Lin smiled and stretched out his hand to put the animal skeleton into the dry bag and then bowed his hand at the auction table Song Tai, just sitting safely.

Song Tai looked at Xiaoyan and caught the animal skeleton with one hand. In this scene, the eyes were also surprised. Soon, the eyes slowly swept through the three people in Lin. These three people did not come to the super dynasty, but the momentum was not much weaker than the previous super dynasties. It seems that this ancient battlefield is now a lot of outstanding people.
After the auction, it was a strange S animation. The sky was so hot that it was almost hot. All eyes were greedy and expected to shoot at the auction table and finally condensed into the only purple S light group.
This is the bottom of this Vientiane City auction.
Day order Lingbao
Song Tai’s face has always been indifferent at the auction table where breathing is aggravated all over the sky, and a smile has also emerged. That smile is also a little hot. day order Lingbao is a very good thing even in his view.
You are coming to this auction, the final auction, and you all know that this auction is indeed a day order Lingbao.
Song Taiyin completely confirmed that the last closet object immediately moved at the auction site, and the eyes of the four super dynasties that had been kept quiet in front were also hot in a flash.
The purple S light group slowly fell into the hands of Song Tai, and then the purple light quietly weakened. Finally, in those several eyes, the gaze was completely reflected.
It’s a black S iron seal. Yan S is deep and simple. There are mysterious lines all around the iron seal. The top of the iron seal is winding and entrenched, and the black dragon faucet roars upwards to shock the world.
This is our final auction of day order Lingbao Black Dragon Whistling Sky Seal.
Song Tai that with heat sound completely detonated the auction atmosphere suddenly climb Chapter five hundred and seventy-three Financial Competition.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-three
Black iron seal palm-sized quietly suspended in the palm of Song Tai’s hand, and the black dragon entrenched in its face gleamed strangely. Zhang Long’s mouth seemed to be solidified around with a dragon whistling.
The eyes of an auction house are all gathered in the black iron seal at this moment, and their eyes are hot and greedy, as if to melt the black iron seal.
Is this day order Lingbao?
Lin’s line of sight is also staying in the black iron seal, and his eyes are dignified. From the black iron seal, he can detect an extremely subtle and powerful fluctuation.
That kind of fluctuation is far from what order Lingbao can compare.
At the forefront, the heads of the four super dynasties couldn’t help leaning forward, and some faces were coveted by Lingbao.
Black Dragon Xiao Tianyin day order Lingbao Auction Price Million
Song Qin’s eyes shifted from the black iron seal in his hand and then looked at the huge auction site, with a slight sound and a light way
A million is a very expensive price, but no one in the field exclaimed that it is not surprising that day order Lingbao holds such a value.
The price is not too high, but if you wait for a round of competition, it will be violently raised. This huge number will also put some pressure on these super dynasties. Now think about the Lin clan of the Great Inflammation Dynasty. Perhaps Lin is a little pitiful. I am afraid that he can surpass a Lin clan alone.
Of course, I’m afraid it will be difficult for him to find a stronger man than him if he returns to the Great Inflammation Dynasty with such strength today. It is beyond the boundaries of the Great Inflammation Dynasty to cultivate his level in just one year.
The million-dollar price also directly beat back more than 90% of day order Lingbao’s yearning for a strong dynasty, no matter how coveted they are in their hearts, but the cruel reality makes them understand that they are not qualified to compete with these super dynasties.
1.5 million
I think the four super dynasties in front have been waiting for Lingbao for a long time, so soon after Song Taiyin fell behind, Fengcang was the first one, and when he shouted for the price, his eyes were sharp and swept wide, and whoever dared to compete for it would become the overbearing gesture of the enemies of Fengyun Dynasty.
Nine million, of course, his gesture may be a big deterrent to ordinary people, but it is obviously nothing to other super dynasties, so it is a sneer at the lonely moon dynasty just after its sound fell.
The wind pale eyes a cold Yin folded at mu scale, but after that, he smiled at him, and there was no chill in his eyes.
Hehe, since the two are fighting so fiercely, I’ll join the Fire Dynasty.
The man with the flame tattooed on his back is also a bold smile and 9.5 million with a wave of his hand.
In the auction, everyone looked at the horse in order to reach a price of tens of millions, and their eyelids were beating rapidly. This huge amount was also available to these super dynasties.
Lin moved quietly and looked at this competition, but he didn’t immediately hand it, but it was difficult to sigh 9.5 million Nirvana Dan in his heart. I’m afraid it’s hard to get this huge Nirvana Dan when the four major clans are added up in the Great Inflammation Dynasty.
ten million
In the end, the price was raised to 10 million in an uproar, which was also the four super dynasties, the Yisen Dynasty.
Look at this, it seems that these four super dynasties are going to play a naked hand-to-hand financial competition here.
When the price was stable at 10 million Nirvana Dan, the windy eyes were slightly squinted with a touch of coldness. Soon, he stood up and sneered at Mu Li and others. I don’t have the luxury to accompany you to play around here. I know your financial bottom line well.
Can you bring Nirvana Dan from the lonely moon dynasty? It should be 16 million Nirvana Dan.
Suddenly, the bottom line of the financial resources in the hands of the wind is revealed, and the complexion is finally getting gloomy. I didn’t expect this kind of information to be known by the wind.
And you from the fire dynasty is fifteen million, isn’t it? Feng Cang turned to look at the fire dynasty again and sneered.
The ink burns, the face twitches slightly, and the sharp cold mountain surges in the eyes. It seems that you have bribed people around us.
Sen dynasty is also with fifteen million.
That’s dynasty leader Rio Tinto touched the face and took a look at the wind pale eyes with a strange meaning.