Chapter 29 I’m back again

It was 11: 32 when I returned to the Imperial Garden, and it was 11: 36 when I rang the doorbell.
Is it Shengmei? Is she wearing a bear pajamas or embroidered slippers?
Seeing it was me, she pulled the door with one hand and covered her mouth with the other, and her eyes were very round.
I said today is September 3, and I want to go into the house and sleep. This may be the most humiliating thing in the world, but I did it.
She pulled the door and looked at me unblinkingly, or her hand left her mouth open. She was frightened.
I dare not watch her go to Xuan with her head down, change her shoes, walk through the living room, come into the room and then close the door.
The bed is still there.
I wrapped myself in it and lay on my side facing the window.
After twenty minutes, I heard the living room light being knocked off, and after three minutes, the living room light was knocked on the door and pushed in. The slippers floor sounded very warm.
The room is still so dark that it can’t be melted.
I felt the mattress sink slightly, and I knelt on the bed for a minute and put my hands on my shoulders and shook it slowly.
After a while, she stopped shaking, and I could hear her breathing like the velvet sound of her palm, and then she shook me violently. I just refused to turn around and pretend to be fast asleep. Honestly, I clenched my teeth nervously and was probably the most cheeky moment I was born with.
She stopped shaking her arms and was surrounded by people who seemed to want to take me in this way. It didn’t work. She seemed tired for a while and simply lay down beside her and rested for a while.
Everyone knows that it’s tiring to lie on one side, but she hasn’t left. I’m so uncomfortable that I can’t move. I can’t sleep. Soon, five fingers reached into my hair like a haircut. Five fingers closed, closed and opened.
It doesn’t taste good
After a while, I smelled orange by my nose. When I put two fingers on my bus and groped for my unshaven face, I would have a meal. Just a little bit of fingers seemed to feel the feeling of being pricked.
Finally, she gave me a hard push and almost pushed me to the bed. She got into bed, and I heard a rustling sound.
I still dare not move, afraid that she will still be in the room, so I will lie on my side until dawn.
I’ve been thinking about a question, why are you afraid that she still depends on her?
In fact, many people depend on me, and I’m not afraid of others when Bican is outside.
I’m afraid she has reached a bad level. I’d rather lie in bed for one night than look back to see if she has left the room. It’s really undignified.
I’m going to wait until her class hears the door being knocked, so as to avoid seeing her strange eyes, but things can’t be completely controlled. At 7: 30 in the morning, she stuck a can of iced coke on my arm, and I was so excited that I turned over to bed. Under such circumstances, I couldn’t continue to pretend to sleep.
So I can follow her to the dining room.
She ordered me to have porridge.
When I finished drinking, did she say she came back to get her luggage?
I am too ashamed to speak.
She said it’s reasonable to be alone outside. You must always be restrained.
I bowed my head and said that Miss Saint-Beauty Day was very bad.
She said that Mr. Fish is not very friendly to others, so people should be happy.