun over there in front of forest movement and immediately sneer at a drink a way.
Have a good time?
Lin glanced at a little inflammation, but some injuries were a smile. That smile was nothing but a cold murder.
If you’re cool, it’s my turn. Lin moves his palm and slowly holds the alligator bone gun in front of him, then stomps the ground hard.
A circle of violent fluctuations visible to the naked eye, where the handle fell, swept in, vaguely roaring and swaying, which made people tremble.
This fluctuation is aware of this fluctuation, and the willow white Yan Sen’s complexion is also slightly changed. Immediately, his eyes are dignified and he stares at Lin’s fist, Zhongtian crocodile bone gun.
Kill him.
That Tian Zhen four people face is also changed a change in the heart that uneasy suddenly expanded soon turned out to be a complete drink four people flash from violent offensive directly enveloped to Lin.
Ancient alligators come on.
Lin eyes indifferent looked at the four figure suddenly and violently from the line of sight slowly setting to the hand latosolic red crocodile bone gun murmured.
Latosolic red light still erupts from a volcano, and suddenly the crocodile bone gun bursts, which is a short instant that permeates this wide chalk field.
This movement immediately attracted the eyes, and the indecision and indefinite eyes shot at the sky that became red.
Lotus flower diffuses and then quickly condenses. A moment later, an unusually large figure looms in the lotus flower, and a terrible fluctuation comes from the sky from that ancient time.
And when this fluctuation comes, it suddenly rushes and Lin Langtian’s four-person figure is suddenly solidified by lightning, and the eyes are incredible and staring at the sky. The fluctuation is simply comparable to the three-yuan nirvana in the heel
This guy
Liu Bai Yan Sen also breathed a sigh of relief at this moment that huge body even if they all felt deadly dangerous.
No one thought that in the hands of Lin Dong, he still held this powerful card.
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Deep and ancient roar from the sky filled with lotus flower, and then the huge figure seemed to move, and the lotus flower faded slightly, and finally the monster was finally watched by people now.