Shit, whoever’s so fucking blind, the more afraid he is, the fucking thing will come.

Fu Chen was immediately stunned by the thunder. If the ice were stiff in the ground, he would be proud of being a gentleman of the Fu family at ordinary times, but now he wants to be ashamed and kill.
Don’t forget, this is Yuancheng in the midst of people coming and going.
He dresses like a gangster in the night. If he is recognized, the Fu family can still stand in Zhongyuan City.
How will the master punish himself when he knows?
He just had the cheek to stare blankly at the thought of here and pretended not to hear the sound of greeting himself just now. He continued to pose charming and walk forward, but his posture has become stiff, which is like dancing mechanically.
He really wants to run now. He’s not afraid of losing face, but he’s going to treat his master when he gets home. Who let him love his face more than his own grandson?
Fu Chen now sincerely hopes that the person who calls his name can hold his mouth high and cut himself some slack. If he calls his name again, he really doesn’t know how to deal with it.
This is also the first time that Fu Chen has a fear. Don’t shout, man, please shut up.
Fu Shaoliu, it’s been a long time. Don’t you even know your old friends? That sound rings at the back again.
Fu Chen heard that he raised his foot and put it in the middle school. He just didn’t let it go. He suddenly wanted to kill him.
This guy’s mouth is really tough. I must slap his auricle
Be sure to smoke
Come to the noisy street, when the man shouted Fu Chen for the first time, it was quiet a lot, but now the second sound is not loud, but it makes no difference to hear a Jiaolei in Fu Chen’s ear.
Fu Chen corners of the mouth twitched. He shook his fist, his teeth rattled, and his face was full of black lines. Huo Ran turned around and wanted to fix the guy who called his name. After seeing this person, Fu Chen immediately disappeared without a trace.
No one in Zhongyuan City can afford to offend Fu Chen, but this bastard can’t.
Chapter 57 You can’t spell acting.
Chapter 57 You can’t spell acting.
Fu Chen’s body trembled slightly. Now he really wants to dismember the person who called his name.
Huo Ran turned around to see if the person who called his name was sacred.
The man was dressed in Confucianism with a white folding fan in his hand. He was about 2034 years old. At this time, he ourtenant walked to www. Fu Chen.
Fu Chen knew that this person was the helm of the Chu family in Zhongyuan City. Chu Weiguo’s Chu family was ranked fourth among the four families three years ago, but somehow Chu Weiguo sold his family property and money and disappeared to the Li family, which was at this time to take the initiative to become the fourth family.
Fu Chen usually has nothing to do with his life in Zhongyuan City, and Chu family is the top four families. Fu Chen also knows a little about him.
Fu Chen was sure that this guy was deliberately embarrassing himself.
On the strength and prestige, the Chu family can’t talk to the Fu family in the same breath now. If other family members Fu Chen had already gone to a beating, but his grandfather Fu Haotian had told Fu Chen that the Chu family Chu Weiguo should not offend easily, otherwise the Fu family would be in great trouble.
This is also the important reason why Fu Chen didn’t immediately burst into anger, although he didn’t know what not to offend this smiling bastard.
At the beginning, people were ready to watch the drama, but they wondered if this guy who was shopping in night clothes in broad daylight was really a gentleman of the Fu family. But after Chu Weiguo called Fu Chen, he turned around and people on both sides of the street exclaimed that he was really a gentleman of the Fu family.
It’s really a shame to judge a book by its cover.
Gentleman Fu’s taste is so special that he wears night clothes to go shopping in broad daylight.
Fu Chen’s eyes are burning with fire, staring at Chu Weiguo coming towards him.
Long time no see, Fu. Don’t come here. Don’t be ill. ChuWeiguo Arch looks around at the crowd. Don’t you want your eyes with evil spirits?
Chu Weiguo was once a Chu family of four families, that is, it is now declining, and not everyone can offend it.
After all, it’s not easy to kill a camel if I starve to death, not to mention you.
Fu Chen’s heart was dark when he killed kawakaze. He had speculated that there must be a force behind kawakaze in the dark. Is he Chu’s family?
Then I thought that kawakaze came to Qiaowan Town with the ancient compass, so Chu Weiguo may have come with the ancient compass.
There are only two people who know that the ancient compass is in their own hands, the Zhou Lei Zhouchang brothers, but no one should know that they have been killed by Jiang Feng.
Yes, Chu Weiguo is asking for information.
This guy is really not easy to guess my ancient compass, but Chu Weiguo still has no evidence to prove that he owns it. He can beat around the bush from me to prove whether his idea is right or wrong.
Fu Chen sneer at a heart.
I really don’t know if grandpa won’t let himself provoke him. Is there anything that makes the Fu family afraid of Chu family?