Obviously, this river is also a Dan river, and its quality is much better than the one that Lin Dong saw outside.

Lin moved some envy and looked at this bright Dan River. If you want to condense such a high-quality Dan River, you need Nirvana Dan, but it is a terrible number. This green pheasant is really big.
Nice place. Hey, it seems that the pheasant gave me a favor, too
The mink looked at the front of the Danhe River and nodded with satisfaction. It got the wheel of life and death Dan today, but it still needs great energy to support its eyes if it wants to condense the flesh. This Danhe River has solved its urgent need.
Lin nodded with a smile. Although it is impossible for the mink to recover her physical strength, it will be much stronger than it is now, and it will also be a great help to him.
It may take me a long time to condense my flesh.
It’s okay, I’m fine, and I need to practice here to try to survive the second nirvana robbery. The ancient secret collection line has almost reached its peak, and he is not in a hurry to go. After all, he can’t do it outside and find this perfect practice again.
Now, treasures are being searched everywhere in the ancient battlefield, and all parties are doing their best to prepare for the Hundred Dynasties War in less than half a year.
In order to compete for the treasure, it is also extremely fierce to think about the outbreak of Yu. At this time, most of the ancient battlefields are already quite chaotic, and they are not quietly practicing here.
Smell speech the sable also nodded his head, then his eyes gradually became solemn and his body swept away, and he appeared in the claw of Nadan River. When he held the black and white medicine for Xuanao Dan, he appeared in his claw.
A little bit of life and death gas emanates from the Dan medicine, and the nirvana gas around it immediately languishes and dissipates when it touches this life and death gas. Obviously, these two energy roots are not at the same level
The little mink was a little excited and stared at the Dan medicine in his claw. He hesitated and just stuffed it into his mouth.
As soon as Dan, the wheel of life and death, entered the mouth, a terrible wave suddenly swept away by the chalk of the mink body, which directly set off waves in the Nadan River.
A little bit of black-and-white life and death gas seeped from the chalk of the mink body and then spread gradually. Finally, a black-and-white energy cocoon was formed, which enveloped the whole mink body.
Lin looked at the big black-and-white cocoon suspended in the Dan River faintly, and he could feel the violent fluctuations emanating from it. Obviously, it was not as calm as its surface in that cocoon.
It is obviously not a simple matter to unite the flesh, and there are still many risks, but Lin Dong is also very brave in doing this. He can rely on the mink. root cutting has nothing to do. The only thing he can do is to pray for the smooth completion of the mink’s move.
It’s my turn to take it.
Lin Dong stared at the black and white cocoon for half an hour. After seeing that there was no room for him to intervene, he finally gave up and took a deep breath. His body moved to the only training platform in the Dan River.
He’s not a mink. It’s impossible to directly suck this sticky nirvana gas, but he still needs this training platform to filter it. Fortunately, the speed of sucking Zufu will not slow down there.
The second nirvana robbery
Sitting in the eyes of Lin Dong in the science of uniting the platform, some people are eager to try. After this half month, Lei Hai tempered and just cultivated Qinglong Pi. Even those who survived the second nirvana robbery are more confident than those who survived this nirvana robbery.
Lin’s eyes closed slowly, and when he was about to enter the state of uniting, an idea flashed through his heart.
I don’t know how Xiaoyan is now.
Here is a battlefield full of bloody smell, and the bloody smell of people shuttles through it to kill and resound with tragic air.
Those figures are skinny and mummified, but their eyes are scarlet and full of murder.
It’s like a battlefield purgatory
Bang bang.
Deep voice from the tragic battlefield, more than a dozen figures were directly exploded by a stick shadow, and then a terrible and cruel breath swept through this battlefield like an ancient monster beast.
And in that cruel breath swept a huge figure like a giant, trudging with heavy steps, dragging a huge black iron bar step by step from the blood of the corpse mountain, and that wooden face that looked slightly at the moment was full of ferocious ferocity of Yoshura.
In that cruelty, even the mummies with scarlet eyes and wisdom around them were too scared to get close to each other, and they slowly walked by the bloody figure and finally walked to the end of this battlefield.
That kind of ferocity even this piece of bloody is difficult to resist. Five hundred and thirty-nine Nirvana robbery for the third time.
When Lin Dong was engaged in penance in the depths of the Qinglong Temple, this vast and ancient battlefield was also predictably caught in the most fierce struggle for chaos.
The treasures of all parties are gradually being discovered, and some rare Lingbao pills, pills, martial arts and so on are all coming. After all, these things belong to an oversupply in this ancient battlefield, which will attract many red eyes, but it is also difficult to compete.
The dynasties of all parties are also vulnerable because of these treasures, and yuhu is almost vulnerable in these treasures.
Everyone wants to get the treasure, because everyone who can come to this ancient battlefield is not an ordinary generation, and they are also ambitious. They all want to stand out in the coming Hundred Dynasties War and be seen by those super sects, so carp yue longmen completely changes the trajectory of life.
And to become stronger, it is obvious that these treasures are a good shortcut, and many people don’t want to give up this seemingly easy shortcut
So it is difficult to compete.
The dynasties of all sides fought each other in an ancient battlefield filled with smoke, and in this almost violent atmosphere, more and more people became strong.
There are many strong people who are not weak in the high-level dynasties, and of course there are many people who suddenly appear. Most of these people are lucky enough to get some treasures and their strength is quite strong. They can be regarded as a striking black horse.
Chaos and competition will eventually eliminate people, and it will also make those outstanding people L hide their abilities.
Now this ancient battlefield has really arrived when it is really hot.
After half a year’s silence, all parties are in various ways to become the focus of attention in this film.