Keep an eye on the abrupt mountains all the way, and most of them are similar, and a particularly tall one can’t see the top. Two people take some wild fruits as they run, even eating and hiding the soles of their feet without stopping.

By dusk, nearly two people had calculated that dozens of mountain roads had crossed several mountain peaks and ridges. Because these mountains were extremely steep and steep, there were many obstacles, which were not as close as flying on the flat ground. Although it was not as close as usual, how far was it to go? There were some signs visible in the fairy mountains.
Seeing that the mountain is getting higher and higher, there are two high mountains with snow in front, and the sun is setting in the west mountain. In the setting sun, yan zhen is crossing to crow, and it is already dusk.
Ling Yunfeng, two people stopped, said happily, "Xiang Ying had just seen snow on the top of the mountain, and now we have just seen our original mountain. Maybe it was blocked by these two mountains. We can’t see where our original mountain is unless we climb over or reach these two peaks."
Dai Xiangying took a hand and looked at the meeting and said, "Yes, but I am still far ahead! On this day, we have also experienced many strange dangers, worked hard and exhausted our energy.
I think it’s necessary to find a place to rest, and now that it’s dark at sunset, I’m afraid I can’t climb mountains many times more difficult than the way I came.
It’s better to go in and do the impossible thing before Yu Yong breathes. It’s better to find a cliff hole that can shelter from the wind and rain, find more food and have a full meal with the residual sunshine, and then we will climb all the way at dusk. What do you think? "
Ling Yunfeng thought about it and nodded, saying that they looked around the mountain slowly for a long time and found a mountain cave not far away, and all kinds of fruit trees were all over the mountain near this mountain cave.
The two first chose a place to live that night, and then took some fruits with the same branches. They were about to walk to the mountain cave with the mountain fruit. Dai Xiangying suddenly saw a loquat tree in the depths of the forest. The fruit was as big as a fist and reflected through the forest. The setting sun, the golden light and the fat were very fresh. I couldn’t help but wonder that loquat was the only one she had ever seen in her life.
Hello Ling Yunfeng one or two people rushed into the forest to have a look. There are peach trees everywhere, one after the other, but there are signs that they have been taken care of. There is such a loquat tree in the middle of Fiona Fang, which is born in a hexagonal mound and surrounded by a circle of wild flowers and vines. The short fence is two feet high.
(Qin’s two women are wives, Shuangying is her sister Yunfeng and Xiangying are disciples Shuangyun are lovers, and they are all going to fight with him in the future. I will write some chapters on their experiences and come back. These two chapters are mainly about the process of two women’s firm pursuit of Tao.)
Volume 16 Romantic clouds gather Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Spare little people
At this time, the later it was, Yunfeng and Xiangyun didn’t look closely at such strange and rare fruits. How could they not like it? They picked one from each branch and peeled it off, and they smelled the fragrance. The pulp was white and tender as jade, and the juice was milky. Yunfeng saw that the fruit was so big that she could walk with her father in the Jianghu all the year round. She first pulled out the silver hairpin and tried to see the poison.
I just took a bite, and I felt sweet, my cheeks were cool, my heart was refreshing and smoother than my mind. Unfortunately, when I picked all kinds of fruits, I ate them while I was picking them. This batch of pork was very fat and not much.
Both of them managed to eat two pieces of loquat, and the feeling was that it was very comfortable. There were not many loquats in a few trees, but there were only thirty of them who wanted to pick it together and thought that the weather was very warm and they had been away from the trees for a long time. Wouldn’t it be a pity if it turned sour? Anyway, I haven’t eaten much today, so I’d better take a back hole and wait until I get up every night to see if it’s stale
If it doesn’t change its taste, take it with you, or take some of the species back to the mountains to cultivate the dying things, and it will still fall by itself. When I thought of it, I told Xiang Ying and took a leaf and picked a branch with me.
I turned around and walked for two steps. I felt that my left foot was trampled on a soft thing. When I looked down, it was a hat worn by a child. It was made of a strange material, which was not silk or hemp. Except for the double-headed strange snake, the clothes and shoes of the villains I saw in the rattan net were similar, and the organization was exquisite and the color was fresh. It seemed that I had left it there soon, and I suddenly remembered that the form of loquat mound was quite like artificial cultivation.
Turn closer and have a look. Not only is the mound and the hedge knotted by artificial weaving, but it is also tied with coarse hemp. I can’t help but wonder and turn to Xiang Ying and say, "Xiang Ying, I’m afraid something is wrong. When I saw these clothes at that strange vine, I was surprised that I haven’t seen any sign of anyone in the past half a day."
The fierce beasts I saw along the way were not busy on the road, and I didn’t pay attention to them. The clothes and shoes in the vine and the small hat in this tree were all like children’s clothes. Is there anyone living in such a wild mountain? "
Dai Xiangying can’t say anything. The more they think about it, the more strange they always feel that this thing is weird. Where do you get so many children’s clothes? But there is no adult. How did these children get here?
Looking up, after the sunset has fallen into the mountain, the moonlight is blocked by the corner of the mountain, and the scenery is darker. When they discuss it, they have to go back to the cave and talk about it. When they see that there is a narrow path on the left side without grass, it seems like a human monarch, so they don’t take the original road and make a special detour back.
Because I don’t know if these children are people or raccoons, they are wary and both draw out their swords in case the sword shines cold on the ground. After the new rain, many little footprints appear in the land, all of which are four or five in a row. Counting will determine that the land in the forest is full of fragrant grass. This narrow path is barren, and the peach forests on both sides are also very neat. Two women know that it is not bad.
It took two arrows to walk along the road to finish the peach grove and reach the front of the cave. The two men hurried back to the cave by copying the mountain road. Just outside the cave, there were a few pines and cypresses, and they cut two big arms and laid them on the ground as mats.
Xiang Ying moved a few more stones to simply block the cave in case Yunfeng picked up two dead branches and hit the stone to make a fire. This cave is just two feet. Fiona Fang is a natural stone.
The cave entrance is tall and pleasant, but there is a large piece of yellow spot fire similar to oil stain on the ground, which smells like a pine fragrance when it burns. I guess it is the remains of turpentine.
In addition, there is no sign of insects, snakes and scorpions lying on the ground. It is enough to rest at ease. Fortunately, the hole has been blocked. Yunfeng simply made a fire and said to Xiang Ying, "Our shoes and socks are all wet along the way. Don’t bake it with the afterfire?" It’s too uncomfortable to wear it like this when you dry the morning road. "
Yunfeng and Xiangying are both clean people. Now Yunfeng said that Xiangying felt so, so she sat cross-legged by the fire and took off her shoes and socks. When she saw that the soles of her shoes had been worn through by a stone mill, there were holes the size of two fingers, and there were many gaps in the socks.
I don’t know what the sky is going to be ground into, Yunfeng is not much better, and today, in the strange vine, the clothes have been scratched. In many places, the two of them are thinking, but it seems that there are many people shouting in the distance outside the cave, and it is very real that they both suspect that they live here.
They quickly pulled out their semi-dry shoes and walked gently to the mouth of the cave. When they saw the moonlight, the trees were clear and picturesque, and they could be seen everywhere.
In addition to the peach grove, Duoping Kuang saw it far away, listening to thousands of trees swaying like a tide, and many people shouting like it, but no one was seen looking closely and suspicious. Yunfeng knew that it was a mountain breeze and he heard it wrong at the moment.
When they look at the starlight again, it’s already late, and their shoes are half dry and too lazy to bake, so they put out the residual fire and sit by the fire, which is their daily homework.
Since I entered the innate realm, I have been doing this all the time, instead of sleeping, I meditated and breathed. At first, I was diligent and tired, so I took a rest and continued to sit. Later, I became a habit and never fell asleep.
Today, although I was too tired, I waited for the air conditioner to run evenly for 12 days, and then my body recovered overnight. When the morning dawned, both of them closed their work at the same time, opened their eyes and got up and walked a little. Yunfeng felt that the skeleton was unobstructed, which was different from that after daily exercise.
After she wanted to think, she asked Xiang Ying. She felt the same way. Yunfeng felt strange and hesitated for a while. It was irrelevant because of the increased capability, so she didn’t take it back.
They simply ate a few fruits, but suddenly they heard a noise outside the cave, but the sound became louder and louder. Obviously, it was not a mountain breeze. At the last moment, both of them had a good time in their hearts. After they calmed down, they slowly walked to the mouth of the cave and listened to the noise outside the cave. They were sharp and thin, and their footsteps were very light, as if many people were flying nearby.
When they looked out of the stone gap, they suddenly heard a scream. Three or five two-foot shadows flew up from outside the cave like birds and went straight to the side slope to cast a glance.
Yunfeng and Xiang Ying have sharp eyes, etc. Early on, they could see that it was a few villains. They were suspicious yesterday. No matter whether people outside were strange or busy, they pushed the big stone blocking the hole and drew their swords in their hands. When they saw that the outside of the cave was full of branches, they seemed to want to burn their cave.
Two women in the mind a fiercely know these little things I’m afraid there is nothing good to Ann looked at each other, and they all went to the longitudinal slope. As soon as they arrived, they saw a piece of flat land on the slope with thousands of flowers, clothes and hats. Each of them was less than half a meter high, only as big as a three-year-old child, but the rows of geese in each class were very neat.
There are three small wooden chairs, one man and two women. The man is slightly tall and looks old, like a villain. Three people are kneeling in front of Xiao Xiao’s complaint.
As soon as Yunfeng and Xiangyun appeared, the group of little people screamed like mosquitoes, dispersed like flies, and became a rampage in front of Xiao Wang, each bowing his bow and arrow to go out to the DPRK.
The villain Wang suddenly stood up from his seat and walked to the front of his mouth, babbling. Among the group of villains, a villain came trembling and approached Yunfeng and Xiangying for a few steps. First, he threw his bow and knife in his hand and scratched his fingers in his mouth. It was a pity that the two women couldn’t understand what he said.
Of course, I’m not in the mood to listen to them. They’re already stunned by what they see. It’s incredible that such a small person has men, women, old people and young people looking at them like a country.